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RIS Featuring Celeste - Love N Music

RIS Featuring Celeste

Love N Music

Love N Music is an original classic Italo Disco with an Hi-NRG touch. The original song starts with a sweet female voice that seemed to be an hymn to... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX076 € 15,99

Dr. Togo - Be Free

Dr. Togo

Be Free

Voice of the Kano project and former percussionist of Eric Clapton, George Benson and Chaka Khan, Glen White in 1982 wrote and arranged "Be Free", one... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX075 € 15,99

Roberto Onofri and Dee Jay Program Band - Let's Go Out

Roberto Onofri and Dee Jay Program Band

Let's Go Out

Massaroni Record (MSR) was born with the collaboration between the distributor Ermanno Massaroni and the disc jockey Roberto Onofri, who was also a ra... more...

EP Best Record: BSTX074 € 15,99

Kano - I'm Ready


I'm Ready

Project founded in Milan in 1979 by musicians producers Luciano Ninzatti, Stefano Pulga, Matteo Bonsanto and published one year later in the States by... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX073 € 15,99

Harry Thumann - Experiments

Harry Thumann


Taking a break from their usual Italian remit, Best Record turn their attention to an overlooked pioneer from the annals of German electronic music hi... more...

EP Best Record: BSTX072 € 15,99

Deep Invention Orchestra - Paradise

Deep Invention Orchestra


Best dig out a bona fide gem from the early days of Italian house music - a one-shot hit from the masterful minds of Alex Neri and Marco Baroni that o... more...

EP Best Record: BSTX071 remind

Francesco Messina - Medio Occidente

Francesco Messina

Medio Occidente

Remastered reissue of Francesco Messina's seminal LP from 1983 produced by electronic Italian pioneer Franco Battiato. Messina and Battiato are consi... more...

LP Best Record: BSTX069 € 15,99

Cellophane (Alessandro Novaga) - Music Colours

Cellophane (Alessandro Novaga)

Music Colours

Cellophane was a cult project from Alessandro Novaga, an Italo producer who created tracks with a huge influence on the development of Chicago house.... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX066 remind

Blue Feather - Let's Funk Tonight (Remixes)

Blue Feather

Let's Funk Tonight (Remixes)

Blue Feather were a truly blue-eyed funk outfit from the Netherlands who had a prolific run in the 80s with two albums and a string of club singles to... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX063 remind

Blue Gas - Shadows From Nowhere (Blue Vinyl)

Blue Gas

Shadows From Nowhere (Blue Vinyl)

Finally back again! This Reissue is dedicated to the 1983 so rare mix of the Balearic / Italo-Disco pure bliss 'Shadows from Nowhere' of Blue Gas / Ce... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX009 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Amin Peck - Love Disgrace

Amin Peck

Love Disgrace

Amin Peck is an electronic studio project, contaminated by the New Wave from U.K. like most '80s electronic bands. Amin-Peck walked a fine line betwee... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX006 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Never Trust A Mirror EP

Various Artists

Never Trust A Mirror EP

On A1 – Dein Letztes Hemd – Nicola Toma from Berlin combines acid cuts with German Vocals (by Camila Strasdas) and a pushy bassline. Nothing else need... more...

12inch Subject To Restrictions Discs: STRD-III € 13,99

Police Des Moeurs - Peril

Police Des Moeurs


Mannequin Records is delighted to present their fourth full length of Polices des moeurs, the Canadian minimal synth duo formed by Francis Dugas and M... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ143 € 24,49

L/F/D/M - Ambitions Of Guilt


Ambitions Of Guilt

Night Gaunt Recordings is pleased to announce “Ambitions of Guilt”, the newest offering from Brighton, UK based producer L/F/D/M. L/F/D/M is Richard S... more...

12inch Night Gaunt: NG9297 € 15,99

Various Artists - Aleatory Chaos Third Chapter

Various Artists

Aleatory Chaos Third Chapter

ALEATORY CHAOS is coming back with the third chapter, a very special edition because it will include the unreleased 1984 original version of “No Words... more...

12inch Oraculo: OR71 remind

Maxx Mann - Maxx Mann

Maxx Mann

Maxx Mann

Maxx Mann were the gay New Wave duo of Frank Oldham Jr (vocals, lyrics) and Paul Hamman (music) from New York City formed in 1981. Frank studied voice... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE270 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Patricia Kokett - Bizarr

Patricia Kokett


On this long-awaited debut album Patricia Kokett continues his transcendent explorations. Built around a trip to the annual Nine Emperor Gods festival... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH028 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Houschyar - Temmuz



After starting to build his reputation featuring on different compilations like the Sofa Elsewhere LVI, shelTer, Risks Issues Opportunities and at fir... more...

12inch Macadam Mambo: MMLP7007 € 22,49

Sepehr - Shaytoon



Dark Entries welcomes back San Francisco based DJ and producer Sepehr Alimagham for his debut album ‘Shaytoon’. Drenched in nostalgia from his upbring... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE277 remind

Various Artists - Music For Dance And Theatre - Vol One

Various Artists

Music For Dance And Theatre - Vol One

Music From Memory presents the first in a new mini-series which bring together music from various artists, created primarily for Theatre and Dance per... more...

LP Music From Memory: MFM045 € 19,99

Goldblum - Goldblum



Goldblum is the self-titled debut by Marijn Verbiesen (Red Brut, Sweat Tongue) and Michiel Klein (Lewsberg, Sweat Tongue). The duo creates lo-fi sound... more...

