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Dark Circles  - Dctrax004

Dark Circles


The 4th release on Dark Circles DC Trax imprint focuses on 4 varied reinterpretations by artists who are currently inspiring the London duo. Starting... more...

12inch DC Trax: DCTrax004 € 10,99

Mava & Nebukat - Polymer EP (Vakula remix)

Mava & Nebukat

Polymer EP (Vakula remix)

Tallinn duo Mava & Nebukat deliver four tranquil cuts on Estonia’s Liitheli, featuring remixes by Leleka founder Vakula and 1212a alongside label boss... more...

12inch Liitheli: Liit003 € 11,99

Train To Eltanin - V1

Train To Eltanin


Hi-Speed Electrofunk with some energetic stop and go that makes it a sure killer dancefloor weapon, atmospherical and evocative club sounds, classicis... more...

12inch Cyperspeak: Cyberspk01 € 11,99

It's Thinking - Hyperion

It's Thinking


Hyperion became a cult hit in the underground scene during the last two years. The combination of warm melodies, grooving bassline and loud breakbeat... more...

12inch Frame Of Mind: FOM010 € 8,99

Clouds - Parkzicht



''Ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poe... more...

12inch Electric Deluxe: EDLX057 € 12,99

Gabe & Jude - Jam For The Other Side

Gabe & Jude

Jam For The Other Side

Two tracks that take influences from Old school breakbeat, bleep and bass heavy early NYC house.

12inch Gabe & Jude: GANDJ002 € 11,49

Sir Lord Commix  - Retroactive (Part Three)

Sir Lord Commix

Retroactive (Part Three)

''Matt Edwards’ R-Time Records reissue label drops four more Sir Lord Commix tracks in the third ‘Retroactive’ release. Real name Amoon Andrews, th... more...

12inch R-Tyme Records: RTM006 € 10,99

WD41 / Toke / El Choop - Dansolso's Jungle

WD41 / Toke / El Choop

Dansolso's Jungle

Mint Tea proudly presents Dansolos Jungle. A deliciously velvet blend of tracks sourced from the UK and Georgia, nurtured and crafted by producers WD4... more...

12inch Mint Tea: MT004 € 11,99

James Kumo - Drifter EP (w/ DJ Spider remix)

James Kumo

Drifter EP (w/ DJ Spider remix)

Label-head James Kumo brings three original cuts to his KMusic imprint with Plan B co-founder DJ SPIDER on remix duties. Title track ‘Drifter’ kicks... more...

12inch Unknown: KMusic009 € 11,99

Onur Ozer - Akmar EP

Onur Ozer

Akmar EP

Tweaked, sci-fi Techno and Electro by Berlin-based producer Onur Ozer more...

2x12inch Denial: D01 € 24,49

Amandra - Dame de Bahia Remixes


Dame de Bahia Remixes

Following the release of Amandra's acclaimed Dame de Bahia album last year, Obscura now presents 4 interpretations provide varying takes on Amandra's... more...

12inch Obscura: OBSM006 € 11,00
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Amandra - Dame de Bahia


Dame de Bahia

Ahrpe Records co-founder Amandra navigates a unique space between droning ambience and polyrhythmic funk on 'Dame De Bahia', his first release to emer... more...

2x12inch Obscura: OBSM003 € 28,99

Deniro - Bhote Kukur Ep


Bhote Kukur Ep

After his successful double 12" Mendoza on Nina Kraviz' Trip imprint, Deniro returns back home to his own Tape Records with a warm 4 track Detroit tec... more...

12inch Tape: Tape012 € 9,99

Various Artists - Common Purpose Series Three

Various Artists

Common Purpose Series Three

Ben Gibson & Fundamental Interaction's Dyad Records welcomes Stephanie Sykes, Joton, Electric Rescue and Binny for the third installment of 'Common Pu... more...

12inch DYAD: DYAD011 € 10,49

Heinrich Tillack - Tick Trax Volume I
12inch U-Trax: 13UTRSY1 € 9,99

Cosmin Trg - Brixtonstrasse/ Gloria

Cosmin Trg

Brixtonstrasse/ Gloria

osmin TRG is back on his white label operation, Sportiv. Brixtonstrasse explores an imaginary buffer zone between the urban angst of London’s pirate t... more...

12inch Sportiv: SPORTIV004 € 9,99

Ish - Point Reyes


Point Reyes

Two analogue techno tracks and a melodic broken beat composition - The works are produced by up and coming artist Ish. White Label, Hand-Stamped, Hand... more...

12inch Albeit: Albeit002 € 12,99

XXX - Westzaan Doelen


Westzaan Doelen

A Poverty is Violence returns with a killer 6 track EP from the mystery XXX, who delivers six cuts of Post Wave intentions. P.I.V. continue to search... more...

12inch Poverty Is Violence: PIVxxx001 € 10,99

Modus - Triple M EP


Triple M EP

Outer Zone is the label from Glasgow's La Cheetah Club - a place where Jon K, Palms Trax and Sotofett play regularly. This one follows on from their... more...

12inch Outer Zone: OUZ02 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kittin - Cosmos LP


Cosmos LP

Reclaiming her original moniker of Kittin, electroclash pioneer - formerly known as Miss Kittin - presents Cosmos, a continuous twelve-track LP of o... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE243 € 19,99

Xray Xperiments  - Xray Xperiments Volume 2

Xray Xperiments

Xray Xperiments Volume 2

MPS is proud to be able to offer you Xray Xperiments Vol 2 (XRAY 003) as a Limited Edition Two Disc set for the best reproduction and your listening p... more...

