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Various Artists - Music for Five Postcards

Various Artists

Music for Five Postcards

The sonic and visual collide on this inspired mosaic of conceptualizations from Ville Nouvelle, sound tracked in hues of varying electronics by five a... more...

12inch Ville Nouvelle: VNC006 € 15,99

Various Artists - Heavy Rotations Vol.1

Various Artists

Heavy Rotations Vol.1

Maeve kicks off their first label compilation 'Heavy Rotations Vol 1', covering all facets of the labels sound with tracks from Mano Le Tough, Isolée,... more...

3LP Maeve: MaeveLP01 € 29,99

Various Artists - The Four J's

Various Artists

The Four J's

After reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube, the channel Houseum cross over to the next step with the launch of their new label Houseum Records. Their... more...

12inch Unknown: HSM001 € 12,99

Demuja - Hidden Paradise


Hidden Paradise

Austrian producer and DJ Demuja delivers the diverse and emotive 'Hidden Paradise', his debut LP out through his own Muja imprint. Cutting between hou... more...

LP Muja: Muja005 € 23,99

Projekt Gestalten - He Bleeds Stories EP

Projekt Gestalten

He Bleeds Stories EP

'He Bleeds Stories EP' is the first vinyl release on VRAAA Records, a techno label with the aim of queering-up the genre. Both original tracks contain... more...

12inch Vraa Records: VRA001 € 10,99

Wiktor Milczarek - Untitled

Wiktor Milczarek


Feelings of transient emotions and fleeting thoughts are all explored through an electro, acid-tinted lens by Wiktor Milczarek on his untitled release... more...

12inch Brutaz: Brutaz006 € 11,99

Anthony Fade & TRP - Fading

Anthony Fade & TRP


Anthony Fade embark on the fourteenth expedition into the exotic lands of palm trees and blue skies with the dreamy and ambient ‘Fading’ EP. Expedi... more...

12inch Lost Palms: Palms014 € 12,99

DJ Jacy - Dreams

DJ Jacy


Jacy Bozzi Italian DJ, composer and arranger. He is the founder of Home Of House Records. Deeply devoted to the Old School Sound (88-94) of classic It... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit034 € 11,99

JEANS, Lake Haze, X-Coast - Lul Geen Kalmte

JEANS, Lake Haze, X-Coast

Lul Geen Kalmte

The sun has set and above us track pant clouds are draining our imagination. The beach pebbles blossom in the glory of our denim world. Can you see wh... more...

12inch Who's Susan: SUSAN006 € 9,99

Dubiosity & Pjotr G - Trailer Park Prophet EP

Dubiosity & Pjotr G

Trailer Park Prophet EP

There's a certain quality to the music Dubiosity and Pjotr G put out. Their palette is wide and open and incorporates acidic basslines, orchestrated p... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKBLK029 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Disk - 10 (Hope / The Game)
12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS10 € 10,99

Beath - Dreams From Last Night


Dreams From Last Night

Beath presents his debut album “Dreams From Last Night”. A conceptual album in which the spanish producer brings us closer to different sounds that wo... more...

12inch Unknown: NF08 € 20,99

Philou Louzolo  - Nubian Quadrant EP

Philou Louzolo

Nubian Quadrant EP

Nubian Quadrant EP sees Dutch producer Philou reaching for that sweet spot between Afro and Electro to produce three pulsing new tracks for Byrd Out.... more...

12inch Byrd Out: BYR008 € 12,99

Various Artists - The Barbershop

Various Artists

The Barbershop

''Welcome to the Barbershop. This LP arrives with tunes from some of your favorite artists representing Chicago's underground dance music sphere on th... more...

2LP Perpetual Rhythms: Perp012 € 21,99

Ame - Dream House


Dream House

In the world of electronic dance music, Âme stand apart. Since 2003, the duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have cut a singular path through te... more...

2LP Innervisions: IVLP009 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Dragged Shed Impressions

Various Artists

Dragged Shed Impressions

An six-track release from Buttechno, Fmy, Sammy T Thompson, Machine Woman, PRESENTE & Voyd in various genres, from cutting edge techno to leftfield ho... more...

12inch Lowlife Cartel: LLC002 € 13,49

Various Artists - Tivoli Trax Vol. 3

Various Artists

Tivoli Trax Vol. 3

Tivoli Trax started as a Multiplex series paying tribute to local artists connected to Kong’s Mantra night club, while it was based in Copenhagen’s Ti... more...

12inch Multiplex: MUPL027 € 10,49

Various Artists - WPH10YRS5

Various Artists


Belgium’s favourite underground house DJ Red D celebrates the 10 year anniversary of his We Play House Recordings label with 6 vinyl samplers containi... more...

12inch We Play House: WPH10YRS5 € 9,49

Baba Stiltz - Showtime

Baba Stiltz


This EP is a collection of songs that were recorded during the past couple of years,”says Baba.“They all represent things I’ve been going through, jus... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL915T € 10,49

Hyas, Chinau & D-nite - Numero 2

Hyas, Chinau & D-nite

Numero 2

Hyas opens this EP with two tracks that blended 909 hats and disco loops that will remind you the 90's house music spirit. Chinau brings the sun with... more...

