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B12 - Last Days of Silence (remixes)


Last Days of Silence (remixes)

After the critically acclaimed album ''Last Days of Silence'' projected B12 back into the techno limelight after 12 years of silence, the duo, Mike Go... more...

CD B12: B1220cd € 19,99

Joerg Mueller - Mjiu

Joerg Mueller


Minimal & moody dub/ambient techno. Highly limited (250 copies), stamped carton package. more...

CDr Shoreless Recordings: Shore005 € 7,99

Various Artists - Klem 1

Various Artists

Klem 1

Four spacey and (experi)mental tracks from the Dutch freeparty underground scene. Nice!

12inch Klemtoon: KLEM001 € 9,99

V/A - Ruts 2/3


Ruts 2/3

Part two of the rüts compilation from Belgium’s meakusma imprint once again subtly touches upon different ends of the electronic music spectrum, with... more...

12inch Meakusma: Ruts002/3 € 7,99

Scuba - A Mutual Antipathy (Surgeon & Substance remix)


A Mutual Antipathy (Surgeon & Substance remix)

Some exciting names who are always trying to release some fresh sounds on remix duty for Scuba. Surgeon, Substance and Scuba mixing dubstep’s bass rum... more...

12inch Hotflush: HFRMX003 € 8,99

Stefan Mallmann - Royal Babies

Stefan Mallmann

Royal Babies

Stefan Mallmann is responsible for some of the dopest techno and minimal sounds out there. His music has been released by top labels such as NightDriv... more...

12inch Fortek: FT023 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Village Orchestra - The Dark Is Rising

The Village Orchestra

The Dark Is Rising

With the lines between dubstep, techno, house and hip-hop becoming more blurred by the day, Stuffrecords unleashes another new EP that occupies this n... more...

12inch Stuff Records: Stuff006 € 4,49

Samuel L Session - Choose Ep

Samuel L Session

Choose Ep

New Be As One release, and this time its Samuel L Session dropping some techno tracks. Unfortunately not as hot as some of the previous releases on th... more...

12inch Be As One: BAO013 € 4,99

Terrence Dixon - Change / Below Radar

Terrence Dixon

Change / Below Radar

New label that hits of with two tracks by Terrence Dixon (aka Population one) Change is a deep dark slowly building techno track with the tipycal Terr... more...

12inch Children of Tomorrow: COT00 € 8,99

Stefan Tretau - Bricks ep

Stefan Tretau

Bricks ep

To proof once again Tretau is on top of his game, he comes with this killer EP preceding his anticipated debut album Bricks to be released on Fortek e... more...

12inch Fortek: FT024 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - 3 Years Stil Vor Talent Part 2


3 Years Stil Vor Talent Part 2

This EP is full on minimal club mode as the names of the artists suggest: oldskool club honchos Format B, tricky finger Florian Meindl, live-act of th... more...

12inch Stil Vor Talent: SVT026 € 8,99

Hip-j - Moody Moon ep


Moody Moon ep

“Moody moon” is a surprising and bewitching creation that draws the listener in for an aural expedition with every play, plunging to the heart of tech... more...

12inch Spagh: SPAGH002 € 4,99

Winx - Stay Out All Night (Todd Terry remix)
12inch Ovum: Ovum191 € 4,49

Ican - Pa' Mi Gente / Chiclet's Theme


Pa' Mi Gente / Chiclet's Theme

Some latin flavored techno tracks from the Ican guys. Comes with a Carl Craig remix.

12inch Planet e: PE65302 € 9,49

Slam - Paragraph 1


Paragraph 1

Paragraph is a new Soma offshoot that will release Slam tracks in strictly limited quantities. We kick of proceedings with this devastating double A s... more...

12inch Paragraph: Para001 € 8,99

Matteo Vanti - Go Straight

Matteo Vanti

Go Straight

Straight forward grooving and funking minimal tecno.

12inch memento: Memento002 € 4,99

Mike Shannon - Memory Tree

Mike Shannon

Memory Tree

Double pack on Hawtin's Plus 8 label by this talented Mike Shannon. Exploring the new sounds and borders of techno music, but with strong references t... more...

