19-03-2018 - monday

Aural Imbalance - Nine Tease EP

Aural Imbalance

Nine Tease EP

As Shadows Pass as the name suggests, reflects on a sound that has been around for years yet not prevalent in the present era. Shadows move and alter... more...

12inch As Shadows Pass: ASP001 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Phaserboys  - Phaserboys EP


Phaserboys EP

Hello! Here are the Phaserboys with their full Debut on Aiwo rec. and they show up with a full equiped dance floor record including Love Mission Disco... more...

12inch Aiwo Records: Aiwo005 € 10,99

Various Artists - Stilleben 051

Various Artists

Stilleben 051

Another VA from Luke Eargoggles Stilleben Records that keeps on releasing the purest electronic music. Jensen Interceptor and Obergman are two familia... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben051 € 9,99

Dcast Dynamics - The Giant Returns

Dcast Dynamics

The Giant Returns

2018 remastered reissue of this heavyweight Gosub classic. Parental Advisory Frustrated Funk.. Beware!

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR015R € 9,99

St. Theodore - Mortal Strike
12inch Land Of Dance Records: LOD011 € 10,99

Tetelepta - Senang EP


Senang EP

Eshu records co-founder Ivano Tetelepta for his first solo release on the label. It is also the imprint's first full length, but Tetelepta's second al... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU011EP € 9,99

Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace

Oscar Mulero

Perfect Peace

Oscar Mulero presents: 'Perfect Peace'. Don't expect dancefloor burners here, this time the spanish techno master goes deep and low, exploring sonic t... more...

CD Semantica: SEM070CD € 15,99

Cosmic Garden - Pleasure Moment

Cosmic Garden

Pleasure Moment

Cosmic Garden (from Cosmic Rhythm fame...) new on our Royal Oak Series. 4 tracks of smooth bleepy house that only Italians do right. Deep, timeless, a... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal041 € 9,99

Gian - LACK 015


LACK 015

Gian strikes back all the way from Reutlingen to Neukolln with a three track EP bound to hit you hard! Pairing his signature Electrofunk beats with gn... more...

EP Lackrec: LACK015 € 9,99

Crossing Avenue - Avantieri EP

Crossing Avenue

Avantieri EP

A year after their debut on the label, Crossing Avenue return with five more sublime techno tracks on Spazio Disponibile. That first EP remains the on... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio012 € 9,99

David Vunk - Pimps, Priests & Prostitutes

David Vunk

Pimps, Priests & Prostitutes

David Vunk, head of the Moustache empire returns to Omnidisc with pure power on this 3 tracker. Dont sleep

EP Omnidisc: OMD016 € 9,99

Redlight - Dance Trax Vol. 10


Dance Trax Vol. 10

Redlight returns to the UTTU after his previous City Jams EP on Hot Haus Recs. Here he reps Dance Trax with 2 insane mind bending breakbeat infused kl... more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown Dancetraxx: Dancetrax010 € 10,49

Patrick Conway  - PADDY001

Patrick Conway


Here's some revisions of early tracks which I started whilst living in Bristol, before moving to Berlin. You can clearly hear decades of the city's in... more...

12inch Paddy: Paddy001 € 9,99

Nerang Recordings Various Artist  - #1

Nerang Recordings Various Artist


Nerang Recordings first vinyl release showcases the talent of 4 producers who follow no rules on the studio. IOK's, I Want to Be with You (And A Coupl... more...

12inch Nerang Recordings: NRNGVA001 € 9,99

16-03-2018 - friday

Third Wife - Closer EP

Third Wife

Closer EP

Three nitro boosted speed techno bangers on Copenhagen's new label Third Wife.

12inch Third Wife: Wife001 € 12,99

J. Tijn - The Deluge EP

J. Tijn

The Deluge EP

J. Tijn embarks on the eleventh expedition into the exotic lands of palm trees and blue skies with the dark and gritty ‘The Deluge’ EP. Expedition ele... more...

12inch Lost Palms: Palms011 € 12,99

Violet x BLEID - Badness EP

Violet x BLEID

Badness EP

After the break out success of Togetherness EP last year, Violet returns with collaborator BLEID with a rough and tough continuation of that hardcore... more...

12inch Naive: NAIVE002 € 12,49

70s Network - Daze Of My Youth

70s Network

Daze Of My Youth

70s Network brings some fresh faced club melancholy and West Coast synths to the UGONGETIT edits series. more...

12inch UGONGETIT: UGONGETIT003 € 13,99

Pierre Moritz - Dede Is Back EP

Pierre Moritz

Dede Is Back EP

SNF welcome Paris based newcomer Pierre Moritz to their family with four groovy, disco fuelled jams. Housed in full sleeve artwork, with inner disco b... more...

12inch Shall Not Fade: SNF022 € 12,99

DJ Boring & Stanley Schmidt - Vienna001

DJ Boring & Stanley Schmidt


DJ Boring and Stanley Schmidt launch new label ‘Vienna’ with their collaborative EP - Vienna001. A new place for their friends and like minded artists... more...

12inch Vienna: Vienna001 € 12,99

Emmanuel Top - Armaguedon / Rubycon

Emmanuel Top

Armaguedon / Rubycon

2 Emmanuel Top acid classics re-mastered! Includes one of our secret weapons ''Armaguedon'' which will be pressed to vinyl for the very first time!

