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Colman - Daedalus



Like the wings Daedalus crafted for his son Icarus, John Gilbert Colman’s score for sampler, voice and chamber orchestra almost melted away completely... more...

LP Musique Plastique: MP003 € 27,49

Annelis Monsere - Happiness Is Within Sight

Annelis Monsere

Happiness Is Within Sight

This is a record about a parting of ways. It is dedicated to the one who has been left behind and the one who left.'' more...

LP Stroom: STRLP017 € 23,99

Best Available Technology - Enginetics & Plasmalterations

Best Available Technology

Enginetics & Plasmalterations

Tucked away in a shed in Portland, Best Available Technology continues to cultivate an unmistakable sound grown around a seemingly untiring exploratio... more...

LP 12th Isle: Isle006 € 19,99

Deadline Paranoia - 2/3

Deadline Paranoia


Ongehoord is announcing the 3rd release on the label. The release is part of Jeroen Vermandere’s research in Dutch cassette. The band Deadline Paran... more...

LP Ongehoord: Ongehoord003 € 19,99

Hedon The Cat - From Inner Space To Outer Rhythm

Hedon The Cat

From Inner Space To Outer Rhythm

Wonderfully spaced out, subtly pulsating classic Chill-out & Ambient Techno schooled album (download card included) more...

12inch Wandering: Wandering010 (18513) € 18,99

Motohiko Hamase - Reminiscence

Motohiko Hamase


Motohiko Hamase's 1986 album Reminiscence scores a decent prize at online vinyl selling platforms and it is worth each coin! It's a perfect refuge fro... more...

LP Mule Musiq: StudioMule10LP € 23,99

Amond - Fluent State


Fluent State

This fall, Amond paves a new path to the peak of Mind Everest with a deeply emotive five-track EP called Fluent State. Amond's debut features patient... more...

12inch Mind Everest: MIND3 € 9,99

Viola Klein - A passport and a visa stamped by the holy ghost

Viola Klein

A passport and a visa stamped by the holy ghost

The sound sources in Klein's work are rooted in personal relationships. Klein worked for a New York church's audio ministry; she mixed the choir, r... more...

12inch Meakusma: MEA027 € 10,99

Ultrafog - How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer


How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer

Los Angeles Motion Ward follow up their sold out Uon (West Mineral Company) with this blissed out ep from Ultrafog. Must have for fans of Huerco S, En... more...

12inch Motion Ward: MW004 € 11,49

Herbert Bodzin - Revival II

Herbert Bodzin

Revival II

Herbert Bodzin’s “Revival II” is the next exciting vinyl highlight on this young label. It features completely unreleased electronic music which was r... more...

LP The Artless Cuckoo: TAC004 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Patrick Richard - Transgression

Patrick Richard


Patrick Richard's debut LP "Transgression" sums up his musical output so far: Deep, emotional and intelligent techno. It is a coherent, yet rich and... more...

2LP ROMB: ROMB015 € 17,99

Roll The Dice - Live At Berlin Atonal 2017

Roll The Dice

Live At Berlin Atonal 2017

Roll the Dice is the Swedish duo consisting of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt. Pardon is a storied composer of film and television music. Mannerf... more...

12inch Berlin Atonal: ATONAL006 € 10,49

Various Artists - Det Ar Grymt I Norr

Various Artists

Det Ar Grymt I Norr

'Det Ar Grymt I Norr' is a compilation of exclusive tracks by artists reflecting the contemporary Swedish underground electronic music scene: ALVAR, C... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE024rtm € 16,99

Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent - Secrets of Mana

Andrea Zarza Canova & Matthew Kent

Secrets of Mana

Mana can be understood as a powerful, often magical, force contained within objects. As these objects get passed from one to another, in a cycle of gi... more...