2LP Plus8: Plus8102 € 19,99

Like A Tim - Like 12

Like A Tim

Like 12

Tim steps back in the ring and delivers four powerful punches on solid red vinyl. The man's typical raw and dry style is all over these tracks. If y... more...

12inch Like: Like012 € 4,99

V/A - 1st Accolade


1st Accolade

Side label for Millions Of Moments with deep chords and big dubby basslines and everlasting echo's getting lost in space. 4 tracks by Bvdub, SF100, Ma... more...

12inch Millions Of Moments: MOMF01 € 7,99

Tonka , John Evans, Klovn - Munich Disco Tech vol.1

Tonka , John Evans, Klovn

Munich Disco Tech vol.1

Munich Disco Tech presents great tracks from undiscovered talents, upcoming producers or even legendary artists. This is the big return f Dj Tonka (Fo... more...

12inch Great Stuff recordings: GSR070 € 8,49

Unit Moebius - The Golden Years

Unit Moebius

The Golden Years

Back in stock!! Unit Moebius have been responsible for a significant scene of lo-fi acid and techno in the Netherlands and beyond, mainly through nume... more...

CD Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC016CD € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pedro Cali - Distant Brother

Pedro Cali

Distant Brother

Strong uplifting powerfull post Detroit techno by Pedro Cali. With remixes Ran Shani & Rennie Foster.

12inch Fine Art: FA05 € 3,99

Kolombo - One Mojito in Bejing


One Mojito in Bejing

This is being offered as the unofficial olympic them of Bejing... but its probably the summer theme of Ibiza 2008! An outstanding track which sounds l... more...

12inch Kol Mojito: Kolmo004 € 2,99

The Youngsters - Phoenix / Rock to the bit

The Youngsters

Phoenix / Rock to the bit

‘Phoenix’ uses a simple heavy key co-ordination balanced under high end spacey keys. ‘Rock To The Bit’ again adapts the simper yet effective approach.... more...

12inch Ovum: Ovum190 € 4,99

Shin aka Stephan Hinz - Folger (Robert Babicz remix)

Shin aka Stephan Hinz

Folger (Robert Babicz remix)

Minimal tech-house with robert babicz & helmut dubnitzky mixes!! stephan hinz's reputation in electronic music is with continuous releases on klingklo... more...

12inch Yellow Tail: YT016 € 8,99

Luke Hess - Dubout-EP#2 (Omar-S remix)

Luke Hess

Dubout-EP#2 (Omar-S remix)

Bass heavy mix of detroit house and techno with a great remix by OMAR S! Tip!

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-LHFX#2 € 9,99

John Lagora - Gladiator

John Lagora


German John Lagora is a new kid on the block. With his first few tracks he managed to get noticed by Traum and Beatport which highlighted some of his... more...

12inch Fortek: FT022 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Access Denied - Ifrit

Access Denied


Belarus duo Access Denied dropping some smooth clubby techno tunes in the style of Dennis Ferrer and Jerome Sydenham and added a little Detroit flavor... more...

12inch Rize Radical: Rize002(Arck001) € 7,99

Louis Guilliaume - Soulpoint II

Louis Guilliaume

Soulpoint II

SOULPOINT II is the second EP by LOUIS GUILLIAUME and it surely lives up to the high expectations created by the first installment. SOULPOINT II is an... more...

12inch SD Records: SD13 € 9,99

Phunklarique / Pierce - Swoosh

Phunklarique / Pierce


Smooth shuffling techno beats with a good groove combine with the fierce production and building arrangement. Can be compared to Sebo K and Buttrich p... more...

12inch Yellow Tail: YT015 € 9,49

V/A - All Funked Up - Bells Of NY


All Funked Up - Bells Of NY

A. All Funked Up(Mother's Pride Mix) - Mother. Being a Birmingham based label, Network just had to swoop and snap up this offering from mad Brummie cl... more...