12inch Oblique Music: OBQLTD001 € 9,49

Ekman - Tangent



Ekman returns to Bedouin Records with Tangent, a 4 track episode of grungy club-shaking Electro experiments. Conjuring up images of run down 20XX city... more...

12inch Bedouin Records: BDN018 € 13,99

Unbalance - Unbalance #10


Unbalance #10

Seven years ago, Unbalance created his own label as a base for his musical ideas; a platform to play around with the conception of what ''techno'' is... more...

2LP Unbalance: Unbalance010 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Chimale - Chimale



Chiwax welcomes ''CHIMALE'' to the family - One-shot project by a known artist!

12inch Chiwax: CCE029 € 10,49

Ex-Terrestrial - Urth Born


Urth Born

Pacific Rhythm returns with a slight deviation from the Vancouver sound to explore transmissions from the Eastern corners of Canada. Four introspectiv... more...

12inch Rhythms Of The Pacific: PR003 € 13,99

Kilchhofer - The Book Room


The Book Room

Benjamin Kilchhofer is not new to the world of recorded music, yet he doesn’t seem to fit into a particular scene or group. As an outsider he is, howe... more...

12inch Marionette: Marionette07 € 19,99

Sedvs / Peel - Free Base Chakra
12inch Morbid: Morbid013 (20313) € 10,99

Various Artists - In The Dark Again 09

Various Artists

In The Dark Again 09

Here comes In The Dark Again 09! Please open your ears for five sonic adventures, brought to you by the amazing sound explorers Moralez feat. Zombier... more...

12inch In The Dark Again: Dark009 € 9,99

Raw Joints - Gold Ring

Raw Joints

Gold Ring

The unknown duo Raw Joints steps up for the second release on the eponymous label. A four-track EP made of raw analogue elements, banging snares and... more...

12inch Raw Joints: RWJ01 € 9,99

Octachoron - Land of Meta


Land of Meta

Land Of Meta is at once an album concerned with outer space as much as the current terrestrial conditian. The eight songs were recorded in a few days... more...

LP De Re: Dere001 € 16,99

3KZ - A Love Supreme


A Love Supreme

The human connection is the key to personal and career success. 3KZ is the perfect example of how two great minds can connect and relate to the world... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS033 € 10,25

Marcel Vogel  - Brown Curls

Marcel Vogel

Brown Curls

Marcel Vogel and Khalil Anthony team up for 2 consecutive releases. Brown Curls has been three years in the making and has seen several very different... more...

12inch Lumberjacks In Hell: LIH027 € 10,99

Drums Off Chaos - Centre

Drums Off Chaos


Impressive, more metallophone sounding, pure drum music - Highly Recommended! more...

2x12inch Nonplace: Nonplace046 (20966) € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Limits Of Existence Vol.2

Various Artists

Limits Of Existence Vol.2

Falling Ethics starts a new Various Artists series: Falling Ethics Eleven, with an open approach ranging from Ambient experimental to proper techno ad... more...

12inch Falling Ethics: FEXELVN002 € 10,25

Kamikaze Space Programme - Void Coefficient

Kamikaze Space Programme

Void Coefficient

*** The ground you walked on twenty years ago. A dash of daylight. Dawn words and the vacuum of silent panic. *** more...

2x12inch Mord: MORD048 € 21,49

Luke Vibert - Arcadia

Luke Vibert


It's been a long time coming digging through the archives, legendary UK acid don Luke Vibert drops an exquisite solo record on the Belgian De:tuned la... more...

12inch De:tuned: ASGDE018 € 10,99

Matpri - Dancefloora



The new Saint Petersburg based label is focused on underground sounding of house and minimal. This is the first release of the label and the debut of... more...

12inch Prosaic: PROSAIC001 € 11,49

Venda - Lunar Birds (Archie Hamilton remix)


Lunar Birds (Archie Hamilton remix)

Venda is one of Australia's fastest rising stars in the minimal and house music scene and with previous releases on labels like Body Parts his music i... more...

12inch Subsonic Music: SUBV001 € 11,49

OAKE - Live in Marseille


Live in Marseille

55 minutes of relentless power electronics coming via courtesy of OAKE, presented for the first time on vinyl.

2LP Vaagner: VAA01 € 23,49

15-03-2018 - thursday

DJ Central - ESO EP

DJ Central


DJ Central coming in super hot for the inaugural release of Esoteric Exports. The man of many aliases and releases provides something a little lush, a... more...

12inch Esoteric Exports: ESO-001 € 11,49

SKD - Surges



Industrial electronix on Metaphysik with a hint to industrial techno.

12inch Metaphysik: MP203 € 10,99

Paka - Lairs



Abstract modern electronica release by Paka on the exciting Metaphysik label.

12inch Metaphysik: MP311 € 10,99

Textasy - Deep South Bass Cuts


Deep South Bass Cuts

Textasy explores the midwest electro axis, with a club ready two tracker of new wave techno bass (featuring DJ Di’jital) and busted sleaze bag jungle.... more...

12inch Dolphin Trax: DT02 € 10,99

Marcellus Pittman - Cant Forget About You

Marcellus Pittman

Cant Forget About You

We are blessed with another 12inch from Marcellus Pittman's Unirhythm Records. True to Pittman's genre free approach to music - on this record we hear... more...

12inch Unirhythm: Uni1005 € 14,99