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Plant43 - From Deep Streams


From Deep Streams

Emile Facey (Plant43) has been at the forefront of electronic for more than twelve years. During that time the British producer has released on a host... more...

2LP Shipwrec: Shiplp07 € 19,99

Red Brut - Red Brut

Red Brut

Red Brut

Music from Rotterdam (NL) released on a Belgium label. Red Brut is related to the local notorious MiMa / Dehef projects. Big tip! more...

Mini-LP Kraak: K096 € 19,99

Uqbar - Celestial Waves Ep


Celestial Waves Ep

Vinyl Only! Semper Memor IV introduces three tracks from Berlin based artist Uqbar, an alias for Bass Cadet Records head Etienne Dauta also known as S... more...

12inch Semper Memor: SM004 € 10,49

Kader Yani - Isyan Ep

Kader Yani

Isyan Ep

Detroit rooted techno and ambient 4 tracker from Kader Yani, latest addition to Semper Memor.

12inch Semper Memor: SM002 € 10,49

Takashi Kokubo - A Dream Sails Out To Sea

Takashi Kokubo

A Dream Sails Out To Sea

Recorded in 1987 as promotion for a luxury air conditioning line, Takashi Kokubo’s Balearic gem A Dream Sails Out To Sea gets first ever official rele... more...

12inch Lag Records: LAGREC003 € 29,99

Rodolphe Coster - Plante

Rodolphe Coster


A rainspout overflows, drip by drip, on a pile of sheet metal down below, vibrating, building to a crescendo of drops in an otherwise hypnotic sequenc... more...

7inch Le Pacifique: PCFQ-HT01 € 8,99

Spinvis & Vinkenoog - JA! & Ritmebox compilatie

Spinvis & Vinkenoog

JA! & Ritmebox compilatie

The first release on yeyeh is a compilation of tracks by Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, a former poet laureate, and renomated one-man band Spinvis. More... more...

2LP Yeyeh: YEYEH001 € 29,99

Project Pablo - Come To Canada You Will Like It

Project Pablo

Come To Canada You Will Like It

Come To Canada You Will Like It is a record about slowing down while finding a balance between rural and city living. Inspired by subjective memories... more...

LP Verdicchio Music Publishing: VMP001 € 12,99

ENA - Bridge



Dutch label Field Records is back with another special album project, this time from Japanese producer ENA aka Yu Asaeda. Bridge is an introspective s... more...

LP Field Records: Field027 € 14,49

Evigt Morker - Total makt

Evigt Morker

Total makt

'Total makt' is the molten new EP from Evigt Morker. There's plenty to be charmed by as the collection of tracks open out and tame our senses. Once th... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE51 € 9,99

DJ Richard - Dies Irae Xerox

DJ Richard

Dies Irae Xerox

Following 2017’s ‘Path of Ruin’, DJ Richard returns to Dial with his much-anticipated sophomore LP, ‘Dies Irae Xerox’. Undoubtedly one of the most dis... more...

2LP Dial: DialLP040 € 23,99

The Black Dog - Black Daisy Wheel

The Black Dog

Black Daisy Wheel

t’s a funny old world, and yet again, The Black Dog have provided the soundtrack. Our fast-approaching dystopia has been envisioned and documented by... more...

12inch Dust Science Recordings: dustv055 € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino - Aeolyca

Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino


Wriggling away from any clear classification, as 80s Italian new music was wont to do, yet clearly drawing on a number of traditions and procedures, A... more...

LP Soave: SV12 € 27,49

Tiziano Popoli / Marco Dalpane - Scorie

Tiziano Popoli / Marco Dalpane


Long coveted and hunted by collectors, Scorie falls among the strange and definition resistant artifacts of Italy’s remarkable avant-garde music scene... more...

LP + CD Soave: SV10 € 23,99

Fango - GEA



After a steady stream of successful underground dance-floor stables via his Viscera EP series and last year climbing charts with his remixes, Fango re... more...

12inch Degustibus: Degu026 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

SSTROM - Otider



After an excellent 12inch on Rosten label SSTROM drops his first full length Otider, which is by far the most diverse offering of the project encompas... more...

