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12-02-2018 - monday

H&S - Giants



V982 ''Giants'' is the newest sonic expression produced by Heath Brunner on his imprint label Vmax Records. Innocent Times, Encounters, Hyperbaric Dre... more...

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 12-02-2018
12inch Vmax Records: Vmax982 € 9,99 remind

05-02-2018 - monday

Philipp Otterbach - Humans

Philipp Otterbach


Humans by Berlin based and Salon des Amateurs long term resident Philipp Otterbach is a deeply cinematic trip, wandering through a realm of voices, me... more...

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12inch Tour Messier: TM01 € 9,99 remind

29-01-2018 - monday

/DL/MS/ - Omakuda EP


Omakuda EP

Vienna Electro Elite! Beware!

PRE-ORDER NOW, expected: 29-01-2018
12inch Frustrated Funk: FR040 € 9,99 remind

22-01-2018 - monday

Animistic Beliefs - Sinuous Gullies

Animistic Beliefs

Sinuous Gullies

Solar One Music is happy to release the debut of this promising Rotterdam duo Animistic Beliefs on their sublabel "Between Places". The EP comes with... more...

12inch Between Places: BP002 € 9,99

19-01-2018 - friday

Ekman - Primus Motor


Primus Motor

"Primus Motor" sees Ekman return to many of the sounds that gained him a reputation as an artist on labels like Bunker and Berceuse Heroique. Although... more...

2LP Shipwrec: Shiplp08 € 20,99

Amazon Club - Save Our Paradise

Amazon Club

Save Our Paradise

The Amazon Club is back on Voodoo Gold Records with a 10 track release. Loaded with their signature, hazy tropical funk and disco rhythms, this follow... more...

Mini-LP Voodoo Gold Records: VG005 € 10,99 remind

Hiver - The Last Straw


The Last Straw

Beautiful melodic driving techno by Hiver. Especially the title track stands out with a killer remix from JP Enfant that adds some bottom weight and m... more...

12inch LET: LET007 € 9,49

Helltown Acid Militia - Spaced Out in Sweden - EP

Helltown Acid Militia

Spaced Out in Sweden - EP

The jam starts with "Orange Sunshine" (doesn't it always?) Of course as usual it takes a while to kick in and by the time it does it's obvious Helltow... more...

12inch RE-303 Records: RE30302 € 8,99

18-01-2018 - thursday

Solid Space - Space Museum

Solid Space

Space Museum

Dark Entries is honored to finally present the first ever official vinyl reissue of Space Museum by Solid Space. Solid Space was the British duo of Da... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE190 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Trisomie 21 - Wait and Dance LP

Trisomie 21

Wait and Dance LP

Trisomie 21 is a post punk band formed in 1981 by Phillipe Lomprez (vocals, drums) and Hervé Lomprez (guitar, electronics), two brothers from Abscon,... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE194 € 18,99

15-01-2018 - monday

Textasy - Dallas Gun Club EP


Dallas Gun Club EP

The Lone Star State terror Textasy joins the Craigie Knowes firm with 4 hardcore and electro heaters. For club use only! Extra inside sticker in every... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP6 € 9,99

Alphacom - Path EP


Path EP

Analog deep space electro with a intimate and melancholic vibe. With each sound carefully designed and crafted to provoke movement and stimulation of... more...

12inch NNY: NNY001 € 8,99

Sysex Ferro - Sysex Ferro

Sysex Ferro

Sysex Ferro

Manchester, 2016. 1/3 FRAK & NEBULA = THE SYSEX MEETING. Disco - House - experimental Hip House and parapsychic jazz. Lim ed 300x

12inch Borft: Borft153 € 11,99

10-01-2018 - wednesday

Fred Ventura - Future Unknown (The Lost House Trax (1988 - 1992)

Fred Ventura

Future Unknown (The Lost House Trax (1988 - 1992)

Conceived along the space of a few years and part of a big collection of unfinished experiments stored on cassette tapes, this eight tracks selection... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ101 € 23,99

Superstar & Star - Mastermind EP

Superstar & Star

Mastermind EP

Superstar & Star are back on Porridge bullet with there first vinyl E.P Proper!: Mastermind E.P! more...