2x12inch Various UK re-releases: XRAY003 € 21,99

Hawke and God Within - Acid Funk

Hawke and God Within

Acid Funk

n 1996, Gavin and Scott Hardkiss entered the San Francisco Tenderloin studio frequented by the Grateful Dead and Fleetwood Mac and made Acid Funk and... more...

12inch Hardkiss: HK006 € 10,99

Hawke  - 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden


3 Nudes In A Purple Garden

The Killer first Hawke release, released in 1993 are now available in limited quantity of the original pressing. Featuring the original version plus r... more...

12inch Hardkiss: HK003 € 10,99

Ectomorph - Stalker



Ectomorph occupy a unique and strange place within Detroit Techno history. Founded in 1994 as an inspired reaction to DBX, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, Sä... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT042 € 29,99




Ingenious SW’s signature blend of atmospheric Detroit Techno & timeless Chill-out pulses more...

LP Sued: Sued021 (00210) € 15,99

Mark Archer - Songs For Einna EP

Mark Archer

Songs For Einna EP

Craftily executed, classy blend of jacking Chicago & classic Detroit schooled Techno

12inch Artless: Artless2180 (18514) € 10,99

Kowton & Parris - Deep Concentration

Kowton & Parris

Deep Concentration

In accordance with relativity, they are in some sense interchangeable, but we do know that they form co-equal parts of a larger 'thing' called space-t... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-KP1 € 11,49

Various Artists - Back To The Phuture - Sampler 2/2

Various Artists

Back To The Phuture - Sampler 2/2

We are proud to present The Mover and Miro on Self Reflektion for the second REFLEKT010 sampler. Featured is a selection of tracks previously unreleas... more...

12inch Self Reflektion: Reflekt010B € 9,49

Roberto Clementi - Cadmio EP

Roberto Clementi

Cadmio EP

Roberto Clementi delivers his 'Cadmio’ EP on Echocord sub-label Echo Echo this October, containing four original tracks from the Italy-based artist.

12inch Echo Echo: Echo005 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Niagara - Apologia



Unique psychedelic killers from Niagara, mounting a sterling debut album with Lisbon’s Príncipe five years after their first 12”, ‘Ouro Oeste’ [2013].... more...

LP Principe: P024 € 19,99

Amond - Fluent State


Fluent State

This fall, Amond paves a new path to the peak of Mind Everest with a deeply emotive five-track EP called Fluent State. Amond's debut features patient... more...

12inch Mind Everest: MIND3 € 9,99

DMX Krew - 20 Years: Classics, Unreleased And Remixes

DMX Krew

20 Years: Classics, Unreleased And Remixes

Ed DMX, better known as DMX Krew, is one of most prolific musicians of recent years. He is well known for his works for Rephlex and also for other lab... more...

12x12inch Box Set Fundamental records: FR011 € 124,99

Makaton - Immaculata



For those familiar with the infamous "Birmingham Techno" movement, Makaton is someone who needs little introduction. For those that aren't, the Brummi... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI013 € 9,99

Yan Cook - Dead Satellite

Yan Cook

Dead Satellite

Ukrainian producer Yan Cook steps up for his second EP in a row on Delsin Records' Inertia series, the dancefloor focussed offshoot that is running si... more...

12inch Delsin: Inertia08 € 9,49

Qnete - shtum 018


shtum 018

Qnete brings four Power House bangers to the dance floor. The four tracks came to his mind during a Segway tour through Leipzig's problem districts. T... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum018 € 10,49

Nixxon / Franz Scala - Mechatronica White 2

Nixxon / Franz Scala

Mechatronica White 2

Berlin collective Mechatronica continues their limited, vinyl-only White series dedicated to sounds across synth, new wave, EBM, italo and electro, wi... more...

12inch Mechatronica Music: MTRONW002 € 9,99

John Daly - We Will Again (Selections)

John Daly

We Will Again (Selections)

Previously on All City via The Smoke Clears, West 2 West & Night Christ John Daly a six 6 track edition of his 10 track digital album 'We Will Live Ag... more...

12inch All City Dublin: ACJD12X1 € 11,49

Anders Enge - Love Loser

Anders Enge

Love Loser

Borft proudly presents Anders 2nd vinyl on Borft, "Love Loser". As on "Tengdalsg. Acid Master" this is very Electronic and experimental Music but this... more...

12inch Borft: Borft160 € 10,99

Aubrey - Clock Funk 2


Clock Funk 2

Return of the UK producer Allen Saei aka Aubrey on the mighty Barba label is another bold statement in the discography of this well-versed artist. Bui... more...

EP Barba Records: BAR017 € 9,99

Umwelt / Ryan James Ford  - Untitled

Umwelt / Ryan James Ford


REPITCH Recordings presents another small collection of club-ready electronic creations. This time around, the label welcomes french veteran and New F... more...

12inch Repitch Recordings: RPTCH09 € 10,49

Kenny Dahl - Rotary

Kenny Dahl


Label owner Kenny Dahl back to Eclectic Limited. After 2 years of exploration in the “furrow” land, this vinyl is on the launch pad towards new “gala... more...

12inch Eclectic Limited: ECLLTD006 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L