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02-11-2011 - wednesday

Iosophis - N



This first release on Totsoluna Disc comes as a bit of a surprise, difficult to classify in predefined genre categories. Iosophis from France makes r... more...

CD Totsoluna Disc: Totsoluna001 € 6,99

Iosophis - M



These tracks have been inspired and recorded live, three days after the Winter Solstice, in miscellaneous places ( small churches, ruins, forest...) s... more...

CD Totsoluna Disc: Totsoluna002 € 6,99

synkro - Stop & Think Ep


Stop & Think Ep

Double Garage motions, in a deep house vein with pitching R&B voices. Warm, housey keys and whipcracking rhythm syncopations with a lovely sense of re... more...

12inch Millions Of Moments: MOM027 € 8,99

Jen & Ed - EDJ 001

Jen & Ed

EDJ 001

New label by Jus-Ed and Jenifa Mayanja. Their first records as couple. Jen's track is a real stunner here with deep intens strings and hypnotic beat... more...

12inch EDJ recordings: EDJ001 € 5,99

31-10-2011 - monday

Zeal - Serenity EP


Serenity EP

Experimental edged Techno drones remeniscent of some early Bunker stuff, plus some stripped down half-stepping Drum & Bass style bonus track. Check

12inch Z-lab: Zlab001 (64234) € 6,99

13-10-2011 - thursday

Ilja Rudman - Let This Dream ep

Ilja Rudman

Let This Dream ep

Classic sounding West End disco tracks by Ilja Rudman. ISM is the London label from future soul maestros Yam Who?, who present a delectable offering i... more...

12inch Ism: Ism016 € 6,99

12-10-2011 - wednesday

Robert Owens - One Tear

Robert Owens

One Tear

Chicago legend Robert Owens teams up with Tevo Howard. Music produced by Tevo Howard and the moody vocals by Robert Owens. Comes in 4 versions... rang... more...

12inch Tevo Howard Recordings: TTHR003 € 4,99

31-08-2011 - wednesday

Ivel Tax  - Brotherhood Ep (aaron Carl rmx)

Ivel Tax

Brotherhood Ep (aaron Carl rmx)

Ivel Tax, young and talented, is the first guest-artist to join Terpsichore's catalogue. Legendary Detroit producer Aaron Carl gave a roaring building... more...

12inch Terpsichore: Terp003 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-08-2011 - tuesday

Snuff Crew Ft Robert Owens - Clarity (Steffi rmx)

Snuff Crew Ft Robert Owens

Clarity (Steffi rmx)

Repress! Snuff Trax celebrates the 5th release. For this little jubilee they teamed up with legendary Robert Owens. This man is called „the voice of h... more...

12inch Snuff Trax: STX005 € 6,49

16-08-2011 - tuesday

Futurisk - Lonely Streets (remixes)


Lonely Streets (remixes)

This May, Minimal Wave will take an old sound in a new direction entirely, giving Futurisk’s classic ‘Lonely Streets’ a modern shake-up through a remi... more...

12inch Cititrax: Citi004 € 13,99

12-08-2011 - friday

Processory  - Recovery Measures EP


Recovery Measures EP

High energy pop disco tunes. Recovery Measures is the first of 3 EPs released from the New Album by Processory (Jori Hulkkonen & Jerry Valuri) enti... more...

12inch Sugarcane records: SGR015 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Processory  - Engage Ep (Pink Skull rmx)


Engage Ep (Pink Skull rmx)

The third ep of the Processory project with remixes by Pink Skull, My Facvorite Robot and Renaissance man. Sweet electro disco tracks with pop appeal! more...

12inch Sugarcane records: SGR017 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

05-07-2011 - tuesday

When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever Remixes

When Saints Go Machine

Fail Forever Remixes

When Saints Go Machine are a Danish four-piece consisting of Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, Jonas Kenton, Simon Muschinsky and Silas Moldenhawer. After the r... more...

12inch !K7: K7281EP € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-06-2011 - friday

Dumb Machines - Falling Up / Professional Widow

Dumb Machines

Falling Up / Professional Widow

New label by Third Ear records and what a cool first release!!! Groovemental is bringing explosive jazz versions of two classic Dance tracks! Side X:... more...

10inch Groovemental: GROOVE001 € 5,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

23-06-2011 - thursday

The Echelon Plan  - Black Dots.... (Delta Funktionen Rmx)

The Echelon Plan

Black Dots.... (Delta Funktionen Rmx)

Surface Records launches its sister label – Inchoate. Inchoate has been created with the intention of releasing the purist house sounds to be found, w... more...

12inch Surface: Inch001 € 7,99

22-06-2011 - wednesday

Gang Colours  - In Your Gut Like A Knife

Gang Colours

In Your Gut Like A Knife

Amazing release again on Brownswood. Downtempo tracks that has some funk influences mixed with that UK bass sound fused with some garage sounds. Beaut... more...