12inch Network NETG: Netg004 € 4,99

Planetary - Matter Of Sound / Inner View


Matter Of Sound / Inner View

Planetary aka Dan Curtin! This 10'' is a first in a series of(hidden) beauties and classics out of techno history. Early Dan Curtin works with two spa... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X1/PLT001 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Rice Twins - The Signifier

The Rice Twins

The Signifier

Nice clean string loaded housetracks on K2. This time not the clean minimal kompakt sound but warm string loaded tracks that have the potential to giv... more...

12inch K2: K233 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Basti Grub - #5

Basti Grub


Crazy minimal house cut that stands out of the pack by its simple and no nonsense, non pretentious aproach. Nice grooving tracks with wierd cut up abs... more...

12inch Hoehenregler: Hoehen005 € 5,99

Redshape - Robot - Neon


Robot - Neon

Redhspae returns on Music Man. Both 'Robot' and 'Neon' are two amazing gems in his own original style.

12inch Music Man: MM140 € 8,49

Hek - Poppadom Preach (inc. Female remix)


Poppadom Preach (inc. Female remix)

RSB return and welcome a new artist to the fold. Having analysed in some depth the currently stale techno market, and noting the rapturous response to... more...

12inch RSB: RSB4 € 9,29

Move D - Between Us

Move D

Between Us

Fine 2-tracker with the warm and romantic vintage ballade ''lush summer rain'' on the a-side and the housy and melodic deepmoster ''between us'' on th... more...

12inch Shanti: SRV01 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Snuff Crew - God

Snuff Crew


Jacking chicago influenced techno tracks by the Snuff Crew from Berlin. Great effective tracks on Marco Passarani's Nature label. Tracks that will wor... more...

12inch Nature: Nat2140 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Hugh Like - Office Fields

Hugh Like

Office Fields

Morse records from Antwerp is slowly becoming a high quality label that put out strong tracks by talented artists. Collaborations with known artists s... more...

12inch Morse records: Morse006 € 7,99

DXR - 1



Klakson is dropping a hot release just before the summer really kicks in... Number one gives us two warm driving house/techno tracks with an amazing v... more...

12inch Klakson: Klakson019 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tob Jona - Troika Ep

Tob Jona

Troika Ep

Tob Jona is one half of the unique sounders department project, the guys are well known to the true detroit-techno lovers, way back in the 90's they d... more...

12inch Artless: Artless2195 € 10,99

Tiger Stripes - Beach Buggy  (Motorcitysoul remix)

Tiger Stripes

Beach Buggy (Motorcitysoul remix)

Tiger Stripes with effective Detroit influenced techno tracks. Including a disco injected monster and a nice remix by Motorcitysoul!

12inch Urban Torque: Urban Torque042 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Franco Cangelli - Taking The Next Cloud

Franco Cangelli

Taking The Next Cloud

Three expertly crafted gems from Belgium's Franco Cangelli.Taking The Next Cloud, with its wonderful deep moods. Influenced by Steve Rachmad to Mr Fin... more...

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR013 € 4,99

Klockworks - Klockworks 03


Klockworks 03

Crafty & purified techno/house cuts.

12inch Klockworks: Klock003 (56282) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Carl Craig - Sorry Carl, We Needed The Beats
12inch C2Boot: C2Boot € 10,99

Johannes Volk - The Day We Met Again

Johannes Volk

The Day We Met Again

Mysterious new label concentrating on the finest intergalactic techfunk. Johannes Volk is a pretty new name to many.. however his first record “The My... more...

12inch Lifeworld: Life001 € 4,99

Jackmate - Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc

Jackmates return on Phil E records is a total understatement: ''Mont Blanc'' feels like a sunrise with the beams of sonic rays atop of a floating, int... more...

12inch Phil E: Phile2007 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Madteo - Memoria



Repress! Morphine head once again into the avant-garde with this cool release from Madteo (Lanquid). 9 tracks of experimental deepness - to appeal to... more...

2x12inch Morphine: Doser006 € 16,99