T.E.W. - datThEW 93-95


datThEW 93-95

1993-96 unreleased recordings representing the darkest side of seminal acid ambient duo "Travelling into Esoteric World". Cut from the original DATs o... more...

12inch SURVIVE Ltd.: 1745A remind

The Fear Ratio - They Cant Be Saved

The Fear Ratio

They Cant Be Saved

James Ruskin & Mark Broom are back as The Fear Ratio. The duo, who are long-term collaborators, have created their own signature style with abstract s... more...

2LP Skam: SKALP036 remind

Rosa - Acqua Di Sale


Acqua Di Sale

Boogielicious Synth Pop made in Napoli! It is the Naples of the heart. "Acqua Di Sale" is the first mini-album of the mysterious Rosa. Recorded at th... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1016 remind

DJ Technician / DJ Overdose - When Cities Collide VIII

DJ Technician / DJ Overdose

When Cities Collide VIII

Again Technician and Overdose team up to show you how it’s done The Hague or Rotterdam or even better to say M.F. RotterHague style.

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR008 remind

A - Inner Call
12inch Token: Token 092 remind

Troy - KW29
12inch Klockworks: KW029 remind

Mantra & Myriadd  - All Is Mind

Mantra & Myriadd

All Is Mind

Weapons of Desire are back with the next instalment of raw percussion and the dirty bass lines that we have all grown to know and love. This time join... more...

12inch Weapons of Desire: WOD013 remind

214 - Si View EP


Si View EP

214 back on CE with his first full release for the label. 4 tracks of heavy hitting electro delivered with the style on finesse this bastion of the sc... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE034 remind

Aubrey - Sleeze Funk


Sleeze Funk

Shift Imprint gives a warm welcome to one of the best producers and DJs ever to come out of the UK, nothing more, nothing less than Mr. Allen Aubrey!

12inch Shift Imprints: Shifimpr006 remind

Laurine Frost  - Lena

Laurine Frost


Lovely album from Laurine Frost (Marionette) that skates on the fringes of Techno, IDM and minimal music. more...

2LP LYKA: LYKA001 remind

Les Hommes-Boite - La Copie D'un Autre

Les Hommes-Boite

La Copie D'un Autre

After Ou poser des yeux in 2009 and La paroi de ton ventre in 2013, Les Hommes-Boites are back with La copie d'un autre which will soon be released o... more...


Laurence Guy - The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You EP

Laurence Guy

The Sun Is Warm And Directly Above You EP

Laurence takes the listener on a journey of beautiful piano riffs, luscious vocal hooks and laid back, hazy drum sequences.

12inch Shall Not Fade: SNF039 remind

Makers of Movement - Seven Hills Presents: Precise Daily Rhythm 94-98

Makers of Movement

Seven Hills Presents: Precise Daily Rhythm 94-98

Seven Hills Presents Precise Daily Rhythm 94-98. A 2x12'' with the A+B sidecomprising of a sought after record from 1997 (The Moving House EP) and the... more...

2x12inch Seven Hills: SHR004 remind

Artificiero - Discos Tantra


Discos Tantra

We are proud to announce a new series on Discos Atónicos devoted to less frantic and more reflective sounds: (The) Tantra Series. The first volume ti... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DATOTR01 remind

Ultrastation - 4723 EP


4723 EP

There is a certain type of weird effect that is generated by strange, repetitive loops. Ultrastation, the new project of Utrecht veterans Cosmic Force... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT005 remind

Random XS / Zero One & Allert - Reverse Deception

Random XS / Zero One & Allert

Reverse Deception

When Utrecht based acid/techno outfit Random XS resumed activity after many years of hibernation, their archive turned out to be full of unreleased re... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT006 remind

Cheaps - Moliendo Cafe


Moliendo Cafe

Timeless Italo classic gets a repress. Includes all three original mixes and adds two more by Flemming Dalumm and Hysteric. more...

12inch ZYX Music: ZYX1035-12 remind

Head Front Panel - HFP 14

Head Front Panel

HFP 14

Proper banging techno by Head Front Panel aka John Heckle. Relentless analogue techno tracks rooted in the early and mid 90's styles! Recommended!

12inch Head Front Panel: HFP014 remind

Heidi Sabertooth - With The Void

Heidi Sabertooth

With The Void

UFO Inc. starts the new decade with fast, dark improv-techno tracks by the New York DJ, producer and singer Heidi Sabertooth. The four tracks on UF... more...

12inch UFO Inc.: UFO4 remind

Remotif - Chromium Hangover EP


Chromium Hangover EP

After a spate of 12” releases in 2019, including ‘Multiverse by Moonlight’ on COD3 QR that drew overwhelming support from everyone from Prins Thomas a... more...

12inch Familiar Strangers: FAST001 remind

Krypton 81 - Alphazero EP

Krypton 81

Alphazero EP

Danish electro duo Krypton 81 delivers their debut EP on legendary Finnish X0X Records. more...

12inch XOX Records: XOX011 remind

Various Artists - Space Disco

Various Artists

Space Disco

A pretty interesting find for La Bella Di Notte who digs this super rare and weird white label offering with some retro-futurist imagery. Things ki... more...

