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16-03-2018 - friday

Circling Vultures - Circling Vultures EP

Circling Vultures

Circling Vultures EP

The latest offering from US-based imprint Secret Studio Records will arrive courtesy of Circling Vultures, a project fronted by Chicago natives Justin... more...

12inch SS Records: SCS006 € 13,99

Secret Studio - Thought Subtraction EP

Secret Studio

Thought Subtraction EP

Secret Studio Records 5th offering (SCS05), features an EP by Secret Studio titled 'Thought Subtraction'. 3 acid drenched productions ready for hedoni... more...

12inch SS Records: SCS005 € 13,99




Secret Studio Records presents 2 unapologetic acid tracks by 2AMFM.

12inch SS Records: SCS007 € 10,99

Drums Off Chaos - Compass

Drums Off Chaos


Beautifully presented ‘document’ of a decades long ongoing, collective drum ensemble. more...

12inch Nonplace: Nonplace043 (28749) € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

WK7 - Rhythm 1


Rhythm 1

Intensely energetic & highly effective 1990s trained Hardcore / House vibes

12inch Power House: PH909 (09090) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-03-2018 - thursday

Marshall Jefferson - The House Music Anthem
12inch Trax: TX117 € 10,99

Class Action - Weekend

Class Action


Classic production by Leroy Burgess and James Calloway, mixed by Larry Levan.

12inch Sleeping Bag: SLX001 € 10,99

Secret Mixes - Secret Mixes And Fixes vol.10

Secret Mixes

Secret Mixes And Fixes vol.10

BMG's of Ectomorph fame with his long running edit series releasing some classic and very useful disco re-edits.

12inch Secret Mixes Fixes: Fix010 € 12,99

Donnie Tempo - System On EP

Donnie Tempo

System On EP

The mysterious Donnie Tempo has been producing house music for over twenty years. His first release as Donnie Tempo was back in 2001 on Larry Heard's... more...

12inch More About Music: MAMsw3 € 11,99

Ron Morelli - Spit

Ron Morelli


Debut album from Ron Morelli, founder of the L.I.E.S. label featuring 8 electronic variants; from House and industrial tape experiments to saturated m... more...

LP Hospital Productions: HOS407LP € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Chez Damier - Untitled

Chez Damier


Timely legit re issue of this 1993 classic by Chez Damier. Originally released in 1993 on Kevin Saunderson's K Limited vinyl pressing. Re mastered.... more...

12inch KMS: KMS049re € 9,99

Forma - Cool Haptics


Cool Haptics

Forma’s combustible mixture of lush synth explorations and frenetic rhythm has captivated the margins of the international synth scene since their acc... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK-009 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Symbols And Instruments - Mood

Symbols And Instruments


One of the forgotten beauty's on KMS records... a serious beauty and one of the dark horses in the KMS catalogue. 2014 repress! Tear Drops Of Yesterd... more...

12inch KMS: KMS027re € 9,99

Ulysses - The Casual Mystic


The Casual Mystic

Diverse 3 track EP from NYC's Ulysses, an essential pioneer of the late-‘90s electro scene in New York... The label says: ''When it comes to new music... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK-005 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Zemi17 - Impressions ep


Impressions ep

The Bunker is proud to release “Impressions” and “Rangda,” two long and seductive tracks made entirely of sounds of insects, birds, motors and urban n... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK-007 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Keita Sano - Untitled

Keita Sano


Keita Sano already released on the amazing Mr Saturday Night label. For Crowdspacer, he came up with super twisted dirty techno. Kung Fu Dog is like B... more...

12inch Crowdspacer: CRWDSPCR006 € 9,49

Reagenz - The Periodic Tale


The Periodic Tale

Few projects in electronic music have remained at the very cutting edge for as long as Reagenz, a collaboration between San Francisco based Jonah Shar... more...

3x12inch The Bunker New York: BK-010 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

B.T. (Brenda Taylor) - You Cant Have Your Cake And It Too

B.T. (Brenda Taylor)

You Cant Have Your Cake And It Too

Another West-End sure-shot! This sublime piece of early electronic Boogie has always worn it's ''classic'' badge with a relaxed sense of pride since i... more...

12inch West End: WES22149 € 9,99

Mariah - Utakata No Hibi


Utakata No Hibi

1983 cult-classic 'Mariah - Utakata No Hibi' sees its re-release for the first time. Deluxe edition with printed innersleeves. The long sought after... more...

2LP Palto Flats: PFLP003 € 31,99

Phase Fatale - Issue N.10

Phase Fatale

Issue N.10

Dark Industrial Techno. White 12'' vinyl.

12inch Jealous God: JG10 € 11,99

Suso Saiz - Odisea

Suso Saiz


Music From Memory’s latest retrospective is a double album that showcases the solo work of Spanish electronic music pioneer Suso Sáiz. Having been... more...

