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HOBI - Odyssey Of Mind


Odyssey Of Mind

Map out consciousness through corporeal and dense music.'' Ethereal, hypnotic and deep textures coexist on heavy and good composed grooves, making... more...

12inch HOBI: HOBI001 € 10,49

Endlec - Rotten Nation EP


Rotten Nation EP

*** Flowers, hands. Dance, talk, eyes. Walk, friends. Silence, sleep, chair. Sun, snow, numb. Run, clap, colours. *** more...

12inch Mord: MORD051 € 10,49

SNTS - Chapter I


Chapter I

SNTS is an underground techno label, commitment to the vinyl format as the main pillar and overall bring the electronic in the anonymity.

12inch SNTS: SNTS001 € 10,49

Trommel - Hiatus



''Thoughts towards change, evolution, learning from mistakes. Take advantage of the time that we have ahead of us as an opportunity for development, t... more...

12inch Sungate Records: SNG004 € 9,99

Locked Club / RLGN - Lomay EP

Locked Club / RLGN

Lomay EP

Fully loaded rompers, drawing from influences both far and unexpected corners of the globe that have been proven to be tools for the floor. The Russ... more...

12inch Tram Planet Records: TP007 € 12,49

Leiras & Svreca - The Bridges I Burn [Remixes]

Leiras & Svreca

The Bridges I Burn [Remixes]

Next out on the Ownlife imprint, a remix EP of what so far has been one of the most acclaimed releases from the label, the collaboration between Leira... more...

12inch Ownlife Seld: OWN012 € 10,49

Various Artists - 5 Years of Granulart

Various Artists

5 Years of Granulart

Granulart recordings is Valentin Corujo's aka Kessell own imprint, and is now celebrating 5 years of releasing vinyl and digital stuff, often discover... more...

2x12inch Granulart Recordings: GR012 € 18,99

CRVEL - Veritate et Ordine EP


Veritate et Ordine EP

We are glad to intruduce you this new joint venture, CRVEL are P.E.A.R.L. and Tensal colliding in the studio with the aim to create cyclical weapons f... more...

12inch Falling Ethics: FEX014 € 10,49

Cirkle - Noniya



Greek producer Cirkle joins Dyad Records with 'Noniya EP', featuring four ominous techno tracks as well as a tough remix from label founders Dyad.

12inch DYAD: DYAD010 € 10,49

UVB / Endlec / Kwartz / Dj Boss  - Untitled

UVB / Endlec / Kwartz / Dj Boss


Not much to say about our 6th release, as the music speaks for itself. A heavyweight V/A with some of the finest artists of our scene, including bomb... more...

12inch Analogue: ANA006 € 9,99

Various Artists - De Lichting - Een LP

Various Artists

De Lichting - Een LP

De Lichting is a brand new collaborative project between three key underground labels from Amsterdam namely Yield Records, Native Response and Working... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DL01 € 19,99

Gary Beck - Pneuma Ep

Gary Beck

Pneuma Ep

Big room techno tracks by Scottish producer Gary Beck!

12inch Bek Audio: Bek030 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Odd Even Red One

Various Artists

Odd Even Red One

Big box set on Andre Kronerts Odd Even! Tracks by Markus Suckut, Nima Khak. Anders Hellberg, Electric Rescue, Johannes Heil, Boston 168, NX1, A7S and... more...

10xLP Box Set Odd Even: OddEvenRo € 109,99

Mikael Jonasson - Exile 009

Mikael Jonasson

Exile 009

3 versatile tehno cuts... The final track, b1 one is strong!!

12inch Exile: Exile009 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

ASSAILANTS - Chase Sequences


Chase Sequences

Four tracks of taut, relentless techno grooves rooted in the late 90's tradition of energetic and ravey & jacking tracks to rock the dancefloor. No su... more...

12inch Obscurity Is Infinite: OII001 € 9,99

Shit Robot, Awol, Pale Blue & Cult Of Glamour - We We We

Shit Robot, Awol, Pale Blue & Cult Of Glamour

We We We

A great selection of adventurous techno and house tracks on this record! Man Power’s Me Me Me label proudly presents a very special new compilation, ‘... more...

12inch Me Me Me: WWWS2 € 10,99

Seleccion Natural - Seleccion Natural

Seleccion Natural

Seleccion Natural

50 is a nice number of releases to be celebrated in style, that's why we have cooked up a very special menu for this milestone. As the spirit of the P... more...

2LP PoleGroup: POLEGROUP050 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Phara - Mind Inside EP


Mind Inside EP

After releasing strong tracks on Sonntag Morgen, Rapid Eye Movement and digitally on Planet Rhythm, Phara now delivers us 4 stunning tracks on vinyl.... more...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUKBLK026 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Delano Smith  - They´re Coming / Safe Place

Delano Smith

They´re Coming / Safe Place

Smooth warm driving tracks by Delano Smith on his own Mixmode Records!

