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DisinVectant - Open Wounds


Open Wounds

Uncompromising electronix by DisinVectant. Limited to 100 copies, 2 track 10-inch including a Surgeon remix! As with all Semantica releases there won'... more...

10inch Semantica: Sem019 € 11,99

Kero - Jewmanji Cake


Jewmanji Cake

A 5 track mini-lp by the Detroit Underground owner and glitch master. An exceptional blend of electro(nix), techno and even a touch of hip hop and dub... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem023 € 13,99

Svreca - Tommy Vicanaza


Tommy Vicanaza

Label owner Svreca shows his versatility with this 2-track 7''. Floorburning techno and minimalistic electro... Different styles, same high quality! A... more...

7inch Semantica: Sem018B € 11,99

Antonym - Revile



Hypnotising mechanical electronix on this limited (200 copies) mini-LP by Antonym. more...

12inch Semantica: Sem024 € 9,99

Dj F aka Ideograma - Reflection For The Ubiquity

Dj F aka Ideograma

Reflection For The Ubiquity

Deep dusty foggy techno tracks on the always surprising Semantica records from Madrid. Limited supplies!

12inch Semantica: Sem034 € 8,99

Gkahn - Weird And Radical Poets


Weird And Radical Poets

Cool release on Semantica by Gkahn. Versatile ep starting with the massive Poet 1. Four tracks that reminds us of the legendray Irdial label. Semanti... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem047 € 8,99

Specter / Jose Rico - Our Own Organization

Specter / Jose Rico

Our Own Organization

Excellent split release! Deep driving slow-paced hypnotic house/techno cuts by underground deephouse hero's Specter from Chicago (Tetrode, Sound Signa... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem046 € 8,99

Various Artists - Nonnative 05

Various Artists

Nonnative 05

From deep dungeon to post-Detroit techno tracks by Juho Kusti, S100, Imugem Orihasam and Epiphany.

12inch Semantica: SemNNN05 € 8,99

Various Artists - For Your Eyes Only Sampler One

Various Artists

For Your Eyes Only Sampler One

Sampler One with exclusive tracks by Svreca & Skirt (James Ruskin remix), Oscar Mulero & Dj Nobu, taken from Svreca - For Your Eyes Only CD-Mix.

12inch Semantica: Sem060.1 € 8,99

Yves De Mey - Double Slit

Yves De Mey

Double Slit

Mext step by the Belgian electronic wizard after his critically acclaimed cd-only album on Peter van Hoesen's Time 2 Express label. Four advanced expe... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem063 € 8,99

Varg - Gravrosens Bortglomda Band


Gravrosens Bortglomda Band

Varg debut EP for Semantica. Collection of recordings from tapes found hidden in the depths of the Ursviken tombs. Recorded live by Varg in Skellefte.

12inch Semantica: Sem068 € 9,99

Svaag - Sade



New project by Andreas Tilliander (Kontra musik). Minimal techno/electronics, reminding of the early Sahko catalogue.

12inch Semantica: Sem066 € 8,99 - De Occulta Philosophia Vol. 1

De Occulta Philosophia Vol. 1 (Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono) is born in the first half of 90's. This duo -placed near the Vesuvio (Naples)- explored all the capabilities... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem071 € 8,99

Cio D'Or - All In All

Cio D'Or

All In All

While music in its definitive nature fills both space and time, creating environments in which we live and breathe, these miniature dramaturgies strin... more...

CD Semantica: Sem073CD € 14,99

Svreca - Narita Remixed Terminal 2


Narita Remixed Terminal 2

Second and last part of the Narita remixes, this time wonderful and delicate interpretations by Voices From The Lake and Dasha Rush.

12inch Semantica: Sem044.2 € 9,99

Various Artists - Nonnative 08

Various Artists

Nonnative 08

Part 8 in the Nonnative series featuring Abstract Division, Volte-Face, Wara Igarashi and Echologist.

12inch Semantica: SemNNN08 € 9,99

Various - 10.I



Semantica Records marks 10 years with a worldwide tour and a 10 release series in 2016. Semantica 10.I features tracks from Donato Dozzy, Mod21, St... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem10.I € 9,99

Cio D'Or - All In All Remixed
12inch Semantica: Sem073X € 9,99

Various Artists - 10.II

Various Artists


Second installment on the 10 years series by Jonas Kopp, Cassegrain, Acronym and Doka.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.II € 9,99

Various Artists - 10.III

Various Artists


Third release on the 10 years series featuring Abdulla Rashim, Claudio PRC, Evigt Morker and Edit Select.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.III € 9,99

Material Object - Shimmers
12inch Semantica: Sem079 € 9,99

Acronym - Entagled In Vines


Entagled In Vines

Hypnotising drone techno from the other world. more...

2x12inch Semantica: Sem077 € 19,99

SSTROM - Fyren



12" debut from this mysterious artist from the north of Europe. Tip!

12inch Semantica: Sem080 € 9,99

Various Artists - 10.V

Various Artists


Fifth 12" on the 10 years series featuring tracks by Silent Servant, Varg, Nuel and Giorgio Gigli.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.V € 9,99

Various - 10.VI



Sixth installment on the 10 years series featuring tracks by VRIL, OIRI, Eduardo de la Calle and a special collab from Andreas Tilliander and Svreca.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.VI € 9,99

Various Artists - 10.X
12inch Semantica: Sem10.X € 9,99

Various - 10.VIII



10.VIII include original tracks from Neel and SHXCXCHCXSH, and remixes from Regis and Ctrls.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.VIII € 9,99

Various Artists - 10.IX

Various Artists


Ninth part of the series featuring Polar Inertia, Neel and Svreca first collab and DJ Nobu.

12inch Semantica: Sem10.IX € 9,99

E.R.P. - Evoked Potentials 1/3


Evoked Potentials 1/3

First Edition of the Evoked Potentials Series.

10inch Semantica: Sem014(2017) € 12,49

Pris - Faith & Honour


Faith & Honour

Fierce rolling techno tracks with a lot of finesse on the reliable Semantica label.

12inch Semantica: Sem089 € 9,99

Various Artists - Arquitectura del Sueno (Exclusives)

Various Artists

Arquitectura del Sueno (Exclusives)

Semantica 101. A special triple album packed with talented techno producersdropping some deep trippy techno knowledge right here! Limited supplies. more...

3x12inch Semantica: Sem101 € 27,99

Various Artists - Nonnative 09

Various Artists

Nonnative 09

New chapter on Nonnative series. New Semantica artists Cosmin TRG, Samuli Kemppi, Opuswerk and Refracted featuring Nonnative 09.

12inch Semantica: SemNNN09 € 9,99

Oscar Mulero - Acceptance

Oscar Mulero


Advance 12" of the upcoming Oscar Mulero album 'Perfect Peace', SEMANTICA 70 with some deep electronix! more...

12inch Semantica: Sem070.3 € 9,99