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Flo & Andrew - Take Suicide

Flo & Andrew

Take Suicide

One of the holy grail of the minimal synth and one of the most obscure musical projects ever produced in Italy is finally reissued. ‘Take Suicide’ is... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ087 remind

Various Artists - Halloween EP

Various Artists

Halloween EP

The T.R.U. Halloween EP is a special edition EP that collects and compiles 5 tracks from TX Connect’s Gavin Guthrie inner circle that range from 80’s... more...

12inch Texas Recordings Underground: TRUHWN01 remind

December - Bright Red (Death Of The Machines)


Bright Red (Death Of The Machines)

After some killer releases on Jelous God and Blackest Ever Black, Parisian producer Tomas More aka December debuts on Mannequin Records with a 4 track... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ079 € 11,19

Plath - Plath (Alessandro Adriani remix)


Plath (Alessandro Adriani remix)

Contains a killer percussive edit of Alessandro Adriani made for the most crazy mental dancefloors! Plath were a duo from Prato, formed in 1982 and in... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ088 remind

Various Artists - Salamanca Issue #5

Various Artists

Salamanca Issue #5

Salamanca returns with their fifth release, proud to present two pioneers from the infamous Dutch Westland italo scene: Peet Need and Savino. The duo... more...

12inch Salamanca: SAL05 remind

Raderkraft  - Keine Richtung EP


Keine Richtung EP

Raderkraft is a project by Willem Stinissen, a young producer/musician from Amsterdam.? His music is best described as electro minimal synthwave.

12inch Testlab: TEST2016.002 remind

Black Meteoric Star - The Xecond Xoming Of Meteoric Star

Black Meteoric Star

The Xecond Xoming Of Meteoric Star

Transcendental and occult energies emitted by BMS (Gavin Russom, DFA)... respect the unexpected.

2x12inch Nation: Nat018 store only

Bocksrucker - Tarot Ep


Tarot Ep

Haunting wave inspired techno tracks on the Bare Hands label.

12inch Bare Hands: BHR001 remind

Various - Eine Welt Vol. 1


Eine Welt Vol. 1

Eine Welt is a vinyl-only sublabel of Mond Musik, found by spAceLex (Alexander Arpeggio). While Mond Musik focuses on obscure electronic made in Germa... more...

EP Eine Welt: EW001 remind

Years Of Denial  - Blood Debts

Years Of Denial

Blood Debts

Wicked EBM/industrial release on Oliver Ho's splendid and already essential Death & Leisure imprint. There's a black neon heart at the centre of 'Bloo... more...

LP Death & Leisure: Death03 remind

Black Merlin - Issue Number 14

Black Merlin

Issue Number 14

First outing on Jealous God by Uk's George Thompson aka Black Merlin.

12inch Jealous God: JG14 € 11,99

Zombies Under Stress - Stalin

Zombies Under Stress


4 killer 80ies industrial techno tracks: ‘Liberation’ and ‘Stalin’ from their 1985 cassette ‘Fanaticism & Hysteria’, this last one also presented in a... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ086 € 16,49

S. English - General Dimensions

S. English

General Dimensions

English (CP/BW with Beau Wanzer) now commits his second full length solo offering. Sparse machine driven electronics dominate the recording providing... more...

LP LIES: Lies087 remind

Hesperius Draco - Actus Tragicus

Hesperius Draco

Actus Tragicus

Frigio is beyond proud to release the first album from Alessandro Parisi's sepulchral dwelling pseudonym Hesperius Draco. Donning the ceremonial ro... more...

2LP Frigio records: FRV023-2LP1 remind

Sneaker - The Midas Touch EP


The Midas Touch EP

Editor extraordinaire, Sneaker welcomes you to marvel at his Midas Touch. Happy disco or chirpy funk edits these ain't. Instead the Rat Life man unear... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV022 remind

AIR LQD - Remain Neutral


Remain Neutral

Introducing AIR LQD unsheathing his debut EP following a notable appearance last year with a seven inches on the lowkey (but nonetheless excellent) Pe... more...

12inch Unknown Precept: Precept008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Femur EP Parte 1

Various Artists

Femur EP Parte 1

The 6th reference of Clasicos del Ruido is the result of a collaboration with Aitor Arch and Femur Club (club of reference in Madrid), and it is exclu... more...

12inch Clasicos Del Ruido: CDR006 remind

Various Artists - Essere

Various Artists


The debut release of Aspecto Humano, label based in Barcelona, is being presented as a sampler composed of five tracks, which clearly shows the label'... more...

12inch Aspecto Humano: AH001 remind

Various Artists - An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe

Various Artists

An Introduction Into The Insane World Of Alain Neffe

Beautifully put together and deeply personal comp of pioneering Belgium New Wave / DIY enigma, Alain Neffe (Bene Gesserit, Psuedo Code, Subject etc).... more...

12inch Stroom: STRLP002 remind

The Blech - Wosto Ajustements

The Blech

Wosto Ajustements

Macadam Mambo strikes very hard with a very special EP of radical dance music by the German band The Blech revisited by Hambourg’s based artist Wosto.... more...

12inch Macadam Mambo: MME30003 € 13,99

Black Pond - Deepest Chasms

Black Pond

Deepest Chasms

Killer electro/wave tracks by Black Pond. Black Pond is a collaboration of underground star Beta Evers and Jeff Galea from the legendary Eleven Pond.... more...

