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Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM - 10 years Be As One I

Shlomi Aber, Truncate, Skudge and JAM

10 years Be As One I

Part 2 of Be As Ones 10 Years Anniversary special V/A release. Its time for Markus Suckut, Savas Pascalidis, Eduardo de La Calle and Yotam Avni with s... more...

12inch Be As One: BEA010y1 € 10,99

Various - 10.VII



Seventh 12" on the 10 years series featuring tracks by Shifted, Yves De Mey, Oscar Mulero and

12inch Semantica: Sem10.VII € 9,99

Gherkin Jerks - 1990 Ep

Gherkin Jerks

1990 Ep

Recorded in 1989, this is one of the rare and sought after recordings by Larry Heard. Never been available since 1990 and a departure from his more fa... more...

EP Alleviated: ML2305 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mr. De - 2010 A Space Odyssey ep
12inch Electrofunk: EF2010WL € 9,49




Secret Studio Records presents 2 unapologetic acid tracks by 2AMFM.

12inch SS Records: SCS007 € 10,99

Mattia Trani - 313 times

Mattia Trani

313 times

Heavily 313 influenced tracks from Mattia Trani for honorary Detroiter Orlando Voorn's Nighttripper Records. Comes with excellent remixes by Juan Atki... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT003 € 8,99

Syncom Data - 50 pop or an envelope

Syncom Data

50 pop or an envelope

More crazy stuff from the sewers of the Hague. Darker electro stuff. Must for all Bunker fans! A 2010 repress with the standard new bunker label and h... more...

12inch Bunker: B3005 € 10,99

Ron Trent - 7th Heaven - Tribute To The Memory Of Frankie Knuckles

Ron Trent

7th Heaven - Tribute To The Memory Of Frankie Knuckles

Tribute from one Chicago master to the other... R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles.

12inch Electric Blue: EB004 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

8 bit rockers - 8 bit rockers 2

8 bit rockers

8 bit rockers 2

10 mysterious tracks, dark sinister arctic snowscooter electro-funk from the ice-cold eternal finnish polar night, lux ex obscuritas! Fresh re-press... more...

EP Bunker: B3018 € 10,99

Voitax - Acid Dedication


Acid Dedication

The sixth release on Voitax 'Acid Dedication' is on the cutting edge between fast running 90's acid revivals and deep timeless pieces. The first four... more...

12inch Voitax: VOI006 € 8,99

Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid Fourniture

Ceephax Acid Crew

Acid Fourniture

Acid Fourniture is a journey into the darker recesses of Ceephax's acidic mind. Simple 303 lines pulsate alongside sinister chords and detuned synths... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe047 € 10,99

Borgie - Ad Astra Per Aspera


Ad Astra Per Aspera

From the ashes of socialism, below the Bosnian olympic mountains, rises the star of Sarajevo's electrotech producer Borgie. "Ad Astra Per Aspera" is E... more...

12inch Electronic Emergencies: EE007rtm € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nik Weston Presents Letta Mbulu / Dick Khoza - Afro Funk Gems Volume Seven: South Africa

Nik Weston Presents Letta Mbulu / Dick Khoza

Afro Funk Gems Volume Seven: South Africa

Two monumental South African groove-beauties for the latest installment of the Afro Funk Gems series from Mukatsuku. First up is a trip back to 1970,... more...

7inch Mukatsuku: Mukat041 € 8,49

Gu's Jaz Collective - Afro Gente

Gu's Jaz Collective

Afro Gente

Extremely sought after and supported by the likes of Derrick May, Timmy Regisford, Theo Parrish, Danny Krivit and Boo Williams, the next Sju Muzic rel... more...

12inch Strictly Jaz Unit Muzic: SJU12R24 € 13,49

Kerri Chandler  - After the Other Thing for Linda E

Kerri Chandler

After the Other Thing for Linda E

Another part in the for Linda series by Kerri Chandler (Linda the owner of a NY House distributor that has been around for a long time). Classic New Y... more...

