The Word - Collected Works

The Word

Collected Works

The Word is one of the better-kept secrets of 1980s Austrian disco music. Yet once you put the needle on this record, you notice that it sounds oddly... more...

12inch Edition Hawara: EHAW002 remind

Nelson Angelo E Joyce - Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Incredible early work from Joyce – the completely fantastic female singer who would go on to transform the sound of Brazilian music in the 70s, and ha... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33385-1 remind

Hermeto Pascoal - Zabumbe-bum-a

Hermeto Pascoal


It is often said that Hermeto Pascoal’s music is uncharacterizable. This is essentially true. Although you will find his records in the “jazz” section... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33368-1 remind

Chico Buarque - Construcao

Chico Buarque


'Construcao' is a political statement originally released in 1971, during military dictatorship. The LP is a gentle, melancholy, bossanova journey, fr... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33340-1 remind

Parasols - Diaz
12inch Power Vacuum: Powvac024 remind

Diabla Diezco - Memento Mori EP
12inch Mord: MORD066 remind

Ausgang - Ausgang 007


Ausgang 007

AUSGANG A007, produced by Ausgang. 4 stripped down tracks for heavy club use. A1 and A2 are made with the most basic ingredients: A heavy kickdrum... more...

12inch Ausgang: AUSGANG007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Horatio Luna - Yes Doctor

Horatio Luna

Yes Doctor

Yes Doctor is the debut full-length LP from Horatio Luna. Henry Hicks AKA Horatio Luna is a Melbourne based improviser, composer, bassist and producer... more...

LP La Sape: SAPE008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Sidereal Time

Various Artists

Sidereal Time

Over a decade after the first LiveJam collaboration surfaced - on a strictly vinyl-only basis - an entire cosmos of interconnected artists, labels and... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR10 remind

Dusky - Life Signs Vol. 2


Life Signs Vol. 2

Dusky’s return to Running Back. The second volume of Life Signs continues where its parent left us: on the path to euphoria. A brew of rumbling bass l... more...

12inch Running Back: RB089 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sponge Bath - Tributary

Sponge Bath


Beginning in 2008, Nathan Taylor produces techno and DJs under the alias “Sponge Bath,” creating his own space for rhythmic sound design, straight for... more...

2x12inch Activ Analog: ACTIV-0015 remind

Current Obsession - XXX

Current Obsession


Through Current Obsession, the Butter Sessions regulars let loose a trio of unbridled dance floor mutants with a remix from Reptant to complete the ci... more...

12inch Butter Sessions: BSR027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tensal vs. Komatssu - A Lesson In Funk 1

Tensal vs. Komatssu

A Lesson In Funk 1

The first release of the limited series of Tensal Recs is dedicated to acid, breaks and industrial music. ''A lesson in Funk'' is a sound variety exer... more...

12inch Tensal: TENSALLTD001 remind

Various Artists - Out of Practice Vol. 1

Various Artists

Out of Practice Vol. 1

Standards & Practices returns after an extended hiatus with its first release for 2020 and the label's first-ever compilation. Showcasing six exclusiv... more...

12inch Standards & Practices: STANPRAC005 remind

Wave Shaper - Wave Shaper

Wave Shaper

Wave Shaper

Wave Shapers's approach to electronic music entails the collection of field recordings and foley sounds blended with sequences and live playing of syn... more...

12inch Activ Analog: ACTIV-007-7 remind

Pleaxure - No Such (with Anthony Naples & MoMa Ready Remixes)


No Such (with Anthony Naples & MoMa Ready Remixes)

''No Such'', leads us down the rabbit hole of a guided LSD therapy session formatted to a half hour of psychedelia-infused techno. Keeping one foot i... more...

EP Nice1: NICE01001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Steady Income Band - Untitled

Steady Income Band


Steady Income Band. Harmonics, Rhythms & Melodies: MG & GA. Nothing is known about this anonymous German band. Limited press 7''. Recording date unkno... more...

7inch Pond Life Records: PL004 remind

Alfredo92 - Helfand EP


Helfand EP

The Axces label began last year with a split 12'' from Kasper Marott and Alfredo92, and now the latter returns to the label he founded to present a fu... more...

12inch Axces: AXS3 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Doc Pavlonium - Voltage Controlled Fingers

Doc Pavlonium

Voltage Controlled Fingers

La Sabbia is a group of friends who share the passion for music. In the last five years we succeeded in building and developing our own studio, wh... more...

12inch La Sabbia: LASABBIA001 remind

L.F.T. - Red Pyramid EP


Red Pyramid EP

Hamburg and Berlin coalesce as L.F.T. debuts on Mechatronica with a blood-soaked, club-ready blend of punked out electro, industrial, acid, techno and... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRON018 remind

J.C. - Farewell for Walls (Hector Oaks remix)


Farewell for Walls (Hector Oaks remix)

J.C.'s ''Farewell for Walls'' gives us three well crafted original tracks plus a remix by Hector Oaks.