12inch brownswood: Brownswood064 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

20-06-2011 - monday

Franki Juncaj - Waiting In The Dark EP

Franki Juncaj

Waiting In The Dark EP

Decabaret second's release is a pure blend of finest detroit techno/electro. Franki Juncaj moving forward his DJ 3000 moniker to focus on producing mu... more...

12inch Decabaret Records: Decab002 € 4,99

17-06-2011 - friday

Gel Abril - Angola / Changes

Gel Abril

Angola / Changes

Angola is destined to be another stormer from Gel as this is a proper follow up to his classic ''Spells of Yoruba'', stripped down techno beats with a... more...

12inch Be As One: BAO030 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-06-2011 - wednesday

Cesare Marchese - Aether EP

Cesare Marchese

Aether EP

Yet another formally trained musician in the Vakant camp, Cesare’s music has progressed a great deal since his first release in 2006. Every release dr... more...

12inch Vakant: VA038 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-06-2011 - thursday

Loopside - File Of Love


File Of Love

17 years after the first release of Loopside, ''Starman'', Delivery presents you the new track ''File Of Love''. This record comes in two flavours, th... more...

12inch Delivery: DLV1012 € 13,99

26-05-2011 - thursday

Clarence Brandon - Times Have Changed EP

Clarence Brandon

Times Have Changed EP

In collaboration with label-owner Patrique, Clarence Brandon brings us this two-track EP. Clarence is obviously inspired by the Detroit heritage as bo... more...

12inch Soundtravels: ST001 € 4,99

23-05-2011 - monday

Robert Hood - Weapons

Robert Hood


Robert Hood first released ''Weapons'' under his The Vision nom de plume back in 1993, as part of the Waveform Transmission Vol. 2 album on the legend... more...

12inch Intro Magazine: Intro2002 € 6,99

13-05-2011 - friday

Inverto - Gunslinger / Miura


Gunslinger / Miura

Two tracks of dancefloor heat from Melbourne underachievers - Inverto! Spaghetti Western meets Zorro on Peyote with Gunslinger, plus a laid-back vers... more...

12inch M Division: MDIV005 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-04-2011 - wednesday

Paul Woolford - Can't Do Without/Bareback

Paul Woolford

Can't Do Without/Bareback

Phonica's seventh release comes from Paul Woolford as he delivers a double dose of quality crossbreed dancefloor music taking his sound to new depths... more...

12inch Phonica: Phonica007 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-03-2011 - saturday

Humanleft / Damage - Arnaud & Bernard / Zeppelin

Humanleft / Damage

Arnaud & Bernard / Zeppelin

Glitchy electro rave and deeper detroit-esque dubstep, electro hybrid. Small run!

10inch 50 Weapons: Fifty005 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-03-2011 - wednesday

Pink Stallone   - The Six / Seaside Conga

Pink Stallone

The Six / Seaside Conga

Generatto records with some crazy electro disco tracks. A-side some sort of indie electro rock pop thing... b-side a NY conga driven electro disco tr... more...

12inch Generatto Records: Gen001 € 5,99

15-03-2011 - tuesday

Savas Pascalidis - Interceptor

Savas Pascalidis


After last year's empowering 'Nuclear Rawmance' longplayer, Berlin's Savas Pascalidis is back with his next 4 track EP on Sweatshop. A tough, analog... more...

12inch Sweatshop: SWSH007 € 3,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

04-03-2011 - friday

Codine - Circadian Rhythms


Circadian Rhythms

Hot & authentic Detroit techno from Erik Cronin as Codine. A dubbed out journey with intricate rhythms & mood. Alex Israel's mix is a a more soulful a... more...

12inch Blank Artist: BLNK019 € 5,99

02-03-2011 - wednesday

Arthur's Landing - Arthur's Landing

Arthur's Landing

Arthur's Landing

Arthur’s Landing is a broad collective of musicians that worked with the late and revered Downtown New York composer, cellist and singer Arthur Russel... more...

2LP Strut: Strut061lp € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-02-2011 - wednesday

Mr Cloudy - Love Sprockets

Mr Cloudy

Love Sprockets

Deeper melodic techno tracks.

12inch Millions Of Moments: MomF04.2 € 5,99

Brandt Brauer Frick - Corky

Brandt Brauer Frick


Corky'' is the Third EP from Brand Brauer Frick on Tartelet Records with some acoustic techno, featuring a ace remix from Tartelet's own James Braun.

12inch Tartelet: Tartelet015 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-01-2011 - thursday

Pacific Horizons - The Forest Electric / Jack Parsons' Laboratory

Pacific Horizons

The Forest Electric / Jack Parsons' Laboratory

Follow-up to their successful debut that garnered support from Harvey, Ray Mang and more. Two Balearic tracks (less Pacha, more Cafe Del Mar) that qui... more...