Cassette Tape Queeste: QUEESTE001 € 13,99

Rolf Trostel - Edward Versions

Rolf Trostel

Edward Versions

Die Orakel presents two Edward reinterpretations of new age-ambient excursions by German composer Rolf Trostel, originally recorded in 1982.

12inch Die Orakel: ORKL11 € 9,99

Osheyack - Sadomodernism



At the crux of American-born, Shanghai-based producer Eli Osheyack's debut album, Sadomodernism, is a question of agency. Borrowed from film theory, t... more...

LP Bedouin Records: BDNX002 € 18,99

Shao - Doppler Shift


Doppler Shift

In 2015, Tresor Records welcomed Shao Yanpeng as the first Chinese artist to contribute to the label’s catalogue. Shao is based in Beijing, China, whe... more...

LP + Download Tresor: Tresor306 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - Time Capsule - 808 Box 5th Anniversary


Time Capsule - 808 Box 5th Anniversary

Available outside of Fundamental's own store for the first time! Last copies of this very exclusive (limited to 250 copies), hand numbered, red wooden... more...

11x Vinyl + T-Shirt Box Set Fundamental records: FR017 € 199,99

Thomas Ankersmit - Homage To Dick Raaijmakers

Thomas Ankersmit

Homage To Dick Raaijmakers

homas Ankersmit, last seen on a pair of excellent albums for PAN and Touch (in 2011 and 2014, respectively) pays tribute to legendary Dutch composer /... more...

12inch Shelter Press: SP096 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Shinichi Atobe - Heat

Shinichi Atobe


Unexpected new album from Shinichi Atobe - an hour of deeply inspirational House music. more...

2LP Distort Decay Sustain: DDS035 € 27,99

Young Paint  - Young Paint

Young Paint

Young Paint

''The Young Paint EP is the first release on Werk__Ltd. the new record label from Actress. Young Paint (aka Jade Soulform aka Francis aka Generation... more...

EP Werk Discs: WerkLtd001 € 11,99

Various Artists - Air Texture Vol. VI

Various Artists

Air Texture Vol. VI

Air Texture Vol. VI selected by Steffi and Martyn! The Air Texture Series asks two Producers/ Performers to select a double CD worth of unreleased mus... more...

2x12inch Air Texture: AIR006LP € 24,99

Various Artists - Sichten 1

Various Artists

Sichten 1

Sichten refers both to opinions as well as the examination of material. In lose sequence, Raster will invite friends and colleagues, but especially mu... more...

12inch Raster: RM180 € 27,99

Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger & Phillip Sollmann - Panama / Suez

Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger & Phillip Sollmann

Panama / Suez

The first EP by trio Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger and Phillip Sollmann (aka Efdemin). The three multi-instrumentalists collaborated with the goal of... more...

12inch A-TON: ATONEP01 € 10,99

Cosimo Damiano - Disco Nemorense

Cosimo Damiano

Disco Nemorense

In the first release of NVDA, the music takes its cue from the mythological, natural and architectural features of the lake and city of Nemi, the whol... more...

12inch + Download NVDA: NVDA01 € 10,99

HOVE - Journey To Arendal


Journey To Arendal

Upset those Discogs hawks and get yourself a much needed repress of this gem from Hove

12inch Light Of Other Days: LOOD002 € 12,99

Das Nichts - Sunfall

Das Nichts


Sparse, minimalist, mesmerising Ambient / Ambient Techno excursions more...

LP Hidden Hawaii: HHG6/6 (18797) € 20,99

LUZ1E - 4/5/20/18/15/9/20



After her hugely successful offering on UGONGETIT, Frankfurt talent LUZ1E crosses over to the the LT main label with a hard-hitting, machine-driven EP... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster054 € 12,99

Billy Ray De La Haye - Globetrotters

Billy Ray De La Haye


Rotterdam's mysterious studio-wizard strikes on the joyful label of Baltermore isle. Get alleviated and dream on!

