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10-04-2017 - monday

I-f - Portrait Of A Dead Girl: The Cause
12inch Viewlexx: V12/1(2017) € 9,99

Javonntte - Late Night sessions Ep


Late Night sessions Ep

Detroit's Javonntte Garret with six special house cuts±s. After release on labels like NDATL or Sistrum Recordings, now it's time to Troubled Kids. El... more...

12inch Troubled Kids germany: TKR014 € 10,99

06-04-2017 - thursday

Palmbomen II - Memories of Cindy Pt. 1

Palmbomen II

Memories of Cindy Pt. 1

Kai Hugo eulogizes our dear Cindy through new Palmbomen II music and a surreal, neo-noir lens, chronicled over a series of four 12” EPs and public acc... more...

12inch Beats In Space: BIS024 € 13,99

Move D / Reagenz - Roll Split / 460 Melrose Ave

Move D / Reagenz

Roll Split / 460 Melrose Ave

Label mainstay Move D and his pairing with Jonah Sharp under their collaborative guise of Reagenz.

12inch Away: AWAY004 € 9,99

Fit of Body - Healthcare

Fit of Body


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Fit of Body (aka Ryan Parks) is part of a new generation of ATL producers; underground artists who draw on the sp... more...

12inch Ransome Note: RSN6 € 14,99

Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata


Cellular Automata

*** 1 copy per customer *** Cellular Automata is the new album from Dopplereffekt (Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan), their first in ten years since 2007... more...

LP Leisure System: LSR020 € 17,99

Skee Mask - 2012

Skee Mask


Skee Mask the lord of german underground rap proudly presents his brand new Ilian Skee Series powered by Ilian Tape.

12inch Ilian Tape: ISS001 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983 - 2017)

Various Artists

Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983 - 2017)

'What we have attempted to gather across this compilation is a body of work which we feel directly resonates with both the literal definition of ‘Four... more...

2LP Optimo Music: OMLP09 € 22,99

Palmbomen II - Memories of Cindy Pt. 2

Palmbomen II

Memories of Cindy Pt. 2

Cindy appears again in Memories of Cindy Pt. 2, a passage of five plaintive cuts, concisely rendered with spineful percussion, succinct melodies and t... more...

12inch Beats In Space: BIS028 € 13,99

31-03-2017 - friday

Ross From Friends - Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

Ross From Friends

Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

Ross From Friends returns to the Lobster pot with a hard skatin, snake evadin', cherry chompin' EP of luscious house bangers alongside raw stomping, b... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LTWHT011 € 13,99

29-03-2017 - wednesday

Photonz - Memories of Burma
12inch Cosmic Club: CCC517 € 10,49

27-03-2017 - monday

Coil - Astral Disaster


Astral Disaster

This rare album was recorded as part of the legendary prescription label album series in the late 1990's. Coil were invited to record at sun dial's st... more...

LP Acme / Prescription: R8 € 27,99

23-03-2017 - thursday

Judas - Disgrace



We are in the costant research, this is the debut on the misterious artist that goes with the name of JUDAS, not many info about it, we only know that... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCCV10RP € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-03-2017 - wednesday

Jasss - Es Complicado


Es Complicado

Jasss returns with an instant-classic second single for Death Of The Machines. 'Es Complicado' is a percussive a-side driven track, a passionate indus... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ085 € 9,99

Various Artists - Welcome To Paradise (Italian dream house 89-93) Vol. 1
2LP Safe Trip: ST003-1 € 24,99

20-03-2017 - monday




Deadly effective, uplifting, highly energetic Techno & Electro DJ weapons.

12inch Klockworks: Klock019 (77829) € 10,99

17-03-2017 - friday

Beppe Loda - Obscure Italian Disco Funky

Beppe Loda

Obscure Italian Disco Funky

The legendary Beppe Loda delivers four Italian cuts to heat up the dance floors!

