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23-10-2012 - tuesday

Don G - Barrio Blunts vol. 1

Don G

Barrio Blunts vol. 1

Six tracks by Don G on this first of four releases. Hip-hop straight out of Don's hood. more...

12inch Scioue Scioue Proudactions: barrioblunts001 € 7,99

Shingo Suwa - Merkur 5

Shingo Suwa

Merkur 5

After the previous four compilation releases, Merkur’s founder Shingo Suwa now announces his own EP. As first track ‘Never leave me / original mix’ is... more...

12inch Merkur: Mer05 € 5,99

16-10-2012 - tuesday

Luna City Express / Skyboy - Deep Underground / The Track Called Dr Gonzo

Luna City Express / Skyboy

Deep Underground / The Track Called Dr Gonzo

Well crafted modern club tracks with strong references to the 90's! A-side comes as Marcel Knopf remix slowly building around a classic baseline and k... more...

12inch Blank: Blank005 € 5,99

11-10-2012 - thursday

Behling & Simpson  - Where The Oh's / Tape Hiss

Behling & Simpson

Where The Oh's / Tape Hiss

With killer releases on Bristol house dons Futureboogie’s own label and a stonking re-edit of Faith Evans getting plays from well known peeps they con... more...

12inch Apple Pips: Pips019 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

eMMplekz - IZOD Days



IZOD days reverberating around the maze…Ekoplekz & Baron Mordant passed the audio baton thru the broadest of bands to share thoughts various on subjec... more...

12inch Mordant Music: Mordant058 € 5,99

09-10-2012 - tuesday

Ruskin & Broom - Bites

Ruskin & Broom


Following various collaborative 12”s the Blueprint boys return with straight on techno tracks!

12inch Blueprint: BP036 € 5,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-09-2012 - wednesday

07-09-2012 - friday

Ziro - Coded / Oni  (Om Unit & Thefft Remixes)


Coded / Oni (Om Unit & Thefft Remixes)

Ziro’s debut release aims squarely for the dark heart of the dancefloor. Punishing 4x4 kicks ride thunderous, swollen basslines to devastating effect.... more...

12inch Crazylegs: Legs001 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-08-2012 - monday

Dj Ali - Make It Hot Ep

Dj Ali

Make It Hot Ep

After the big NY Stomp release here another strong release with exciting remixes! Some proper UK house tracks by Dj Ali. Working jacking west coast ho... more...

12inch Illusion Recordings: ILL004 € 4,99

24-08-2012 - friday

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - Q1

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques


Rare grooves from the tiny Quadriga sound library – an album that's split between European maestros Heinz Kiessling and Peter Jacques – but which is m... more...

LP Sonorama: SONOL68 € 12,99

22-08-2012 - wednesday

Gary Bek  - Ars Poetica / Fabula

Gary Bek

Ars Poetica / Fabula

No surpirces here! Gary Bek with another massive peak time, main room techno track that will stir things up! On the flip Mark Reeve with a bass driven... more...

12inch Bek Audio: Bek010 € 4,99

20-08-2012 - monday

Eduardo De La Calle - Analog Grooves #1

Eduardo De La Calle

Analog Grooves #1

New Eduardo De La Calle release coming on this limited edition Mental Groove release.

12inch Mental Groove: MG084 € 5,99

15-08-2012 - wednesday

John Heckle - The Second Son ep

John Heckle

The Second Son ep

This 4 track sampler from Heckle's award winning album features cuts that were not previously on vinyl. Includes One's Self and I&I on the A-side whil... more...

12inch Mathematics: Math061 € 6,99

Dapayk Solo - Mint

Dapayk Solo


Bouncey jacking techno by the Dapayk Solo.

12inch DPK: DPK008 € 6,99

23-07-2012 - monday

John Barry - Stringbeat

John Barry


While John Barry’s name is most widely associated with the James Bond films (to which he wrote most of the soundtracks) he is also well known for his... more...

LP Doxy: DOXY667LP € 11,49

12-07-2012 - thursday

Sehou - I Heure Verte (John Daly rmx)


I Heure Verte (John Daly rmx)

Beautiful and functional house tracks that are rooted in the best club house tradition without becoming cory (far from that actually). Powerful dj too... more...

12inch Back To You: BTY005 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-07-2012 - wednesday

Strip Steve - Micro Mega

Strip Steve

Micro Mega

Double pack of high energy electro disco and techno hybrids. What is Micro Mega? It’s the idea that everything from the microscopic scale to the infi... more...

