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Unit Moebius - The Golden Years

Unit Moebius

The Golden Years

Back in stock!! Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond, mainly through nume... more...

CD Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC016CD € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Oni Ayhun - OAR 001

Oni Ayhun

OAR 001

This is the debut of Oni Ayhun. A series of 12'' s by this unpredictable artist. This first release is a vinyl only release and starts of with a aweso... more...

12inch OAR: Oar001 € 9,99

Chandeliers - Circulation ep


Circulation ep

Sixth part of the limited edition 7'' releases for weird electronic acts out of chicago.

7inch Ghost Arcade: € 3,99

Syd Matters - Ghost Days

Syd Matters

Ghost Days

The Parisian Jonathan Morali, alias Syd Matters, came from nowhere to make a big impression with his first two spellbinding albums. Syd have since won... more...

LP Because: Bec2279 € 15,99

Madteo - Memoria



Repress! Morphine head once again into the avant-garde with this cool release from Madteo (Lanquid). 9 tracks of experimental deepness - to appeal to... more...

2x12inch Morphine: Doser006 € 16,99

Autechre - Quaristice



Finally Autechre is back with a new amazing album. Souvereign electronix like all their stuff! more...

CD Warp: Warp333CD € 22,99

Ms. John Soda - While Talking

Ms. John Soda

While Talking

Indie vocal electronica / experimental synthpop.

12inch Morr music: € 9,99

Duracel - Lady Ultimate ep


Lady Ultimate ep

One of the most refreshing releases last year was the Hole In Head ep by Duracel, which was hailed by Dutch national VPRO radio as ‘release of the wee... more...

12inch SD Records: SD09 € 7,99

Kettel - Whisper Me Wishes


Whisper Me Wishes

*** Alert!! Discounted due to damaged outer sleeves. *** Finally a vinyl release of the amazing Kettel album Whisper Me Wishes. Comes in a limited... more...

LP Dub: Dublp014 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - 8 Track Stereo Guide To Nerd Sound


8 Track Stereo Guide To Nerd Sound

Nice, weird & diverse electronica / idm / downtempo tracks: Carlito Verd - Francis, Bread & Jam, Run TNT - We Came To Rock (From Brooklyn), Shakeyface... more...

12inch 8-Track Stereo: 8TS005 € 3,99

Pole - Steingarten Remixes Vol.4
12inch ~scape: Scape051 € 8,99

Bong-Ra - Blood & Fire


Blood & Fire

Breakcore by the Dutch master. Limited to 500 copies. This will be the only vinyl rendering of both versions of Blood & Fire.

7inch Soothsayer: Soothsayer 001 € 5,99

Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory - Darling

Morgan Caney & Kamal Joory


Limited quality alternative electronics. Sweet!

7inch City Centre Offices/ Block: City Centre Offices Block 014 € 7,99

Zorn - Eckermann / Vian


Eckermann / Vian

Limited quality electronics.

7inch City Centre Offices/ Block: City Centre Offices Block 011 € 7,99

The Remote Viewer - Walsh Ambrose / Boats

The Remote Viewer

Walsh Ambrose / Boats

Limited quality electronics.

7inch City Centre Offices/ Block: City Centre Offices Block 009 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Defiant & The Rebellaire - Time In / Love You

Defiant & The Rebellaire

Time In / Love You

Smoked-out underground instrumental hip-hop / breaks from Detroit.

7inch Appreciate: Appreciate 001 € 6,99

Incite - Minimal Listening


Minimal Listening

Minimal electronics.

7inch Fragmented Media: Fragmented Media 0 € 5,49

Kid606 / Stars As Eyes - $ Vol. 9

Kid606 / Stars As Eyes

$ Vol. 9

Glitch electronics, 9th part of the limited Tigerbeat $ series.

7inch Tigerbeat: Tigerbeat6 MEOW052 € 8,99

Proswell & Wwcarpen - Proswell & wwcarpen

Proswell & Wwcarpen

Proswell & wwcarpen

You may already know Proswell's work from Merck. The pair met through discussions of ''pure data'' and teamed up to build this refreshing electronic c... more...

CD Kracfive: Kracfive 016 € 17,99

Joy Division - Closer

Joy Division


The news of singer Ian Curtis's suicide still hung in the air when this album was released. Given the deep introspective nature of Joy Division's musi... more...

LP Factory: Factory 25 € 21,99

Like A Tim - Audio Art

Like A Tim

Audio Art

4 Excellent examples of the art of making audio by, you know, the craziest average Joe we know. Original white vinyl copies!

12inch Djax Up Beats: DjaxUpBeats216 € 3,99

Like A Tim - Short Cuts

Like A Tim

Short Cuts

You know the deal... 6 Short Cuts to the Like A Tim galaxy! Original copies.

12inch Djax Up Beats: Djax Up Beats 251 € 9,99

The Chap - The Chop (remixes)

The Chap

The Chop (remixes)

Nice & divers remix package with mixes by Hot Chip, Zilla, Pier Bucci & Vincent Oliver. Minimal house & more experimental stuff.

12inch LoEB: Loeb 004 € 8,99

Hallucinator - People



Wide soundtrackish / ambientish soundscapes..

12inch Chain reaction: Chain Reaction 22 (24740) € 8,99

Mu-Ziq - Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique


Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique

Mike Paradinas' aka µ-Ziq’s first new album for four years and amongst these 17 new tracks of off-key melodies, nauseous harmonies and woozy beats can... more...