12inch Violette Szabo: SZABO5 € 9,99

16-03-2017 - thursday

London Modular Alliance - Home Grown EP

London Modular Alliance

Home Grown EP

Hailing from London, London Modular Alliance are a trio of modular enthusiasts, often performing live, completely on the fly using modular synths and... more...

12inch Hypercolour: Hype059 € 10,99

15-03-2017 - wednesday

Alek Lee - Sfarot EP

Alek Lee

Sfarot EP

In a very “fourth world” manner, Alek Lee brings together middle-eastern influences in his music with ease and without ever having it sounding cliché:... more...

12inch antinote: ATN034 € 11,99

13-03-2017 - monday

Sven Weisemann - Separate Paths EP

Sven Weisemann

Separate Paths EP

A year after his first release on the label, German deepsmith Sven Weisemann is back on Delsin with a sophomore effort entitled Separate Paths. Down f... more...

12inch Delsin: 121DSR € 9,99

08-03-2017 - wednesday

Letherette - EP 3


EP 3

''Hello. We're very happy to announce the beginning of a new label. It has long been a hope of ours to someday establish a label to release our music,... more...

12inch Wulf: WULF003 € 10,99

07-03-2017 - tuesday

Talaboman  - The Night Land


The Night Land

John Talabot and Axel Boman collaborate on an eight track release as Talaboman. The music is patient and warm, but also broad and diverse. ‘Midnattsso... more...

2LP R&S: RS1702 € 22,99

03-03-2017 - friday

Otto Mix - Sahara Sand

Otto Mix

Sahara Sand

Initially released in 1984 on legendary Discomagic Records, the first record of Otto Mix (Ottorino Menardi) - Sahara Sand - returns. Attic Salt Dis... more...

12inch Attic Salt Discs: AS002 € 13,99

01-03-2017 - wednesday

Tzusing - Invincible East


Invincible East

Tzusing delivers his debut lp for the label. Here we get seven tracks of precison crafted electronics, unmistakenly taking the artists signature indus... more...

LP LIES: Lies092 € 19,99

Lockertmatik - Interlock One EP


Interlock One EP

The ghost am I Of winds that die Alike on land or sea, In silence deep To shroud and keep Their mournful memory.

12inch Mord: MORD037 € 9,99

Phew - Light Sleep


Light Sleep

Propulsive rhythms from early drum machines, whirring electronics and dreamlike vocals make for a jaw-dropping late-career masterpiece from legendary... more...

12inch Mesh-Key: MKY020 € 31,99

20-02-2017 - monday

Dona - The V.G.P. Sessions


The V.G.P. Sessions

After an EP on Creme Organization off-shoot Jericho One as DJ Plant Texture, Dona Basile now assumes his Dona alias for a new EP on the main label. En... more...

12inch Creme: CR1293 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-02-2017 - friday

Felix Leifur - In General EP

Felix Leifur

In General EP

Nice lo slung hip hop approach to house music. more...

12inch Dirt crew: Dirt103 € 10,99

Speed Boat - Speed Tools

Speed Boat

Speed Tools

Speed Boat is Eden Burns, one half of Dunedin house duo Sandboards, who brightened up 2016 with heavyweight releases on Feel My Bicep and Cold Tonic.... more...

12inch The Nail Shop: Nails001 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Arnaldo - Folk in the Path


Folk in the Path

Arnaldo launched Naturist Recordings this year and is on to the second release, ’Folk In The Path’ is more dance floor oriented than his previous work... more...

12inch Naturist Recordings: Naturist002 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-02-2017 - tuesday

Fallbeil - The Healer


The Healer

After a year ride between Return To Disorder, Contort Yourself and New York Haunted, the Hamburg based duo Fallbeil debuts on Death Of The Machines. T... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ095 € 9,99

Joakim x Superpitcher - On The Beach (remixes)

Joakim x Superpitcher

On The Beach (remixes)

3 years ago, Superpitcher made this remix of Joakim's cover of Neil Young's On The Beach. The buzz was instant. 3 years later they're finally releasin... more...