2x12inch Music From Memory: MFM009 € 24,99

Mike Parker - 10inch03

Mike Parker


Mike Parker back on Repitch Recordings after his split with Sleeparchive, this time for the 10inch series with two new deadly techno tracks marked by... more...

10inch Repitch Recordings: REPITCH1003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Georgia - All Kind Music


All Kind Music

ECM-era Don Cherry global jazz meets contemporary electronic avant-garde, true world dance music for the next millennium. more...

LP Palto Flats: PFLP005 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Romans - Valere Aude


Valere Aude

collaborative project between Gunnar Haslam and Tin Man. Featuring 12 tracks of hallucinogenic, psychedelic techno, Valere Aude is an acid-etched trip... more...

2LP The Bunker New York: BK-020 € 25,99

Collin Strange - Private Room

Collin Strange

Private Room

Banging techno/acid cuts that brings to mind Drop Bass Network, Unit Moebius and free party tek. US import price.

12inch LIES: Lies032.5 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robert Owens - I'll be your friend

Robert Owens

I'll be your friend

Originally released in 1991 on the RCA label the track has been one of house music's most enduring anthems. Literally one of the deepest tracks out th... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC005 € 10,99

J M S Khosah - Still Human

J M S Khosah

Still Human

Hailing from the UK, Tokyo-based J M S KHOSAH drops his debut EP on Apron.

12inch Apron Records: Apron031 € 11,99

Jon Hester  - Galvanized Ep

Jon Hester

Galvanized Ep

on Hester serves up four heady techno cuts for the second installment in Rekids’ newly launched techno orientated series Special Projects.

12inch REKIDS: RSPX02 € 10,99

Peven Everett - Stuck

Peven Everett


Stuck is a modern classic and one of PE's iconic cuts. Dance floors the world over have been singing this back to the booth. Another masterpiece from... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1218 € 15,99

DJ Boring  - Sunday Avenue

DJ Boring

Sunday Avenue

DJ Boring joins the gang with a deep, vibey three-tracker tailor-made for late nights and early mornings.

12inch Let’s Play House Records: LPHWHT13 € 10,99

Cassegrain - ARCS04



Cassegrain keep up the pressure with a new EP of originals - ARCS-04. Returning to their tunnelling hypnotic trademark sound over three focused, club-... more...

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS04 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Maxwell Sterling - Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition)

Maxwell Sterling

Hollywood Medieval (2017 Edition)

Stunning solo debut album by Manchester-born, LA-based artist and soundtrack composer Maxwell Sterling, originally released to much acclaim on digital... more...

12inch The Death Of Rave: Rave018 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Krikor Kouchian - Pacific Alley

Krikor Kouchian

Pacific Alley

Fresh from wowing us with that crazy limited promo 45, Parisian Krikor Kouchian delivers 11 tracks of expertly executed boogie funk. BIG TIP! more...

LP LIES: Lies098 € 19,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Halvtrak - Glass Movers


Glass Movers

Halvtrak has gathered a following. The previous releases by the Finn on Don’t Be Afraid and BAKK teased an appetite among techno heads for his Detroit... more...

12inch Cold Blow: BLOW01 € 11,99

7th Movement  - Odyssey

7th Movement


7th Movement's 'Odyssey' is one of those mythical beasts, a record that transcended scenes and genres. 'Odyssey' obviously spoke to DJ's effortlessly... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC016 € 10,99

Juzer - Maiden Japan / The Gold Room


Maiden Japan / The Gold Room

Beau Wanzer and Dan Jugel with the roughneck machine work!

7inch R=A: R=A+7=1 € 11,99

M.S.L. - Bellevue Resort


Bellevue Resort

Bellevue Resort is sensual vacation music for humans and non-humans alike... Think of a slightly utopian place, in a future that has not lost it's hum... more...

12inch Model Future: MF-004 € 9,99

Color Plus - Color Plus EP

Color Plus

Color Plus EP

From Connecticut now based in Brooklyn, Lars Probert aka Color Plus makes his debut on Vanity Press Records. After a string of digital and tape releas... more...

12inch Vanity Press: VPR08 € 12,99

Vanligt Folk - Palle Bondo

Vanligt Folk

Palle Bondo

Ideal throw a total curveball with Vanligt Folk’s doomdub body music mutations on Palle Bondo, where the Oslo/Gothenburg trio drop their punk leanings... more...

12inch iDEAL Recordings: iDEAL166 € 11,99

Unknown artist - Decent International 02

Unknown artist

Decent International 02

80's inpspired dance tracks.

12inch Decent International: Decent02 € 9,99

14-03-2018 - wednesday

Marco Bernardi - Welcome To My World

Marco Bernardi

Welcome To My World

How much frustration can you handle... This is Frustrated Funk in full effect. Raw frantic haunted and hydraulic electro tracks by UK's biggest techno... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR009 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kirlian Camera  - Uno

Kirlian Camera


Dark Entries is proud to release Uno, a collection of early recordings from seminal Italian electronic act Kirlian Camera. Keyboardist/vocalist Angelo... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE073 € 19,99