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R-Zone -  Beginning Of Life / Hardcore Track / 321 / Red Rave #1 / Red Rave #2


Beginning Of Life / Hardcore Track / 321 / Red Rave #1 / Red Rave #2

The much loved, slightly mysterious but always firing R-Zone series rolls on to its 12th release here. This time the Dutch collective serves up five s... more...

12inch Rzone: Rzone012 remind

Tod Dockstader -  Electronic Vol 1: Recorded Music For Film Radio & Television

Tod Dockstader

Electronic Vol 1: Recorded Music For Film Radio & Television

This LP was first issued by library music label Boosey & Hawkes in 1979 after a long period of inactivity, and renders some 23 electronic cues of exce... more...

LP Mordant Music: Mordant054LP remind

Da Posse -  Its My Life

Da Posse

Its My Life

Clone Classic Cuts continues to dig in the crates to bring back forgotten or obscure records from the past! This is 3 tracks by Da Posse (produced by... more...

12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

2AM/FM -  Starfist Lazerbeam / Passion Of A Night


Starfist Lazerbeam / Passion Of A Night

Interesting collaborative release between powerhouse labels MOS Deep and Crème Organization. The artists behind the two tracks are Michigan duo 2 AM/F... more...

12inch Creme: VOS01/Mosdeep022 € 8,49

Expropriation - #005



For the fifth release Vanila goes Vanilla, this time with the debut ep from the Athenian artist Expropriation. ''Expropriate While U Can'' and ''Poza... more...

12inch Vanila: VNL005 remind

Morah - #006



The eccentric producer and resident dj of the Phormix parties in Athens, Morah, after his releases on Return To Disorder, Berceuse Heroique and Lux Re... more...

12inch Vanila: VNL006 remind

Format - #1



Re-issue of this Orlando Voorn masterpiece from 1991, originally released on ESP Records.

12inch Only One Music: Only006 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lake Haze x IVVVO - #1 (Legowelt Remix)

Lake Haze x IVVVO

#1 (Legowelt Remix)

Creme Organization turn to the mysterious IVVVO and Lisbon producer Lake Haze for a new single that comes backed with a remix from label regular Legow... more...

12inch Creme: CR1282 remind

Ever Moving - #1 EP

Ever Moving

#1 EP

Launch of a new record label hailing from Warsaw. First one is drexciyan-inspired, subtle crafted underwater trip from a man called Ever Moving. more...

12inch Get The Balance Right: GTBR001 remind

Oasis - #14



Limited one sided Omar S action. Minimal tech action from the mysterious Detroit producer!

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-OAS014 remind

Unit Moebius - #19

Unit Moebius


First part of the 6LP Unit Moebius series presented by Atlantikwall! Limited editions of 200 copies, red vinyl and handmade artwork. Most of all th... more...

LP Atlantik Wall: Atlantik019 remind

Home Invasion - #3

Home Invasion


Home Invasion is the new label from Real Tone man Franck Roger, a man whose career has scaled the full depths of house music over the past decade or s... more...

12inch Home Invasion: HI3 € 9,49

Unknown - #4



Minimal stripped down jacking Chicago rooted tracks. Parts 1 and 2 already managed to create a small buzz, and so will this one. Basic tracks that are... more...

12inch Itsnotover: Itsnotover004 remind

E-Versions - #5



Merc return with the first in the next phase of E-Versions ! As ever, MARK E's best selling and precision club jams project delivers big things for... more...

12inch Merc: Merc021 remind

Nisennenmondai - #6



Motorik techno driven new track from Nisennenmondai backed with a killer first wave industrial remix from the legendary Chris Carter.

12inch On-U Sound: ONUDP60 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

IKO - '83



Medical Records is beyond elated to finally present to the world the first official reintroduction and reissue of the iconic IKO "83" LP. This covete... more...

LP Medical Records: MR-038 remind

De-De-Mo - 'Cause I Need You 'Cause I Love You
12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP031 remind

SoundStream - 'live' goes on


'live' goes on

A new Soundstream with more of those lovely hi-tech house tracks! Great funking and cut up tracks.

12inch Soundstream: SST04(57127) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Please - 's-Gravendijkwal EP

The Please

's-Gravendijkwal EP

Widely diverse release by The Please on the new slightly mysterious Purple Maze label, bringing the tempo down a notch.

10inch Purple Maze: MAZE01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vita - (Infinity)



Frustrated Funk drops an intense mini album project produced by the eldritch vocalist and co-producer of the mystic Zerkalo project Victoria Lukas. No... more...

LP Frustrated Funk: FRLP002 € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve - +91 Ahead Session 4

Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve

+91 Ahead Session 4

An eternal raw groove, dirty keys, deep & dub chords...extended house for club abuse ! Part 4.

12inch Plak records: Plak022 € 8,49

Pametex - ...



True minimal electro soundtracks from the Pametex car demolition.. Big tip!!

12inch Pametex: Pmtx003 remind

Der Zyklus - ...

Der Zyklus


Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, Drexciya) with his best solo work after the legendary Dopplerfeffekt album. This is a re-release of 4 of our... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR002/CX17.5 remind

Betonkust - 0% Swing EP


0% Swing EP

Betonkust immediately blended in with the 9300 family and it felt like we've been knowing each other for years and years. After his characteristic rem... more...