12inch Crowdspacer: CRWDSPCRX004 € 9,99

SZCH - Brzi Boogie


Brzi Boogie

In the outskirts of Zagreb they already know what's up, but now that young SZCH has stepped up to deliver the virgin Infinite Pleasure release, the wh... more...

12inch Infinite Pleasure: INPL001 € 9,49

13-02-2017 - monday

Aquarian Motion - Beyond the Pillars of Hercules

Aquarian Motion

Beyond the Pillars of Hercules

Next up on Voodoo Gold is the debut release by Aquarian Motion. 'Beyond the Pillars of Hercules' is a 9 track mixture of classic aquatic electro and d... more...

Mini-LP Voodoo Gold Records: VG002 € 10,99

R-Zone - R-Zone 17


R-Zone 17

New Year = new R Zone. This time the revivalist rave crew, brutal techno lovers and broken beat brothers--whoever they may be--serve up three more tan... more...

12inch Rzone: Rzone017 € 9,79

Tin Man - Dripping Acid 4

Tin Man

Dripping Acid 4

Dripping Acid is a series of 6 separate 12"s exploring themes of melodic liquid acid. Part 4 of 6 limited releases by the Tin Man!!

12inch Global A: GA15 € 10,99

10-02-2017 - friday

Body Music  - Just One Ep

Body Music

Just One Ep

all-original deep disco flavor. Kicking things off is the title track, a pulsating indie dance stomper that features the magical vocals of Christian H... more...

12inch Razor-N-Tape Reserve: RNTR016 € 11,99

07-02-2017 - tuesday

Boo Williams - The Big Score

Boo Williams

The Big Score

A stellar House, Jazz, Funk'd journey into the mind of none other than Boo Williams of Sju Muzic. Boo taps into a cerebral action chase scene of the m... more...

12inch Strictly Jazz Unit Extensions: SJUEXT001 € 13,49

Aybee - The Odyssey


The Odyssey

Deepblak's Chief Alchemist AYBEE will release his fourth full-length studio album, The Odyssey, in November 2016. As befitting its grand title, this n... more...

2LP Deepblak Recordings: DBRV030LP € 24,99

East Wall - Eyes Of Glass

East Wall

Eyes Of Glass

East Wall was an Italian electronic dark wave band formed by Fabrizio Chiari (ex keyboardist of Kirlian Camera) and Wilma Notari in 1982. After a seri... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE144 € 14,99

06-02-2017 - monday

Inga Mauer - Shtum 012

Inga Mauer

Shtum 012

After her debut EP for Hivern Discs, shtum is very happy to welcome Inga Mauer to the family. The Russian born but constantly travelling artist delive... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum012 € 9,99

Komiko  - Feel Alright


Feel Alright

Another stone cold NY club jam from the archives of the legendary SAM records label. 'Feel alright' does exactly as the title suggests! Pure early 80... more...

12inch Sam Records: S12344 € 9,99

03-02-2017 - friday

30-01-2017 - monday

Sinfol / Davide / Anetha / Elad Magdasi - Phasing Faces Vol. 1

Sinfol / Davide / Anetha / Elad Magdasi

Phasing Faces Vol. 1

Sinfol readies a two-part release on his Anagram Label featuring Anetha, Elad Magdasi, Octual and more. Curated by Amsterdam's Sinfol, Volume 1 of 'Ph... more...

12inch Anagram: Anagram007 € 9,99

25-01-2017 - wednesday

MTD - Mantua EP (Hiroaki Iizuka remix)


Mantua EP (Hiroaki Iizuka remix)

Italian based producer MTD presents his ''Mantua EP'' on the Self Reflektion imprint - featuring a remix by label resident Hiroaki Iizuka!

12inch Self Reflektion: Reflekt009 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-01-2017 - monday