Electric Machine - Disco Fashion

Electric Machine

Disco Fashion

''Disco Fashion'' is certainly one of the rarest, obscure and mysterious record ever produced in Italy. At the same time one of the most experimental... more...

LP Erezioni: ERZ-002 remind

Palermo Disco Squad - Stadio EP

Palermo Disco Squad

Stadio EP

The undisputed one man army returns to Bordello A Parigi with an adventurous tour through the history of his beloved sports club!

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP120 remind

Oldivibes - 111
12inch OLDiViBES: OLDI111 remind

Thomas Brinkmann - Retrospektiv EP1

Thomas Brinkmann

Retrospektiv EP1

Limited to 200 copies, this release is the first of the 5 12" from the Thomas Brinkmann Retrospektiv 5xlp box set. The 5 individual 12" will be releas... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eepBox201701-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ SCSI - Communication EP


Communication EP

Detroit based label GRE 'Gari Romalis Electronix' with a remastered reissue of the stone cold 90's electro classic Communication EP. Stay tuned, more... more...

12inch Gary Romalis Electronix: GRE001 remind

Various Artists - Alpha Wave

Various Artists

Alpha Wave

Blocaus series is proud to present 'Alpha Wave', their second various artists compilation includes 4 tracks of different varieties of great raw poundi... more...

12inch Blocaus: BLCS005 remind

2000 Black - Sunday Avuncular

2000 Black

Sunday Avuncular

The 2000black collective return to bring their very own brand of boogie,funk & jazz. Production from Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah & dego evolves into the... more...

12inch 2000 black: 2000 Black 2043 remind

Rick Wilhite / Ron Allen / Terrence Parker -

Rick Wilhite / Ron Allen / Terrence Parker

The Collective Rhythm Network (Hamilton, Canada), is a weekly radio show that focuses on underground dance music past and present. This EP was produce... more...

12inch Collective Rhythm Network: CRN001 remind

Joy O and Ben Vince - Transition 2 / Systems Align

Joy O and Ben Vince

Transition 2 / Systems Align

Hessle Audio is proud to present the first collaborations between longtime friend Joy O and saxophonist Ben Vince. Introduced to each other by Jon Rus... more...

12inch Hessle Audio: HES034 remind

Various Artists - Turkish Ladies

Various Artists

Turkish Ladies

Turkish Ladies. Female Singers from Turkey 1974 – 1988 is a first ever compilation of female music from Turkey from 70s and 80s. Sony Music Turkey and... more...

LP Epic Istanbul: Epic Istanbul 19075802551 remind

Helio Matheus - Matheus Segundo Matheus

Helio Matheus

Matheus Segundo Matheus

Born in Rio in 1940, Helio won a guitar from his father at age 12.After working in sugar mills or as a sales clerk in record stores, he started perfor... more...

LP Athens Of The North: AOTNLP017 remind

Peshay - Reflections



De:tuned proudly presents the return of one of the UK's pioneering drum & bass producers, Peshay. 'Reflections' is Peshay's first new drum & bass albu... more...

12inch De:tuned: ASGDE019 remind

Ned Doheny  - Prone

Ned Doheny


Originally released in Japan only, back in 1979, Prone is considered by most aficionados to be Ned Doheny's crowning glory. Even better than the super... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH005LP remind

Ecstasy - Tie Me Up


Tie Me Up

Insane Boogie-Funk private press from Phoenix, appeared in 1982, next to impossible to find even in its area still today, finally comes back courtesy... more...

12inch Seminato: S231R remind

Lithium Parasites / DJ Overdose - When Cities Collide III

Lithium Parasites / DJ Overdose

When Cities Collide III

When Cities Collide III features Lithium Parasites which is a project from former Ultradyne member Alex Lugo together with Alonzo, who released a grea... more...

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR003 remind

Miss Kittin & The Hacker  - LOST TRACKS VOL. 2

Miss Kittin & The Hacker


Miss Kittin & The Hacker are the Electro duo of Caroline Hervé and Michel Amato from Grenoble, France. The pair met during the early 90s at a rave and... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE216 remind

Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor

Richard Wahnfried

Time Actor

Dark Entries is honored to re-issue one of the greatest and most overlooked albums of the 1970s. ''Time Actor'' was the result of a collaboration betw... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE215 remind

Colin Potter - The Where House?

