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Duve - Uzay Kok


Uzay Kok

Longtime friends and production partners Ali Çak?r and Soren Jahan launch their new label Hörru with a 4 track EP. Hörru will focus on releasing vinyl... more...

12inch Horru: Horru001 € 12,99

Antti Simola - SBASE003

Antti Simola


Carefully saturated floor stompers by finnish groove expert.

12inch Second Base: SBASE003 € 10,99

Memphis - Sunken Gardens


Sunken Gardens

Proper trip-out box jam business from Memphis

12inch Animals On Psychedelics: AOP 003 € 12,99

Recondite - Rainmaker



Recondite signs his first full record to the Afterlife label, following two tracks on the Realm Of Consciousness compilations and many revered perform... more...

2x12inch Afterlife: AL015 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Seinfeld - DJ Kicks

DJ Seinfeld

DJ Kicks

Non-exclusive he first chapter of Armand Jakobsson’s musical career has been nothing short of remarkable. After establishing himself with rough but em... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7370LP € 29,99

Stare 5 - Bloodloops EP

Stare 5

Bloodloops EP

Warehouse find! Energetic techno / house tracks from 1996 on this Chicago based label.

12inch Clashbackk Recordings: CLASH004 € 7,99

Casey Tucker - Alternative Faction

Casey Tucker

Alternative Faction

Casey is up to bat once again for Love Notes from Brooklyn. This time, though, it's a more complete three track artist EP on offer. The music, of cour... more...

12inch Love Notes: LVNO015 € 12,99

Ste Roberts - 2

Ste Roberts


Release 00002 on the newly hand stamped STE imprint delivers you 2 more infectious tool like house and techno numbers, taking things even darker on th... more...

12inch STE: STE00002 € 9,99

Lory D - Jam With Deaf Cats

Lory D

Jam With Deaf Cats

After the label was put on hold for many years, there was no doubt, that Lory D was up to the task of reanimating the sleeping beauty of Seilscheibenp... more...

12inch Seilscheibenpfeile: SSPB001 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Synkro & Arovane - Refractive (Index)

Synkro & Arovane

Refractive (Index)

Synkro AKA Joe McBride teams up with veteran Arovane AKA Uwe Zahn for a sublime collaborative EP on Apollo. ‘ Refractive (Index)’ sees the duo explori... more...

12inch Apollo: AMB1806 € 11,98
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dasha Rush - Acid Sketch

Dasha Rush

Acid Sketch

Brand new release from Dash Rush – Acid Sketch!! After her last release on Sonic Groove – Aint No God Nor King Ep in 2017, Acid Sketch will be her... more...

12inch Full Panda: FP025 € 10,99

Museum - Silo



The pair has released on vital labels like MARCEL DETTMANN Records and Indigo Area and make for some of the most robust and powerful techno around. Th... more...

12inch Will & Ink: Wnk014 € 11,99

Rittowski - The human race is no longer available, please select another lifeform


The human race is no longer available, please select another lifeform

Peter Kadergard has been active in the Helsingborg (Sweden) electronic music scene since the early 1990's. He was involved in various collaborations d... more...

EP Borft: Borft157 € 10,99

Afriqua - Vice / Principle EP


Vice / Principle EP

Following his R&S debut, Afriqua (aka Adam Longman Parker) presents Vice/Principle, his second release for the renowned Belgian label. The extended... more...

2x12inch R&B Records: RS1808 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pretty Sneaky - 2

Pretty Sneaky


Pure rhythm & groove adventure reflecting on UK Bass related beat science & Dub Reggae roots

12inch Pretty Sneaky: PRSN2 (79829) € 10,99

 MSRG - Khazar EP


Khazar EP

Splendid debut from the new fresh MSRG for SolarOneMusic's Between Places sub label. The russian guy shows off some of the finest tunes we heard recen... more...

12inch Between Places: BP004 € 9,99

Tsuyoshi Ogawa / viDa - Seven Samurai 002

Tsuyoshi Ogawa / viDa

Seven Samurai 002

The second release of the Seven Samurai label. Cool Techno/Electronix dedicated to Akira Kurosawa as a new spiritual soundtrack for ''The Hidden Fores... more...

12inch Seven Samurai: SS002Z € 10,99

Blue Hour - Beyond The Void

Blue Hour

Beyond The Void

Over the past few years, Luke Standing – the British producer behind the Blue Hour project, has been developing his self-titled imprint as a go-to out... more...

12inch Blue Hour: Bluehour 010 € 12,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trux - Untitled



Trux’ second EP on Berlin based record label Office is a bow to the many outstanding moments in the history of Ambient music. Allusions to Brian Eno a... more...

12inch Office Recordings: Office13 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ground Tactics - Immaterial Breath

Ground Tactics

Immaterial Breath

Ground Tactics arises with a transformative release, building bridges between sonic fields. Immaterial Breath EP raises energy levels by creating pecu... more...

12inch Midgar Records: MDG00X € 9,99

Teste - The Box Man


The Box Man

Teste returns with The Box Man, a five-track EP that marks their first release of original material in 25 years. Formed during the early nineties in H... more...

12inch BITE: BITE02 € 11,99

Rasmus Hedlund - Intet Efter Allt

Rasmus Hedlund

Intet Efter Allt

Ljudverket celebrates the tenth release of the imprint with music by Rasmus Hedlund. Intet Efter Allt is the result of new explorations in the field o... more...

12inch Ljudverket: LJUD010 € 11,99

Splice - Reflective



lovely executed techno cuts by Elias Landberg from Skudge. more...

