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Billy Nightmare - Reality Check EP

Billy Nightmare

Reality Check EP

Digging deep into the Chicago Rave vaults to re-issue the debut EP from Billy Nightmare aka “Mystic Bill” Torres. Growing up in Miami, Bill was involv... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE227 € 14,99

Bill Converse - Hulled EP

Bill Converse

Hulled EP

'Hulled' is a 25 minute journey spread across 4 tracks of glacial abandon. All tracks were recorded directly to tape with no overdubs, made at Convers... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE222 € 14,99

M.S.L. - Re-Adapt



Hailing from Montreal, Canada is M.S.L. For their BAKK debut the duo present three rugged floor oriented tracks. A fast paced belter for the A side an... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK013 € 10,99

D.Dan - Covert Operation EP


Covert Operation EP

D.Dan is back in the game with four rip-roaring speedy techno hammers! Proper rollicking Birmingham via Detroit bangers for 7am submarine rave action.

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster053 € 12,99

Interjection - Common Places


Common Places

Verdant Recordings continues its quest to provide a space for lesser-known artists exploring the deepest pockets of electronic music, not least around... more...

12inch Verdant Records: VR005 € 14,49

ESB/MIihail P - Lullabies For Robots

ESB/MIihail P

Lullabies For Robots

The latest joint on Verdant comes from an exciting new collaboration between ESB (previously spotted on Echovolt, Leftroom and Heart To Heart) and Mih... more...

12inch Verdant Records: VR004 € 13,49

AOS / Sonitus Eco - Rate of Expansion

AOS / Sonitus Eco

Rate of Expansion

The third release on Verdant frames AOS and Sonitus Eco opposite each other for an original production and a corresponding remix, plumbing the depths... more...

12inch Verdant Records: VR003 € 13,49

Caffeine Worldwide - Trinity EP

Caffeine Worldwide

Trinity EP

HCB delivers a packet of absolutely blissed-out serotonin kissed sunrise rave material from California’s Caffeine Worldwide aka Dylan Chase.

12inch Human Concrete Block: HCB001 € 12,99

DJ Solange and The Balek Band - Frequence Pure Vol.1

DJ Solange and The Balek Band

Frequence Pure Vol.1

The prolific team from Nantes is delivering its first label effort, bringing to light two complementary visions of dance music that matter equally in... more...

12inch Abstrack Records: ABREC001 € 12,49

Group A - Circulation EP

Group A

Circulation EP

Kashual Plastik boss Herc E Rillen presents another handmade package, for the lucky few who leap on this new release, by Berlin based Tokyo outfit, gr... more...

12inch Kashual Plastik: KASHUALPLASTIK006 store only

John Beltran - Ten Days Of Blue

John Beltran

Ten Days Of Blue

Ten Days Of Blue (1996) built on the successes of its predecessors with sharp rhythms and pure digital sounds flooding through dreamy sequences and su... more...

2LP Peacefrog: PF049 € 34,99

S-Audio - Red Earth


Red Earth

Third release from Italian duo based in Barcelona S-Audio.

12inch S-Audio Recordings: SA03 € 12,99

Cassegrain - Collabs 01


Collabs 01

Cassegrain announce collaborative EP. The Berlin based duo of Alex Tsiridis & Hüseyin Evirgen will release new work recorded alongside DJ Nobu, Tensal... more...

12inch Arcing Seas: ARCS07 € 10,99

Patricio Cabezas - Mi Calle

Patricio Cabezas

Mi Calle

This is something in between underground & Commercial in a good way... Patricio Cabezas is an experienced musician and producer, born in Chile but l... more...

12inch Borft: Borft159 € 10,99

Carl Finlow - Boolean EP

Carl Finlow

Boolean EP

Carl Finlow's Beckoned EP was the first EP on Craigie Knowes back in 2016, since then he's seen a string of releases under various guises on some of t... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP12 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Xan / Honealome - Any Body Can Dance

Xan / Honealome

Any Body Can Dance

Russia's underground party and podcast series ABCD (Any Body Can Dance) have decided to launch their own label and geo-referencing has become a major... more...

12inch ABCD: ABCD001 € 11,99

Turning Man - Ultra Relations

Turning Man

Ultra Relations

Mysterious Turning Man returns with some sweaty club music!

12inch Turning Man: TM002 € 13,49

TNT Boo One Koze - Undeground Marketers EP

TNT Boo One Koze

Undeground Marketers EP

TNT Boo One Koze debuts on Illegal Series with some cool house/techno tracks!

12inch Illegal Series: IS08 € 12,49

Daif - Between The Lines EP


Between The Lines EP

Shadow Play is back with a four tracker EP by Daif. The french producer brings the heat on this release with 4 materials made for the club between te... more...

12inch Shadow Play: SP004L € 12,49

Sam Watson - Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Techno in the classic British tradition of Surgeon, Christian Vogel, Regis to name a few. Simply put, beautiful, other-worldly, hypnotic, brilliantly... more...

12inch Third Ear: 3EEP201802 € 9,99

Barbara Ford - Sound of the Siren

Barbara Ford

Sound of the Siren

Are you Vogue enough? After contributing her mesmerizing lyrics to Sinfol's 'Crystalline', Barbara Ford now debuts on Anagram with her first solo EP t... more...

12inch Anagram: Anagram014 € 9,99

Spiral Deluxe  - Voodoo Magic

Spiral Deluxe

Voodoo Magic

As Electronic Music knows no creative boundaries, Spiral Deluxe is clearly a profound and convincing example of what is possible in the times we live... more...

2x12inch Axis: Ax076 € 34,99

Shinedoe - Mutant Frequencies


Mutant Frequencies

The Mutant Frequencies EP is the first transmission from Music That Moves - Shinedoe’s new label focussing entirely on her own productions.