EP Electronic Emergencies: EE013rtm € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anna - Systems Breaking Down


Systems Breaking Down

Originally released in 1982, Anna's cosmic coldwave bomb ''Systems Breaking Down'' is one of the most mysterious singles of the period. Remarkably, it... more...

12inch Be With Records: BEWITH002TWELVE remind

Collins - Autophobia



Collins' debut 12" on Giallo Disco is dark as night and sharp as a knife. Twisted electro-nightdrive stormers for revenge fantasies and futurist cyber... more...

12inch Giallo Disco Records: GD020 € 11,49

Antoni Maiovvi - Will To Powder

Antoni Maiovvi

Will To Powder

Don't confuse radio silence with inactivity. The music might not have been flowing, but the plans were at Schrodinger's Box HQ. And finally, after a s... more...

12inch Schrodinger's Box: SBOX004 remind

Zarkoff - Pioneers



Zarkoff (Sasa Rajkovic) is Croatian musician and sound engineer that has been busy making proper sound of dozens labels and doing his own music last t... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL009 remind

Savage Grounds - Atrocities

Savage Grounds


Savage Grounds return to Lux Rec for the third time, with their third record. Atrocities comes after Unpleasant Music for Unpleasant People, released... more...

12inch + 7inch Lux Rec: LXRC30 remind

Maoupa Mazzocchetti - Glow In The Dark

Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Glow In The Dark

WHO'S THIS FACE!? After several strong and adventurous releases on Unknown Precept and Mannequin records, now it's time to land on Knekelhuis for t... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH006 € 12,49

Les Yeux Interdits - Prison

Les Yeux Interdits


Remastered version of a 80's classic tape release, now on 7inch by Das Ding's label Tear Apart Tapes.

7inch Tear Apart Tapes: TAT018 remind

Various Artists - World Of Rubber 3

Various Artists

World Of Rubber 3

World of Rubber 3 is compiled to make you cry, love, stomp and vomit. Rebellious heavyhitter and lovely melodic excursion provided by Japanese Wave-du... more...

12inch Rubber: Rubber003 € 10,99

HN42 - RH1



Classy, ace sounding, out-of-the ordinary, EBM/Wave rooted Techno EP.

12inch RH: RH1 remind

Heinrich Dressel - Space Wave Shaft

Heinrich Dressel

Space Wave Shaft

For the fourth edition of Slow Motion's Soundtrack Serie we welcome Heinrich Dressel, better known as one part of Minimal Rome. Space Shaft is three t... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo027 remind

Night Moves - Transdance G.C.1

Night Moves

Transdance G.C.1

The mythical Transdance from UK duo Night Moves is given a much needed official repress by Domestica Records and the Barcelona label have spared no ex... more...

10inch Domestica: DOM05-M € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

El Aviador Dro - Cromosomas Salvajes

El Aviador Dro

Cromosomas Salvajes

One of the most influential Spanish techno-pop bands from the 80s is finally taking back to life one of their most successful albums. Originally relea... more...

LP Mecanica: MEC019 € 25,99

Beau Wanzer - Beau Wanzer

Beau Wanzer

Beau Wanzer

Super limited LP sampler 7'' with two exclusive tracks, cool wave inspired material, another essential one from this Chicago dwelling mutant.

7inch Beau Wanzer: BW-PROMO remind

Nick Klein - Rhinestone Cowboy

Nick Klein

Rhinestone Cowboy

Four tracks showcasing a wide range of production styles, each effective in their own right. From side-chained jack to peak red drum work outs to comp... more...

12inch LIES: Lies089 € 15,49

Various Artists - 3375.1969

Various Artists


FlexiWave returns with the follow up to the acclaimed 2012 cassette 290.625”. This new 60C cassette boasts 14 freshly vetted tracks of finest obscure... more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Flexiwave: Flexi019 remind

Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do For Fun


What Am I Gonna Do For Fun

Official reissue of What Am I Gonna Do For Fun by the band Pitch (1982 - New York City), including a fantastic remix by Tolouse Low Trax.

12inch Idle Press: IP01 € 19,99

Various Artists - Obscura Europa S.A II

Various Artists

Obscura Europa S.A II

The second chapter of the various artists serie "Obscura Europa S.A" is here. Synth based "dark band sound" on its maximal exposure. From Brazil to Be... more...

12inch Oraculo Records: OR-15-2016 € 24,19

The Hacker & Hiv+ - Novo Disko

The Hacker & Hiv+

Novo Disko

A record produced in cooperation with Unknown Pleasures Records under the "Black Alliance" project. Michel Amato and Pedro Pe

12inch Oraculo Records: OR-16-2016 € 24,19

Mace. - Four Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today


Four Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today

Mace. appearances are scarce. As his music is. Scarce, dirty, brown and miserable, as the Bunker guys would say. A mechanical reflection, not a choice... more...

12inch Lux Rec: LXRC29 remind

HOGG - Solar Phallic Lion


Solar Phallic Lion

HOGG first began performing in Chicago during 2014. Working as a duo, they played raw and minimalistic pieces using crudely-strummed guitar, scrap met... more...

12inch Scrapes: Scrapes0003 € 20,49

group A - 70 + a =

group A

70 + a =

group A started in Japan in 2012 by Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, electronic rhythms, vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin, tapes, voice). Since the beginn... more...

LP Mecanica: MEC023 € 21,49

Blind Delon - Edouard

Blind Delon


The acclaimed debut of one of the best amb most surprising new projects of the very active french scene. The one man project of Mathis Kolkoz from Tou... more...

12inch Oraculo Records: OR-17-2016 remind