13-03-2018 - tuesday

Ashtar Lavanda - Unsolved Mysteries

Ashtar Lavanda

Unsolved Mysteries

Tracks taken from an old DAT tape by Ashtar Lavanda from Detroit. more...

12inch Ultramajic: LVX034 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dita Von Teese - Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

French singer-songwriter Sébastien Tellier wrote and co-produced the 10-track LP by Dita Von Teese full of sparkling electronica to lightly psychedeli... more...

LP Record Makers: Rec145 € 21,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Orlando Voorn - Travelling Ep

Orlando Voorn

Travelling Ep

Orlando Voorns Defence project showing his trancier side with a strong early 90s electronica / dream-like flavor. Originally Released in 1994!

12inch Musique Pour La Danse: MPD013 € 10,99

Oktet - Quasar



Two original techno stompers on the new label from La Graviere club in Geneva. with cool deep trippy remixes from Inland and resident Nemelka. Hand St... more...

12inch Gravitation Recordings: GRV001b € 10,99

12-03-2018 - monday

Polarius - Talking Smack


Talking Smack

Re-issue of the legendary Polarius on Bunker. 8 The Hague smack trax! Comes with whitelabels. more...

12inch Bunker: B3029 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ebende - Bang!



Swedish wonderkid Ebende debuts on Aniara with two fresh cuts full of life & rhythm. Remix on the flip by Aniara boss Fabian Bruhn!

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara21 € 9,99

Betek - Discipline



After a 5 year hiatus, talented producer Betek is stepping up for his second vinyl release, proudly presented, 4 tracks filled with deep and dark euph... more...

12inch Rotterdam Electronix: RET002 € 9,99

Mitchell Goor - Hope & Anchor

Mitchell Goor

Hope & Anchor

For the 23rd release on Pinkman, Rotterdam based Mitchell Goor delivers a 4 tracker of slow, raw and warped Techno. The contrast between unpolished pe... more...

12inch Pinkman: Pnkmn023 € 9,99

Myn - The Violent Poetry


The Violent Poetry

Straight out of underground Paris and right onto Pinkman's Broken Dreams arrives Myn. The Public Systems label boss follows up a debut track on his ow... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD12 € 9,99

Funky Sobrietas - Maria / Sunny

Funky Sobrietas

Maria / Sunny

*** 1 copy per customer *** Funky Sobrietas is the slick love child by Leuk en Ko's Jan Duivenvoorden and Richard Van Den Bogaert. Intended to be a po... more...

7inch Rubber: Rubber005 remind

09-03-2018 - friday

Nexus - Stand Up


Stand Up

Top class reissue of the magnificent Italo gem Stand Up by Nexus, originally released back in 1983 on the quality Italian label Mr Disc Organisation.... more...

12inch Mr. Disc Organization: MD31803 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

4 M International - Space Operator

4 M International

Space Operator

Spaced out disco electro. The mysteriously named 4M International was a side project of the production team behind short lived Italo group Trilogy (''... more...

12inch Good Vibes: PM121702 € 11,99

DJ Overdose / Technician - When Cities Collide EP

DJ Overdose / Technician

When Cities Collide EP

RotterHague is a new label dedicated to electro music in all it’s forms, this issue showcasing brothers from other mothers DJ Technician and DJ Overdo... more...

12inch RotterHague Records: RHR001 € 9,99

Jeigo - SHDW004



Shadow City return with four cuts of heady tumbling house from young upstart Jeigo. Big Miz offers up a remix on the flip. Tribal percussion usher... more...

12inch Shadow City: SHDW004 € 12,99

Theory Of Movement - Theory Of Movement

Theory Of Movement

Theory Of Movement

Theory of Movement is a collaboration between two die hard electronic music enthusiasts, Dan Piu and Grant, who came together by there shared passion.... more...

3x12inch Duke's Distribution: DD-002 € 33,99

Kemt - Morning After EP


Morning After EP

After a short hiatus, Deeply Cultured is pleased to return with 4 raw and dusty house cuts by fast rising French producer Kemt. Synonymously known for... more...

12inch Deeply Cultured: DCT003 remind

Audub - Negative Space


Negative Space

Ambient drenched electronica, which creates a silhouette of complex romantic emotions synonymous with the label’s ethos. Ethereal synth lines flutter... more...

12inch The Romance Collective: Romance002 € 12,99

Luca Dell'Orso - Quattro

Luca Dell'Orso


Four italoesque electro-disco jams by the up-and-coming producer Luca Dell’Orso.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP109 € 11,99

Sau Poler - Orchestron

Sau Poler


Deep melodic journey by Sau Poler on the 3rd installment in Club Nitsa's label.

12inch Unknown: NT003 € 11,99

Tengrams - Spacelab



TenGrams are brothers Alessandro and Davide. Devious is a very breezy and energetic track with a rolling arpeggio and rich keyboards section over a si... more...

12inch N.O.I.A. Records: NEXIT005 € 11,99

Plant43 - Edge Of The Wood


Edge Of The Wood

Edge of the Wood is the first release on new label eudemonia. Plant43 explains, In early 2017 label owner Sascha reached out to tell me about his drea... more...