Colin Potter

The Where House?

Colin Potter is a sound engineer and musician currently based in London. He has worked within the fields of electronic and experimental music for over... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE214 remind

Inhalt - Commerce



Dark Entries is proud to release ‘Commerce’, the third EP from San Francisco-based trio INHALT, German for “content”. The group was founded in 2009, a... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE213 remind

Adam Stromstedt  - Seriost / Kom igen

Adam Stromstedt

Seriost / Kom igen

Bossmusik returns with Adam Stromstedt for their seventh release. The Swede, now residing in Australia, is known for his eclectic track selection and... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS007 remind

Piero Umiliani Ed I Suoi Oscillatori - Musica Dell'Era Tecnologica

Piero Umiliani Ed I Suoi Oscillatori

Musica Dell'Era Tecnologica

This killer experimental LP recorded by maestro Piero Umiliani in his legendary Soundworkshop Studios in Rome is on every serious electronic/italian l... more...

LP Dagored: RED314 remind

Eduardo De La Calle  - Darkroom Dubs Traxx

Eduardo De La Calle

Darkroom Dubs Traxx

Both originals from Dimitri are celestial affairs with his trademark darker touches. The angelic lead melody of the title track is constantly driven b... more...

12inch Darkroom dubs: DRDLTD014 remind

Waxmaster Maurice - Ghetto House Bangers

Waxmaster Maurice

Ghetto House Bangers

Up steps Chicago legend and original Ghetto House don, Waxmaster Maurice for an uptempo curveball nobody could have predicted ! 6 banging Ghetto track... more...

12inch Super Rhythm Trax: SRTX022 remind

Hissman - Revenge EP


Revenge EP

Next up on DABJ, Hissman aka Fabio Monesi. For his first outing on DABJ, he masterfully crafted mechanized, rough, tough techno belters in that inimit... more...

12inch Dixon Avenue Basement Jams: DABJ1228 remind

Barker - Debiasing EP


Debiasing EP

Both as a musician and label owner, Barker operates on the fringes of techno, balancing experimentation with functionality. On Debiasing, he takes a h... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton112 remind

Athlete Whippet - Hands Only

Athlete Whippet

Hands Only

Riding high on the success of their past singles, London duo Athlete Whippet deliver a steamy EP that has already received the stamp of approval from... more...

12inch Squareglass: SQ024 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yris Den - Strafen

Yris Den


The first Yris Den. The first symptom of Yris Den. The first data entry of Yris Den. The first lacquer of Yris Den. The first search for Yris Den. (Pa... more...

12inch Magazine: Magazine019 remind

Various Artists - Club Culture Vol. 1

Various Artists

Club Culture Vol. 1

Manchester based Dansu Discs are back with their second vinyl release of the series! DSD010 - Club Culture Vol.1 is a 4 track various artist compilati... more...

12inch Dansu Discs: DSD010 remind

Benedikt Frey - New Now

Benedikt Frey

New Now

Benedikt Frey returns to Live At Robert Johnson with three hypnotic cuts.

12inch Live At Robert Johnson: Playrc050 remind

Henry Mancini - Breakfast At Tiffanys

Henry Mancini

Breakfast At Tiffanys

In a career spanning over four decades, composer, conductor and arranger Enrico “Henry” Mancini (1924-1994) won numerous Academy and Grammy awards for... more...

LP Wax Love: WLV82021 remind

Electronic Modular Orchestra - Electronic Modular Orchestra

Electronic Modular Orchestra

Electronic Modular Orchestra

Curiosity is the element that allowed the birth of this project. Gabriele Bombardini, Nicola Peruch, Matteo Scaioli and Max Vicinelli are musicians wh... more...

2LP Soave: SV13/14 remind

SSTROM - Otider



After an excellent 12inch on Rosten label SSTROM drops his first full length Otider, which is by far the most diverse offering of the project encompas... more...

