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30-07-2020 - thursday

T/error - Unspeakable Cults - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series


Unspeakable Cults - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series

Fundamental Records' electro music project called ''Electric Eclectics'' does not end with the monster release of 21 vinyl records in a wooden box (wi... more...

Mini-LP Fundamental Records: F018EE029 € 19,99

V/A - Time Capsule - 808 Box 10th Anniversary


Time Capsule - 808 Box 10th Anniversary

Fundamental Records celebrate their 10 Years with the project they love the most, the Time Capsule aka 808 Box. This is the 6th 808 box and with the 1... more...

10xLP Box Set Fundamental Records: FUND023 € 199,99

29-07-2020 - wednesday

Alden Tyrell - Times Like These (1999 - 2006)

Alden Tyrell

Times Like These (1999 - 2006)

The great Alden Tyrell album. Been hyped as the perfect summer CD. For all who can't get enough of that smooth (italo) disco electro sound... All his... more...

CD Clone: C#cd07/Clone € 9,99

Acoustic High-end Research - Running Back Pres. Strada Professional

Acoustic High-end Research

Running Back Pres. Strada Professional

Strada Sound Effects! That's what you all have been waiting for: a record with nothing but sound tools. It pretty much does what it says: sirens, wind... more...

LP Running Back: RBEFX1 € 12,29

Demetrio Giannice - Slow Ep.

Demetrio Giannice

Slow Ep.

Another fine Third Ear release to start the new year! Demetrio with some blissful house tracks that are rooted in the american house traditions of som... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3eep201101 € 5,99

Vernon Felicity - Bliss

Vernon Felicity


Only available for purchase in-store, not for ordering online. No exceptions made! Support your local record dealer and ask him to get it for you!

12inch Clone Store Only Series: C#SOS02 store only

M|O|O|N - EP



M|O|O|N is the artist name of 18 year old Bostonian, Stephen Gilarde. His musical talent being so well defined at such a young age can possibly be exp... more...

12inch Wrong Island Communications: WrongIsland01 € 14,49

Innershades - Gravure Ep


Gravure Ep

Nice stomper from Innershades. Title track ‘Gravure’ is an belly-wobbling house beast, the kind of beat that sounds like its left the club and gone on... more...

12inch Wicked Bass: WB013 € 8,99

Oceanic - Blanco Bero EP


Blanco Bero EP

Now that the ISMS EP has provided our favorite dance floors with magico moments and vivid arpeggio's, Nous'klaer Audio presents the second part of the... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUS002 € 8,99

Various Artists - Combo EP

Various Artists

Combo EP

Rick Wade, K.Alexi, Fantasna and Jorge C signing in for this 9th release for the South American Ojodeapolo label. A fine Various Artists compilation t... more...

12inch Ojodeapolo: Ojo09 € 7,99

Roy Comanchero - Lucid Memory Ep

Roy Comanchero

Lucid Memory Ep

Roy Comanchero is a producer that loves cheap and vintage machines as displayed on this EP.

12inch Running Back: RB051 € 9,99

Stingray 313 and Mariska Neerman - Bleep43 EP002

Stingray 313 and Mariska Neerman

Bleep43 EP002

Mutual fans Sherard Ingram and Mariska Neerman join forces to present four essential tracks spanning the breadth of contemporary electro on this secon... more...

12inch Bleep43 Recordings: Bleep43ep002 € 9,99

L.M.Y.E - Lend Me Your Ears


Lend Me Your Ears

L.M.Y.E. (Lend Me Your Ears) are two Bristol based friends who met via the Idle Hands record shop which is central to the city's burgeoning house scen... more...

12inch Apron Records: Apron024 € 12,99

Jon Hester - Aether

Jon Hester


Following Hiver's excellent EP, LET Recordings again welcomes American DJ and producer Jon Hester to their imprint. Currently based in Berlin but with... more...

12inch LET: LET008 € 9,99

Shonky - Shonky ep


Shonky ep

Shonky has over the years developed a signature hypnotic hard grooving sound, characterised by punishing beats laced through with detailed polyrhythms... more...

