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Tarawangsawelas - Wanci



Tarawangsawelas are a musical duo from Bandung, mainly performing a contemporary version of Tarawangsa, the sacred music from Sundanese West Java. Her... more...

LP Morphine: Doser032 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Serge Bulot - Les Legendes De Broceliande LP

Serge Bulot

Les Legendes De Broceliande LP

Camisole Records is delighted to annonce the reissue of Serge Bulot sought after LP Les Légendes de Broceliande. Composed equally with synthesizers, o... more...

LP Camisole: CAM011 € 25,99

Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi

Yasuaki Shimizu


Re-issued again, with new liner notes. A wonderful, rare record wrapped in a mysterious yet playful ambiance. Or maybe it’s just the impression that t... more...

LP Palto Flats: PFLP007 / WRWTFWW021 € 27,99

Alexis Georgopoulos - Fragments of A Season

Alexis Georgopoulos

Fragments of A Season

Emotional Response continues it's fifth year celebrations in welcoming two of the label's long held favourite artists Jefre Cantu Ledesma and Alexis G... more...

LP Emotional Response: ERS033 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

7FO - Quiet Flash / Water Vapour


Quiet Flash / Water Vapour

BKV013 is 7 inches of infectious, Osaka-matured, aquatic dub from 7FO. 7FO-san has been in touch with Bokeh for over a year and kindly showed them rou... more...

7inch Bokeh Versions: BKV013 € 8,99

Voiski - Disconnections, Music For Clouds


Disconnections, Music For Clouds

First album from the french emotional techno producer, voiski presents a collection of tracks made on airplanes. A special edition including a photogr... more...

LP SUPER95: SUPER95-001 € 18,49

Modern Heads - Modern Heads

Modern Heads

Modern Heads

Melbourne's avant guardists Souther Lights release some new dubbed out ambient techno by Modern Heads.

12inch Southern Lights: SL004 € 12,49

James Booth - Personal Growth

James Booth

Personal Growth

You could be forgiven for thinking Basso‘s (label owner) been hitting the plant food of late. Last time out we took a trip with Trance, and now our es... more...

12inch Growing Bin Records: GBR011 € 22,99

Alessandro Cortini - FORSE 1

Alessandro Cortini


2017 Repress. Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails/How To Destroy Angels) composed the Forse series using a Buchla Music Easel. Forse, meaning ''maybe'... more...

2x12inch Important: IMPREC373LP € 44,99

Renart - Fragments Séquencés


Fragments Séquencés

This album is the result of a long personal journey and is conceived as a series of small tales. Between solitary experimentation and acclaimed electr... more...

2LP Cracki: CRACKI038 € 22,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ben Kaczor - KCZ002

Ben Kaczor


Ben Kaczor readies the second for his own imprint KCZ. Dark, tumbling atmospheric bombs.

12inch KCZ: KCZ002 € 12,99

Rodhad - Anxious



Rodhad's debut album ‘Anxious’ sees the artist step away from the dancefloor and further develop the narrative qualities of his beautiful soundscapes.... more...

2x12inch Dystopian: DystopianLP02 € 27,99

XYR - El Dorado EP


El Dorado EP

Experimental cinema sonics, electroacoustic research practice and shadowy wind instruments come together to form this unique interpretation of the myt... more...

12inch 12th Isle: Isle003 € 19,99

Mr. Eff  - The Parallel LP

Mr. Eff

The Parallel LP

Introducing Mr. Eff. Part myth, part man. Dragging by the arm to safety through digital swamps and haunted houses, The Parallel stands as a singular v... more...

LP + Download Giallo Disco Records: GD028 € 14,49

Patricia - Autotomy



Autotomy is a collaboration between Belgium’s Sleeperhold Publications, Brooklyn-based musician Patricia (Max Ravitz) and the Dutch artist Louis Reith... more...

12inch Unknown: SHP5.6 € 14,99

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa - V EP

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa


For its 23rd release, Berlin-based Italian label Out-ER welcomes techno fellows DJ Spider and Phil Moffa for V EP . The collaboration between the I... more...

12inch Out-Er: OUT023 € 10,49

Vazz - Submerged Vessels And Other Stories


Submerged Vessels And Other Stories

Post-punk pop meets ethereal wave Vazz are one of Scotland's best kept secrets. Includes a bonus CD of piano works. more...

LP + CD Unknown: STRMLP008 € 29,99

El Sueno de Hyparco - Ambientes Hormonales

El Sueno de Hyparco

Ambientes Hormonales

Urpa i Musell (Snout and Claw in Catalan) is a record label that was conceived almost unconsciously throughout years of long lunchtime conversations a... more...

LP Urpa i Musell: UiM001 € 29,99

Giraffe - Climate (Marco Shuttle remix)


Climate (Marco Shuttle remix)

So far, so Giraffe: for a while the Hamburg based project Giraffe loved short musical expressions. On their debut album “Juni” for the Belgium labe... more...

12inch Marmo: Marmo007 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Grand River - Crescente

Grand River


Spazio Disponibile welcomes yet another new artist to their realm. This time the label welcomes producer Grand River for its 11th release, and one tha... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio011 € 9,99

Acronym - Malm



Field Records welcomes Acronym for a new album, Malm, which follows many great ambient laced deep techno EPs and LPs on Semantica and Northern Electro... more...

2LP Field Records: Field026 € 19,99

Rudow - Cult07



Norwegian experimental ambient and sound artist Alexander Rishaug's work under the moniker RUDOW. A project that has been in the works for ten years,... more...