12inch Music That Moves: MTM001 € 12,49

Neel - Transition



Neel returns to Token with Transition. Conceptually based around four elements in the group known as the transition metals and recorded live in one ta... more...

12inch Token: Token086 € 10,99

Jk Flesh - New Horizon

Jk Flesh

New Horizon

a new album for release on Speedy J's Electric Deluxe label by JK Flesh. Heavy grinding dark techno! more...

2LP Electric Deluxe: EDLX058LP € 29,99

L.B. Dub Corps - Roar

L.B. Dub Corps


The second release to be pressed into Totem's slabs of 10-inch vinyl is from techno impresario Luke Slater's L.B. Dub Corp moniker. Slater has been op... more...

10inch Stroboscopic Artefacts: SATOTEM002 € 10,99

Dave Angel  - Belle Ame / Let The Sun In

Dave Angel

Belle Ame / Let The Sun In

The first release on a relaunched Rotation Records from Label Boss, Dave Angel. A special inside out Club cut. Classic Detroit rooted techno!

12inch Rotation: ROTO764 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jon Fay - Planet Nynex

Jon Fay

Planet Nynex

Following on from his debut on Mörk last year, Jon Fay delves even further into the depths of the nocturnal shades of dub techno. Deep, throbbing perc... more...

12inch Mork: Mork017 € 12,99

EMG - Freedom



LiveJam is approaching its 10th year anniversary and its founder EMG releases his first solo EP on the imprint. Three heavy cuts to celebrate the arti... more...

12inch LiveJam: LJR08 € 12,99

Jon Hester - Aether

Jon Hester


Following Hiver's excellent EP, LET Recordings again welcomes American DJ and producer Jon Hester to their imprint. Currently based in Berlin but with... more...

12inch LET: LET008 € 9,99

Grand River - Pineapple

Grand River


Dutch-Italian composer, musician and producer Aimee Portioli alias Grand River is back on Spazio Disponibile. After a debut record on the label in 201... more...

2LP Spazio Disponibile: Spazio015 € 20,99

Perm - R.L. Flingo


R.L. Flingo

LACKRec. finally expands to the much loved Mitteldeutschland, signing a 5-tracker from leipzig's jack of all trades Perm. Jacking 313 injected techno... more...

12inch Lackrec: LACK016 € 9,99

Ectro Usic / A. Burger - Kratal / Device C (DJ Sotofett's808 Club Mix)

Ectro Usic / A. Burger

Kratal / Device C (DJ Sotofett's808 Club Mix)

From the ON_ series where unconventional, hard edged, experimental and archival club cuts get's re-presented, remixed and highlighted. Laton outs Russ... more...

EP Laton: Laton071 € 9,99

E-GZR - Metalurgic Funk Vol. 2


Metalurgic Funk Vol. 2

Metalurgic Funk Vol. 2 takes a short leap from Vol. 1, with all 4 cuts based around solid tonks of straight forward techno. Cutting 909-hat's, tunnel-... more...

12inch Wania: Wania9104 € 8,99

1/2 GOTT - 1/2 GOTT

1/2 GOTT

1/2 GOTT

1/2 GOTT is the new project of Sneaker from Dresden/Berlin and Scannoir from Zurich, who share their love for EBM and Synth Pop not only when DJing bu... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV048 € 12,99

B12 - Mindbender



-- Purple vinyl but comes without outersleeve -- Heavy pounding beats, harsh and wonderfull strings finished in glorious purple and black splatter vin... more...

12inch Firescope Records: FS004(no sleeve) € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dave Simon / Anders Ilar & John H  - Split EP

Dave Simon / Anders Ilar & John H

Split EP

The fourth release of Another Earth, a small Dutch vinyl only label with limited 300 pressings, has finally arrived. The A side is proper techno creat... more...

12inch Another Earth: AE404 € 9,99

Iron Curtis - Upstream color

Iron Curtis

Upstream color

Seven years down the line and Tamed Musiq is proud to present its first-ever album release: ,,Upstream Color'' by Iron Curtis. This long-awaited foll... more...

2x12inch Tamed Musiq: TMXLP001 € 18,99

Thanos Hana - TAR002

Thanos Hana


Outstanding 4 track ep by Rotterdam based Techno purveyor Thanos Hana.

12inch Tar Hallow: TAR002 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mount Kimbie - DJ Kicks

Mount Kimbie

DJ Kicks

Mount Kimbie take the reigns of the DJ-Kicks series with a 23 track mix that includes one of their own new exclusives. It’s a snapshot of exactly what... more...

2x12inch + Download !K7: K7364LP € 29,99

DJ Skull  - Powered Funk E.P

DJ Skull

Powered Funk E.P

Chicago pioneer DJ Skull steps up for the latest Bass Culture release bringing that original energy as only a native of the Windy City can do.

12inch Bass Culture: BCR057T € 12,49

V/A - Scenarii Vol.1


Scenarii Vol.1

Automatic Writing’s first various artists gathers the core members that contributed to the imprint’s discography so far: Murphie Cooper, Gab Jr., Cha... more...

12inch Automatic Writing: ATWT005 € 12,49

Korridor - End of Cycle


End of Cycle

Fabian Kempe's productions under the name of Korridor have consistently presented a foreboding and striking assembly. Previous appearances on Northern... more...

2LP Northern Electronics: NE54 € 19,99

Nuel - Toolkit: Selection


Toolkit: Selection

Italy's Nuel, aka Manuel Fogliata, pairs swift kicks and balmy tumbles on his 'Toolkit: Selection' for Northern Electronics. Each track in the barrel... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE52 € 9,99