12inch Downtown: WWW002 € 11,99

Dempa - AK001



London based label Akute offer up their debut release with a diverse journey through techno from the elusive artist Dempa. The title track Scabulous e... more...

12inch Akute: AK001 € 12,99

Dempa - AK002



Dempa steps up for the next instalment in the Akute series. Here are three pounding cuts of deep house and techno for the heads.

12inch Akute: AK002 € 13,99

STL - Akkretionsscheibe



Influenced by strong orbital gravity forces, STL aka Stephan Laubner transmits deep and moody generated soundwaves once again from his headquarter pla... more...

12inch Something: Something029 € 10,99

Futuro - Alboroto LP


Alboroto LP

Too late for the Italo boom, and too early for the Sonido De Valencia craze, the recordings of Futuro have sat on master tapes since 1987 finally awai... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP101 € 17,99

Alec Mansion - Alec Mansion

Alec Mansion

Alec Mansion

A sublime slice of boogie-funk, Alec Mansion has steadily gained the status of a ''crate-digging classic''. Accordingly, it has been near-impossible t... more...

LP Be With Records: BEWITH022LP € 24,99

Antenna - Alesis



Antenna broadcasts new exciting sounds to the ether, channelling a banging A side and two deep cuts on the flip. The message is clear; a beautiful 90'... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK010 € 9,99

Sneaker - Algerian Rai


Algerian Rai

Sneaker is going deep with his interpretation of Rai music on RAT 6. "Rai is a type of Algerian popular music that arose in the 1920s in the Algerian... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat06 € 8,99

Alien Rain - Alien Rain 6

Alien Rain

Alien Rain 6

Crystal clear, Acid appreciating Techno blinder.

12inch Alien Rain: AlienRain006 (38115) € 10,99

Shinoby vs Hypnobeat - All Things Pass Into The Night

Shinoby vs Hypnobeat

All Things Pass Into The Night

Driven by the common 80's DIY-attitude, the 4th ISTHEWAY release happens to be a cooperation for an absolute one-side vinyl, Shinoby vs Hypnobeat (Ja... more...

One sided 12 Is The Way: ITW004 € 10,99

Alpha 606 - Alpha 606 Remixed

Alpha 606

Alpha 606 Remixed

Alpha 606 on IT with a visionary remix from Anthony “Shake” Shakir. A secret dance floor anthem that works in almost any context from BMG and a be... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT034 € 10,99

Keith Carnal - Aluminium

Keith Carnal


ARTS objektive is to create unique playgrounds, and Keith Carnal is the right man for this work. We present you 4 cuts that are Atomic Weapons used in... more...

12inch Arts: ARTS017 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Huerta - Am Ende EP


Am Ende EP

Los Angeles-born, Berlin-based talent Huerta unleashes four remarkably rich cuts for Three Fingerz Musique's latest 12". This follows an outstanding r... more...

12inch Three Fingerz Musique: 3FM004 € 9,99

Drvg Cvltvre - American Psychosis [Part one]

Drvg Cvltvre

American Psychosis [Part one]

Shipwrec proudly present one of the pioneers of Dutch electronics. For some twenty years Vincent Koreman has been honing his sound, releasing on a ple... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship023.1 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Analogical Force - Analogical Force Logo Totebag

Analogical Force

Analogical Force Logo Totebag

Black cotton bag w/ white AF logo (front) + 'Madrid Never Sleeps' (back), holds about 18-20 records! - 100% Cotton - 140gsm (4.1oz/yd

Merchandise Analogical Force: AFTotebag € 9,99

The Normalmen - Antruum Odyssey

The Normalmen

Antruum Odyssey

Funky analog house cuts by The Normalmen known from their release on Early Sounds. more...

12inch White Jail: WJR002 € 8,99

Ichisan - Aperitiv



Ichisan has been coaxed back behind the velvet curtain of the Bordello, this time for eleven track trip into a land of funk filled machine music. Aper... more...

