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Hermes - An-Archon EP


An-Archon EP

A hiatus is always something needed to experience, silence is a process in which one can value and have a closer perspective within sound. An-Archon c... more...

12inch Coum Records: COUMLTD003 € 10,49

Irakli / Stanislav Tolkachev - Inkblots #4

Irakli / Stanislav Tolkachev

Inkblots #4

Life is complex and since the only way out is through, complexity demands to be embraced. As a label dedicated to bringing two unique minds together f... more...

12inch Inkblots: INK004 € 9,99

Various Artists - Continuum 3: Fluctus

Various Artists

Continuum 3: Fluctus

Marking its ten-year anniversary Dynamic Reflection is set to release Continuum, a collection of five uniquely intertwined EP's. The special series co... more...

12inch Dynamic Reflection: 10YRDREF003 € 10,99

No Smoke - International Smoke Signal

No Smoke

International Smoke Signal

Presenting the long sought after, groundbreaking and classic 1990 UK long-player finally remastered and reissued for 2018.International Smoke Signal'... more...

2LP Warriors Dance: WAFLP3 € 22,49

Yennek (Kenny Larkin) - Serena X (Carl Craig Innerzone Mix)

Yennek (Kenny Larkin)

Serena X (Carl Craig Innerzone Mix)

Detroit bred / LA based producer Kenny Larkin has long been a force to be reckoned with, both in the studio and in the DJ booth. For over 2 decades th... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC021 € 10,49

Shonky - Shonky ep


Shonky ep

Shonky has over the years developed a signature hypnotic hard grooving sound, characterised by punishing beats laced through with detailed polyrhythms... more...

EP Third Ear: 3eep201804 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dawn Again / Rothmans - Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again / Rothmans

Timeless Odyssey

Dawn Again and UK underground champ Rothmans deliver some Psychedelic, melodic, and grooving tracks with 'Timeless Odyssey' venturing into melancholic... more...

12inch Wonder Stories: WS024 € 12,49

S.A.M. - Prolific Trilogy 009.2


Prolific Trilogy 009.2

Second part of the Prolific Trilogy series from S.A.M. on Delaphine. 'Money Blues' is a monster banger reminiscent of mid 90's french house but with a... more...

12inch Delaphine: Delaphine009.2 € 11,99

Vedelius - Vedelius EP


Vedelius EP

What a wonderful outlier on Holland's 030303 label, this one! Lush breaks, with hints of UK hardcore and classic bleep house inhabit this wonderful EP... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP014 € 9,99

Antoni Maiovvi - The Ken Russell EP

Antoni Maiovvi

The Ken Russell EP

Maiovvi makes his omnidisc debut with a 3 tracker exploring a world made of lo-fi, hi-nrg horror dance.

12inch Omnidisc: OMD019 € 9,99

Downlink - Ultra Magnus


Ultra Magnus

A geniune collection of dubs from DATs courtesy of Downlink, slow cooked in a dusty drawer since 1997. A1 was originally released on Mosaic and stays... more...

12inch Transmigration: TM002 € 12,99

Robert Hood - DJ Kicks

Robert Hood

DJ Kicks

Detroit’s pioneering techno giant Robert Hood is next to take the reins of the DJ-Kicks mix series. It’s hard to talk about techno without Robert Hood... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7376LP € 29,99

Ellen Allien - Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien

Take A Stand Remixes

Ellen Allien's 'Take a Stand' receives four remixes that highlight and amplify the original track's unrestrained power. From Kobosil's anthemic rave b... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC338 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Peverelist - Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92


Bluez (Classic mix) / Und_92

Pev re-masters and re-issues a lead track from his debut LP 'Jarvik Mindstate' on Punch Drunk alongside a newly unearthed and previously unreleased tr... more...

12inch Punch Drunk: Drunk035 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TM404 - Endor Trico


Endor Trico

You know that warm feeling of anticipation, standing on a platform waiting for the train to bring a loved one home to you? That's what a new Tilliande... more...

12inch Kontra Musik: KMWL011 € 8,99

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt - Desert Sessions

Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt

Desert Sessions

Hazy, psychedelic, left-field club music by L.I.E.S affiliate Delroy Edwards and avant-pop provocateur Dean Blunt more...

LP L.A. Club Resource: LACR024 € 22,99

Forward Strategy Group - Further, Too Far EP

Forward Strategy Group

Further, Too Far EP

*** A knight on a horse, riding a rocky path, his dog next to him, meets Death on his way, in the ***

12inch Mord: MORD055 € 10,49

Radial - Tympana EP


Tympana EP

*** ex nihilo, twelve, cash, moonwalker, wolf, pyro, knives, flesh, sun, doors, death, whistle, doves, two, postcard, skies, mice, you. *** more...

2x12inch Mord: MORD056 € 19,99

Various Artists - The World Of Monnom Black

Various Artists

The World Of Monnom Black

Monnom Black marks its 17th release with its first various artist compilation presented on triple vinyl. Keeping with the label's modus operandi, the... more...

3x12inch Monnom Black: MONNOM017 € 27,99

Carola Baer - The Story Of Valerie

Carola Baer

The Story Of Valerie

First up is Carola Baer's The Story of Valery, which is comprised of music from a one-off demo cassette found in a thrift store. Beautiful personal &... more...