12inch Pacific Wizard Foundation: PWF002 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-01-2011 - monday

Florintintin - Lapbop



Classical composer from The Hague who writes music pieces for orchestras but also is experimenting with electronica and jazz. Old jazz tracks remixed... more...

12inch Clone/Dub: Tina001 € 5,99

01-01-2011 - saturday

Dapayk Solo - Schwarz & Kaden Remixes

Dapayk Solo

Schwarz & Kaden Remixes

Mathias Kaden and Henrik Schwarz remix their favourite tracks from Dapayks ''Decade One'' Album.

12inch Mo's Ferry: MFP053 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-12-2010 - wednesday

Mirko Hirsch - Love Hurts

Mirko Hirsch

Love Hurts

Last year the first release of Mirko Hirsch saw the light of day on Delivery Records. This man can't stop making great songs, so besides the new hit L... more...

12inch Delivery: DLV1013 € 8,99

20-12-2010 - monday

Lol - Part 1


Part 1

Lol is a bit of an unusual project, it's just a thing in it's own right, it's not ‘for’ anything or anyone in particular, it's just an LP made by thre... more...

LP Nonplus: NonplusLP002pt1 € 7,49

Kito - Kito EP


Kito EP

Precisely produced pop-infused dubstep by Australian artist Kito. Includes the popular LFO, with vocals by Reija Lee, and Kito's remix of Vaccine's Fe... more...

2x12inch Disfigured Dubz: DISF009 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-12-2010 - friday

19-11-2010 - friday

Ray Rock & Say Nothing -

Ray Rock & Say Nothing

2 ill cuts of old school hip house madness. Ray Rock takes us back to the old skool with a straight up house feel and total undercooled beats that can... more...

12inch Baffin Island Beat Brigade: BIBB05 € 1,99

18-11-2010 - thursday

Dimitri Kneppers - The Kick Off (C2 rmx)

Dimitri Kneppers

The Kick Off (C2 rmx)

DJ veteran Dimitri Knepper makes his Planet E debut with a stunning track already tearing up dancefloors. Included is the first of two remixes by Ca... more...

12inch Planet e: PE65324 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-11-2010 - monday

Various Artists - Good Foundations

Various Artists

Good Foundations

Blunted Robots have done another record. If we say it’s Future Garage, will you like it more? contributors Brackles & Shortstuff, Doc Daneeka

12inch Blunted Robots: BLR005 € 5,49

28-10-2010 - thursday

Ikonika & Optimum  - Aqueos Cream / Ampersand

Ikonika & Optimum

Aqueos Cream / Ampersand

konika & Optimum are proud to introduce their highly anticipated new venture: Hum + Buzz Records. This double A side debut release is right at the cen... more...

12inch Hum & Buzz records: HBR001 € 4,99

27-10-2010 - wednesday

Kenton Slash Demon - Matter

Kenton Slash Demon


Matter is a natural constellation of disco and house, sprinkled with emotionally charged lyrics and a hint of that special Tartelet strangeness. Loopi... more...

12inch Tartelet: Tartelet014 € 4,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

21-10-2010 - thursday

Solab - Celestial Tales


Celestial Tales

Solab’s music is inspired by the Detroit Legacy, both in a musical and theoretical approach. The duo’s tracks have an otherworldliness to them, provid... more...

12inch Lifeworld: Life004 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

20-10-2010 - wednesday

Mauser - The Vault EP


The Vault EP

4 tracks liberated from Miles Holt archives explore acid & techno with a creaming filling of JACK. Expect some jazzed out acid, some straight-up bange... more...

12inch Synapsis: Syna004 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-09-2010 - friday

Skylevel - 55 / 5 Million Steps


55 / 5 Million Steps

Limited to 200 copies. Out of the clear sky, the vinyl nerds from skylevel deliver two beautifully crafted gems of dance music, keeping the overall vi... more...

12inch Skylevel: Skylevel01 € 6,99

23-09-2010 - thursday

Anthony Rother - Bad to the Bone

Anthony Rother

Bad to the Bone

Clashy electro techno tracks by this german electro pioneer..

12inch Datapunk: Datapunk 001 € 6,00

22-09-2010 - wednesday

Kuniyuki - Set Me Free


Set Me Free

Two lovely deeper house tracks with a classic feel to it.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule051 € 6,99

17-09-2010 - friday

Relict - Digital Curved Sky


Digital Curved Sky

4 Surprisingly fresh techno/house hybrids full of emotion and energy by Bas roR (Frantic Flowers / AW records) & Paul du Lac (Clone), connecting the p... more...

12inch Data Leak Records: leak003 € 5,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L