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(unknown) - Turnmoil



Harbour City smack ghetto techno tracks by this (un)known artist.. Stamped white-label issue.

12inch 7ZL: 7ZL001 € 4,99

2562 - The New Today


The New Today

Dave Huismans (A Made Up Sound) returns under his 2562 codename with the oneiric ambient/concrète dancefloor states of 'The New Today', his 4th solo a... more...

2LP When In Doubt: Doubt003 € 15,99

3000 Magazine - CD Magazine issue #1

3000 Magazine

CD Magazine issue #1

The Source for Innercity Technology, Music and Culture.. Interview with Mr. De + Jeff Mills, James Pennington, Lauret Garnier and Hi-Tech Funk..

DVD 3000 Magazine: 3000 Magazine #1 € 3,99

30drop - Superconductivity Ep


Superconductivity Ep

Modern looped techno tracks on the young spanisch 30 drop label.

12inch 30D Records: 30D003 € 5,49

Abdulla Rashim - Asayita

Abdulla Rashim


Abdulla all of a sudden appeared on the scene with his label... and a couple months later he pops by again with this 2nd twelve. Trippy deep gritty te... more...

12inch Abdulla Rashim Records: ARR002 € 4,99

Abdulla Rashim - Gizaw

Abdulla Rashim


First release from Swedish Abdulla Rashim. 3 tracks refined from one single signal generator, processed through a mixture of aqua regia and sulfuric a... more...

12inch Abdulla Rashim Records: ARR001 € 4,99

Achilles - Achilles 2; Because of Glory


Achilles 2; Because of Glory

6 track dark atmospheric disco madness from the Stilleben camp.. Tip!!

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben019 € 7,99

Achterbahn D'amour - Odd Movements

Achterbahn D'amour

Odd Movements

The debut full-length by ACHTERBAHN D’AMOUR (JOHANNES “IRON CURTIS” PALUKA and JURGEN “JOOL” ALBERT), captures two artists coaxing emotional sounds ou... more...

2LP Absurd Recordings: ATLP03 € 6,99

Acid Boy Gold Chair Soundz - 1987

Acid Boy Gold Chair Soundz


Two egyptiology students who felt that it made no sense to keep on being musicwise pretentious, knew that the time is high for a change. The music the... more...

LP Erkrankung durch Musique: EDM1016 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ackel - Tonspur



Dark thumpers on this new label by Ackel.

12inch Ackel Schallware: ASW001 € 4,49

Activ-Analog - Undertow EP
12inch Assemble Music: AS15 € 6,99

Adesse - Adesse Versions


Adesse Versions

Adesse went with Versions to describe his steppin' reboot of three 90s dance music classics. But to perhaps, Covers might work even better: despite bi... more...

12inch Adesse Versions: Adesse001 € 6,49

Aera - Continental Drift


Continental Drift

We liked Aleph 1, but we love Aleph 2! Exciting forward thinking house tracks by Area with some dubstep influences. Check!

12inch Aleph: Aleph02 € 4,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Agonis - Visionquest



Amenthia 003 with Agonis still going strong. 180 grams of vinyl and a full cover sleeve.

12inch Amenthia Records: Amen003 € 5,99

Ahmed Malek - Musique Original De Films

Ahmed Malek

Musique Original De Films

Ahmed Malek was one of the most important musicians of the Algerian scene of the 1970s. His sountrack works that were composed for various Algerian mo... more...

CD Habibi Funk: HABIBI003CD € 9,99

Airaboi - Endless Field


Endless Field

The Airaboi’s debut EP, is dedicated to the power of changes. Limited Edition 12inch with printed deluxe sleeve, 140g Vinyl , sticker included. more...

12inch Banned in Vegas: BIV001 € 7,49

Ajattar - Night Parade 1


Night Parade 1

Solid Driving house tracks on this new label Night Parade. Based on the Japanese folklore of the 'Night Parade of One Hundred Demons' each release in... more...

12inch Night Parade: NP1 € 5,99

Alex-Ander - Because Of Me


Because Of Me

Ander-Traxx is a fresh label operating out of Glasgow with the intent of releasing righteous underground House, and although mainly a platform for the... more...

12inch Ander Traxx: Ander001 € 4,49

Alex.Do - Dusted



Alex.Do is best known as part of the Dystopian collective, where he works alongside scene leaders such as Rodhad and Recondite in pursuing a focused s... more...

12inch Fuse Music: FUS004 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alter Ego - Why Not?!

Alter Ego

Why Not?!