Cassette Tape Het Generiek: HG02 € 7,99

DJ Die Soon - Kappa Slap

DJ Die Soon

Kappa Slap

DJ Die Soon is a local legend and ongoing inspiration in the Berlin underground electronic music scene. Remaining largely unknown outside the city, wi... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER038 remind

Years Of Denial - Suicide Disco Remixes

Years Of Denial

Suicide Disco Remixes

Years of Denial and Veyl enlist Silent Servant, Broken English Club, Orphx and Alexey Volkov to remix their 2019 album ‘Suicide Disco.’ Heart attack m... more...

12inch Veyl: Veyl015 € 13,99

Jake Schrock - Omnibus

Jake Schrock


Seven unreleased tracks meticulously chosen from the Schrock archive crossing and blending multiple genres from electro, wave, kosmiche and new age... more...

LP Medical Records: MR-085 € 19,99

Alessandro Parisi - Ascensione Progressiva

Alessandro Parisi

Ascensione Progressiva

We embark on an exploratory voyage into the realms of (un)consciousness with these frequencies and vibrations of Italian producer Alessandro Parisi. L... more...

2LP Medical Records: MR-086 remind

Stimulate - Post-Mortem



Industrial/ EBM music from Dallas, Texas on black vinyl. Previously only distributed locally on cassette tape by the band in the year 1989-1990. Press... more...

12inch Sabstract Records: SPW03 € 9,99

L.F.T. - Red Pyramid EP


Red Pyramid EP

Hamburg and Berlin coalesce as L.F.T. debuts on Mechatronica with a blood-soaked, club-ready blend of punked out electro, industrial, acid, techno and... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON018 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Parasols - Diaz
12inch Power Vacuum: Powvac024 remind

CP / BW (Beau Wanzer) - Untitled

CP / BW (Beau Wanzer)


THE GOOPY GOONS ARE BACK with another collection of twisted American electronics. For those not familiar, CP/BW is a collaboration between Corporate P... more...

LP Beau Wanzer: BW05 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thanasis Zlatanos - A Retrospective

Thanasis Zlatanos

A Retrospective

When Elena Colombi launched the Osàre! Editions label in the autumn of 2019, she explained that the label would become home to bold, daring, future-fa... more...

12inch Osare Editions: OE002 € 27,49

Fred A. - De Angst Voorbij

Fred A.

De Angst Voorbij

Fred A. was a two-faced act. His musical grasp to the new wave-movement was countered by his lyrical love for Flemish and Dutch ‘kleinkunst’, and his... more...

12inch Stroom: STRLP037 remind

Various Artists - Artificial Dancers - Waves Of Synth

Various Artists

Artificial Dancers - Waves Of Synth

Birthed at the turn of the ‘80s, synth and wave music has remained a constant force over the last four decades, with a recent spike in interest in the... more...

2LP Rush Hour: RHMC005 € 27,49

Analytica - Analytica



Suction new sub-label Ice Machine releases the KILLER post-punk debut LP of Analytica. more...

LP Ice Machine: iMach003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Smagghe & Cross - 1819

Smagghe & Cross


Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross collaborate again.. and it's another beauty! more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN012 remind

RX-101 - Serenity



RX-101 has quietly been making waves in the IDM/electronic music underground for the past few years, through a series of archival releases — material... more...

2LP Suction: Suction050 remind

TV.OUT - If I Die Tonight
12inch Parallax: PRLX009 remind

Exhausted Modern - Datura EP

Exhausted Modern

Datura EP

Chugging EBM and electro from Exhausted Modern for fans of Vladimir Ivkovic, Dark Entries and Invisible Inc more...

12inch Artificial Horizon: AH002 remind

VV.AA - Fragments 6


Fragments 6

Part six of Hivern Discs' Fragments compilation. While compilations tend to look backwards, 'Fragments' is far from being a retrospective. Since its l... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVNCOMP6/6 € 11,99

Borusiade - Fortunate Isolation


Fortunate Isolation

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJ-ing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city’s emerging... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE266 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ian Martin - Neo Modernist

Ian Martin

Neo Modernist

Ian Martin's Neo Modernist is an exercise in introspection, where things aren't always rosy. Confronting your anxieties and fears may not be pleasant... more...

Mini-LP Pinkman: Pnkmn035 remind

Retrograde Youth - Mass Asphyxia

Retrograde Youth

Mass Asphyxia

Mass Asphyxia, Retrograde Youth's new record comes in the form of 6 tracks to satisfy the escapist desires of troubled minds and souls. The Colombian... more...

Mini-LP Pinkman: Pnkmn034 € 12,99

Various Artists - Techniques. A Techno-Pop Selection From The USA: 1982-1990

Various Artists

Techniques. A Techno-Pop Selection From The USA: 1982-1990

An exquisite and meticulous selection of underground “techno-pop” bands that emerged during the 80’s in the United States. Each one of these acts is c... more...

2LP Mecanica: MEC051 remind

Fr Fels - Second Escape / OBE

Fr Fels

Second Escape / OBE

Heavy minimal wave 7-inch. Limited edition of 100.

7inch Ortloff: XXL03 € 9,99

SDH - Against Strong Thinking


Against Strong Thinking

SDH return with the Against Strong Thinking EP, which follows its 2018 self-titled album. Although six songs may be insufficient, their new tracks hig... more...

12inch Avant! Records: AV068 € 15,99