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10-12-2018 - monday

Elecktroids - Elektroworld



''Based in Flint, Michigan, USA, the four young sons of an electrician welded together their debut album. This album, titled Elektroworld, is a person... more...

CD Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC035CD € 15,99

11-12-2017 - monday

Svreca - Arquitectura del Sueno


Arquitectura del Sueno

Amazing deep techno compilation featuring Milena Kriegs, Claudio PRC, Hydrangea, Alan Backdrop, Ryo Murakami, Na Nich, Claudio PRC, Aleksi Perala, BLN... more...

2xCD Semantica: SEM100CD € 11,99

04-09-2017 - monday

07-07-2017 - friday

Floating Points - Reflections: Mojave Desert

Floating Points

Reflections: Mojave Desert

Floating Points began as the solo project of Sam Shepherd before it became clear the immersive, intricate nature of his music demanded expansion. Foll... more...

LP+DVD Pluto: PlutoRE001 € 31,99
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12-12-2016 - monday

Various Artists - Venti Compilation 3

Various Artists

Venti Compilation 3

It took some years to create another stunning set of tunes for our third compilation package. This double-CD has 21 great tracks. 20 of those were pre... more...

2xCD I Venti d'Azzurro: VAMCD 20.03 € 32,99

07-10-2016 - friday

Objekt - Kern Vol. 3 mixed by Objekt


Kern Vol. 3 mixed by Objekt

Following contributions by DJ Deep and DJ Hell, Tresor Records are proud to present the third instalment in their Kern mix-series, this time headed by... more...

CD Tresor: TresorKern003CD remind

08-07-2016 - friday

Aphex Twin - Cheetah EP

Aphex Twin

Cheetah EP

The Aphex Twin Cheetah EP uses digital sound generation techniques combined with wave sequencing technology to bring you sounds with movement and dept... more...

CD Warp: WAP391 (cd) € 11,99

30-06-2016 - thursday

M.Rav - Common Purpose


Common Purpose

Max Ravitz has made a name for himself with his hazed dance not dance productions over these last couple of years appearing on a handful of different... more...

CD LIES: Lies088CD € 17,99

22-06-2016 - wednesday

Kneebody & Daedelus - Kneedelus

Kneebody & Daedelus


Two members of Los Angeles’s alternative music scene, beat freak Daedelus and instrumental quintet Kneebody, team up for a collaborative album on Brai... more...

CD Brainfeeder: BFCD058 € 15,99

Ahmed Malek - Musique Original De Films

Ahmed Malek

Musique Original De Films

Ahmed Malek was one of the most important musicians of the Algerian scene of the 1970s. His sountrack works that were composed for various Algerian mo... more...

CD Habibi Funk: HABIBI003CD € 9,99

Audion - Alpha



Matthew Dear’s Audion project stands proudly at the intersection between art and hedonism, realised over a decade long dedication to powerful and rele... more...

2LP+CD !K7: !K7333LP remind
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13-05-2016 - friday

29-04-2016 - friday

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland - Transport

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland


Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald – the two indispensable protagonists of the Electric Garden – plug back into the wilderness.The result: a font from... more...

CD Tresor: Tresor285CD remind

18-04-2016 - monday

Cinematic 74 - Realtime Inverted

Cinematic 74

Realtime Inverted

Limited ambient CD-album release by US producer Cinematic 74 a.k.a. Brooks Mosher, who is known for his excellent detroit / house productions on label... more...

CD Photic Fields: PF12 remind

09-04-2016 - saturday

Mike Huckaby - My Life With The Wave

Mike Huckaby

My Life With The Wave

Still intact sticker covering the opening of the sleeve. Obviously including CD! A special limited edition version of Mike Huckabys My Life With The W... more...

12inch + CD Synth: Synth0953000031cd(us) (Sealed) remind

21-03-2016 - monday

Kettel - Wingtip



We warmly welcome back Kettel who makes his return to Clone/DUB records since his debut Cenny Crush 15 years ago (which was followed by the brilliant... more...

CD Clone - Dub Recordings: DUBcd013 € 15,99

25-02-2016 - thursday

Moodymann - DJ Kicks


DJ Kicks

DJ-Kicks returns in 2016 another landmark edition. Iconic Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann is at the helm for his first ever multi-artist DJ mix comp... more...

CD !K7: K7327CD remind

05-01-2016 - tuesday

Ennio Morricone - Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone is famous for his unforgettable compositions of many Italo-Western classics such as “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” and “Once Upan a T... more...