One sided limited release by Alter Ego. Raving techno tracks... sounds like Benny Benassi... making a soundtrack for an Atari computer game?!

One sided 12 Klang: Klang123ltd € 4,99

AnD - Bow EP


Bow EP

Bow EP, the 5th Modal Analysis release, delivers two cutting-edge techno tracks from the Manchester-based duo AnD, as well as a remix by Russell Haswe... more...

12inch Modal Analysis: MA05 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andras Toth - Would U?

Andras Toth

Would U?

Sick 4 track ep by Andras Toth! Minimal advanced techno tracks with a jazzy, experimental touch. Recommended!

12inch Alphahouse: Alpha022 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andy Ash - Another World

Andy Ash

Another World

Andy Ash finds himself diving head first into the darker outer limits of big room dance music. “Another World” nods its head to techno’s yesteryear, m... more...

12inch On The Prowl: OTP007 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Andy Ash - Broken Nights Ep

Andy Ash

Broken Nights Ep

Wonderfull languorous slice of laid back slo mo house that fuses together loose limbed percussion, an old school riff and haunting, pitch shifted voca... more...

12inch Black Key Records: BKR002 € 4,49

Anno Stamm - Fragments B

Anno Stamm

Fragments B

Another slice of hardcore funky eccentricity from the mind and machines of Lars Stowe aka Anno Stamm, this one is a sequel of sorts to his FragmentsA... more...

12inch All City Dublin: ACAS12x2 € 10,99

Anstam - The Remixes
12inch 50 Weapons: 50Weaponsrmx07 € 4,99

Antenes - Shifting Zones


Shifting Zones

The Silent Season 10 Year Anniversary collection celebrates a decade of deeper electronic music. The vinyl series features artists whose music continu... more...

12inch Silent Season: SSX09 € 7,99

Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa - Atlantic Ave

Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa

Atlantic Ave

The next Corner Release comes from Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa, Phil Moffa the man behind Butcha sound Studio's and Anthony Parasole Label head for... more...

12inch The Corner: COR-02 € 6,99

Antlers Mulm - Give And Take

Antlers Mulm

Give And Take

Antlers Mulm has been sending his melancholy songs and soundscapes into the world for many years now. Some years ago one song was featured on the “Rad... more...

7inch Enfant Terrible: PetitEnfatn014 € 7,99

Apoteosi - Apoteosi



Apoteosi were a very rare, if not the one and only, progressive voice coming from the Calabria region. Their self-titled LP, released in 1975, therefo... more...

LP AMS: AMSLP100 € 24,99

Appointment - It's time to decide.


It's time to decide.

Three cuts of ballistically designed cutting edge dance music. One fast gritty experimental electro cut. The Appointment program has been deepening it... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment009 € 4,99

Appointment - Les Appointment Royale


Les Appointment Royale

''Les Appointment Royale'' is the seventh quest of the Appointment program. 4 organic tracks of mesmerizing techno, ranging from condensed House somna... more...

12inch LiveJam: Appointment007 € 4,99

Appointment - Appointment Returns


Appointment Returns

The wondrous odd Appointment quartet (John Swing, Marieu, EMG and Lucretio) returns with 4 tracks of sleazy urban funk cut directly from outdated ferr... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment011 € 4,99

Appointment - Appointment Live Act


Appointment Live Act

Appointment008 is an extract of the seminal rehearsals of the Appointment Live Act recorded on ferromagnetic tape. Each side lasts a dozen of minutes... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment008 € 4,99

Area - Entireless



Spring assist, rapid one-handed deployment, half-serrated stainless steel glass breaker for emergencies. Easy and safe carry.

12inch Tesuji: Tesuji01 € 9,99

Aria Rostami - Czarat

Aria Rostami


Rostami is a San Francisco-based musician whose roots extend off into theoretical dimensions far beyond conventional dancefloor fodder (his material h... more...

12inch Spring Theory: ST002 € 6,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Arnaldo - Two Beating Hearts


Two Beating Hearts

Aim Vinyl returns with a classic house EP from UK Artist William Smith aka Arnaldo with an exquisite club EP that sum up his previous works on labels... more...

12inch Aim Records: Aim013 € 4,49

Arne Michel - Halbzeit

Arne Michel


Funky minimal stuff with an excellent Alex Smoke remix.

12inch Lan: Lan Muzic Lan004 € 4,99

Aroy Dee - Re-sketched

Aroy Dee


Tight remix set from the MOS camp! After delivering his standout debut full length Sketches on MOS Recordings earlier it the year, Aroy Dee now gets... more...

12inch M>O>S: MOS021 € 4,49