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Prism - Two Hearts


Two Hearts

Prism studied drums under Vance Gordan specialising in Afro Cuban rhythms and the Moeller technique prior to venturing into music production. Having a... more...

12inch Sub Frequencies: Freq007 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stellar Om Source - Image Over Image ep

Stellar Om Source

Image Over Image ep

Om tripping.. 4 brain bending electronic tracks.. Sticker Art by Nicole Martens.

12inch RHD: RHD005OM € 8,99

L.A.S. Crime - Disphoria 1985-1989

L.A.S. Crime

Disphoria 1985-1989

L.A.S.’s Crime (the initials stand for “Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime”, a famous short novel by Oscar Wilde) is an electronic band from Siena (in the med... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ025 € 15,99

Mushy - Breathless



Dark, post minimal wave electronix from Mushy on the collectable Mannequin label from Milan! more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ030 € 16,99

Burnt Friedmann - Zokuhen

Burnt Friedmann


With its non-placed devices and hard-to-pin-down aesthetic falling between electronic and psychedelic music and the warm-hued sounds of traditional ac... more...

2LP Nonplace: Nonplace034 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dial 81 - Detropia - The Original Score

Dial 81

Detropia - The Original Score

The award winning documentary, Detropia, is a cinematic tapestry that chronicles the lives of several Detroiters trying to survive and make sense of w... more...

LP Detropia: UHF-001 € 21,99

Even Drones - One

Even Drones


For every piece of art you'll get a description or written representation in some kind of form. Even Drones doesn't believe in that. For them biograp... more...

12inch Even Drones: ED01 € 8,99

Ike Yard  - Remix Ep 1

Ike Yard

Remix Ep 1

Originally released on Factory America in 1982, Ike Yard was a product of the New York no wave scene with aggressive electro minimalism, with as much... more...

12inch Blackest Ever Black: Blackest011 € 11,99

Christof Glowalla - Erde 80

Christof Glowalla

Erde 80

The next installment in the Medical Records journey takes us to West Berlin. In 1979, armed with a Korg MS-10 synthesier and a very simple rhythm box... more...

10inch Medical Records: MR-014 € 17,99

Kontravoid - Native State


Native State

We're happy to announce CITI006, a release by Canadian artist Kontravoid. The tracks Native State and Cut To Cleanse are exclusive 7'' only versions.... more...

7inch Cititrax: Citi006 € 12,99

Tenebrae - Element EP


Element EP

Tenebrae's ''Element EP'' is the third release of Grinch Productions, a label specialising is deep and dark electronic music. The tracks ''Cold Forged... more...

12inch Grinc Productions: GP003 € 9,99

Anaalivaihe - Kolme Tutkielmaa Nalasta


Kolme Tutkielmaa Nalasta

Lesser known output from Skweee pioneer Randy Barracuda featuring 3 mind bending tracks.

7inch Elakoon Laatu: NAELKAE3 € 9,99

Somnambulist - Withered Land


Withered Land

Somnambulist along with M.Bryo are the product of the same person, one Mark Burghgraeve. A Belgian artist active in a scene that included Klinik and A... more...

LP Walhalla: WR003 € 15,99

BMMB - Dirty Seconds


Dirty Seconds

Bass-heavy, skwee-inflected electro-funk from Finland that sounds like very little else out there right now. There are elements of Guido, Joker and Ge... more...

3x7inch Harmonia: HRMN017 € 19,99

Mika Vainio - FE304

Mika Vainio


This is his 5th album for Touch, after Onko [Touch # TO:34, 1998], Kajo TO:43, 2000], Sokeiden Maassa Yksisilmäinen on Kuningas (In the Land of the Bl... more...

CD Touch: Touch086cd € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Mole - If I Had A Nickel

The Mole

If I Had A Nickel

First release by the new label run by The Mole himself and Jon Berry. Expect advanced Canadian dancemusic. more...

12inch Maybe Tomorrow: MT001 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Upperground Orchestra - The Eupen Takes

Upperground Orchestra

The Eupen Takes

The formidable Lebanese / Italian jazz nomads release a long player of deepness on Morphine's new live series... Silk Screen covers and Ltd Edition of... more...

LP Morphine: Doser013s € 17,99

Protect-U - the Protect U Ep


the Protect U Ep

Following two 12's for cult Washington DC label Future Times, rising stars Protect U move to Vibrations for this four-track EP of foggy analogue house... more...

12inch Vibrations: Vib006 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Futur II

Various Artists

Futur II

3-vinyl anniversary compilation with tracks of all the giegling artists plus some new mates they met on their way! Featuring Edward, Ateq, Matthias Re... more...

3x12inch Giegling: Glg010 € 24,99

Lou Champagne System - No Visible Means

Lou Champagne System

No Visible Means

Originally self-released in 1984 on Pterodactyl Records, “No Visible Means” is the work of Canada’s own Lou Champagne. Lou Champagne was active the O... more...

LP Medical Records: MR-009 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Avrocar - Summer Blonde


Summer Blonde

Orre releases a 12inch mini-album by the inimitable Avrocar. Cited by Radiohead as a prime influence on their Kid A album, they also did an acclaimed... more...

LP Orre: Orre001 € 10,49

Szare - Dust



Anonymous production unit Szare return with three fresh cuts. Critically acclaimed releases for the equally shadowy Horizontal Ground imprint, Bristol... more...

12inch Mindset Records: Mindset011 € 8,99

Django Django - Hail Bop

Django Django

Hail Bop

The heavily popular British band's new single comes with cool reworks by Daniel Avery, Jealov and Bullion. more...