12inch Baltermore: BAL003 € 9,49

Mattheis - Thin Sections


Thin Sections

Over fifty minutes of excellent minimalist synth explorations by Rotterdam based musician Mattheis on his new long player Thin Sections. Simultaneousl... more...

LP + Download Nous klaer Audio: OEMOEMENOE1 € 14,99

Capsule - Colundi Interception EP


Colundi Interception EP

Colundi interception @ 63.401237,-19.035634 89746 64037 86532 02356 97203 56782 53467 66525 56784 78410 common purpose. consideration of data. colun... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe048 € 9,99

Caffeine Worldwide - Trinity EP

Caffeine Worldwide

Trinity EP

HCB delivers a packet of absolutely blissed-out serotonin kissed sunrise rave material from California’s Caffeine Worldwide aka Dylan Chase.

12inch Human Concrete Block: HCB001 € 12,99

Bvdub - Drowning In Daylight


Drowning In Daylight

Brock Van Wey debuts on Apollo with his stunning new album‘ Drowning in Daylight , exploring cavernous soundscapes on a grand canvas that throb with a... more...

2LP Apollo: AMB1809LP € 29,99

Dead Fader - Woke

Dead Fader


A lucid, dynamic, atmospheric trip through consciousness, incorporating an incredible range of texture, tone, and three-dimensional space. This is a g... more...

LP Kimochi: KIMOCHI032 € 25,49

Grand River - Pineapple

Grand River


Dutch-Italian composer, musician and producer Aimee Portioli alias Grand River is back on Spazio Disponibile. After a debut record on the label in 201... more...

2LP Spazio Disponibile: Spazio015 € 20,99

Korridor - End of Cycle


End of Cycle

Fabian Kempe's productions under the name of Korridor have consistently presented a foreboding and striking assembly. Previous appearances on Northern... more...

2LP Northern Electronics: NE54 € 19,99

Michiru Aoyama - Brilliant Days

Michiru Aoyama

Brilliant Days

The second vinyl release on Mirae Arts comes courtesy of Michiru Aoyama, a Japanese ambient producer from the quiet seaside city of Kamakura, just sou... more...

LP + Download Mirae Arts: MA002 € 10,99

Lamusa II - Vago Libero

Lamusa II

Vago Libero

Excellent library LP by Italian talent Lamusa II, a year after his debut EP ''Club Mondo 2000''. 8 avantgarde tracks in early-electronic explorer mode... more...

LP Gravity Graffiti: Gra009 € 19,99

Krikor - Saudi



Originally released as a limited run cassette on Low Jack's Editons Gravats label in 2017, we now get an official vinyl pressing via L.I.E.S. Krik... more...

LP LIES: LIES122 € 23,99

Linkwood - Fresh Gildans


Fresh Gildans

One of Firecracker’s Founding Fathers returns once more, this time shoving two fingers up to current DJ conventions smashing out a 150 BPM electrofunk... more...

12inch Firecracker: FIREC026 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

MJ Lallo - Take Me With You

MJ Lallo

Take Me With You

Compilation of the works by MJ Lallo, weird harmonizing mantras layered with drummachine rhythms. Very psychedelic compositions where she uses her voi... more...

2LP Seance Centre: 10SC € 32,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Blakk Harbor - Madares

Blakk Harbor


Debut double LP album from Blakk Harbor the Greek Berlin based artist and sound designer behind Native Instruments, Angelos Liaros. Soaring drones, da... more...

2LP Blakk Harbor: BH001 € 20,99

Cubus Larvik - State And Design

Cubus Larvik

State And Design

“State and Design” is the third release by Estonian electronic music duo Cubus Larvik (Karl Saks, Hendrik Kaljujärv), and is based on choreographer Ka... more...

LP Serious Serious: SRS004 € 14,99

Kumo No Muko - A Journey Into 80's Japan's Ambient And Synth Pop Sound
2LP Jazzy Couscous: HRLP108/109 € 34,99