12inch 9300 Records: AAL007 € 9,99

Conrad Schnitzler - 00/830 Endtime

Conrad Schnitzler

00/830 Endtime

A great honour to present Conrad Schnitzler's last work. Only a few days before he passed away last August, he created this unique, almost 70 minutes... more...

2LP M=Minimal: MM010LP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trackwerk - 001



Hard edged and sick chi-house track from the Rush Hour camp. Limited one-sided release.

One sided 12 Trackwerk: TW001 remind

Frozen Border - 001

Frozen Border


Raw, reduced Robert Hood style Techno and House from this new label. This is something for those of you who love labels like Seldom Felt, Wax or Equal... more...

12inch Frozen Border: FB001 remind

Horizontal Ground - 001

Horizontal Ground


Crispy and haunting dry techno tools from the Frozen Border guys. Another no-nonsens release with no further info and fancy designs.. just some proper... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG001 remind

Talismann - 001



Raw, sinister and apocalyptic techno from this unidentified being called Talismann. Droning subs and hypnotic rhythms, sounding like some dark rite f... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ratchett Traxxx - 001

Ratchett Traxxx


New US label with some fierce raw jacking tracks.

12inch Ratchett Traxxx: Raxxx001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

AnD - 001 / 0101


001 / 0101

Two techno tracks representing what AnD are all about, heavy hitting slabs of industrial funk built for the dancefloor. White label with stamp edition... more...

12inch AnD: AnD001 remind

Horizontal Ground  - 002

Horizontal Ground


Darker minimal techno tools with minimal info on the label.Tracks made to rock the dark basements. Strong one!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG002 € 7,99

Talismann - 002



A dark, apocalyptic follow up from the enigmatic Talismann 1. Fierce hypnotic drone techno from the highest order as opening side of the ep to darker... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Soulphiction, Daniel Stefanik - 002

Soulphiction, Daniel Stefanik


Studio R with a compilation of nice smooth deeper house, suitable for club use. Tracks by SoulPhiction, Daniel Stefanik, Freund der Familie, Doyeq. Vi... more...

12inch Studio R: StudioR002 remind

Ratchett Traxxx - 002

Ratchett Traxxx


Second ep by Ratchett Traxxx. Blending UK influences with Chicago basics.

12inch Ratchett Traxxx: Raxxx002 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Omar S - 002 (repress)

Omar S

002 (repress)

Repress! Four tracks + a new bonus track! Including a superb deep vocal house cut that reminds us of the best production from the likes of Rick Wilhit... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS002(r) remind

Frozen Border - 003

Frozen Border


Fierce no-nonsense techno tracks on his obscure label with no further information. Cool tracks.

12inch Frozen Border: FB003 € 7,99

Horizontal Ground - 003

Horizontal Ground


Traditional minimal stripped techno tracks. Think Robert Hood, DBX and the likes... done with a nice modern twist. Tip

12inch Horizontal ground: HG003 remind

Talismann - 003



Black hole rhythms droning from the depths of space. Talismann returns!

12inch Talismann: Talismann003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - 003

Various Artists


Great collection of challenging and fine quality techno tracks by an excellent selection of artists. Recommended! more...

3x12inch Studio R: StudioR003 remind

Horizontal Ground - 005

Horizontal Ground


Heavy techno hitters!! Check out that B-side with its dubby groove, and sexy and tight percussion. A-side is a classic basement techno style track th... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG005 remind

Talismann - 005



Nature never sleeps.... For the fifth release TALISMANN arose and harvested the life-force energies of the oldest and biggest trees known to man. Th... more...

12inch Talismann: Talismann005 € 9,99

Frozen Border  - 006

Frozen Border


Cool stripped techno tracks on the low-profile Frozen Border label. A-sdie a housey track with a dubby groove... flip site a tight german sounding bas... more...

12inch Frozen Border: FB006 remind

Frozen Border - 009

Frozen Border


Great techno ttracks on the Frozen Border label that already supplied us with several essential ep's (check that No3 again if you havent!). 3 solid tr... more...

12inch Frozen Border: FB009 remind

Datasmok - 01



Penik Ettek related back-catalog material. Sharp-cutting heavy-pounding industrial mean-and-lean-machine tekno! more...

12inch Panzerkreuz: Panzer1031 remind

Benjamin Damage - 010x (Truncate & SCNTST rmxs)

Benjamin Damage

010x (Truncate & SCNTST rmxs)

Remix pack number 2 from Benjamin Damage´s recently released solo album “Heliosphere” features raw, deep techno by L.A.´s Truncate and SCNTST from Be... more...

12inch 50 Weapons: 50weaponsrmx05 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - 030303

Various Artists


A full length album with ten times stunning and bombastic acid invented by an impressive list of madmen: Ceephax, Luke Vibert, EOD, D'Arcangelo, Kette... more...

2x12inch 030303: 030LP001 remind

V/A - 030303 part 3


030303 part 3

Part 3 of Marguerita's crazy 303 series continues even more with bringing back the days of good old pill/acid raving. This time TNT: in a true school... more...

12inch Marguerita: Mar0303 € 7,99

DJ Overdose - 05 Poly 800 Loop

DJ Overdose

05 Poly 800 Loop

The 05 Poly 800 Loop EP was born in the name of the Dutch-Hungarian friendship when DJ Overdose collaborated with the Budapest based record label Dalm... more...

EP Dalmata Daniel: DD001 € 12,49