4xCD + book Ear Book: Ear Book ISBN-13: 9783943573022 remind

23-12-2015 - wednesday

Four Tet - Morning / Evening

Four Tet

Morning / Evening

Four Tet's new LP will consist of two tracks in all, each approximately 20 minutes in length. As the title suggests, side A will feature a morning-bas... more...

CD Text Records: Text036CD remind

18-12-2015 - friday

Variant - Vortexual (Element Three)


Vortexual (Element Three)

Out of [element two] imparts [element three]. Re-synthesis, through this process, constitutes transitions into the deepest expanse of space. Sounds... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-3 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Zero)


Vortexual (Element Zero)

The inception of the vortexual series, [element zero] hones in on the most primitive forms of synthesis, methodical minimalism. This is an omniscient... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-0 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Four)


Vortexual (Element Four)

[element four] Finds itself drifting somewhere into the abstract, not quite ambient nor dub, instead, a unique divide of the two. For the mind, spirit... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-4 remind

09-12-2015 - wednesday

Paranoid London - Paranoid London

Paranoid London

Paranoid London

Here is some more repetitive, machine bass music for DJs to play loud & dancers to freak to. Featuring vocals from Mutado Pintado (NYC), Paris Brightl... more...

CD Paranoid London: PdonCD001 € 19,99

07-12-2015 - monday

Cio D'Or - All In All

Cio D'Or

All In All

While music in its definitive nature fills both space and time, creating environments in which we live and breathe, these miniature dramaturgies strin... more...

CD Semantica: Sem073CD € 14,99

D5 - Sides Of Space


Sides Of Space

Delsin are proud to present, Sides of Space, a collection of classic, lost and forgotten tracks from atmospheric techno producer D5. The 12 track, tri... more...

CD Delsin: 112DSR-CD € 13,99

16-09-2015 - wednesday

Gil Scott-Heron - Nothing New

Gil Scott-Heron

Nothing New

''Nothing New'' by Gil Scott-Heron is an album of stripped down vocal and piano versions of songs from his back catalogue, recorded in New York with p... more...

LP+DVD XL Recordings: XLLP575 € 26,99

14-09-2015 - monday

Vagon Brei - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Vagon Brei

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Vagon Brei, aka Victor Ramos, known for great albums on Legowelt's Strange Life Records and Seattle's Further Records, is back with a full length CD a... more...

CD + MP3 Photic Fields: PF10 € 13,99

04-09-2015 - friday

Surgeon - Tresor 97-99


Tresor 97-99

Tresor Records is fortunate enough to be sitting on a catalogue of past releases that no other label in electronic music would turn down. Three of t... more...

3xCD Tresor: Tresor278 remind

01-07-2015 - wednesday

The Exaltics - SolarOneMusic 303 ACID T-Shirt + EXCLUSIVE EXALTICS MIX CD

The Exaltics


SolarOneMusic 303 ACID T-Shirt (black) SIZE M + EXCLUSIVE EXALTICS MIX CD T-Shirt: Gildan - Heavy T-Shirt - 170 - 199 g/m Size: Width 51 cm, Length 7... more...

Merchandise Solar One Music: SOMTSHIRT003M remind

30-06-2015 - tuesday

John Beltran - Espais

John Beltran


Enduring ambient and soundtrack specialist John Beltran has finished another full length album for Delsin Records. Entitled Espais, it lands in summer... more...

CD Delsin: DSR/D3-CD € 13,99

Conforce - Presentism



Prolific Dutch artist Conforce is back with another LP on Delsin Records. This one marks something of a subtle evolution in his sound in that it retur... more...

CD Delsin: 111DSR-CD € 13,99

01-06-2015 - monday

Der Zyklus - Biometry

Der Zyklus


Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00's (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future f... more...

CD Clone Aqualung Series: CAL005CD remind

Exos - My Home Is Sonic


My Home Is Sonic

New on the Delsin X-Series is My Home is Sonic, a standout techno, dub and minimal album originally released in 2001 by Icelandic producer Arnvidur Sn... more...

CD Delsin: DSR/X9-CD € 13,99

18-05-2015 - monday

Vertical67 - Panta Rhei


Panta Rhei

Vertical67's 13 track debut CD album including a remix by Wisp (Rephlex Records). Thomas Pahl, aka Vertical67, steps up with a full album after a few... more...