LP Concentric Circles: CC001 € 27,49

LDY OSC - Magic2 Of 8 EP


Magic2 Of 8 EP

The Bunker New York is excited to be releasing LDY OSC’s powerful debut EP “Magic² of 8” which takes inspiration from Liaisons Dangereuses as much as... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK034 € 12,99

Clay Wilson - The Law Of Seven

Clay Wilson

The Law Of Seven

The “Law of Seven” refers to the spiritualist philosopher Gurdjieff’s idea that the evolution of phenomena proceeds according to a universal seven-ste... more...

12inch The Bunker New York: BK033 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nonetheless - Nonetheless LP


Nonetheless LP

Welcome to the seductive groove of Nonetheless, a new duo formed of Florian Bocksrucker and Felix Bergleiter, and the first LP on Neubau. Across four... more...

2LP Neubau: BAU010 € 24,99

Various Artists - Binoclorized Ep

Various Artists

Binoclorized Ep

Hearing Colours is a new imprint based between Berlin and Miami. The label's debut release is a stunning V/A features the talents of Pohl, Onirik, Fel... more...

12inch Hearing Colours: HC001 € 12,99

Tilliander - Cleanse And Manipulate


Cleanse And Manipulate

New label based from Madrid starts with the mighty Andreas Tilliander for their first 12"

12inch Fold: FOLD01 € 9,99

Kasra V  - Akasa

Kasra V


6 track EP. Featuring a remix from Mike Servito and Justin Cudmore, and a collaboration with Dopplereffekt’s Rudolf Klorzeiger and To Nhan. more...

12inch Firehouse: FH013 € 10,99

Younger Than Me - XXX006

Younger Than Me


XXX006 is created by the upcoming duo Younger Than Me. With stellar releases on Bordello A Parigi and Tusk Wax with diverse music that ranges from dis... more...

12inch XXX The Label: XXX006 € 13,49

Deep Dimension  - So 1992

Deep Dimension

So 1992

Banging ravey techno by this Dutch duo.incl Radio Slave & P. Leone Remixes

12inch REKIDS: REKIDS127 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Black Merlin - NOI

Black Merlin


The English artist George Thompson aka Black Merlin, is the name behind our fifth release. He debuts on the label with his 4-track EP in which he c... more...

12inch She Lost Kontrol: SLK005 € 15,99

Synapse - Knowing Something 3


Knowing Something 3

Coming up for breath from a deep dive into the archives, Knowing Something's third offering comes courtesy of the Synapse team. The A-side features th... more...

12inch Knowing Something: KS3 € 9,99

B12 - Time Tourist (reissue)


Time Tourist (reissue)

Warp travel back to the lost futures of 1996 with this first-ever reissue of Time Tourist, the second album from the pioneering ambient techno produce... more...

2LP + Download Warp: WARPLP37RGold € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yuri Urano - Autline

Yuri Urano


Perhaps CPU's deepest foray into techno, Osaka-based artist Yuri Urano's 'Autline' E.P. draws parallels with the machine-like incremental builds of Sw... more...

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU01000001 € 10,49

Lucy Cliché - Cliché’s Principle

Lucy Cliché

Cliché’s Principle

“Cliché’s Principle” exhibits the two-sided aura of an artist long familiar with the cultivation of DIY ethos: an effortless expulsion of playful imme... more...

12inch Fleisch: F//010 € 13,99

Omar-S / Oasis - 004 / 14
12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS004/OAS14 € 11,99

ASOK - To Think I Hesitated


To Think I Hesitated

Northern DJ & producer ASOK returns to Lobster following a 1.5 year break from the grind, getting right back in the deep with four deep, brooding club... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: LT-UNDR-03 € 12,99

616 - Amor Amor Amor EP


Amor Amor Amor EP

Lots of Love from South of Italy...the 7th release of seekers sublabel Twig comes from 616....all tracks are produced and recorded in 2018.

12inch Twig: SSL007 € 13,49

Vril - Anima Mundi


Anima Mundi

Second album by Vril on Delsin Records. A deep excursion for mind and body, combining his trademark dub techno grooves with experimental ambient trips... more...

3LP Delsin: 132DSR € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Wolves Bay - There & Back EP

Wolves Bay

There & Back EP

Out of early mornings & contemplation come 3 tracks of sheer beauty ready to reunite with urban dancefloors.

12inch Wolves Bay: WB002 € 11,99

Cromie - Cromie’s Habit


Cromie’s Habit

Supreme breakbeat house, floor-focused leftfield grooves, and a rhythmic ambient chiller.

12inch Material Image: MATIMG06 € 11,99

Iron Curtis / Daniela La Luz / Christian S - ://aboutblank 001

Iron Curtis / Daniela La Luz / Christian S

://aboutblank 001

First release of the Berlin collective owners club ://about blank. A family affair is now going on with a label with six artists on a double ep, one... more...

12inch about blank: aboutblank005 € 11,99

New Frames - RNF1

New Frames


Hard hitting, ‘no-prisoners-taking’, slightly 1990s EBM infected Techno banger.

12inch R - Label Group: RNF1 (80050) € 13,99

Low Flung - Dribble

Low Flung


Low Flung presents a new four tracker rich with dreamy soundscapes, emerging bass adventures and subtly dub leaning drum machine rhythms. As the head... more...

12inch Butter Sessions: BSR019 € 14,99