CD Planet-mu: ZIQ190cd € 22,99

Luke Vibert - Chicago, Detroit, Redruth

Luke Vibert

Chicago, Detroit, Redruth

His album on Planet Mu brings together many strands of his work: Drum and Bass (''ComfyCozy'' recalling past glories as Plug); Trip-hop (''Rotting Fle... more...

CD Planet-mu: ZIQ175cd € 22,99

While - Haze



Sweet electronix... Somewhere in between Autechre and Boards of Canada. Very nice.

CD Chocolate ind.: Chocolate Industries 009 cd € 11,49

Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone

Mystery Artist

Gwane Mone

The Mystery Artist or Cane is the dancefloor outlet of Funckarma aka Don & Roel Funcken. Music for the body but with an increase in cognitive focus, t... more...

12inch Confined: Con003 € 5,99

Herrmutt Lobby - No Bling, No Bitch

Herrmutt Lobby

No Bling, No Bitch

Supreme bass driven comedy by Verviers finest, the result of a production session at the Merlin HQ, Brussels. Influenced by hip hop and electronics th... more...

12inch Confined: Con001 € 5,99

Shadow Huntaz - Corrupt Data

Shadow Huntaz

Corrupt Data

Funckarma's site project Shadow Huntaz.. experimental hip hop electronix.. on tha mighty Skam imprint.. Already a classic!!!

CD Skam: Skam 012 cd € 19,99

Dino Felipe - Flim Toby

Dino Felipe

Flim Toby

24 Digitized soundtrack-like pieces of sweet melancholic electronica... Amazing!

CD Schematic: Schematic 024 cd € 19,99

Legiac - Mings Feaner


Mings Feaner

Legiac is the well known and genre-present Funckarma Brothers, teaming up with vintage analog synth-guru and professional behind-the-scene soundtracke... more...

CD Sending Orbs: SO008cd € 12,99

Pole - Steingarten



Deep dubby electronics with more groove compared to previous albums. But despite some funky grooves, this is no dancefloor record. And despite its sim... more...

CD Scape: Scape044 cd € 19,99

While - Even



Beautiful deep electronix. This album contains 10 tracks of lush digital paranoia in the light of Coil with a twist of Stravinsky and the moodiness of... more...

CD Chocolate ind.: Chocolate Industries CHLT 021 LP € 20,99

Kid 606 - Soccergirl ep

Kid 606

Soccergirl ep

With this recording, Mr. 606 makes a departure from many of his previous recordings. The Soccergirl EP offers six tracks of melody-suffused ambient el... more...

CD Carpark: Carpark 886 € 9,99

Manuel Gottsching - Die Mulde
CD MG.ART: MG.ART301CD € 25,99

Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna

Composite Profuse

Roma Aeterna

2018 Repress! Dopplereffekt-style sinister robot electro by MinimalRome's head honcho... more...

12inch Bunker: B3065 € 10,99

Radicalfashion - Odori



Hefty album debut of Japan's Radicalfashion. Enter sophisticated piano compositions and highbrow experimentalism against uncommon scales that collides... more...

CD Hefty: Hefty 59 CD € 3,99

Ra-X - Re:mixed



This new CD offers 13 new remixes of the large RA-X backcatalogue, by some of his favorite producers and friends throughout the years: Kettel (Dub, P... more...

CD Angelmaker: AMRX020cd € 15,99

Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Dens And Gods

Marcia Blaine School For Girls

Dens And Gods

Nice & original housey electronix. Limited to 300 copies!

12inch Dalriada.LTD: Dalriada BROCH05 € 8,99

Riow Arai - Mind Edit

Riow Arai

Mind Edit

Experimental hiphop/IDM beats with a dubby & funky atmosphere.

2x12inch Leaf: Leaf BAY 32 V € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yellotone - Tar File Junction


Tar File Junction

Abstract & electronic future-jazz / downtempo experiments. A bit melancholic, Ai quality as always... more...

12inch Ai: Ai009lp € 4,99

Marco Bernardi - Berlin Brothels (incl. Kettel remix)

Marco Bernardi

Berlin Brothels (incl. Kettel remix)

Hot electronix by Marco Bernardi and a super sweet remix by Kettel! Minimalistic electronix with a touch of cut-up 4 to the floor techno and wierd vo... more...

12inch Dub: DUB034 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Squarepusher - Ultravisitor



A weird blend of industrial, drill'n'bass, jazz, noise & warm electronics. Impressive.

CD Warp: Warp117CD € 22,49

Supersoul - Backa Wall


Backa Wall

Wicked underground hip-hop featuring Judah Manson and a remix by Push Button Objects (Schematic). more...

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 4108 € 9,99

Supersoul - 45



Spaced-out quality hiphop featuring Judah Manson, Sess & Induce. Remix by Nick Fury.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 012 € 9,99

Supersoul - Sound Clash (Champions)


Sound Clash (Champions)

Smoked-out downtempo dubby hiphop electronics featuring Push Button Objects with vocals by Dynas, Judah Manson & Skam2?. Good.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 3108 € 10,99

Quench - Caipruss



The highly prolific Dutch duo of Don and Roel Funcken drop another album of all new material via their Quench moniker. Their 5th Quench album and seco... more...

CD n5MD: n5MD MD 139 € 12,99