2LP Bordello A Parigi: BAP081 € 19,99

Molinaro - Apron EP


Apron EP

Five slabs of soul-drenched techno anchored by groove and grit from a new name with plenty of experience. Molinaro more...

12inch Apron Records: Apron035 € 11,99

NY House n Authority  - APT

NY House n Authority


Classic 6 track EP from Rheji Burrell from 1989 on NYC's infamous Nu Groove. All 6 tracks have been re mastered for 2014 and released in origin... more...

12inch Nu groove: NGR025 € 9,99

Riccardo Schiro - Aqua

Riccardo Schiro


An exploration through the submarine worlds, catching sounds from the seabed, experiencing life like an aquatic creature. All tracks written, produced... more...

LP Periodica: PRD03 € 10,99

Luxus Varta - Aquamarine Puzzle

Luxus Varta

Aquamarine Puzzle

Aquamarine Puzzle marks a new step in the sound of Luxus Varta. Six paths are etched for this journey into time, space and the machine. A spectrum of... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship049 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aérea Negrot - Arabxilla

Aérea Negrot


Venezuelan born (1980), singer/producer residing in Berlin. Influenced by classical and electronic music, Aerea Negrot integrates a wide range of elem... more...

LP + CD Bpitch Control: BPC240LP € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cassegrain - ARCS04



Cassegrain keep up the pressure with a new EP of originals - ARCS-04. Returning to their tunnelling hypnotic trademark sound over three focused, club-... more...

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS04 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Steve Summers - Artificial Light

Steve Summers

Artificial Light

The prolific Jason Letkiewicz returns to his Steve Summers alias for a suite of post-apocalyptic jack tracks. Across labels like L.I.E.S., Future Time... more...

12inch Clear: Clear004 € 16,99

Staffan Linzatti - Assembler

Staffan Linzatti


4 tight Rob Hood, Pulsinger mid 90's style minimal techno tracks by Staffan Linzatti. Clean Crispy tracks that are limited to 300 copies!

12inch Searchlights Records: Sights001 € 8,99

Ritzi Lee - Audiologics EP

Ritzi Lee

Audiologics EP

The vital vapors to absorb, The moon, with famished gaze, Suspends his lean, malignant orb Above a dying day.

12inch Mord: MORD029 € 9,49

Collins - Autophobia



Collins' debut 12" on Giallo Disco is dark as night and sharp as a knife. Twisted electro-nightdrive stormers for revenge fantasies and futurist cyber... more...

12inch Giallo Disco Records: GD020 € 11,49

Modula - Autostrada Galattica


Autostrada Galattica

2183. After crash landing on an alien planet, intrepid explorer Modula valiantly crawls from the wreckage of his interplanetary cruiser clinging to hi... more...

LP Bordello A Parigi: BAP085 € 14,99

Patricia - Autotomy



Autotomy is a collaboration between Belgium’s Sleeperhold Publications, Brooklyn-based musician Patricia (Max Ravitz) and the Dutch artist Louis Reith... more...

12inch Unknown: SHP5.6 € 14,99

Fah / Omni Causa - AUX447

Fah / Omni Causa


Fine electro split from Berlin based label Mindcolormusic by Fah and Omni Causa. more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX447 € 11,99

Yellow Beach Balls - Babak Sabouri EP

Yellow Beach Balls

Babak Sabouri EP

Cool electronic disco tracks. Crossing the borders of italo disco and new wave!

12inch Kraftjerkz: KJ004 € 11,99

Dynamo Dreesen - Back In The Mists Of Time

Dynamo Dreesen

Back In The Mists Of Time

Dreesen in full effect! Extremely cool stripped down, pure, warm original house traxx. Highly Recommended! more...

12inch Acido Records: Acido011(67264) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Black Orange Juice - Back Of My Car

Black Orange Juice

Back Of My Car

introducing Black Orange Juice for 2012 ... a cosmic crew of dance floor saviours. Stellar futuristic dance tracks on this nice label! Recommended!!

12inch Somethinksounds: STSep006 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L