2LP Rosten: ROSTEN5 remind

Marcos Valle - Samba Demais

Marcos Valle

Samba Demais

Marcos Valle's incredible 1963 debut, Samba ''Demais'', established him as one of the premier performers and composers in the emerging Brazilian popul... more...

LP Cornbread Records: CRNBR16050 remind

Useless Idea  - Acid Hologram

Useless Idea

Acid Hologram

Acid hologram is a record that travels between past, present and future. It is a real mix of different stiles, this makes it difficult to define as a... more...

Cassette Tape WeMe Records: WeMe049 remind

Posatronix - Danz EP


Danz EP

Re-Release: Released in 1997, the sound of electro / techno came to a point where it had to evolve into a new and more grounded entity, keyed into fun... more...

12inch Direct beat: DBC4W-030 remind

Manni Dee - The Residue

Manni Dee

The Residue

Based in London, Manni Dee is held in high esteem by many for his spotless production and relentless DJ sets. The gleaming rendition of Manni's creati... more...

2LP Tresor: Tresor304 remind

Zru Vogue - Assembly For Body Movements

Zru Vogue

Assembly For Body Movements

An introduction to Zru Vogue's world. A percussive no wave, minimal and funky electro. Oscillating between psychdelic rock and modern postpunk. ''Asse... more...

12inch Musiques Electroniques Actuelles: MEA-0002 remind

Tan - Musik City


Musik City

Nathan Snell, the head and heart behind Anna Ranger comes back here with his synth-pop, italo-disco project.

LP Stochastic Releases: STOCH003LP remind

Christopher Rau - F.M.E. Hustle

Christopher Rau

F.M.E. Hustle

Next up is Berlin’s Christopher Rau with his “F.M.E. Hustle” long player. The long time firm favourite delivers 11 tracks full of hiss and soul. From... more...

2x12inch Money Sex Records: MSLP007 remind

Chino - Kolaps



Chino from Krakow is one of Poland's most distinctive players when it comes to providing a good amount of darkness into your nightlife experiences. Wi... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum016 remind

Visballa - Mud HZ


Mud HZ

First LP by Visballa (also part of Atelier Records' Adopo) is a long avaited lecture in real industrial funk. Hard edged & rhythmical, but sometimes a... more...

LP UMUMMU Records: UMU001 remind

Stiletti-Ana - Cymbals



Very cinematic, tunnel visioned & on-going arpeggiated synth-techno in two versions by Stiletti-Ana (half of Jesse from last years Twotinos LP on Keys... more...

12inch Haista Records: HST011 remind

Andria A//O - YES 001

Andria A//O

YES 001

Belgrade's infamous club night launching the label with a split 12'' by these hidden jewels of the city's underground. Slow, dark and to the left.

Mini-LP Yes: YES001 remind

Hector Oaks - Grown From The Ashes

Hector Oaks

Grown From The Ashes

All that was fire and only ashes were left. No matter how many times we burn, as the scum, we'll grow again.

12inch Oaks: OAKS08 remind

Alek Lee - Colors

Alek Lee


Alek Lee’s second 12” on Antinote starts with an uptempo opening to a rather downtempo record. Playing with some of the genre (namely, deep house) cod... more...

12inch antinote: ATN042 remind

Stephen Lopkin - Clyde Built

Stephen Lopkin

Clyde Built

Scottish producer, Stephen Lopkin is back with a great double pack of that gleaming sound MOS loves him for! more...

2x12inch M>O>S: MOSdeep030 remind

STL - Spice



Solar Phenomena are keeping up a busy and high quality release rate in 2018 with a fifth offering already. This one is a three tracker from STL, who a... more...

12inch Solar Phenomena: SOLAR09 remind

DJ Overdose / Hadamard - Code One

DJ Overdose / Hadamard

Code One

After the successful first year with four remarkable techno VA releases, Propaganda Moscow launches the brand new series: Code. Inspired by hi-end and... more...

12inch Propaganda Moscow: PROPAGANDAM005 remind