12inch House Running: HRR002 € 10,99

Weird Weather - Bamboo Room

Weird Weather

Bamboo Room

Lovely ep with gentle slowly building house tracks with a balearic feel.

12inch Emotional Especial: EES028 € 14,99

Bacauanu (aka VID) - Moving On

Bacauanu (aka VID)

Moving On

RAWAX welcomes Sorin Rastoaca aka Bacauanu aka VID to the Family! There is no need to introduce this great artist and A|ndromeda label boss. His mus... more...

12inch Rawax: Rawax S11 € 9,99

Samuel Deep, Locklead, William Caycedo and Julian Alexander - Slap Wax 1

Samuel Deep, Locklead, William Caycedo and Julian Alexander

Slap Wax 1

RAWAX joined forces with the great dutch SlapFunk label! The result is a fantastic various artist ep called ''Slap Wax 1'' with track by Samuel Deep,... more...

12inch Rawax: RWXSFK01 € 9,99

MGUN - Axiom



Once more envisioned and engineered in his native city of Detroit, the record finds MGUN in more auspicious and domestic circumstances. Now firmly a f... more...

2LP Don't Be Afraid: DBALP004 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ewan Jansen - Iile03 ep
12inch iile records: iil003 € 11,99

Wiremu - Bonheur EP


Bonheur EP

After recently playing host to established names such as Fabe, Nima Gorji and Michael James, Pathway Traxx returns to its roots by introducing a new a... more...

12inch Pathway Traxx: PT11 € 11,49

Kastil - Anemic Lust


Anemic Lust

For the 12th installment of Jose Cabrera's self-titled imprint, Mario Castillo appears under his long running 'Kastil' moniker to deliver a four track... more...

12inch Cabrera: CBR12 € 11,99

Peter Graf York - Sampler

Peter Graf York


Limited edition vinyl pressing of energetic weirdo jams! more...

Mini-LP Planet Rescue: PR12001 € 13,99

Amotik - Amotik 009


Amotik 009

New 4 track EP from Amotik with a varied selection of stripped back techno/broken beat.

12inch Amotik: AMTK009 € 10,49

Slamb - Rhythm & Booze EP


Rhythm & Booze EP

The boy wonder from down under, Slamb, delivers his first solo EP, packing three booty poppin' summer jams. Skillfully blending boogie and r&b samples... more...

12inch Infinite Pleasure: INPL004 € 9,99

Various Artists - AAJA

Various Artists


Aaja is a UK based cultural project encompassing a space, label and parties. Not following too many fads or trends. Aaja is an audible quest for deep... more...

12inch Aaja: AAJA001 € 10,49

VOY - 06



Ukranian clicks and bits. Nice & deep!

12inch VOY Records: VOY006 € 11,49

Trommel - Hiatus



''Thoughts towards change, evolution, learning from mistakes. Take advantage of the time that we have ahead of us as an opportunity for development, t... more...

12inch Sungate Records: SNG004 € 9,99

Skymark - Find A Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent Remix)


Find A Place In This Crazy World (Ron Trent Remix)

Ron Trent meets Skymark! Two masterminds at work. The organic meets the electronic - musician meets machine. Pressed loud for optimum DJ play. Summer... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHM028 € 9,99

Jamn Ensemble - Vis Inertiae EP

Jamn Ensemble

Vis Inertiae EP

First record of the Jamn Ensemble.The record features 3 unique sounding Deep House cuts. The tracks are composed of subtle acid bass lines, Rhodes cho... more...

12inch Jamn Ensemble: JE001 € 9,99

Various Artists - De Lichting - Een LP

Various Artists

De Lichting - Een LP

De Lichting is a brand new collaborative project between three key underground labels from Amsterdam namely Yield Records, Native Response and Working... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DL01 € 19,99

Roman Coskun - Feels Like Forever

Roman Coskun

Feels Like Forever

Next up on Late Night Burners we have four warm cuts by Roman Coskun. With the “Feels Like Forever EP” he showcases his own personal brand of wayward,... more...

12inch Late Night Burners: LNB002 € 11,99

Enrico Mantini - Milestones (sides C/D)

Enrico Mantini

Milestones (sides C/D)

Re-issue from Italian house instigator Enrico Mantini which is going to set another mark in his discography. 4 of Mantini's best tracks from years 201... more...

12inch Down Da Mountain: DDMNT01CD € 10,49

Batu - Rebuilt



Omar McCutcheon, operating under his Batu alias, has been on the frontline of Bristol’s innovative electronic music scene since 2013. In 2015 he found... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL922T € 10,49

Lion's Drums - -

Lion's Drums


When Harold Boue aka Abstraxion invited Fantastic Man into his studio after playing together the night before he didn't knew he was planting the seed... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN048 € 9,99

B From E - Nintendo Ep

B From E

Nintendo Ep

B From E, an uncommon name but surely soon to be know. This young Danish/Mexican talent has already released a successful Ep on Copenhagen Undergroun... more...

12inch Traxx Underground: TU019 € 11,99

System Of Survival  - Nu Soul Era Ep

System Of Survival

Nu Soul Era Ep

Deset's inaugural release sees the boys perk up with two stunning originals and are back by remixes from none other than two Chi-town legends, Boo Wil... more...

12inch Deset: Deset001 € 11,99