12inch Arsenik: ASR012 € 10,99

Mod21 - Chapter 01X
12inch 21: 21X01 € 11,99

Primitive Art - Crab Suite

Primitive Art

Crab Suite

Primitive Art arrives on Arcola with Crab Suite, a new EP that sets out to explore otherworldly territories through four apocalyptic-dub transmissions... more...

12inch Arcola: Arc009 € 14,99

The Horn - Villager (Luca Lozano Remix)

The Horn

Villager (Luca Lozano Remix)

One-sided, stamped white label, not on label remix of The Horns 'Villager' from '96. Luca Lozano breakbeat update remix for modern times and new liste... more...

One sided 12 Unknown: LOZHORNO € 8,99

Caim - Flaneur



The first release by the Amsterdam based duo Caim on their self-titled label. The duo’s distillation of the everyday voices captivated on this mindset... more...

12inch Caim Records: CAIM001 € 12,99

Shed - The Final Experiment


The Final Experiment

Under the moniker Shed, Pawlowitz published three highly ambitious albums in which he defined his work more and more as his own way of musical narrati... more...

2x12inch Monkeytown: MTR069LP € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bruxas - Sirocco



Sirocco is the second EP by Bruxas, the psychedelic, beat-driven, tropical, house group consisting of Jacco Gardner and Nic Mauskovic, featuring the p... more...

12inch Unknown: DKMNTL059 € 12,99

Marko Nastic - Through JJ Eyes

Marko Nastic

Through JJ Eyes

Marko Nastic's third edition of Easy Tiger brings together some of the finest artists of the genre. V.I.C.A.R.I. keeps it low, tuned to afterparti... more...

12inch Easy Tiger: ET003 € 11,49

MaxxxBass - Gone Fishing


Gone Fishing

One half of the KWC 92 (who has previously delivered two top notch lps for L.I.E.S.), Swedish producer Max Stenerudh aka Maxxx Bass steps forward with... more...

12inch LIES: LIES114 € 18,99

Dax J - There Will Be No Redemption EP

Dax J

There Will Be No Redemption EP

Dax J returns to Monnom Black with a huge double EP of Techno and Acid weapons! Comes with free digital download code, A5 Art + Sticker. more...

2x12inch + Download Monnom Black: MONNOM015 € 19,99

Various Artists - Forever 1

Various Artists

Forever 1

Perc Trax is proud to launch its new various artists EP series dedicated to both showcasing artists that are new to the label and offering an outlet t... more...

12inch Perc Trax: TPT080 € 11,49

Various Artist - Don’t You Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid

Various Artist

Don’t You Mess With Cupid, ‘Cause Cupid Ain’t Stupid

Nice compilation with a versatile selection with old 90's work and fresh new bits. for release 20 in Trip Nina Kraviz is tracing sub-cultures from the... more...

2LP Trip: Trp020 € 23,99

PVS - Bipolar Crowd


Bipolar Crowd

PVS is an artist who is known for his solid productions on his own label H.omevvork (just to remind you of his masterpiece of four years 'fuckin' soci... more...

2x12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLP01 € 19,99

Benny Rodrigues - Kisje

Benny Rodrigues


The Corner and this time we welcome aboard Benny Rodrigues which has been completely on fire and this project sees him with his own approach to deep h... more...

12inch The Corner: COR-17 € 10,99

Nihad Tule / RHYW / Marco Shuttle / Efdemin / Konrad Sprenger - Naif 09

Nihad Tule / RHYW / Marco Shuttle / Efdemin / Konrad Sprenger

Naif 09

The second strike comes with two superstrong Techno tracks: „Lean Forward“ is a contribution by Nihad Tule that wil burn the dancefloors. Followed by... more...

12inch Naif: Naif09 € 10,99

Sasse - Soul Sounds (DoRic Remixes)


Soul Sounds (DoRic Remixes)

Klas Henrik Lindblad better known as Sasse or Freestyle Man has been a friend of our label for many years and also released together with Dorian for o... more...

12inch raum: Musik105 € 9,99

Beta Evers & Alienata - Devotion EP (Bodyvolt Remix)

Beta Evers & Alienata

Devotion EP (Bodyvolt Remix)

Discos Atonicos is proud to announce their new release: The Devotion EP a rare split 12 of the legendary queen of darkness, Beta Evers, and the founde... more...

12inch Discos Atonicos: DAT003 € 11,99

Bjarki + Nina Kraviz - TRP ADE PT 2
12inch Trip: TRPADEPT2(2017) store only

DNAonDNA - The Grind EP


The Grind EP

Mighty DNAonDNA (Heteroerotic Asphyxiation, Oiwa) manufactures STRICTLY STRICTLY's magical 3rd release and offers nothing than power, power, power: Er... more...

12inch Strictly Strictly: STRICT003 € 11,99

Blac Kolor - Awakening

Blac Kolor


Classy, EBM dominated & centered integration of Techno & far-out, noisy Electronics (in gatefold sleeve w/ download code) more...

LP Hands B: HandsB045 (19810) € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gabor Lazar - Unfold

Gabor Lazar


Gábor Lázár mutates 2-step, grime and electro prisms with economic yet ravishing effect on Unfold, his solo début LP proper for The Death of Rave. more...

2LP The Death Of Rave: Rave023 € 24,99

Samuel Kerridge - The I Is Nothing

Samuel Kerridge

The I Is Nothing

Downwards return with an EP of Hardcore techno ballistics and mutant metal alloys from Samuel Kerridge, featuring vocals by Aaron Turner (Isis, Sumac,... more...

12inch Downwards: LIN078 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L