Quick & Brite - Predator (remixes)

Quick & Brite

Predator (remixes)

Quick & Brite are two hardworking guys from the netherlands squeezing out electronic music from their studio as well as live on stage. Predator's Side... more...

12inch Black Label: BlackLabel 010 remind

Radiohead - There There


There There

Deep, dark & very intense 3-tracker by Radiohead. Must have!

12inch Parlophone: Parlophone 072435523366 remind

Ram Jam - Black Betty (Ben Liebrand remix)

Ram Jam

Black Betty (Ben Liebrand remix)

The legendary hit remixed by the equally legendary Ben Liebrand! Including Rough n' Ready Remix, Original Version & Edit Version.

12inch Epic: Epic 655430 6 remind

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters - Roaches

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters


First release of the Old School electro-hiphop hit by the former band of The Arabian Prince aka professor X. Instrumental & vocal mix.

12inch Macola: MRC0924 € 9,49

Mu-Ziq (µ-Ziq) - Ease Up

Mu-Ziq (µ-Ziq)

Ease Up

Mean ravey breakbeat tracks - Paradinas style!

12inch Planet-mu: ZIQ130 remind

V/A - Spaceships & Pings


Spaceships & Pings

Canadian producer team Run Stop Restore launch their own outlet ''Items & Things''. This first release contains four summerhits all wrapped up nicely... more...

12inch Items & Things: items001 remind

Extrawelt - Schmedding 8000


Schmedding 8000

Funky & minimal electro-ish techno crowdpleasers with fat basslines...

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum V79 remind

Pom Pom - Volume 28

Pom Pom

Volume 28

Spaced-out minimal techno tracks from the mysterious Pom Pom people!

12inch Pom Pom: Pom Pom 28 remind

Florian Meindl - Dreamer / Tears

Florian Meindl

Dreamer / Tears

Great rocking tracks from this talented guy. It seems that Kling Klong has an eye for talent and solid club tracks. One to check!!

12inch Kling Klong: Kling014 remind

Prosumer & Murat - What makes you go

Prosumer & Murat

What makes you go

Classic Chicago inspired techno tracks with a delightful loose feeling. another nice Ostgut ton release.

12inch Ostgut Ton: Ton007 remind

Soylent green - La Forza del destino

Soylent green

La Forza del destino

Nice original fragile techno-house tracks with a big functional Radio Slave remix.

12inch Playhouse: Playhouse0134 remind

CLS (Todd Terry) - Can You Feel It

CLS (Todd Terry)

Can You Feel It

Massive hit in the mid 90's and now finally repressed. Classic stricktly rhythm release and one of the big records Todd Terry did. Very catchy and may... more...

12inch Strictly Rhythm: SR1269R remind

Selway & Vincenzo - Dream Stealer

Selway & Vincenzo

Dream Stealer

CSM is excited to present Dream Stealer, the ambitious new release by John Selway and Vincenzo Ragone. These internationally established artists and l... more...

12inch CSM: CSM 14 remind

Worthy - Irst_te?



And so we have, “Irst_te?” The word is Bay Area Fillmore slang for “Thirsty?” Worthy saw it painted on a fence somewhere and made a track about it. “I... more...

12inch Dirtybird: Dbird011 remind

Paul Mac - I Don't Know

Paul Mac

I Don't Know

Paul Mac returns with a cool oldschool acid techno ep on the legendary Pure Plastic label. Effective jack material on this one!

12inch Unknown: Pure Plastic 66 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andomat3000 & Jan - L Delay

Andomat3000 & Jan

L Delay

Nice smooth House tracks with a twist on the label that brought some nice Villalobos and Loco Dice releases. Brings back the good times of solid groov... more...

12inch Cadenza: Cadenza015 remind

D' julz - Runny

D' julz


„Runny“ is a great euphonious, techy and percussive track around an alienated violin sound. The remix has been contributed by Dan Berkson and James Wh... more...

12inch Poker Flat Recordings: PFR085 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12inch Different: Different 1073 remind

Unlimited Touch / Electric Mind - I Hear Music In The Streets / Pick Me Up
12inch Lets Do An Edit: Lets Do An Edit oops001 remind

Makaton - Vale_Tudo



UK-style funky & uptempo electro/techno breaks. Limited clear vinyl.

12inch Rodz-Konez: Rodz-Konez MAK016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Surgeon - Learning



Four tracks of typically disciplined but rocking Surgeon gear as you might expect. As with many of the releases on the label the four cuts investigate... more...

12inch Dynamic Tension: DTR002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

101 Force - Tha Return

101 Force

Tha Return

Before there was DMX Krew , there was 101 Force , who released one 12'' white label in the early ‘90s on a small underground techno label called Infra... more...

12inch Breakin' Records: BRK48 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - School Of Riddim


School Of Riddim

Straight out of the artistic hotspot that is Vienna. As the label says: 'Changing the way you listen' is the basic concept of the label. A tasty pot o... more...

12inch Minimalsoul: Minimalsoul 001 remind

Exzakt - FutureShock ep


FutureShock ep

Features all un-released (on vinyl) cuts that are vintage raw & bass-driven Exzakt tracks. ''Futureshock'' is a deep, melody driven track, starting ou... more...

12inch Exceleration: Exceleration 006 remind

Ronnie Dyson / King Errisson - All Over My Face / Disco Congo

Ronnie Dyson / King Errisson

All Over My Face / Disco Congo

The Disco Plumber edits; Cut & paste reworks of big electro-disco faves!

12inch Lets Do An Edit: Lets Do An Edit oops002 remind

Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D'Amour

Alexander Robotnick

Problemes D'Amour

One of the most influential dance records of all times re-issued on the original label! This record was played to death by all Chicago, New York and D... more...