12inch La Bella Di Notte: LBDN005 remind

Zadig - Takara-Machine



For years, Rhythm Buro and Zadig have maintained a special relationship. The French DJ and producer (real name Sylvain Peltier,) became involved with... more...

12inch Rhythm Buro: RB006 remind

Wheez-Ie - Negative Zone EP


Negative Zone EP

USA based Wheez-ie lands at THEM with an EP ft. pounding breaks that you can hear with your ears and brain.

12inch THEM: THEM015 remind

Paris - I Can Feel It (Juan Atkins remix)


I Can Feel It (Juan Atkins remix)

From ''Tomorrow'' and back to plus thirty years, more precisely in 1987, a teenager named Thomas, Thomas Barnett the full name, released the track ''I... more...

12inch OMAGGIO: OMAGGIO011 remind

Unknown Artist - NOEDIT002

Unknown Artist


With the first in Jordan's Nocturne Edits series demanding multiple represses thanks to support from Midland, Gerd Janson, Bicep, Kornel Kovacs & more... more...

12inch Nocturne Edits: NOEDIT002 remind

Specialivery - Gravity Darkening


Gravity Darkening

A place of fleeting ephemeral encounters, real and intense nonetheless, where the forces sustaining it all are neither dark matter nor dark energy,... more...

2x12inch Oblate Records: OBL001 remind

Perdu - Finding Life on Planet Rash


Finding Life on Planet Rash

Route 8's new EP delivers some classic house flavors for you with the title song & the properly named 'Klasszik' to accompany you on your long overdue... more...

12inch This Is Our Time: TIOT004 remind

ILK - Four Freqs EP


Four Freqs EP

Our little reissue label is back in the game with a solid four tracker, written and produced by Doug Cavender and Mark Orosz - under the ILK alterego.... more...

12inch Repeat Repeat Repeat: RRR006 remind

ButterBandz - Legacy EP


Legacy EP

New Detroit House and Techno from Big Strick's youngest kid ButterBandz

12inch 7 Days Ent: 7daysBBZ001 remind

ARKVS / Thanos Hana - TAR005
12inch Tar Hallow: TAR005 remind

Multicast Dynamics - Ancient Circuits

Multicast Dynamics

Ancient Circuits

Multicast Dynamics returns with a sixth studio album that marks something of a new chapter. Ancient Circuits is an advancement from previous works on... more...

2x12inch Astral Industries: AI17 remind

2 Bit Crew - Danske Byer

2 Bit Crew

Danske Byer

After two and a half years of silence we are now ready to present the tenth release on 2 Bit Crew - ''Danske Byer'' - a twelve inch single containing... more...

12inch 2 Bit Crew: 2BC010 remind

RX-101 - Serenity



RX-101 has quietly been making waves in the IDM/electronic music underground for the past few years, through a series of archival releases — material... more...

10inch Suction: Suction050 remind

Sansibar - Paradise Industrial Complex


Paradise Industrial Complex

Paradise Industrial Complex is the incubation against greed and exploitation. Your imagination springs to life as Sansibar draws a mysterious map to h... more...

12inch Emotsiya: EMO002 remind

Chris Mitchell - SOF 006

Chris Mitchell

SOF 006

Known for its 808s, Bass, Alligators, & Cocaine Cowboys, Florida is the home of Vanguard Sound's Chris Mitchell, who follows his contribution to Squir... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOF006 remind

Men With Secrets - Psycho Romance

Men With Secrets

Psycho Romance

Sometimes you want something so badly you don't even know to ask for it in the first place. Like Adam and Eve stumbling upon the fruit of knowledge —... more...

LP The Bunker New York: BK041 remind

Rico Casazza - Purplewave EP

Rico Casazza

Purplewave EP

Purple wave is the manifestation of Rico Casazza. An EP awash in sea of emotional overtones from bittersweet to electro punk, with a contemplative ges... more...

12inch Dionysian Mysteries: DM005 remind



Na Cambanca

Mar & Sol presents the reissue of ''Na Cambança'' the first album of the big band from Guiné Bissau SUPER MAMA DJOMBO. The band was formed in the m... more...

LP Mar & Sol: MS004 remind

Cignol - Radiant Process EP


Radiant Process EP

Cignol returns to Lunar Disko after his two outstanding EPs on the LDRX series. Four more electro-acid gems gravitating onto LDR from the futuristic w... more...

12inch Lunar Disko Records: LDR022 remind

Various Artists - Mega Wave Orchestra

Various Artists

Mega Wave Orchestra

The music on this compilation was, for the most part, originally released privately in Geneva as a box set containing five LPs by The Mega Wave Orches... more...

LP Libreville Records: LVLP-1905 remind

Derek Carr / Spin Fidelity - Land of Oz / Orion

Derek Carr / Spin Fidelity

Land of Oz / Orion

Derek Carr and Spin Fidelity share the pleasure on this special EP with one track on each side. Derek's track 'Land Of Oz' takes us back to the Summer... more...

12inch Subwax: SUBWAXE-X-C-Yellow remind