12inch Cabrera: CBR017 remind

M For - Picture

M For


The three tracks on ''M For'' [ORBIT01] represent a different path for Natal Zaks under the alias of Picture.

12inch In Orbit: ORBIT01 remind

Robert Bergman - Untitled

Robert Bergman


The Brewmaster General (Brew Records, War Games) makes his long awaited debut on L.I.E.S. Currently, Amsterdam's bearer of the underground torch, Mr.... more...

12inch LIES: LIES149 remind

404 - Untitled



404 is a young collective based in Paris of 4 very different guys making music together. Last year they released a debut mini LP on Dusseldorf label C... more...

12inch Crowdspacer: CRWDSPCR018 remind

Neinzer - WHITIES 025



A window, a portal, a room. A space one can see, but not enter. A fleeting force burning the ether. more...

12inch Whities: WHYT025 remind

Stimulate - Post-Mortem



Industrial/ EBM music from Dallas, Texas on black vinyl. Previously only distributed locally on cassette tape by the band in the year 1989-1990. Press... more...

12inch Sabstract Records: SPW03 remind

Sleeparchive - Trust



Roger Semsroth's new work for Tresor takes a step forward, as the first true techno album from Sleeparchive, where his previous LPs have exhibited the... more...

2LP + Download Tresor: Tresor316 remind

Bitstream - Communion EP


Communion EP

Measuring infrasonic waves.. Possible nuclear detonation detected.. Beware..!

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR054 remind

James Shinra - Reverie EP

James Shinra

Reverie EP

James Shinra return to Analogical Force, and it needs no introduction. 'Reverie' is the new 4-track EP where James plunges us into his fantasy world a... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF029 remind

Maurice Fulton - Earth EP

Maurice Fulton

Earth EP

Following its 2019 launch with Peggy Gou's ‘Moment’ EP and a follow up 12'' from DMX Krew, Gudu Records continues its journey with one of the true her... more...

12inch Gudu: GUDU003 remind

Kosh - Virtual Reality EP


Virtual Reality EP

After 4 years of celebrating underground electronic music through their events, Distrikt Paris is launching their record label. For the first release... more...

12inch Distrikt Paris: DKTP001 remind

Sideral - Alias EP


Alias EP

Partout launches its spanish series with 4 unreleased cuts from the 90s delivered by the Barcelona based Sideral.

12inch Partout: PARTOUT7.01 remind

Charonne - Moonstruck Zine


Moonstruck Zine

A starry-eyed collection of sounds designed for both the mind and the club!

12inch Rakya: ZORA005 remind

Dougal Dixon  - C-Technologies EP

Dougal Dixon

C-Technologies EP

YLGR Recordings’ first installment with a Douglas Dixon record “C-Technologies”. more...

12inch YLGR Recordings: YLGR001 remind

Chris Korda - Magic Cookie EP

Chris Korda

Magic Cookie EP

Partout’s second USA East Coast release by the legend Chris Korda which is her first EP since her Perlon album debut. Four unreleased tracks from the... more...

12inch Partout: PARTOUT3.02 remind

Capsule Network - Colundi Interception 2

Capsule Network

Colundi Interception 2

Colundi Interception @ 56.911976, -2.196734 84963 84963 84963 84963 66358 97510 14798 70651 12674 84963 84963 common purpose. consideration of dat... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe058 remind

Bonitool - Bonitool 002


Bonitool 002

Deep and groovy House music!

12inch Bonitool: BONITOOL002 remind



"D.I.Y" EP

First Ep for the italian artist Co-Pilot! Electronics, Retrowave, breakbeat&Deephouse played with a sublime drumbeats : (the) future sound of Italy'... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe057 remind

Zendid - In The Shell LP


In The Shell LP

Yoyaku’s house label is back this time with Zendid’s first album. more...

12inch Yoyaku: YOYAKU004LP remind

Paolo Mosca - La Teoria Delle Stringhe Vol. 2

Paolo Mosca

La Teoria Delle Stringhe Vol. 2

Italian house at its finest. That's what Paolo Mosca delivers in the second part of his ''La Teoria della Stringe''. Old school flavour with his own p... more...

12inch Slow Life: SL025 remind

Alec Falconer - The Boat EP

Alec Falconer

The Boat EP

4 fresh cuts from London producer Alec Falconer

12inch Art of Dark: AOD005 remind

Spekulant - Luxus Iskaliom EP


Luxus Iskaliom EP

Clommunity by the club Closer in Kiev releases their second EP. Two residents of the club, Lobanov K. and Alex Savage team up as Spekulant.

12inch Clommunity: CLO002 remind

Initials B.B. / LuJiachi / Gonno / Samo DJ - JIN 01
12inch JIN: JIN01 remind