2LP Rosten: ROSTEN5 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ismo Laakso - Ofelia

Ismo Laakso


Ismo Laakso's very well produced and spaceously mixed Ofelia (from 1996-99) is a blend of industrial, avant garde, modern classic, bleeps and clicks.... more...

LP Sahko Puu: PUU045 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stiletti-Ana - Cymbals



Very cinematic, tunnel visioned & on-going arpeggiated synth-techno in two versions by Stiletti-Ana (half of Jesse from last years Twotinos LP on Keys... more...

12inch Haista Records: HST011 € 9,99

Alek Lee - Colors

Alek Lee


Alek Lee’s second 12” on Antinote starts with an uptempo opening to a rather downtempo record. Playing with some of the genre (namely, deep house) cod... more...

12inch antinote: ATN042 € 13,49

Steve Pepe - Danza Moderna

Steve Pepe

Danza Moderna

Steve Pepe's 'Danza Moderna' takes cues of all Manuel Cascone's musical experiences (from no wave to weird pop, from sound scores to abstract ethno mu... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN047 € 9,99

Various Artists - Colund1

Various Artists


In the wake of a triple CD pack, Colundi delivered a sampler with 8 tracks from new artists using the Colundi sequence. Colundi Every0ne. more...

12inch Colundi: Colund1 € 12,49

Botanic House Vol. II  - Monstera Deliciosa

Botanic House Vol. II

Monstera Deliciosa

A1- O.Xander with Paaliaq provides a subtle and analog house track. Percussive drums, 4 to the floor kick, slow acid bass-line, shy and hypnotic notes... more...

12inch House Plants Records: HPRV002 € 10,99

Sergie Rezza - Le Reveil

Sergie Rezza

Le Reveil

Lovely lush ambient electronix by Parisian veteran Dj Deep and Romain Poncet on their own label. more...

EP Sergie Rezza Records: SRR02 € 10,99

Blessum - Blessum



Limited to 150 hand numbered copies with screen printed artwork! This is what happened when Keimpe Koldijk (one half of Bebe Fang) and Wouter Venema (... more...

LP Enfant Terrible Vrystaete: Enfant/Vry008 € 21,99

V/A - Fragments EP


Fragments EP

ESHU, the production collective and record label from Nijmegen are back with their next offering. Their 12th release is a various artists release that... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU012 € 9,99

Rickard Javerling - Album 3

Rickard Javerling

Album 3

Rickard Javerling, born and raised in Borlange, Sweden, and now living and working in Stockholm is a wayward and productive musician. Besides releasin... more...

LP Hoga Nord Rekords: HNRLP014 € 19,99

Steven Legget - Bathhouse

Steven Legget


It’s safe to say that Steven Legget has been somewhat measured in his approach to releasing music. The Newcastle native was behind the Four Hands mo... more...

2LP Firecracker: FIREC024LP € 26,99

Kev Sheridan - Alone in Berlin

Kev Sheridan

Alone in Berlin

Maeve are thrilled to welcome long time friend Kev Sheridan to the label for his debut release. Kev is one of the most talented musicians they know an... more...

12inch Maeve: Maeve13 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aqueduct Ensemble - Improvisations on an Apricot

Aqueduct Ensemble

Improvisations on an Apricot

''Hi again! It's been a couple years, but I've put together a new record, this time with my neighbor Stu and a few other friends. Stu's been tuning th... more...

LP Last Resort: LR002LP € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

SSaliva - WYIN



The label that gave us that killer LP of Iranian Classical music from Morteza Hannaneh last year return with this curveball album of midnight anxiety... more...

LP Collapsing Market: CM005LP € 16,99

Pali Meursault, Stephen O'Malley - (Echos)

Pali Meursault, Stephen O'Malley


Sublime, highly evocative collection of location and field recordings incorporating music made by Stephen O’Malley and others for a collage-based audi... more...

LP Dome: DomeLP01 € 18,49

Shorelights - Ancient Lights


Ancient Lights

Shorelights is a collaborative ambient techno project feat. Rod Modell (Deepchord, Echospace, Waveform Transmission, Transformations), and Walter Wasa... more...

