DJ Honesty - Mais Populares EP

DJ Honesty

Mais Populares EP

Back on Another Picture after his strong and dubby ‘Janeiro EP’ in 2017 DJ Honesty delivers new material of a more uplifting but still abstract vibe. more...

12inch Another Picture: APP08 remind

Erobique - Lehultsub4



The Lehult Sub series returns with two breezy summer jams by Erobique, Hamburg local legend and renowned keyboard wizard.

12inch Lehult: LHLTSUB4 remind

Joyce - Joyce (1968)


Joyce (1968)

The Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Joyce Silveira Moreno was born and raised in the middle of Copacabana, a short beach stroll from the epi... more...

LP Alternative Fox: FOX011 remind

Dj T-1000 - I told em I was from Detroit

Dj T-1000

I told em I was from Detroit

Detroit techno veteran Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000 on Suspected, with remixes coming from Scan 7 and DJ Stingray. Pressing on translucent red coloured a... more...

12inch Suspected: Susltd018 remind

Various Artists  - EYA 006

Various Artists

EYA 006

EYA Records is back with their first double 12.Music provided by Belgian producer Innershades,Uruguayans finest Two Phase U,Berlin based Otis and Arma... more...

12inch Eya: EYA006 remind

Cardao / Paul Ritch - Acid Andromeda

Cardao / Paul Ritch

Acid Andromeda

Deep trippy acid stomper with a hypnotic acid line on the a-side and a more jacking techno stomper on the flip plus a Paul Ritch techno banger. Strong... more...

12inch Quartz: Qrz044 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Juan Sanchez / ROD - Uros / Sundt

Juan Sanchez / ROD

Uros / Sundt

Noventa is a new label by ROD showcasing 90's Techno excursions through modern ears. vinyl only.

12inch Noventa: NOV001 remind

The Hacker - Nancy

The Hacker


The Hacker needs no introduction. The 4-track 12-inch 'Nancy' on Electronic Emergencies finds him at his best - oscillating wildly from electro to new... more...

EP Electronic Emergencies: EE027rtm remind

Paolo Rocco - PIV Limited 003
12inch Piv Limited: PIVLIM003 remind

Don Stan - The Slotes EP
12inch Birthportal: BTPTL001 remind

Darshan Jesrani  - Gotta Do
12inch Imogen: IMO010 remind

Unknown Artist - Creature 004
12inch Creature: CREATURE004 remind

Tommy Vicari Jnr - Kept In

Tommy Vicari Jnr

Kept In

Sheffield’s Tommy Vicari Jnr delivers a study in contrasts for his first release on Drone. ‘Kept In’ is a concordant, synthetic techno pop excursion t... more...

12inch Drone: Drone017 remind

Extrawelt - Speicher 110


Speicher 110

Pink Panzer is pure analog funk. A sluggish beat is paired with a highly effective synth riff. Argonaut follows an equally simple recipe but ups the t... more...

12inch Kompakt Extra: KompaktEx110 remind

Martyn - Odds Against Us


Odds Against Us

On Odds Against Us, the producer projects the common denominator as a spirit of sampling innovated by drum 'n' bass, but which operates independent of... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: O-Ton 121 remind

Cameo Blush - Murky Waters

Cameo Blush

Murky Waters

Cameo Blush is the project of John Dunk from London. Some might already know him as a member of Ross From Friends live. Every track is oozing with emo... more...

12inch Touch From A Distance: TFAD06 remind

Angela - Fantasy EP


Fantasy EP

Angela was the studio project of husband/wife duo Angela and Ingo Werner formed in 1981 in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Ingo had classical training in bassoo... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE225 remind

Deesigner - CY-39



For those wondering what DJ Slyngshot 's been up to for the past one and a half years - well, let us enlighten you: New studio, new gear, new techniqu... more...

12inch Yappin: Y-007 remind

Various Artists - Nachtdigital Mint

Various Artists

Nachtdigital Mint

Nachtdigital Mint marks the last edition of Nachtdigital Festival: After more than two decades it is time for a change. Over the course of the past ei... more...

2x12inch Nachtdigital: ND4EVA remind

Ron Morelli - Man Walks The Earth

Ron Morelli

Man Walks The Earth

L.I.E.S bossman Ron Morelli returns with his fourth solo album and a shift of emphasis away from greyscale industrial to more introspective landscapes... more...

LP Collapsing Market: CM007LP remind

Floris van Hoof - The Fluid Computer

Floris van Hoof

The Fluid Computer

Glorious new Floris Vanhoof LP co-released with Kraak. Comes with 24 page colour photo book. Modern experimental Belgian brilliance by this ever excit... more...

LP Kraak: K099 remind

Various Artists - Montreal Pleiades
12inch Cosmic Tones Records: CT002 remind

Chain Reaction - Sweet Lady ?Dance With Me?

Chain Reaction

Sweet Lady ?Dance With Me?

A real classic from the disco era, one for the countless gems mixed by the champion Jellybean. The Chain Reaction were definitely at the forefront of... more...