12inch Porrdige Bullet: PB019 € 18,49

09-01-2018 - tuesday

Tomrum / JBS - Vol .2

Tomrum / JBS

Vol .2

Excellent stomping EP by Tomrum (half of Peel MD) and JBS (part of FRAK). Limited run again!

12inch Nerike Primate: NP005 € 12,49

02-01-2018 - tuesday

Kozmonaut - Flieg



Ultra-rare D.I.Y minimal / synth-pop / industrial / darkwave album from 1986! Kozmonaut was the personal project of a young & talented Canadian mus... more...

LP Mental Experience: MENT012 € 25,99

28-12-2017 - thursday

Skander - TGE001



First release on Skander and Sohrab's Through Great Evil record Label. more...

12inch Through Greater Evil: TGE001 € 13,99

Jeff Hess - Cherubim EP

Jeff Hess

Cherubim EP

DeepLabs happily welcomes Jeff Hess for his debut release Cherubim EP. Eagerly anticipated, this record encompasses Jeff's sound inspired by mid-90's... more...

12inch Deeplabs: Deeplabs008 € 12,99

Piero Umiliani - Studio Umiliani

Piero Umiliani

Studio Umiliani

Four Flies Records strikes again, releasing their first archive compilation of Piero Umiliani’s work and the first compilation focussing on the Maestr... more...

2LP+CD Four Flies Records: FLIES025 € 36,99

22-12-2017 - friday

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Pier & Loft

Hiroshi Yoshimura

Pier & Loft

Gorgeous and essential archive material from this master of mood. The latest unearthing on Chee Shimizu's 17853 - previously only available on a limit... more...

LP 17853 Records: RFLP004 € 28,99

Powell - New Beta Vol 2


New Beta Vol 2

Powell loosens up and reaches out on the 2nd New Beta playground - a place to explore his more reflexive, emotive urges - with seven curious permutati... more...

LP Diagonal: Diag041 € 17,99

21-12-2017 - thursday

Blue Maxx - Private Life Ep

Blue Maxx

Private Life Ep

DRIVE001 sees us step back to 1998 and into the hands of the duo of Damon Wild and Mederic Nebinger, recording together as Blue Maxx they quietly unle... more...

12inch Midnight Drive: DRIVE001 € 9,99

Mobbs - Onelord



Debut LP from experimental producer MOBBS. This is his first official physical release and contains recordings from over the past 5 years. MOBBS is a... more...

12inch Promesses: PRMSSS003 € 18,49

Various Artists - RM12001

Various Artists


Geat electro compilation out of the city of Leipzig. Tracks by Robyrt Hecht & XY0815, Varum, Perm and Credit 00.

12inch R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings: RM12001 € 10,99

19-12-2017 - tuesday

Aleksi Perala - Paradox

Aleksi Perala


Aleksi Perala presents ‘Paradox’, following up on hs Colundi and Clone releases. Its a double EP using the microtonal tuning method known as Colundi –... more...

2x12inch Trip: TRP019 € 19,99

18-12-2017 - monday

Heroin In Tahiti - Remoria

Heroin In Tahiti


In Roman mythology, the murder of Remus by his brother Romulus is the key event that led to the founding of the city of Rome. But what if Remus overca... more...

LP Soave: GRA01 € 19,99

Sandro Brugnolini - Gli Arcangeli

Sandro Brugnolini

Gli Arcangeli

Alessandro Brugnolini (Overground, L’Uomo dagli Occhiali a Specchio) is an italian composer and alto sax player who launched his career playing in a s... more...

LP Dagored: RED240 € 22,99

15-12-2017 - friday

Antonio - Hazzze / Paranoia / Trigger 2


Hazzze / Paranoia / Trigger 2

Frankfurt’s Antonio aka Raw Ambassador debuts on Ortloff with a killer three track EP.