2LP Subwax: SubwaxBCNLP03 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L




''Taking inspiration from the iconic house and techno of the mid / late 90s - SW and SVN combine dreamy melodies and mesmeric grooves with unfussy, fo... more...

EP Apollo: AMB1805 € 12,49

Palta & Ti  - Palta og Ti pa den Tolvte O

Palta & Ti

Palta og Ti pa den Tolvte O

Seemingly drawing from a slightly different well of influence from that seen across their prolific back catalogue, the Aarhus duo – going by the less... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle005 € 11,99

Various Artists - Neptunalia

Various Artists


Superb compilation of modern ambient/minimal electronix featuring exclusive tracks from a wealth of current talent. No snips available for now, come b... more...

LP Lal Lal Lal 92: LAL92/IKU054 € 21,49

Inhmost - Genesis Dubs / Saturation Point
7inch Short Trips: Trip004 € 9,99

Stanislav Tolkachev - Champions Breakfast EP

Stanislav Tolkachev

Champions Breakfast EP

Haiku's Raw Waxes label is delighted to welcome the famously unconventional Stanislav Tolkachev with a new track EP of experimental techno and IDM sou... more...

12inch Raw Waxes: RWXS009 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Joanne Forman - Cave Vaults Of The Moon

Joanne Forman

Cave Vaults Of The Moon

Joanne Forman’s Cave Vaults of the Moon created in 1987 for an exhibit of sculptures in Taos, New Mexico is a mesmerizing score for voice, Ensoniq Mir... more...

LP Seance Centre: SC08 € 27,99

Visible Cloaks - Untitled

Visible Cloaks


2018 repress of the debut full length LP from Spencer Doran and Ryan Carlile's Visible Cloaks project. Initially recorded in 2013 and issued on casset... more...

LP Musique Plastique: MP001 € 26,99

Mkwaju Ensemble (Midori Takada) - Ki-motion

Mkwaju Ensemble (Midori Takada)


Beautiful 1 LP Edition with 350g cardboard old Stoughton tip-on sleeve, Sticker - MKWAJU ensemble’s highly sought-after album reissued on vinyl for th... more...

LP We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records: WRWTFWW026 € 27,99

Icio Omegha - Psycho Cruise - Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991

Icio Omegha

Psycho Cruise - Private Home Recordings 1984 / 1991

Psychedlic Electronica on this new Futuribile release (Sublabel from Periodica). Icio Omegha's "Psyco Cruise" is a collection of songs and private re... more...

LP Futuribile: FTR1004 € 14,99

Mike Paradinas - Challenge Me Foolish

Mike Paradinas

Challenge Me Foolish

Mike Paradinas returns to his moniker after five years. Inclement is a lumbering, spooky, peak-time Paradinas melody from 1998, it's arpeggios intertw... more...

2LP Planet-mu: ZIQ400 € 22,99

Vimana - Rukma Vimana


Rukma Vimana

Sanskrit scriptures mention the term vimana as flying vehicles or temples. Consequently, the sound of this ancient UFO has been captured into the groo... more...

12inch Vimana: VMN001 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mark - The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run


The Least Likely Event Will Occur In The Long Run

Unterton kicks off 2018 sideways with three tracks of high-octane electronics by Mark. On his Unterton debut, Mark continues further down a path of da... more...

12inch Unterton: Unterton012 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tight Pants  - The Lost World

Tight Pants

The Lost World

General Manager remarks Dear extinguished guests, I on behalf of all the staff in Scream Time Action represents our warm welcomes and sincere thanks... more...

EP Scream Time Action: STA003 € 9,99

Lieven Martens Moana - Idylls

Lieven Martens Moana


*US PRESSED LP + 12 page book* The man myth behind Dolphins Into The Future with a superb new release on Pacific City Sound Visions. This one is full... more...

LP + Booklet Pacific City Sound Visions: PCSV039 € 29,49

Stanislav Tolkachev - VHS PT. 2

Stanislav Tolkachev


After the first chapter of VHS series, Stanislav Tolkachev is back on Delirio and unveils three other tracks recorded on videotape about 13 years ago.... more...

10inch Delirio: DLR006 € 12,49