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Arpanet & 30drop - Phases EP

Arpanet & 30drop

Phases EP

Arpanet is back! Two advanced, atmospheric, rhythmic and flawless tracks on the a-side followed by two tracks produced by 30d

12inch 30 Drop Exo: 30d006 € 11,99

Blac Kolor - Awakening

Blac Kolor


Classy, EBM dominated & centered integration of Techno & far-out, noisy Electronics (in gatefold sleeve w/ download code) more...

LP Hands B: HandsB045 (19810) € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gabor Lazar - Unfold

Gabor Lazar


Gábor Lázár mutates 2-step, grime and electro prisms with economic yet ravishing effect on Unfold, his solo début LP proper for The Death of Rave. more...

2LP The Death Of Rave: RAVE023 € 24,99

Binarizer / Splitradix - Ik Zag Je Dansen / Cross Connection

Binarizer / Splitradix

Ik Zag Je Dansen / Cross Connection

030303 are back once again and for the first time now with a split 7 inch containing two braindance tunes to your liking. Very limited... dont sleep!!

7inch 030303: 030SI001 € 8,99

The White Screen - Death To Techno (Red Axes Remix)

The White Screen

Death To Techno (Red Axes Remix)

Death to Techno? is a new, futuristic ep of “The White Screen'', ever before into a world of ruff beats, dark electronics and analog effects. Musical... more...

12inch Garzen Records: GRZ008 € 12,99

Len Leise - Initials

Len Leise


12inch with printed full colour sleeve and OBI General Purpose brings you Len’s latest offering, Initials. An electronic experimentation in forward-th... more...

12inch General Purpose: GP003 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Floating Points - Reflections: Mojave Desert

Floating Points

Reflections: Mojave Desert

Floating Points began as the solo project of Sam Shepherd before it became clear the immersive, intricate nature of his music demanded expansion. Foll... more...

LP+DVD Pluto: PlutoRE001 € 31,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Victor Valiant - V Is For Victor

Victor Valiant

V Is For Victor

Joyous electro funk from Free Rotation resident and Steve Legget collaborator Suade Bergemann more...

2x12inch Asking For Trouble: AFT003 € 21,99

Dub Surgeon - The Lost Future

Dub Surgeon

The Lost Future

Some time around 20 years ago, the artist known as Dub Surgeon made an absorbing album of beautiful dub infused with ambiance, found sounds and horizo... more...

2LP Ark To Ashes: ARK006LP € 20,99

Rasmus Juncker - Ophold

Rasmus Juncker


Fresh on Francis Harris' Kingdoms imprint comes Rasmus Juncker’s ''Ophold'' - six tracks of sublime atmospheres and textures. The Danish musician, sou... more...

LP + Download Kingdoms: KDS005 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peine Perdue - Tokyo en Morceaux

Peine Perdue

Tokyo en Morceaux

After their 'Histoire d'une Ame' EP in 2017, Peine Perdue returns to Electronic Emergencies with a full album. 'Tokyo en Morceaux' contains 11 new tra... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE023rtm € 16,99

EOD  - Named LP


Named LP

Album from Norway full of wreckers, influeced by WARP-esque stuff yet with an own twist.. Previously released on Aphex Twin's Rephlex, WeMe, etc. Let'... more...

3LP Bbbbbb: BBBLP001 € 33,99

Patricia Kokett - Diabel

Patricia Kokett


Patricia Kokett’s sound is shrouded in a veil of mysticism. The brainchild of Lithuanian Gediminas Jakubka, Diabel’s metallic heartbeat underlies a ma... more...

12inch Knekelhuis: KH017 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sene - I Heard You Laughing


I Heard You Laughing

Introducing Paris-based contemporary sculptor and music maker Erwan Sene joining the exponential Unknown Precept roster. Gathering pieces thought of a... more...

12inch Unknown Precept: PRECEPT014 € 12,49

Gavin Guthrie - The Totality

Gavin Guthrie

The Totality

2nd full length album by Gavin Guthrie AKA TX Connect (previous releases on Ceme Organization and L.I.E.S.). Influenced by a diverse background of Ita... more...

2LP Medical Records: MR-082 € 26,99

Sacred Grove - Untitled

Sacred Grove


Sacred Grove is an artist collective based out of Malmö Sweden.

12inch City-2 St. Giga: C2SG004 € 26,99

Nikolajev - Retta



Nikolajev hits hard with his new 12” release ‘Retta’ on Päästevest. Tallinn Lekker club co-founder Robert Nikolajev channels raw grit and pulsating en... more...

12inch Paastevest: PA02 € 11,99

DJ Boring - For Tahn EP

DJ Boring

For Tahn EP

DJ Boring serves up a four-tracker of playful, groove-laden house cuts to soundtrack your summer nights - vibes all the way through!

12inch Shall Not Fade: SNF025 € 11,99

Placid One - Hourglass EP

Placid One

Hourglass EP

Placid One delivers pulsing breaks, swirling electrics and acid jabs that will send you bursting through the earth's stratosphere to a solitary, sonic... more...

12inch Nebulae Records: NBL002 € 13,99

Solar and Brother Nebula - S.I.S.

Solar and Brother Nebula


Solar and Brother Nebula invade your earthly ears with some proper cosmic, throbbing electronics on the latest from Legwork featuring Savile on the re... more...