12inch Materiali Sonori: Maso99074 remind

Mstrkrft - Work on You


Work on You

This sounds like Dexter on speed.. rocking electro clash funk tracks from the French electro rave producers Mstrkrft.Mixed by Para One

12inch Modular Recordings: Modular Recordings 034 remind

Oriol Benedet - The Clown

Oriol Benedet

The Clown

The clown is a club ep with a very fnunctional aproach made for the dancefloor. beside the original works there is also a remix of ''ensaimada '' from... more...

12inch Galaktika: Galaktika 011 remind

Akabu - Im Not Afraid (Jimpster remix)


Im Not Afraid (Jimpster remix)

Next up for Zedd is the long awaited remix package for the classic Akabu cut 'I'm Not Afraid Of The Future', first up on remix duties is DJ Fudge who... more...

12inch Zedd Records: Zedd records 089 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bumper - Cosmopolitan Lover


Cosmopolitan Lover

Again ultrafunky newskool electro/p-funk by Bumper (Geoffrey Tonkens & Mr. Pauli). And a remix by The Electric Press in two versions.

12inch 20/20 Vision: 20/20 Vision 149 remind

Exercise One - Dark Star

Exercise One

Dark Star

These guys were touring a lot the last 6 month and Mobilee decided to press the most successful and euphoric tracks of their set on Vinyl. Two rollin'... more...

12inch Mobilee: Mobilee024 remind

Cobblestone Jazz - DMT

Cobblestone Jazz


'DMT' is a white-label teaser, however it will not feature when their album drops later this year. Cobblestone Jazz produce their tracks live, with a... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag025 remind

Minilogue - Inca ep


Inca ep

Minilogue's trademark sound with catchy pulsating synths and morphing keys layered over smooth rolling bass lines and very crispy beats. Makes those a... more...

12inch WIR: WIR 009 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

P.toile - Bird Ep/ You Little Birds


Bird Ep/ You Little Birds

named after one of the most exiting and innovative be-bop saxophone player, Bird is a 2 tracker. The original ''you little birds'' has a typical P.toi... more...

12inch Trenton: Trenton019 remind

Audio Soul Project - Hello Scarlett

Audio Soul Project

Hello Scarlett

On this ep there are two modern jack tracks, one fully live future disco-tech and a quirky little exercise in freestyle musicianship. Reminds a bit of... more...

12inch Fresh Meat records: FreshM007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Geto Boys - My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Geto Boys

My Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Classic release from the Geto Boys. Great intense track with a sublime sample from the Though Guys sound track. One of the highlights in the history o... more...

12inch Rap A Lot: Rap-A-Lot7241 remind

Dj Jus-ed - Hexigon ep
2x12inch Underground Quality: UQ013 remind

Henry & Denis - Catabolism (Efdemin Remix)

Henry & Denis

Catabolism (Efdemin Remix)

Henry Stamerjohann and Denis Karimani with their first Dessous release is a strong techy House tune, which comes with a superb remix by Efdemin, one o... more...

12inch Dessous: Des070 remind

Rick Wade - Night of the living Deep

Rick Wade

Night of the living Deep

true deep house cuts in its most authentic form (think Theo Parrish, Moody Man, and earlier releases of Rick Wade!). Wade, who has been producing the... more...

12inch Yore records: Yore002 remind

Dirt Crew - Places (Funk Dvoid remix)

Dirt Crew

Places (Funk Dvoid remix)

Francois Dubois (Funk D' Void) & Smash TV doing their remix duty on this Dirt Crew track. Solid techno or house tracks (depending on your definition o... more...

12inch Dirt crew: Dirt Crew 017 remind

Mudd - Claremont 56


Claremont 56

Fine limited taster to the upcoming album packed with modern balearic disco delights. inlcudes A1) C40 ( not available on vinyl album dbl. pk), A2) Da... more...

12inch Rong: Rong Dj1 remind

Serge Santiago - Midnight Blues Edits

Serge Santiago

Midnight Blues Edits

Former Radio Slave member and highly regarded solo producer/DJ Serge Santiago presents his latest offering in this series of limited and seriously col... more...

12inch Arcobaleno: Arc0204 remind

Brothers Vibe - Altered Soul Part 1

Brothers Vibe

Altered Soul Part 1

Brothers' Vibe provides a sweet, sultry, addictive deephouse dish. The mesmerizing, infectious synth in “rapture” keeps you wanting more, while the qu... more...

12inch Mixx: Mixx007 remind

Brothers Vibe - Revisited #2

Brothers Vibe

Revisited #2

Dope Jersey deep-house with a classic touch: driving percussive beats, moody chords, square basslines... the delicate recipe for true housemusic!

12inch Mixx: Mixx004 remind

Brothers Vibe - Revisited #1

Brothers Vibe

Revisited #1

Some of the dopest and rarest cuts by the specialists of classic deephouse with crackling live percussion. 3 Tracks powerfull enough to stand on their... more...

12inch Mixx: Mixx002 remind

Afrika Bambaataa - Death Mix

Afrika Bambaataa

Death Mix

Excellent new reissue of this classic lost old school single! Recorded live, with a totally raw feel, and pumped up by Bam back in the days when he ha... more...

12inch Paul Winley: Paul Winley Records 12X33-10 remind

Jack Master Funk - Jack The Bass / Love Can't Turn Around

Jack Master Funk

Jack The Bass / Love Can't Turn Around

Reissue. Classic Chicago tracks by Farley ''Jackmaster'' Funk. 'Jack the bass', a bad-ass track that helped to start the jackin/house craze that sweep... more...

12inch Trax: TX104 remind