12inch Mixmode: MixM013 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roe Deers - Pamela

Roe Deers


Roe Deers returns to the Omnidisc family with a 4 tracker of their infectious horror dance sound. Killer release!!

12inch Omnidisc: OMDP004 € 9,99

Clay Wilson - Osho EP

Clay Wilson

Osho EP

Body music, mind music, ass-shaking and head-boggling, Clay Wilson’s third release on The Bunker New York is a dance EP that manages to be both restra... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK030 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Anf - Visions



Crunched out sci-chedelic house jams with an italian vibe!

12inch NAFF: Naff002 € 10,99

Neel & Natural Electronic System - Sinergia EP

Neel & Natural Electronic System

Sinergia EP

Tikita welcomes Neel for a first release in collaboration with label mainstays natural/electronic.system. The four tracks here cover deep, rolling, d... more...

12inch Tikita: TIKITA008 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

W-moon / Unless - Metro Juice Archives EP

W-moon / Unless

Metro Juice Archives EP

Ranges Gives New Light To The Late 90s Metro Juice Label Catalog. The EP Includes Four Tracks By W-Moon Entailing His Distinctive Visionary And Retro-... more...

12inch Ranges: Ranges007 € 10,99

Jonas Kopp - Tremsix EP

Jonas Kopp

Tremsix EP

Jonas Kopp presents his new own platform Tremsix, created by the inspiration of his 3 iconic labels from Detroit to continue the legacy of underground... more...

12inch Tremsix: TREMSIX001 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Punctum & Alfredo Mazzilli - Punctum II

Punctum & Alfredo Mazzilli

Punctum II

Punctum aka (Z.I.P.P.O) and Alfredo Mazzilli are teaming up on Fides.

12inch Fides: Fides008 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gorkem Ozkaynak - Turquoise

Gorkem Ozkaynak


'Turquoise', that is Turkuvaz, is a French-origin word inspired by the color of the Mediterranean, located within the borders of Turkey. Meaning; blue... more...

12inch Surach: SUR001 € 11,99

Redshape - The Gate / Voyager


The Gate / Voyager

Redshape stars in another deep tripping, sci-fi odyssey on his imprint for present 16. Opening The Gate reveals a slow but surely building burner that... more...

12inch Present: Present016 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pattern Repeat - Pattern Repeat 09

Pattern Repeat

Pattern Repeat 09

A crawling filtered synth opens ‘009A’, murky kick drums and syncopated high-hats join it, to create a long winding warehouse melody, these are then e... more...

12inch Pattern Repeat: Pattern09 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Brainwaltzera - Bunker EP


Bunker EP

Brainwaltzera and Analogical Force move along the same path, without questions, and always looking forward. "Bunker EP" is the new piece of the puzzle... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF014 € 11,99

Lake Haze - The Observer EP

Lake Haze

The Observer EP

Next up on Creme Organizaiton is Lake Haze. The Hague based Portuguese artist is a regular on this label having put out four EPs in the last two years... more...

12inch Creme: CR1298 € 9,49

Mosam Howieson - Napalm (Romance)

Mosam Howieson

Napalm (Romance)

Melbourne native Mosam Howieson debuts on Butter Sessions with two original techno cuts. On the opening track 'Napalm (Romance)' an advanced pulse pus... more...

12inch Butter Sessions: BSR016 € 10,99

X-Coast  - XTC EP



Four solid House jams on the steady Hot Haus Records label including a Kornél Kovács Remix).

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit040 € 11,99

Various Artists - DUR001

Various Artists


The DUR001 presents the combination of wide atmospheres with hypnotic rhythms, such as techno and dub, illustrating a journey through mysterious and a... more...

12inch DUR: DUR001 € 9,99

Alan Backdrop - Hydra

Alan Backdrop


Diverse minimalistic techno cuts from Alan Backdrop.

12inch Semantica: Sem097 € 9,99

Realmz - Mindfold



One of Sonic Groove’s longest standing label artists, Realmz returns with an infectious well rounded four cut extended EP entitled “Mindfold”. Straigh... more...

12inch Sonic groove: SG1884 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

SH1 - SH1



Banging Techno cuts on this Sheep affiliated label. Sounds like Jeff Mills and Regis at once. 90' inspired!

12inch SH1: SH1 € 11,99

Nimam Spregleda - Ad Infinitum

Nimam Spregleda

Ad Infinitum

Raw dirty jacking tracks fatter than a ferry to Helsingor! Nimam Spregleda provides 4 tracks representing the underground sound of Helsingborg and it... more...

12inch Borft: Borft156 € 10,99

Svreca / - A/A Revisited

Svreca /

A/A Revisited

Avenza and Aquatermae originally released on Konstrukt get remix treatment by Wata Igarashi and Max Durante.

12inch Semantica: Sem075s € 9,99