CD + MP3 Photic Fields: PF08 € 12,99
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04-03-2015 - wednesday

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - Joystone

Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu


Jimi Tenor with a cosmic album for Sähkö/Puu. On “Joystone'', Mr. Tenor teams up with ex Fela Kuti sidemen Kabu Kabu (lead Nicholas Addo Nettey). For... more...

CD Sahko Puu: Puu034cd € 6,99

02-03-2015 - monday

Joel Alter - Heart

Joel Alter


Wonderful album by Gothenburg's Joel Alter! We know Joel since his two albums he released together with Henrik Jonsson as Jonsson/Alter on Kontra-Mus... more...

CD Uncanny Valley: UVCD03 € 14,99

19-02-2015 - thursday

Model 500 - Digital Solutions

Model 500

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions is a culmination of a 35 year relationship with music production for the mastermind behind Model 500, techno pioneer Juan Atkins. Ma... more...

CD Metroplex: MLP2 remind

09-02-2015 - monday

Stones Throw - Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton - This Is Stones Throw Records

Stones Throw

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton - This Is Stones Throw Records

For the last 20 years, the groundbreaking Stones Throw Records has earned a reputation as one of the most original and influential independent labels... more...

DVD Stones Throw: STH2341DVD € 7,99

05-02-2015 - thursday

Donato Dozzy - K

Donato Dozzy


Nearly an hour of dense ambient fog & early morning techno from former resident @ Panorama Bar (Aquaplano, Mule Electronic) known for 5+ hr sets of de... more...

CD Further Records: Fur018 € 22,99

23-01-2015 - friday

05-12-2014 - friday

John Beltran Presents.. - Music For Machines, Part 1 & 2

John Beltran Presents..

Music For Machines, Part 1 & 2

Celebrated ambient artist John Beltran jointly release not one but two vinyl compilations on Delsin Records in association with his own Dado label. Th... more...

CD Delsin: DSR/D1-CD remind

17-11-2014 - monday

Val_Ex - Riot



Solar One Music is proud to present a very special project. Arne Weinberg (Valanx) and Robert Witschakowski (The Exaltics) join forces as "Val_Ex" and... more...

CD Solar One Music: SOM030CD remind

10-11-2014 - monday

Conforce - Machine Conspiracy (2014 Reissue)


Machine Conspiracy (2014 Reissue)

Back in 2010, Boris Bunnik released his first full-length album, Machine Conspiracy, through the now defunct Meanwhile label. Delsin are re-issuing it... more...

CD Delsin: DSR/X7CD € 10,99

27-10-2014 - monday

Boards of Canada - Hi Scores

Boards of Canada

Hi Scores

Skam Records are very proud to announce the re-release of Boards of Canada - Hi Scores on the 13th October 2014 . This follows the reissue of their o... more...

CD Skam: SKA008CD remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-10-2014 - thursday

Andres Loo - Skeletons On Rock

Andres Loo

Skeletons On Rock

Debut album by Estonian artist Andres Lõo consisting of almost only wave-edited material. The former drummer takes editing to a different level, all i... more...

CD Laton: Laton048 € 14,99

21-10-2014 - tuesday

Howie B. & Hubert Noi - Music For Astronauts And Cosmonauts

Howie B. & Hubert Noi

Music For Astronauts And Cosmonauts

Initial an idea of Húbert Nói, inspired by Icelandic/Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason describings of time in space, Nói and Howie B. created betwe... more...

2xCD Laton: Laton042 € 14,99

06-10-2014 - monday

Cuthead - Total Sellout


Total Sellout

Cuthead got known to the wider public via his releases on Uncanny Valley but his roots reach way back before the label's start. There was a time when... more...

CD Uncanny Valley: UVCD02 € 14,99

19-09-2014 - friday

Aphex Twin - Syro

Aphex Twin


Aphex Twin makes his return on Warp with new album Syro. Richard D. James has been releasing music since the beginning of the ‘90s. His first full-len... more...

CD + MP3 Warp: Warp247CD remind

10-09-2014 - wednesday

Various Artists - Rick Wilhite - Vibes New & Rare Music 2

Various Artists

Rick Wilhite - Vibes New & Rare Music 2

Rick Wilhite delivers this super strong collection of tracks from his favorite New York, Chicago & of course, Detroit producers. The CD version collec... more...

CD Rush Hour: RHM010CD € 14,99