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Isorinne - Recollections of Forgotten Dreams


Recollections of Forgotten Dreams

The third and final chapter in a three-part EP series from Field Records comes from Michel Isorinne, who has released a number of tapes under various... more...

12inch Field Records: Field019 € 8,99

Vai - Son Of Idaia


Son Of Idaia

With its eighth release, Leipzig-based Holger records introduces yet another new artist: Vai has been active in the scene for a few years already, wit... more...

12inch Holger: Holger8 € 11,49

Mick Travis - Face Disappears After Interrogation

Mick Travis

Face Disappears After Interrogation

Mick Travis’s Face Disappears After Interrogation is a raw and severe experiment in modular synth, rhythm box and tape echo. Deceptively simple pulses... more...

12inch Midwich: MW004 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Viands - Temporal Relics


Temporal Relics

Viands is a spontaneous collaboration between two auteurs of Detroit's underground music scene: Joel Peterson and David Shettler (Moon Pool and Dead B... more...

12inch Midwich: MW003 € 20,99

Patrick Cowley - Muscle Up

Patrick Cowley

Muscle Up

Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem Records have teamed up again to release another volume of gay porn soundtracks by San Francisco-based musician and... more...

2LP Dark Entries: DE106 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Luxury Apartments (David Tyack) - Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments (David Tyack)

Luxury Apartments

Spellbound archival home recordings revealing the esoteric sonic adventures of David Tyack (1978-2002), a founding artist from Andy Votel's Twisted Ne... more...

LP Dead Cert: VCR008 € 23,99

Slow Riffs - Gong Bath / Virgo Dub / Peace Arch
12inch Mood Hut: MH010 € 12,99

The Analog Roland Orchestra - Dinsync

The Analog Roland Orchestra


Nice ambient leading mini LP from The Analog Roland Orchestra. more...

LP Pressure Suit: PS001 € 19,99

Biomass & R.O.M - M.D.O.F EP

Biomass & R.O.M


The 8th Modal Analysis release; an improvisation-noise extract from the studio collaboration between the Greek electronic producer Panos Kyveleas, (a.... more...

12inch Modal Analysis: MA08 € 9,49

Franck Kartell - La Jetee dOrly

Franck Kartell

La Jetee dOrly

The album is a homage to the 1962 Chris Marker short film 'La Jetee', or 'The Jetty' - a film that tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in... more...

LP Bass Agenda: BA022 € 12,99

Run Dust - Serf Rash

Run Dust

Serf Rash

Luke Calzonetti, following up on the Zeckenentferner tape from Opal Tapes: eleven tracks ranging from proper songs to brutal techno, romantic melodic... more...

LP In Paradisum: IP018 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Metasplice - Metasplice



Philly's Metasplice are back with another double LP's worth of unique soundscapes. To be sure, they're previous sides for Morphosis's Morphine label a... more...

2x12inch Bruxist: Brux005 € 39,99

Benjamin Wood - Zone / Interzone

Benjamin Wood

Zone / Interzone

Carousel records makes it’s debut alongside Toronto’s Benjamin Wood, delivering 4 illusory cuts inspired by Tarkovsky’s 'Stalker' and the paranoid fic... more...

12inch Carousel: CRSL001 € 11,99

Imre Kiss / Casi Cada Minuto - A Sites

Imre Kiss / Casi Cada Minuto

A Sites

Proto Sites present their debut vinyl release featuring three tracks of hazy, murky ambient and bass-loaded techno from Lobster Theremin's Imre Kiss (... more...

12inch Proto Sites: PS003 € 14,99

Tim Love Lee - Standard Jazz / Wenzenwoznow

Tim Love Lee

Standard Jazz / Wenzenwoznow

Third of Peace Feast Industried 20 year releases kicks of with a speedy avant garde sounding synth runner - merging high-speed rhythms and beautiful a... more...

12inch Peace Feast: PAX2022 € 8,99

Anom Vitruv - Anomie

Anom Vitruv


First LP by Swiss producer Anom Vitruv, entitled Anomie. Subtitled 'Five Studies About Death' Anomieis an intricate tapestry of field recordings, inci... more...

LP Total Stasis: Stasis002 € 18,99

Manuel Gottsching - Die Mulde
CD MG.ART: MG.ART301CD € 25,99

Legowelt - Classics 1998 - 2003


Classics 1998 - 2003

Repress of the now classic compilation of Classics 1998 - 2003, presented with the original artwork. Twelve tracks for those who like it the easy way... more...

2LP Bunker: B3028 € 22,49