12inch Legwork: LWK8 € 12,99

Alexander Goldscheider - LBDISSUES002

Alexander Goldscheider


Little Beat Different deliver a stunning, otherworldly release full of cascading synths and interstellar rhythms from Czech composer and producer Alex... more...

LP Little Beat Different: LBDISSUES002 € 18,49

Visonia - Fake Wings


Fake Wings

A new heart-stopping piece of work by Visonia in which sadness, happiness, hopeful and desperation are in a continuous battle. As a result of this dis... more...

12inch Waste Editions: WE05 € 19,99

Jolly Mare - Logica Natura

Jolly Mare

Logica Natura

Crazy 12 track library music style album on this ace Italian label. All based around bumping live rhythms triggering an obscure Japanese drum synth mo... more...

LP Orbeatize: BEAT02 € 23,49

Shelter - Profondeur 4000


Profondeur 4000

An underwater adventure by young Parisian Shelter. Where previous releases have seen the synth-obsessed Frenchman take his inspiration from Caribbean... more...

LP Growing Bin Records: GBR016 € 23,99

Ame - Dream House


Dream House

In the world of electronic dance music, Âme stand apart. Since 2003, the duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have cut a singular path through te... more...

2LP Innervisions: IVLP009 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Via Maris - Glow Wall / CU2

Via Maris

Glow Wall / CU2

Following up his 2017 debut, Bristol's Via Maris is back on Livity Sound with an enigmatic two tracker pairing Glow Wall's aquatic reverie with the de... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY031 € 9,99

U.S.O.C.A. - Emancipator



90's Electro-Punk project based in Chicago after Janis Sils emigrated from Riga, Latvia. Self built instruments to create an trash and solid industria... more...

12inch Musiques Electroniques Actuelles: MEA-0003 € 20,99

Lolina - The Smoke


The Smoke

''The Smoke'' is Lolina's third solo album, following ''Live in Paris'' (2016) and ''Because I'm Worth It'' (as Inga Copeland, 2014). Self-released. M... more...

LP LOL: LOL004 € 18,99

Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker - A Heart From Your Shadow

Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker

A Heart From Your Shadow

A Heart From Your Shadow is the debut collaborative LP from Michael Beharie (New York) and Teddy Rankin-Parker (Chicago). Since graduating together fr... more...

LP MONDOj: MONDOJ005 € 25,99

Various Artists - WPH10YRS5

Various Artists


Belgium’s favourite underground house DJ Red D celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his We Play House Recordings label with 6 vinyl samplers containi... more...

12inch We Play House: WPH10YRS5 € 9,49

Acolytes - Rupture



Departing from the band based setup of previous releases, Acolytes continue their exploration of loop based paradigms with Rupture. The release expand... more...

2LP Alter: ALT41 € 22,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

C Cat TranceE - Screaming Remixes Volume 2

C Cat TranceE

Screaming Remixes Volume 2

Volume 2 of retakes of C Cat Trance's unique post-punk meets world beat brings the collaboration between Malka Tuti and Emotional Rescue to a close. H... more...

EP Emotional Response: ERC046-2 / MT013 € 12,99

Mu-Ziq - D Funk EP


D Funk EP

Don Mike Paradinas, one of the most influential and respected artist of our time unleashing archives from the golden era. Previously unreleased stuff... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF015 € 11,99




O$VMV$M enters a particular sound world that mixes cosy nostalgia with creeping dread. Even at its most mellow, a sense of unease hovers beneath the s... more...

LP Idle Hands: IDLE053 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jamal Moss  - Our Souls Are In The Hands Of The Translator - Sinkritizem
12inch Arcola: Arc011 € 13,99

Chicaizo - Morurco Ep
12inch Variable Records: VR01 € 11,99

Kale Plankieren - Dutch Cassette Rareties 1981 - 1987 Vol. 2

Kale Plankieren

Dutch Cassette Rareties 1981 - 1987 Vol. 2

After last years excellent discoveries from Volume 1, another batch of ‘lost’ and unreleased Dutch (cassette) material is coming back to the future. F... more...

LP Knekelhuis: KH016 € 25,99

Peter Graf York - Sampler

Peter Graf York


Limited edition vinyl pressing of energetic weirdo jams! more...

Mini-LP Planet Rescue: PR12001 € 13,99

Yagya - Rigning (2018)


Rigning (2018)

Yagya's Rigning album from 2009 is the Icelandic producer's most acclaimed dub, techno and minimal masterpiece. Due to popular demand, Delsin are now... more...

CD Delsin: DSR/X14CD € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mikhail Chekalin - Ecstatic Lullaby

Mikhail Chekalin

Ecstatic Lullaby

For Russian electronic music, Mikhail Chekalin is not only a major character, who has affected the scene's establishment and development, but also a k... more...

2LP Gost Zvuk: GAR001 € 20,99

Slamb - Rhythm & Booze EP


Rhythm & Booze EP

The boy wonder from down under, Slamb, delivers his first solo EP, packing three booty poppin' summer jams. Skillfully blending boogie and r&b samples... more...

12inch Infinite Pleasure: INPL004 € 9,99

Haron - Wandelaar



Queeste emerges with the nocturnal sounds of Haron's Wandelaar, an album exploring his long-term interest in music's talent for inducing and affecting... more...

LP Queeste: QUEESTE002 € 17,99

Various Artists - AAJA

Various Artists


Aaja is a UK based cultural project encompassing a space, label and parties. Not following too many fads or trends. Aaja is an audible quest for deep... more...

12inch Aaja: AAJA001 € 10,49