Philip Glass

Solo Piano

Limited black and white color vinyl version. 180g Audiophile pressing of one of Philip Glass' more minimalistic outings and only solo ''Unplugged'' al... more...

LP Music On Vinyl: MOVCL007 (Black and white color vinyl) remind

Steve Allman / Alex Jann

For The Floor Vol 3

Following split EPs from DeFeKT and Rico Casazza, plus Tripeo and Cycloplex, Cultivated Electronics Ltd (CE's vinyl only sister label), returns with V... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CELTD014 remind

Joe Hisaishi

Princess Mononoke (OST)

33-track, 2LP version, Japanese pressing with OBI strip and liner notes of one of Ghibli's best anime movies.

2LP Studio Ghibli Records: TJJA10025 remind

Om Unit

Acid Dub Versions II

Om Unit's ''Acid Dub Studies'' series continues to unfold. This latest instalment of the project comes in the form of 10 brand new remixes which form... more...

2x12inch Acid Dub Studies: ADS002R remind

Priori and Al Wootton

Flaw EP

Priori and Al Wootton combine efforts on FLAW, a 4 track EP of psychedelic workouts combining maximal dance floor elevation and evocative world buildi... more...

EP Trule: TRULE022 remind

Various Artists

Shipwrec Electro Sampler 1

Electro is fundamentally modern. The coldness of the machine laid bare, a human attempt to express through circuits and wiring. Despite adhering to sp... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 06-11-2023
12inch Shipwrec: Ship071 € 13,49 remind



NTsKi, Japan-based vocalist/songwriter/producer; pronounced n-t-s-k-i. Calla is her 2nd album, a unified statement of her musical vision at this point... more...

LP EM Japan: EM1210LP remind


Boy Ep

It's the one you've been searching for....new white label action from Klasse Wrecks in the form of BOY1. The boy-wonder behind the music is none other... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 13-10-2023
12inch Klasse Wrecks: BOY1 € 12,99 remind

Primitive Needs

Protosphere EP

Primitive Needs unearth long-lost technology, rituals and rhythms on their Craigie Knowes debut. Technical and tribal in equal doses from a forgotten... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP54 remind

DJ Relax

DJ Relax EP

This is the genesis point for Yugambeh Country (Burleigh, Queensland) based imprint 100 FOLD. Forward facing yet with a respectful, almost romantic ey... more...

12inch 100 Fold: OF001 remind


Emerald (Sansibar, Alpha Tracks, K/K/ remixes)

KI/KI's slash label takes a deep dive into the history of hard trance and proudly presents a first re-issue of a true classic and personal favorite 'E... more...

12inch slash: SLASH006 remind

Christopher Rau


Get down with 4 magic House-cuts by Christopher Rau. These irresistible grooves will make the sun shine brighter for forever.

12inch Smallville: Smallville061 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Our House Is Barnhus

Think Pépé Bradock and early St. Germain – fully displaying the state-ofthe-art production skills and emotional depth always present in Drew Lustman's... more...

12inch Studio Barnhus: Barn089 remind

Jordon Alexander

How The Dogs Chill Vol. 2

How The Dogs Chill Vol.2 delivers four high octane tracks whose DNA contains traces of deep house and a penchant for atmospheric and dulcet melodies.... more...

12inch Running Back: RB125 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Moritz von Oswald


What are the differences and similarities between human and artificial sound, between oscillations generated by vocal cords and synthesizer voices, vo... more...

2LP Tresor: Tresor339 remind

Joe Davies

Shields In Full Sunlight

DJ Assam delivers his inaugural project under his own name Joe Davies this November. Entitled ‘Shields In Full Sunlight’ and comprising eight original... more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp16 remind

Coco Bryce


Phoenix is Coco Bryce's third full length album in a single year and was made solely on a Teenage Engineering PO33 pocket sized mini sampler. Recor... more...

2x12inch Myor: MYORPO01 remind



Mere months after launching his very own Ruff 'N Tuff imprint Stekker drops his second vinyl EP of the year on fellow Breda based hardcore junglist Co... more...

12inch Myor: STKKR01 remind

Velvet Spirit

Les Choses Grasses

Charonne are back with a third imprint on their Velvet Spirit imprint: Les Choses Grasses. This time introducing new and not so new French artists, op... more...

12inch Velvet Spirit: VS003 remind

Ede & Deckert feat. Sargland


The lines between off-centre synth songs and catchy hits have always and forever been ultra-thin. With Immer the proof of the pudding is in the eating... more...

7inch Running Back: RB123-7 remind

100th Monkey & Tristan

Four Carry Nuts (Parallax Deep Edits)

While digging for music at Snickars records in Stockholm, local producer, DJ and promoter Maya Lourenco aka Parallax Deep came across two classic goa/... more...

12inch Blue Hour: BLUEHOURMXSPL003 remind

Various Artists

Well of Sand

Sure Thing presents Well of Sand, its second compilation. Six tracks from label friends and favorites, each new to the roster and offering bold, untem... more...

Mini-LP Sure Thing: MIST007 remind


Transmissions Part 2

Part 2 of Khidja's debut LP Transmissions. 5 fresh tracks written & produced by Andrei Rusu and Florentin Tudor Mastered by maestro Enrico Mercaldi... more...

12inch Malka Tuti: MTLP0012b remind