2LP Boysnoize Records: BNR081 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-06-2012 - saturday

Brian Grainger - Workingman's Drone Box Set

Brian Grainger

Workingman's Drone Box Set

After all twelve Workingman's Drone EPs were released, and the series drew to a close, Brian Granger set out to find or build the perfect box to hold... more...

13xCD Box Set Milieu Music: MMWDBox € 24,99

29-06-2012 - friday

Jon Convex - Idoru EP1

Jon Convex

Idoru EP1

Damon Kirkham’s solo adventure under the alias Jon Convex continues. The first of an exclusive three part limited 300 Vinyl run EP series leading up t... more...

2x10inch Convex Industries: Convex003 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-06-2012 - wednesday

JT Stewart - Krill / SWFYSU

JT Stewart

Krill / SWFYSU

Newworldaquarium’s new ‘Indishe Buurt’ imprint is now officially up and running and goes straight into it. The first record is from JT Stewart (AKA St... more...

12inch Indische Buurt: IB001 € 8,99

20-06-2012 - wednesday

Soul Clap - Efunk: The Remixes

Soul Clap

Efunk: The Remixes

Remixes on Efunk, by Slow Hands and Tanner Ross, amongst others.

12inch Wolfandlamb: WLM023 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-06-2012 - saturday

Tevo Howard - Beautiful Granville Days Vol. Two

Tevo Howard

Beautiful Granville Days Vol. Two

The Beautiful Granville Days Volumes are a series of outtakes, remixes, and previously unreleased recordings from the operating days of the label Beau... more...

2x12inch Tevo Howard Recordings: TTHR005 € 13,99

12-06-2012 - tuesday

Chymera - Strange Things Are Afoot


Strange Things Are Afoot

Conforce and Claro Intelectro remixes for Chymera on Connaisseur records. Deep moody and Detroit influenced techno tracks!

12inch Connaisseur Recordings: Cns049 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-06-2012 - friday

Mordant Music - Post-MorteM / ModeM

Mordant Music

Post-MorteM / ModeM

Skeletal shards of static tropes spew from the Pro-One as dead prog druMMers join the dots with heroic trills…an infrasound-tinged intervention provid... more...

12inch Mordant Music: Mordant053 € 5,99

S.D.G.  - I’m A Man (Remixes)


I’m A Man (Remixes)

2 limited edition remixes that have been excting dancefloors around the world on a few CDR’s for about a year finally get a ltd edition release… Frenc... more...

12inch Melted Dubs: MLDB006 € 5,99

02-06-2012 - saturday

Strategy - Boxy Music


Boxy Music

5 tracks of excellent house tracks with a nice approach that goes away from the paved path we here in the clubs so much. Great adventurous release. Re... more...

12inch 100% Silk: Silk021 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-05-2012 - tuesday

Luca Ballerini & Rio Padice - Never Mess La Cricca

Luca Ballerini & Rio Padice

Never Mess La Cricca

Fun analog deep house tracks by Italian producers Luca Ballerini & Rio Padice, obviously inspired by early US house, but with a fresh and authentic si... more...

12inch Wax Jam: WAXJAM01 € 4,99

23-05-2012 - wednesday

October & Borai  - I Didnt Mean To / Palmarosa

October & Borai

I Didnt Mean To / Palmarosa

With the beautiful melodic sensibility of Borai’s synth lines meshing with Octobers jacking body beats, they fuse to create 2 sublime slices of warm,... more...

12inch Apple Pips: Pips016 € 4,99

09-05-2012 - wednesday

Mighty Sparrow - Sparromania!

Mighty Sparrow


Strut present a brand new retrospective of one of the Caribbean’s most towering musical figures, Mighty Sparrow, covering 1962 to 1974. During a caree... more...

2LP Strut: Strut090LP € 13,99

01-05-2012 - tuesday

Mistakes Are Ok - Mistakes Are Ok Remixes

Mistakes Are Ok

Mistakes Are Ok Remixes

The music of barcelonian producer Mistakes Are Ok is quite a mystery for us. It's strange, adventurous and enigmatic, impossible to define with genres... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN012 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-04-2012 - thursday

Anstam - First Sprout EP


First Sprout EP

Outstanding, unique sounding, IDM rooted, dense atmospheric Electronic EP

12inch 50 Weapons: Fifty018 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Slowburn - The Hustle


The Hustle

Limited to 300 copies. Available only on vinyl For the fourth ep on Austere, Ireland’s Slowburn are welcomed into the fold. Having impressed us with r... more...

