Clone Records pop-up store at Urbanears Hideout

From Thursday through to Saturday we’ll be hosting a pop-up store at the ADE. We’ve teamed up with Urbanears and we’ll set up shop at the Amsterdam View. Come check out some new records with a 360° look over the picturesque innercity.
Clone Pop Up Store
Thursday October 20 –
Saturday October 22
Clone Pop-up Store
at Urbanears Hideout,
12 PM – 4.30 PM
Near Dam Square,
Rokin 75, Amsterdam.

More over at the ADE blog.

Photo credits: © Ovidiu Stanciu

New Jack For Daze incoming!

Not 1 but 2 new Jack For Daze incoming!

Arttu, Mr. Ho, Rushmore and Alden tyrell all contribute to the Trak Madnezz! 4 madd traks in the best chicago tradition.
V.A. – Trak Madnezz – CJFD029

Housemusic mainstay Mike Dunn under his MDIII guise comes with some raw jams straight from lost tapes from the early days of acid house. 4 raw jacking acid and drumtracks from a true master!
Mike Dunn presents MDIII – 88-90 Proto Acid EP – CJFD030 In-Store Friday September 30

Friday September 30 we’ll host another in-store! We welcome Massimiliano Pagliara, Duplex and Luca Lozano to play music at our store. Drop by for drinks and fresh vinyl between 18-22h, before 18h it’s business as usual. Free entrance and drinks, limited capacity.

> FB Event

> Later on Friday Luca Lozano will play at BAR, on Saturday Massimiliano will play at BAR.


Zwischenwelt – Paranormale Aktivität shipping now

Segunda Realidad taken from the special Zwischenwelt Project.

A well executed audio-visual experience playing with the tension between machine and human vox. Musically rooted in the early 90’s lab-electro style that has been presented as Gesamtkuntwerk, further conceptualized and developed into an even more abstract but not any less powerful or less intense experience. Cold voices sonicly merging with emotional machine sounds (or is it cold machine sounds merging with emotive vocal sounds?).

First time as a vinyl album on Clone Aqualung Series after the original release on Rephlex.

Out now.
Order at

The Colundi Sequence Volume 1

The summer solstice is behind us, time for the Colundi Sequence to appear.

This exploration of the spiritual side of techno by Finnish artist Aleksi Perälä constructed from parts of the various Colundi Sequence levels presented so far. A limited triple album containing the spirit of the Colundi Sequence and showcasing the multiplicity of emotions and conditions as defined through the Colundi Scales.

Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Vol.1
Aleksi Perälä – The Colundi Sequence Vol.1
The scales are 128 resonant frequencies chosen via experimentation and philosophy, each relating to a specific human bio-resonance, or psychology, traditional mysticism or belief, physics, astronomy, maths, chemistry.

”The Colundi Sequence does you good whether you like it or not!”

Aleksi Perälä – The Colundi Sequence Vol.1 – Triple Vinyl
Aleksi Perälä – The Colundi Sequence Vol.1 – CD
Shipping from June 21st 2016.