EP Third Ear: 3eep201804 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Grauzone - Eisbaer



The First Authorised, Official Re Edition of this Electronic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Pop, Synth, Post-Punk Classic, Personally Overseen by Stephan Eiche... more...

12inch We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records: WRWTFWW041 € 13,99

Fedbymachines - Mountains Fields Rivers


Mountains Fields Rivers

After the success of his alchemic Relapse EP, Fedbymachines returns to Shipwrec with his brand of genre splicing electronics. The 12" opens in the blu... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship061 € 9,99

Various Artists - PORTRETY

Various Artists


This album exhibits portraits from the cream of today's Polish drummers. In the 21st century drummers imperceptibly switched from the background to th... more...

LP U Know Me Records: UKM072 € 21,49

Kuldaboli - Heilastormur



''Here we go again. As a part of the Stilleben family Kuldaboli delivers Another Amazing 12'' for the people. A perfect follow up to his earlier 12''... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben055 € 10,49

CEM3340 - 167 Zone


167 Zone

The first release on Curtis Electronix is from the label founder CEM3340. Includes 3 original tracks and a remix from The Exaltics. The label is i... more...

12inch Curtis Electronix: CRTSX001 € 9,99

Circadian Rhythms - Basic Moves 011

Circadian Rhythms

Basic Moves 011

Combining emotional synth play with neck-breaking drum patterns, sequenced like dreams forever chasing the climax. more...

12inch Basic Moves: BM011 € 24,99

Ibon - Three Ways


Three Ways

IBON’s debut record marked the birth of the “blue euphoria” associated with Copenhagen fast techno. He revitalises and re-inhabits the trance of his y... more...

12inch Kulor: KULOR004 € 14,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hi-Ryze - Bellboy



Partout starts its UK series with an EP from Hi-Ryze. It features 4 tracks produced by the man himself in the 90s that have never been released before... more...

12inch Partout: PARTOUT6.01 € 12,99

Unknown Mobile - Daucile Moon

Unknown Mobile

Daucile Moon

Daucile Moon, which follows Unknown Mobile releases on No Bad Days, Normals Welcome and Young Adults, started four years ago in Vancouver when Levi Br... more...

LP Pacific Rhythm: PR008 € 20,99

Destiny71z - EP1 Foodprogramvoltage


EP1 Foodprogramvoltage

Debut release from Australiain artist Destiny71z, the first part in a trilogy of EPs specializing in wild analog experiments in house, techno, electro... more...

12inch Eglo: Eglo067 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

CRINAN / VILLA ABO - Borft Dance Classics Vol 3 - Unheard Business


Borft Dance Classics Vol 3 - Unheard Business

We know that there are a big sought after the old tracks by our old Artist CRINAN and there are not many tracks from the period 95 - 98 that are not r... more...

12inch Borft: Borft172 € 10,99

Rhythm Baboon - W-life

Rhythm Baboon


Straight outta Wrzeszcz (Gdansk, Poland) - you'll soon experience new Rhythm Baboon's EP entitled ''W-Life''. This release continues the powerful vibe... more...

12inch U Know Me Records: UKM075 € 19,49

AUX 88 - Counterparts

AUX 88


Electro / Techno Bass legends Aux 88 are back with a brand new album. more...

2x12inch Direct Beat: DBC001 € 27,99

Destiny71z - EP2 Dimdraft


EP2 Dimdraft

A dark and jazzy exploration through an array of analog hardware, focusing on the Buchla music easel and a stacked modular set up. Raw and unpredictab... more...

12inch Eglo: Eglo068 € 12,49

28-07-2020 - tuesday

Danny Daze - El Cubano EP

Danny Daze

El Cubano EP

Moustache Records 039 is made by a Moustache brother from the first hour "El Cubano" Danny Daze. This obscure techno acid electro EP contains 4 dark C... more...