12inch Austere: Austere004 € 6,99

11-04-2012 - wednesday

Pilocka Krach - Discolight Remixes

Pilocka Krach

Discolight Remixes

Discolight! Pilocka Krach's put your hands up in the air tune is getting remixed. Remixes by Acid Pauli, Hrdvision, Hannah Holland, Patric Catani.

12inch Greatest Hits International: GHI002 € 5,99

05-04-2012 - thursday

Moony me - Konfused

Moony me


Strong remix package for Moony Me!. His disco-influenced pop-House track got a nice remix treatment by Argy who crafted a much heavier and U.K. rave i... more...

12inch These days: TD012 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-03-2012 - wednesday

The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Duncan - Zoo-ma-City

The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr Duncan


fantastic collaboration of Dean Meredith (Chicken Lips) & Eric Duncan (Rub n Tug) with jackin house.

12inch Endless Flight: Endless037 € 5,99

15-03-2012 - thursday

09-03-2012 - friday

Beastie Respond - Be Quiet

Beastie Respond

Be Quiet

Following his big summer hit summer Syncopy, Tobias Hjørnet, returns to Teal, for a second release. Be Quiet is not messing about too much, a solid fo... more...

12inch Teal: Teal005 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-02-2012 - monday

The K System - Visions Before Midnight

The K System

Visions Before Midnight

Again a surprising but quality release on the never dull Fine Art recordings. New promising artist the K System delivers some experimental dubstep no... more...

7inch Fine Art: FA030 € 2,99

12-01-2012 - thursday

Kleo - Wherever You Go


Wherever You Go

House and techno label hailing from London. Over the next few years we will be hearing them unleashing their catalogue of quality electronic recording... more...

12inch Kleek Recordings: KR001 € 6,49

05-01-2012 - thursday

Odyssey - Legacy remixs Edition 2


Legacy remixs Edition 2

Big remix package from ISM, who continue their homage paying endeavours for legendary NYC disco troupe Odyssey. This latest 12 inch sees remixes from... more...

12inch Inner Surface Music: ISM017 € 5,99

15-12-2011 - thursday

Canyons - See Blind Through (Dj Harvey rmx)


See Blind Through (Dj Harvey rmx)

Sexy slower house track by these guys from Sydney!! Comes with a faster acid mix and a Harvey mix. Recommended!!

12inch Modular Recordings: Modvl151 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-12-2011 - tuesday

Scram - Scram01



New limited vinyl-only release from the TRUST orbit: SCRAM01 combines cold futurism with a pulp sci-fi mood, cool Berlin dub techno flavours with melo... more...

12inch Scram: Scram01 € 4,99

24-11-2011 - thursday

Ophion - Pallor Absentis


Pallor Absentis

Newcomer Ophion make their debut on diametric. Hailing from the UK, the duo has been working on their musical vision for some years but only recently... more...

CD Diametric: 10-diam € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-11-2011 - wednesday

Esteban Adame - Determinacion EP

Esteban Adame

Determinacion EP

New 12'' from Esteban Adame on his own ICAN Productions label. Esteban is known from his previous work on ICAN, Underground Quality, and as a member o... more...

12inch Ican Productions: Ican007 € 5,99

22-11-2011 - tuesday

Especially Good - Redefinding Heaven / Border Patrol

Especially Good

Redefinding Heaven / Border Patrol

7inch with 2 tracks from this new band from Detroit...! Raw electro punk... in the spirit of Adult.

7inch EST. 83': Est83-01 € 3,99

18-11-2011 - friday

Phono  - ABAW 723 / Sad Happiness


ABAW 723 / Sad Happiness

Uk inspired, dubstep-ish tunes with nice dark atmosphere and jumpy melodies.

12inch 50 Weapons: Fifty015 € 4,99

09-11-2011 - wednesday

Youandme - Something (Literon rmx)


Something (Literon rmx)

Phat modern club techno tracks by Youandme with a little dubby touch.Literon drops a cool remix.

12inch International Freakshow: IF24 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-11-2011 - wednesday

Iosophis - N



This first release on Totsoluna Disc comes as a bit of a surprise, difficult to classify in predefined genre categories. Iosophis from France makes r... more...

CD Totsoluna Disc: Totsoluna001 € 6,99