12inch Freakout Cult: Cult07 € 9,99

Rites Of Passage - Untitled

Rites Of Passage


RITES OF PASSAGE is an obscure new artist from Moscow delivering the first release on new imprint BORE HOLE with some very personal lo-fi recordings s... more...

LP Bore Hole: Hole01 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Myself 69 - Gilga V

Myself 69

Gilga V

Superb set of partly downtempo beat science driven Ambient Electronica. more...

LP Hidden Hawaii: HHG5/6 (28274) € 19,99

J.C. & Kastil  - No Spiritual Surrender

J.C. & Kastil

No Spiritual Surrender

J.C aka Jose Cabrera and Kastil collaborate and come with the exciting results. A fresh blend of fierce techno, ambience, industrial, noise and found... more...

2LP Cabrera: CBR10 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Legowelt - Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time


Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Five years after the illustrious Paranormal Soul LP, techno derelict Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt returns on Clone with ''Legendary Freaks In The Tr... more...

2LP + Download Clone West Coast Series: CWCS009LP € 21,99

Iku Sakan - Prism In Us All

Iku Sakan

Prism In Us All

Osaka, not being Japan’s capital city, has a history of producing some unique underground movements and artists. Without the attention or the funds To... more...

LP Japan Blues: JBIS001 € 24,99

Von Haze - VII

Von Haze


Drone pursues new resonant frequencies with it’s twelfth release, a tonal, penetrating, and experimental. VII was recorded by laying full takes of syn... more...

LP Drone: Drone012 € 16,99

Steffi - World Of The Waking State


World Of The Waking State

''On World Of The Waking State Steffi stretches her wings, having created the album in a period when she found herself free from the past and more com... more...

2LP Ostgut Ton: TONLP27 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Rod Malmok - Back To Square One

Rod Malmok

Back To Square One

Rod Malmok (aka ROD) drops his anticipated debut album ''Back To Square One''. A proper techno album with an array of 10 intense and hypnotic techno t... more...

2x12inch Rod Malmok: RM001 € 19,99

Little Movies - The Little Movies Long Play

Little Movies

The Little Movies Long Play

Little Movies are Morgan ''buckled'' Buckley and Ben ''soft-shoe'' Donoghue. Dueling hot analog swords over snowy modular fjords... Improvised CV chit... more...

LP Wah Wah Wino: WINO-003 € 17,99

Assimilation Process - Interval

Assimilation Process


Dark electronix and electro from Assimilation Process. A vivid mix of digital processed sounds in combination with field recording and other analogue... more...

EP Lockertmatik: Lockertmatik008 € 9,99

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Keyboard Fantasies

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Keyboard Fantasies

Re-release of Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s rural Canadian new age suite for DX7 and TR707 …keyboard fantasies… with new carefully reconstructed glasswork... more...

LP Seance Centre: SC01 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

John Beltran - Moth

John Beltran


After a career spanning more than 25 years John Beltran lands on the Belgian De:tuned label with the long-awaited follow-up album to his widely acclai... more...

2x12inch Unknown: ASGDE015 € 19,99

Luigi Tozzi & BLNDR - Thule

Luigi Tozzi & BLNDR


In honor of the September full moon, 2017.

12inch Hypnus Records: HYPNUS014 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dj SCM - Paesaggi Immaginary


Paesaggi Immaginary

The first release of WATAJ Recordings sees the light with Paesaggi Immaginary. A hypnotic bassoon invites you to look at the lost landscapes throug... more...

EP WATAJ Recordings: WTJR9991 € 10,99

Tropical Hifi - Oceania

Tropical Hifi


Emotional Response starts 2017 with a mini-album of ambient-equatorial enlightenment by Australia's mysterious Tropical Hi-Fi. The final record from a... more...

LP Emotional Response: ERS028 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dwell - Virtual Life


Virtual Life

Dwell debuts on vinyl for Of Paradise with his Virtual Life EP; Four deep esoteric cuts shifting between house and techno.

12inch Of Paradise: OP005 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Blue Maxx - Private Life Ep

Blue Maxx

Private Life Ep

DRIVE001 sees us step back to 1998 and into the hands of the duo of Damon Wild and Mederic Nebinger, recording together as Blue Maxx they quietly unle... more...

12inch Midnight Drive: DRIVE001 € 9,99

Clocolan - Nothing Left To Abandon


Nothing Left To Abandon

Top tip for Boards Of Canada fans! Gorgeous isolation wrapped in electric memories. 8-track electronica for homesick time travelers. 'Nothing Left To... more...

2x12inch BauSatz: BAULP01 € 18,99

Giegling / KLM / Pandt / Cologne Tape / Nachti - Nachti XX

Giegling / KLM / Pandt / Cologne Tape / Nachti

Nachti XX

Special double vinyl from the annual Nachtdigital festival. Tracks by Giegling, KLM, Pandt, Cologne Tape & the Nachti crew. more...

2x12inch Nachtdigital: ND20 € 19,99

Unknown - Untitled



The obscure sister of Wandering Eye. Strictly limited musical oddities with no artist or title.

12inch Wandering Eye: Eye01 € 11,49

Various Artists - Paerels

Various Artists


Repress win pearly white sleeve! Dreamy synth songs for island trips and dark club nights - Nous'klaer presents their first various artists compilatio... more...

3x12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUS009 € 25,99

Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus - Electronic

Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / David Vorhaus


Originally released in 1969, this LP features music by BBC Radiophonic Workshop members Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson alongside David Vorhaus, a... more...

LP Silva Screen: SILLP1539 € 29,99