Paleman - Exalted EP


Exalted EP

Very few electronic music artists can boast of spanning a wide musical spectrum as the UK producer Calum Lee aka Paleman / Fresnel Lens.Always emphasi... more...

12inch 30D Eyes Have It: 30DEYES-004 remind

Gedankenexperiment - Experiment Defined


Experiment Defined

Futuristic electro by Gerald Donald (Dopplereffekt, Drexciya) and Beta Evers, originally released on Weme, including a previously unreleased track.

12inch Apnea: Apnea102 remind

Fairmont Squad - Fairmont Squad

Fairmont Squad

Fairmont Squad

Killer electro/techno release produced by Anthony Shakir, Kech Harrington, Martin Bonds, and Brian Bonds. They recorded the Fairmount Squad EP as a si... more...

EP Harbonder: HBDR007 remind

Kasra V - Hyperdelic EP (Byron Yeates & Roza Terenzi Remix)

Kasra V

Hyperdelic EP (Byron Yeates & Roza Terenzi Remix)

Kasra V’s Hyperdelic EP, his first release on Radiant Records, showcases the producer’s attentive ear for textural and rhythmic play. His last EP from... more...

12inch Radiant Love: RADIANTRECORDS006 remind

Alien D - Broadway Mid-Tempo Party Music

Alien D

Broadway Mid-Tempo Party Music

ALIEN D aka Daniel Creahan is a staple in the NYC underground. He co-runs SWEAT EQUITY and is one half of DEKALB WORKS. For this EP, he’s cooked up 4... more...

12inch Fixed Rhythms: FRS018 remind

Sky Joose - BLUFF008

Sky Joose


Four previously unreleased tracks from the legendary Sky Joose. Recorded between 1995 - 2000 and recently rescued from the original DAT tapes.

12inch Bluff Records: BLUFF008 remind

Various Artists - Voice Notes 002

Various Artists

Voice Notes 002

Voice Notes 002 – and this time , in time honoured memorial of our sister label London housing Trust (that we finished a few years ago after 10 releas... more...

12inch Voice Notes: VN002 remind

Gunnter - NRMND010



Next Normandy by labelboss himself !! Guuunnteeer

12inch Normandy Records: NRMND010 remind

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji) - Dissonant

A_A (aka Satoshi Tomiie & Nao Gunji)


The tracks on ‘Dissonant’ were harvested from the same studio live sessions as the last release ‘Radiant’ (AUA004) and share the similar club-oriented... more...

12inch A_A: AUA005 remind

Danny Keith - Keep On Music
12inch Blanco Y Negro: BYN023 remind

Brand New Image - Love In A Summer Night

Brand New Image

Love In A Summer Night

Re-issue from this italo disco classic from 1985. Contains original vocal and instrumental versions.

12inch Blanco Y Negro: BYN022 remind

Maxime Duvall - Creatures Of The Night (Italoconnection Remix)

Maxime Duvall

Creatures Of The Night (Italoconnection Remix)

Amsterdam Italo Diva and art phenomenon Maxime Duvall is back! She releases a new smashing TOPHIT “Creatures of the Night” on her brand-new label “... more...

12inch Disco Total Tophit Records: TOTAL001 remind

Philipp Matalla - Stakes

Philipp Matalla


Philipp Matalla lives and works in the triangle of Halle, Leipzig and Berlin, in Germany. He has previously released music on labels such as Optimo Mu... more...

LP Meakusma: MEA044 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artist - Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol.2

Various Artist

Pals FM: Floor Materials Vol.2

2nd dance music compilation from S.Korean label Walls and Pals, cruising between Tech House, digital Electro, Trance and Detroit sound made by Asian p... more...

12inch Walls And Pals: WP003 remind

Genji Sawai - Sowaka

Genji Sawai


First official reissue of the avant-garde Nippon cult LP by Genji Sawai, featuring Bill Laswell and Midori Takada. more...

LP Glossy Mistakes: Glossy014 remind

High Lonesome Sound System - Waiting For The Lights

High Lonesome Sound System

Waiting For The Lights

US West coast rave scene classic from '92, EP with 4 mixes of breaky rave bliss coming out of the Exist Dance catalogue, remastered.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors12 remind

Spray Orchestra Max Manuel - Transilvania / Energy

Spray Orchestra Max Manuel

Transilvania / Energy

Another re-issue of Constantino Paolini's classic Italian disco catalogue, Spray Orchestra and Max Manuel instrumentals, with a remix by DJ Asshole, r... more...

12inch Miss You: Missyou021 remind

Unknown Artist - Onlypromo01

Unknown Artist


Previously unreleased mixes of a track that needs no introduction, 2 “DJ tool” style mixes that make no sense, found on old master tapes from back in... more...

12inch Have A Nice Day: Onlypromo01 remind

Anatolian Weapons - PT. 1

Anatolian Weapons

PT. 1

Cosmic downtempo dubbed out expeditions by master studio artisan Anatolian Weapons, a 3 track EP with would be cosmic hole anthems, pure trip.

12inch Bless You: BLESSYOU011 remind

ALIA - Circa 90


Circa 90

Scottish mystery duo finally get the vinyl release everyone was asking for. 6 otherworldly tracks and mixing UK's signature sounds more...

LP Never Sleep: NSLP007 remind

Ghia - Here I Am


Here I Am

9 track album produced in Austria, somewhere in the realms of balearic, synth pop and italo, originally released in 1988, ''a special lady, a special... more...