12inch Eudemonia: Eudemonia001 € 12,99

Brother Nebula - A Brief History Of Lasers

Brother Nebula

A Brief History Of Lasers

Legwork drops an intergalactic three-tracker from the unknown Brother Nebula.

12inch Legwork: LWK7 remind

Core - Galaxy



When Daniel Kyo was producing 'Galaxy' in his studio he stood up and felt it. Following several months of what he calls a "musical reset", he knew he'... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN044 € 9,99

Solitary Dancer - In the Name of the Mother

Solitary Dancer

In the Name of the Mother

Optimo Trax reaches no. 33, the final number in the series (although reserving the right to return at some point). The last release is a 3 track EP fr... more...

12inch Optimo Music: OT033 € 12,99

Somewhen - AFL



On Somewhens first solo EP for Ostgut Ton he offers his own take on distorted techno, combining squelchy, ultra-saturated drums with chromatic basslin... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton110 € 10,99

Andre Kronert - When Rain Falls

Andre Kronert

When Rain Falls

Big techno racks with bits of acid and dubby fx and nice spacious vibe.

12inch Odd Even: EvenODD001 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Odd Jobs Vol.3

Various Artists

Odd Jobs Vol.3

Lovely deeper house track with a techy edge from Nachtbraker, Thomas Wood, Sames and pothOles

12inch Common Labour: Common009 € 12,49

Motip White - Waggons EP

Motip White

Waggons EP

Motip White delivers four thrilling tracks composed of colourful and warm techno, house and electronic hybrids. His EP contains bass driven dance song... more...

12inch Dorfjungs: DJ008 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Formex X2

Various Artists

Formex X2

Second reissue of Claque Musique's Formes featuring The Museri, Federico Grazzini, Calma and Analog Inside.

12inch Claque: CLAQUE019-FX2 € 10,25

Fab Mayday - From The Vaults II

Fab Mayday

From The Vaults II

Italian digger extraordinaire Fab Mayday supplies another four beauties from the vaults.

12inch Unknown: SZABO8 € 11,99

Shit Robot - Tuff Enuff

Shit Robot

Tuff Enuff

Michael Mayer and John Talabot remixes turned classics of Shit Robot on DFA repressed.

12inch Dfa: DFA2280 € 10,99

Acid Science - Anetha / Cadency

Acid Science

Anetha / Cadency

Although this is a brand new contemporary record. Every single time it plays it brings us 20 years back, as if it would belong to another era.

12inch Oaks: OAKS06 remind

Cleric, Setaoc Mass, Truncate, Victor Santana - Various Artists

Cleric, Setaoc Mass, Truncate, Victor Santana

Various Artists

Involve Records presents a brand new various artists EP compilation with four of the most exciting names in the techno scene. Non others than Truncate... more...

12inch Involve Records: Inv019 € 10,99

Z.I.P.P.O - Night Again


Night Again

Deep, Atmospheric and Powerful techn tracks by Z.I.P.P.O including a massive remix from the UK producer [Phase]. more...

12inch Virgo: Virgo005 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ersatz Olfolks - Rave001

Ersatz Olfolks


We live in the time when rave is the word that is only used when people want to describe a fierce party or to describe colors, styles and some types o... more...

12inch Unknown: RAVE001 remind

Feral - Climbing Himalaya: Part I


Climbing Himalaya: Part I

Hypnus starts the year by sharing Feral's third, and soon also fourth, solo record as Climbing Himalaya comes delivered in two parts. The first part i... more...

12inch Hypnus Records: HYPNUS016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Thomas P. Heckmann - Body Music LP

Thomas P. Heckmann

Body Music LP

Body Music LP produced by a man who needs little introduction. Thomas P. Heckmann has flexed his prowess across all shades of electronic music, but it... more...

3x12inch + Download Monnom Black: Monnom013 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vand - Edge of Delight
12inch Nyame Records: NYA002 € 9,99

Steve Parker - Interplanetary Dust LP

Steve Parker

Interplanetary Dust LP

Our loyal companion ''Steve Parker'' continues to raise awareness off what he can do in the scene. This ''Interplanetary Dust LP'' is another example... more...

2x12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKBLKWHT002 € 18,99

Dimi Angelis - Tonight's Sky

Dimi Angelis

Tonight's Sky

Dimi Angelis is a pivotal element in European and universal techno scene, alone or teaming up with Jeroen Search his tunes has been around from quite... more...

12inch Warm Up Recordings: WU51 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Distant Echoes - Rough Waves EP

Distant Echoes

Rough Waves EP

Italian techno producer Distant Echoes presents the first EP of the new year ''Rough Waves'', a four-track pack out on the Berlin-based, Southern-Ital... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT024 € 11,49

Franz Falckenhaus - Tupolev System LP

Franz Falckenhaus

Tupolev System LP

Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt AKA the maestro Franz Falckenhaus presents the next Giallo Disco. The obscure, previously CDR only side project Franz Falck... more...

12inch Giallo Disco: GDLP008 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mod21 / Drafted - METHODICAL003

Mod21 / Drafted


Another split vinyl between two new artist on the third Methodical release. On the A side, from the well known labels Semantica or Prologue, we have t... more...

12inch Methodical: METHODICAL003 € 10,25