12inch Ortloff: Uwe15 € 10,99

Nar Chieveol - Esperance Music Wir

Nar Chieveol

Esperance Music Wir

Decale is a fresh new label based in Biarritz (France). Décalé. focuses on reissuing worldwide french speaking music from the 80’s/90’s. Travelling in... more...

12inch Decale: DEC001 € 19,99

Lab Rat XL - Mice or Cyborg

Lab Rat XL

Mice or Cyborg

The last Drexciyan storm... 6 Drexciya tracks for the life aquatic. Essential!!! more...

2x12inch Clone: CAL011/C#31lp € 21,99

SC-164 - Clone & Conceal


Clone & Conceal

Scientists. White lab coats. The whirr of computers. SC-164 was a sonic experiment. Greg Schappert, an electronic musician known as Donor, was the wil... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship045 € 9,99

DAN FUN - Telematic



DAN FUN is back! 20 years later since his solodebut on Borft 1997. This time he delivers solid & minimal modular synth-techno. Welcome back! more...

12inch Borft: Borft152 € 11,99

Kito Jempere - Super Sax Sounds

Kito Jempere

Super Sax Sounds

Bordello A Parigi has just returned from a fruitful expedition to Russia to secure a four tracker from St Petersburg synthesizer playboy Kito Jempere.... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP111 € 11,99

Blind Delon - Edouard Remixes EP

Blind Delon

Edouard Remixes EP

Blind Delon debuted back in 2016 with Edouard EP. After a sold out and a lot of love and great acceptance of specialized press the french duo presents... more...

12inch Oraculo Records: OR36 € 21,99

13-12-2017 - wednesday

Louis Guilliaume - Born Free 29

Louis Guilliaume

Born Free 29

Louis Guilliaume Rotterdam-techno explorer on Born Free with a three tracker. Electronic funk made with his best friend, Akai.

12inch Born Free: BF029 € 10,49

Little Movies - The Little Movies Long Play

Little Movies

The Little Movies Long Play

Little Movies are Morgan ''buckled'' Buckley and Ben ''soft-shoe'' Donoghue. Dueling hot analog swords over snowy modular fjords... Improvised CV chit... more...

LP Wah Wah Wino: WINO-003 € 17,99

Various Artists - Snow Robots Volume 4

Various Artists

Snow Robots Volume 4

Formed in 1997, and inaugurated that year with a split 12” from new­comers and label founders, Solvent and Lowfish, this year Suction Records celebrat... more...

12inch Suction: Suction043 € 13,99

11-12-2017 - monday

Klankman - Bunker 4012


Bunker 4012

After releases on MORD and Tar Hallow, Klankman returns to Guy Tavares Bunker. One slow burner and three wavey distorted house cuts, tip!

12inch Bunker: B4012 € 10,99

Mark du Mosch - UM-ing

Mark du Mosch


Our own homegrown Mark du Mosch finally making his debut on Clone records! 4 slices of futuristic house music on the Royal Oak. Fierce tracks that are... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal040 € 9,99

Ernestas Sadau - Gonzo On Tour

Ernestas Sadau

Gonzo On Tour

Pinkman's Broken Dreams welcome a new midnight malcontent into the fold, Ernestas Sadau debuts with his first 12": Gonzo on Tour. Sirens blare, sample... more...

EP Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD09 € 9,99

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais - Aborting Your Dreams

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais

Aborting Your Dreams

Having already debuted on the Pinkman main label, Identified Patient now steps up for the Pinkman "Broken Dreams" series for your stripped back conten... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD10 € 9,99

Mall Grab - Feel U EP

Mall Grab

Feel U EP

Re-issue of Mall Grab's sought after Feel U EP on Collect-Call.

12inch Collect-Call: CC001 € 9,99

Visible Cloaks - LEX

Visible Cloaks


Visible Cloaks’ Lex proposes a utopian dream language and its accompanying sound, a limitless, delicate space developed by fluid musical techniques an... more...

LP RVNG: RVNGNL44 € 24,99