LP Thank You: Thankyou020 remind

Peven Everett - Bluelight Love

Peven Everett

Bluelight Love

New unreleased 2023 production by the Chicago composer and producer. Definitely not to miss!

12inch Groovin Records: GR12103 remind

Joey Anderson - Exotic Sequence

Joey Anderson

Exotic Sequence

From New Jersey via The Netherlands: longstanding US craftsman Joey Anderson makes his debut on Deeptrax with his inspiring new album... 'Exotic Seque... more...

2x12inch Deeptrax: DPTX035 remind

Hitam - SMV007



Fellow Eerste Communie resident based in Amsterdam, Hitam will debut with a solo EP on Somov Records. With the trio of tracks, he is expertly showcasi... more...

12inch Somov: SMV007 remind

Nick Holder - Fruit Loops

Nick Holder

Fruit Loops

FRL Classic Edition is back in action with this gems of mid 90's. Written and produced by Nick Holder on Definitive Recordings, here you can listen so... more...

12inch FRL Classic Edition: FCE07 remind

Vel - Era L


Era L

After a first distinctive appearance in 2021 on the dynamic XX LAB compilation, Vel returns on the independent label leading this next release. 'Era L... more...

12inch XX Lab Records: XXLABL004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Francois X - Digital Fever

Francois X

Digital Fever

More than 2 years after his last solo project, François X returns with an EP on his new platform, XX LAB. Faithfully following the label aesthetic,... more...

12inch XX Lab Records: XXLABL003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Amadeezy - Bass Boss


Bass Boss

''When Amadeezy sent me this track Bass Boss it was like a missing link. I had been digging ATL and southern electro heavy, even tho there was not muc... more...

12inch FTP: FTP008 remind

Various Artists - Hudd Influence Vol. 1

Various Artists

Hudd Influence Vol. 1

Hudd Traxx announce an exciting new series of releases… Hudd Influence. A new run of vinyl offering a spicy selection of joints that have played their... more...

12inch Hudd Traxx: HUDDI001 remind

Transparent Sound - Slang City

Transparent Sound

Slang City

The UK Electro duo Transparent Sound reissue the infamous Slang City EP. Long before electro returned to prominence Transparent Sound were serving up... more...

12inch Transparent Sound Recordings: TRANS005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Clouds - Hard 2 The Power of Core


Hard 2 The Power of Core

After a short hiatus, Headstrong is back with Hard 2 The Power of Core from Clouds. True to form, the pairing of Liam Robertson & Calum Macleod drop f... more...

12inch Headstrong Records: HS006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cityboy - Chillin Witda T


Chillin Witda T

Back in the mid to late 90’s, Dallas’s Troy Anderson aka Waverider, DFD, Cityboy) released a couple of twelves in small quantities on 1200 Music. We’r... more...

12inch We're Going Back Records: WGB001 remind

Impulse Translation - Synchronia

Impulse Translation


Impulse Translation is the intergalactic alias of Minimono aka Ennio Colaci and Fabio Corcos, the Florence-based megaminds behind Bosconi Records. Hav... more...

12inch TerraFirm: TerraFirm009 remind

Unknown Artist - 303 Fifth Pattern

Unknown Artist

303 Fifth Pattern

A blend of both deep and hard acid-oriented dancefloor bangers on this diverse four tracker. A must have for every self-respecting underground acid lo... more...

12inch Zodiak Commune Records: ZC303005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Paul Plehr - F-GKVZ EP

Paul Plehr


This record is about a plane crash which occured in 2018 where a family member of the artist lost their life. That day, samples were recorded and musi... more...

12inch Skies: SKIES01 remind

Lamalice & Smooth Operators - Split EP 2

Lamalice & Smooth Operators

Split EP 2

Firing up the next outing on Anthea’s Partisan is the 2nd in the series of split EPs from the label. The A side made by French Producers Lamalice and... more...

12inch Partisan: PTN015B remind

Yagya - Faded Photographs


Faded Photographs

It seems like an age since Icelandic producer Adalsteinn Gudmundsson's last album as Yagya, 2020's ''Old Dreams and Memories.'' The first album to be... more...

CD Small Plastic Animals: 3SPA-CD remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ben Pest - Robotic Sales EP

Ben Pest

Robotic Sales EP

The prolific producer Ben Pest has spent the last few years perfecting his unique take on electro, techno, acid and experimental electronica. Ben Pest... more...

12inch Orson: ORSON026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - PRRUKLTD1990

Unknown Artist


In the year 1990, the memories of that time are as vivid as if it were just yesterday. Celebrate the Memory of 1990 with our new EP on vinyl. #PRRUKLT... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKLTD1990 remind

Kawaii San - Behind The Waterfall EP

Kawaii San

Behind The Waterfall EP

Plucky Londoner Kawaii San takes the Magic Carpet for a victory lap after bursting onto the scene in 2022. Graceful, uplifting breakdowns give way to... more...

12inch Magic Carpet: RIDE11 remind

Various Artists - Outer Base

Various Artists

Outer Base

Outerbase ep is inspired by the 90's Purpose Maker and M-Plant sound and delivers a club friendly 4-track various ep.

12inch Boomstraat 1818: BS1818001 remind

Kage - A Future Remembered


A Future Remembered

Five vintage cuts that embody the sound of an era long gone, but never forgotten. more...

12inch Curated by Time: Bytime012 remind

JESSE & DJ Sotofett - Descend

JESSE & DJ Sotofett


Electroacoustic duo JESSE and their extended collective is making a comeback of some sorts. Having been integral part of Finnish electronic music comm... more...

LP Haista Records: HST13 remind