12inch Ed Banger / Because: Bec1250 € 8,99

STNH - Whistleblower



Knuggles records features the new project S T N H. A kickin' three tracker by Dirk Leyers (Closer Musik) and Markus Wegner (Netto Houz). Analog asylum... more...

12inch Knuggles recordings: KNR004 € 8,99

Tiago - Souljam



Soul Jam, Motor Jam + Bonus track Lost and Found Jam An absolute floor slammer and has a crazy techno style! ''Hailing from Lisbon in Portugal where h... more...

12inch Jolly Jams: Jolly007 € 6,99

Peter Van Hoesen - Perceiver

Peter Van Hoesen


Peter Van Hoesen offers his second full length album following 2010's 'Entropic City'. Peter continues jis experiments into sound. The textural, shift... more...

CD Time To Express: T2X022CD € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Global Goon - Plastic Orchestra

Global Goon

Plastic Orchestra

This latest 030303 release by Global Goon takes you away, like a spaced out Aboriginal dude is blowing on his didgeridoo in front of his cave and say... more...

2LP 030303: 030LP002 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - EP 3

Various Artists

EP 3

After two years since the first vinyl release in 2010, Other Heights is proud to announce the tenth vinyl release, released as 3 seperate EP´s. The th... more...

12inch Other Heights: OHWL#Ten-EP3 € 7,99

Axoneme  - Axnm Ep


Axnm Ep

LIMITED TO 333 COPIES! colored green vinyl!!! This new act on Fauxpas Musik grooves in right from the start with a fast, mannered beat crawler. With a... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas09 € 14,99

Fur - Cocoon



From the raw industrial chicago electronix of Gobby its now the exciting deeper electronix and house hybrid of Fur on New Yorks Uno records. For those... more...

12inch Uno: Uno009 € 9,99

Biome - Swan



Biome is just on a world take over at the moment and Smokin Sessions are proud to present his debut release for the label. Swan is not as dark as some... more...

12inch Smokin Sessions: Smoke018 € 8,99

Four Hands & Zoviet France - Mammoth Mountain

Four Hands & Zoviet France

Mammoth Mountain

After the debut release of the excellent track Hizou on the Claremont 56 label last year comes another outing from the enigmatic Newcastle outfit Four... more...

12inch Signals: SIG.MMXII.VI (signals) € 8,49

Astro Duo - Teleporter / Web Warp

Astro Duo

Teleporter / Web Warp

Here we have the first release on Astro Records: Providing the sound is Astro Duo, a new production outfit from Birmingham, UK, with a conscious inte... more...

12inch Astro Records: AST001 € 12,99

Various Artists - Langesthal

Various Artists


Meakusma is releasing a 12'' compilation to coincide with their party in Eupen in September 2012. Four artists from the line up each deliver two track... more...

12inch Meakusma: Mea008 € 8,99

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - Q1

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques


Rare grooves from the tiny Quadriga sound library – an album that's split between European maestros Heinz Kiessling and Peter Jacques – but which is m... more...

LP Sonorama: SONOL68 € 12,99

Urkelle - When Her Language Goes On Holiday


When Her Language Goes On Holiday

For this 22nd release on Lomechanik we present the EP When Her Language Goes On Holiday by Urkelle, which will be available on vinyl and digitally. In... more...

12inch LoMechanik: Lomek022 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dubfire - Octvs / Debris


Octvs / Debris

Dubfire's opening track is a peak time minimal techno hype track as some might expect from him. The flip side is a gorgeous deep dreamy dubby track th... more...

12inch Sci-tec: Sci-tec050 € 8,99

Strip Steve - Astral Projection (Kink rmxs)

Strip Steve

Astral Projection (Kink rmxs)

''Strip Steve is taking us here on a trip painting lingering psychedelic-noir disco pop. 'Astral Projection' goes more to the root and encapsulates mu... more...

12inch Boysnoize Records: BNR079 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Forward Strategy Group - Labour Division

Forward Strategy Group

Labour Division

Great new CD album from much loved Scottish two-piece, F.S.G. ! This is a deeply assured, personal album from a group already demonstrating their mast... more...

CD Forward Strategy Group: TPTCD004 € 14,99

Vladislav Delay - Espoo

Vladislav Delay


Vladislav Delay's ''espoo'' features two new conceptual, rhythm-intense tracks. Whereas the groove of the opener ''olari'' derives from a sound loop w... more...

12inch Raster noton: Raster141 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Don Preston - Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82

Don Preston

Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82

Don Preston is best known as the keyboardist in Frank Zappa's The Mothers Of Invention, contributing heavily throughout their career beside an uncredi... more...

LP Sub Rosa: SRV334 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nguzunguzu  - Mirage Ep


Mirage Ep

Genre crossing release by Nguzunguzu (prounounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo). Dubstep, Techno, Electronix and shaken up to a nice cocktail of infectious t... more...

EP Time No Place: TimeNoPlace03 € 10,99

Dro Carey - Leary Blips EP

Dro Carey

Leary Blips EP

Far out, left field UK Bass related weirdness. Tip! more...

12inch Ramp: TTT004 € 15,99

Jacob Korn - You & Me

Jacob Korn

You & Me

It might not be overstated to call 'You & Me', the debut album by Jacob Korn, long overdue. Ever since the Dresden resident decided to focus more on... more...

CD Uncanny Valley: UVCD01 € 14,99