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09-06-2020 - tuesday

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 4


Analogue Bubblebath 4

One of those magic releases by Richard D James from the Analogue Bubblebath series. We're offering a couple of vintage deadstock Rephlex copies for sa... more...

LP Rephlex: CAT019EP € 49,99

08-06-2020 - monday

Ambit3 - Five Tales ep


Five Tales ep

The return of Ambit3! After their debut album on Nature the boys come with a cool follow up. Including 2 very strong house tracks in the style of Raid... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2133 € 7,99

The X-Man - That Body / Fired Up

The X-Man

That Body / Fired Up

The X-Man has been locked away in the Detroit Psychiatric Hospital for the last 30 years. Now he is back to ''eliminate everyone in funk!''

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU029 € 13,99

Benjamin Brunn - A Sun Life

Benjamin Brunn

A Sun Life

Benjamin Brunn's first full-length since Songs From The Beehive with Move D, leaving aside his recent Colour Tracks which was a history of EDM. Rangin... more...

2x12inch + Download Third Ear: 3eep201210 € 8,99

Credit 00 - Party Beats

Credit 00

Party Beats

Here are some plain and simple cuts by yours truly Credit 00 that push just the right buttons to make people move. The tracks were made exclusively fo... more...

EP Uncanny Valley: UV028 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Red Fetish - A Derangement Of Synapses

Red Fetish

A Derangement Of Synapses

Medical Records presents a hand-picked selection of home recorded demos from Stoke, UK's Red Fetish. Armed with a Korg 770, Yamaha CS10, Korg Rhythm... more...

LP Medical Records: MR-054 € 17,99

REKchampa - Fried Chicken Skin


Fried Chicken Skin

Excellent deephouse EP by REKchampa on Washington's finest PPU. Interesting for fans of artists such as Seven Davis jr. & Theo Parrish.

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU074 € 16,99

Leroy Ace Miller / Aceloveace - Teacher

Leroy Ace Miller / Aceloveace


This was one record that started the PPU label,.. 10+ years in the making, Ace and I finally bring you his underground 80s funk bomb. Written and reco... more...

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU085 € 13,99

Ceephax - Camelot Arcade


Camelot Arcade

Camelot Arcade is the new triple LP from Ceephax Acid Crew on WeMe Records. 13 tracks of Camelot goodness with all the feeling and melodies we've com... more...

3x12inch WeMe Records: WeMe046 € 29,99

Dreamscape - Welcome To Our New Age House


Welcome To Our New Age House

NYC photographer Ed Marshall produced these meditative club tunes as Dreamscape in '94 & '95. Originally released on his own New Age House Records lab... more...

2x12inch World Building: WB006 € 31,99

Lhasa - Acetabularia



Lhasa is the brainchild of Alain Raes from Siegen, Germany. As a teenager he was inspired by Tubeway Army's “Are Friends Electric” and Art Of Noise’s... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE247 € 13,99

Headcleaner - Position Normal


Position Normal

Only release on Rephlex' sublabel Terra Recordings! Important note: These are original vintage deadstock warehouse copies. These items are unplayed, s... more...

12inch Rephlex: CAT073T € 9,99

Ivano Tetelepta & Jocelyn Abell - Split 02 EP

Ivano Tetelepta & Jocelyn Abell

Split 02 EP

The tight knit groove specialists ESHU return with another excellent split EP featuring core members Jocelyn Abell and Ivano Tetelepta. They take one... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU014 € 9,99

Chromatic - Blend



OH MY GOSH! Chromatic are new to the Tempo Records artist roster however not new to the Drum and Bass / Jungle scene. On this "Blend" ep they work tog... more...

12inch Tempo Records: Tempo1214 € 9,99

Cool Band / Manzanem - Jam 1

Cool Band / Manzanem

Jam 1

While a lot of PPU's time is spent unearthing, reviving and liberating classic boogie, disco, funk and soul from the 80s and 90s, it's also home to tr... more...

7inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU077 € 9,99

Apiento - Down That Road


Down That Road

Apiento returns to World Building for another soulful journey! Hot on the heels of the smash ''Things You Do For Love'' seven inch. ''Down That Road... more...

12inch World Building: WB009 € 15,99