12inch Seminato: S101R remind

Spokenn - Limbic Resonance


Limbic Resonance

Spokenn; the musical merging of minds between Ferro and Reiss. Both are figureheads of the Amsterdam scene and key proponents of the VBX brand. Inviti... more...

12inch VBX: VBX004 remind

Stave - PE07 (Pessimist remix)


PE07 (Pessimist remix)

The 7th Pi Electronics release hosts Chicago based producer, Jonathan Krohn, also known as Stave. It also includes a remix by Bristol based artist, kn... more...

12inch Pi Electronics: PE07 remind

Graham Reznick - Glass Angles

Graham Reznick

Glass Angles

For his first solo LP he has used his hometown of Los Angeles as his muse, lush electronic soundscapes buzz under neon-soaked streets, providing a war... more...

LP Death Waltz: DWO6 remind

John Varuhin - Bunker

John Varuhin


Canadian John Varuhin serves up the second tasteful EP on Clyde Records , a sublime minimal techno affair across 4 standout tracks.

12inch Clyde Records: CLYDE002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fr!sky Buziness - Romance EP
12inch Hoarder: HOARD015 remind

Sunil Sharpe / Umwelt - Loose / Slave to The Rave

Sunil Sharpe / Umwelt

Loose / Slave to The Rave

For its seventh release, Rave Or Die proudly welcomed Irish superstar Sunil Sharpe in 2017. Hailing from Dublin, this producer and DJ has gain within... more...

10inch Rave Or Die: ROD07 remind

Hubble - Afrodite EP


Afrodite EP

Maayan Nidam’s launches her new imprint with a four tracks release from the ever-elusive Hubble, presenting deep and heavy sound esthetics we grew to... more...

12inch Hellium: HELL001 remind

Stranger / Umwelt - Motief / Shut Up And Dance

Stranger / Umwelt

Motief / Shut Up And Dance

Big bad ass banger by local trooper Stranger accompanied by Umwelt on the flip.

10inch Rave Or Die: ROD13 remind

Romeo Poirier  - Plage Arriere

Romeo Poirier

Plage Arriere

French lifeguard and sonic artist Roméo Poirier’s long sold out debut tape finally gets a vinyl reissue. “Plage Arrière” is a deep sea meditation on a... more...

LP Kit Records: KR22V/SWIM01 remind

Tin Man - Konstrukt 011

Tin Man

Konstrukt 011

The legendary Tin Man takes us down, going deeper into the acid rabbit hole with his latest EP on Konstrukt. The 11th release of this Dutch label show... more...

12inch Konstrukt: KON011 remind

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

From the brooding opening bars of the main Fire Walk With Me Theme, Angelo Badalamenti’s gorgeous, eerie score introduces us to a cinematic experience... more...

2LP Death Waltz: DW051 remind

Viers - Steel City Dance Discs Volume 12


Steel City Dance Discs Volume 12

Bass to break skin and torrents of drums flow through the bloodstream. Synth stabs up the spine. Hi-NRG surges within. Straight-to-the-face warehouse... more...

12inch Steel City Dance Discs: SCDD012 remind

Various Artists - RM12004

Various Artists


House music compilation from Leipzig vinyl pressing plant R.A.N.D. Muzik featuring Rudolf C, Salomo, Tim Schlockermann and Carmel.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12004 remind

DJ Different - Wilcoxia poselgeri

DJ Different

Wilcoxia poselgeri

Introvert minimalistic house tracks by DJ Different.

12inch Cactus Traxx: CCTS003 remind

Tim Jackiw - City in the Clouds

Tim Jackiw

City in the Clouds

Tim Jackiw is back with an ep of 4 brand new tracks. Focused on dense melodic, musical techno and inspired by futurism and technological landscapes. C... more...

12inch Kontrapunkt: KPKT04 remind

Foreign Guest & Wewerka - Human Sequencer EP (Inc. Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Foreign Guest & Wewerka

Human Sequencer EP (Inc. Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Foreign Guest & Wewerka debut on Outcast Oddity with their Human Sequencer EP. Featuring a Nuno Dos Santos Remix on the flip side!

12inch Outcast Oddity 011: OO011 remind

Scruscru - Undefined



Ltd, W/Lbl approaches new waters as the label puts out its first single artist EP featuring one of Moscow's rising stars of the electronic music scene... more...

12inch LTD B/LBL: LTDBLBL005 remind

Jahder - Bagigi Dub / WW Dub


Bagigi Dub / WW Dub

The Brussels-based trio of Virginia Genta, David Vanzan and Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low) have been playing as Yader for some years already.... more...

7inch Planet Rescue: PRPD701 remind

Inter Gritty - Laponia Space Project

Inter Gritty

Laponia Space Project

Nimble, organic sounds in combination with a lively rhythm section to embody Laponia Space Project’s mood. With a classic 4-track E.P. format, each wo... more...

12inch Controlled Violence: CVRXVII remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Darling & Lexi - Darling & Lexi

Darling & Lexi

Darling & Lexi

Submerged grooves, outer worldly melodies & psychedelic nursery rhymes are made up entirely of sequences recorded in by the outstandingly creative you... more...

12inch Off Minor: OMR012 remind