12inch Moustache: MST039 € 10,99

Zach Lubin - Futuristic Love Affair

Zach Lubin

Futuristic Love Affair

Three melodic detroit tinged tracks from Chicago native Zach Lubin. Also known for his outings on Axis sublabel ''6277'' and Kimochi. Orlando Voorn o... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT005 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Plant43 - The Sentient City Awakens


The Sentient City Awakens

2019 Repress for the second 12'' of the Plant43 'Sentient City' series. Intense electro tracks! more...

12inch Semantica: Sem054 (2019) € 9,99

27-07-2020 - monday

Midnight Express - Danger Zone

Midnight Express

Danger Zone

''The best 80s funk group you have never heard of...'' ''Possibly the greatest boogie discovery in the last decade..'' Includes Long Version EDIT by A... more...

EP Peoples Potential Unlimited: TF-693 ppu € 19,99

Loni Gamble Band - I Like The Way You Do It

Loni Gamble Band

I Like The Way You Do It

Obscure but oh so good disco release that somehow never surfaced untill the sweet PPU label re-released it. Originally released in the 80s on sound mo... more...

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU021 € 12,99

Psychic Mirrors - Charlene

Psychic Mirrors


New 12'' by Psychic Mirrors on Peoples Potential Unlimited / Cosmic Chronic.

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU055 € 12,99

Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind

Claro Intelecto

Peace Of Mind

Back in March 2003 Claro Intelecto announced his arrival in the electronic world with his Peace Of Mind EP on Ai Records. Now, a decade later, Delsin,... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X05 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alessandro Alessandroni - Prisma Sonoro

Alessandro Alessandroni

Prisma Sonoro

Undoubtedly one of the central figures of 1960s/70s Italian film music, Alessandro Alessandroni defined the very essence of the genre with his vocal g... more...

LP Roundtable: ROMA112LP € 27,99

Cyan85 - Bay Of Sampieri


Bay Of Sampieri

*** LTD EDITION CYAN REPRESS DOES NOT INCLUDE DOWNLOAD CODE *** Voitax welcomes newcomer Cyan85 to their roster. Characterised by its dreamy pads, ret... more...

12inch Voitax: VOI016 € 9,99

25-07-2020 - saturday

Monkeyshop - Ozzyism ep


Ozzyism ep

Randomly few times a year Rutherford and Eargoggle team up for some monkey business in the studio. As often the result is "Monkeyshop" a journey into... more...

12inch Moustache: MST027 € 9,99

Cleveland - nDSi



Electronic music has been quite obsessed with its past canon for a while. Ongoing trends such as the reissue frenzy or the obsession with vintage equi... more...

2x12inch Hivern Discs: HVN054 € 20,99

Bogdan Raczynski - Debt ep

Bogdan Raczynski

Debt ep

Rephlex legend Bogdan Raczynski debuts on UTTU with 5 signature tracks filled with unique breakbeat chaos. more...

12inch Unknown To The Unknown: Uttu102 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-07-2020 - friday

Fred Ventura - 1983-2008 Disco Modernism

Fred Ventura

1983-2008 Disco Modernism

Its time for a celebration! Fred Ventura is 25 years active in the music bizz and that must be celebrated with a nice anniversary collection with some... more...

CD Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC015CD € 4,99

Polartronics (Terrence Parker) - The Deep

Polartronics (Terrence Parker)

The Deep

Anthem alert, digging deep into the box marked ''Detroit''! Polartronics aka legendary producer and DJ extraordinaire Terrence Parker delivers this al... more...

12inch Trance Fusion: TF507 € 10,99

Noleian Reusse - First Generation EP (Paul du Lac remix)

Noleian Reusse

First Generation EP (Paul du Lac remix)

From Chicago Noleian Reusse (Africans With Mainframes) serves 3 tracks of alien jacking weirdness. The package is completed with a remix by labelboss... more...

12inch Bio Rhythm: RHYTHM022 € 9,99

Waffles - Waffles 006


Waffles 006

two super edits that have been heavily road tested on a certain soundsytem that is currently doing the rounds. Not much information beyond that but th... more...

12inch Various UK Re-edits: Waffles006 € 10,99