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Stanislav Tolkachev - VHS PT. 2

Stanislav Tolkachev


After the first chapter of VHS series, Stanislav Tolkachev is back on Delirio and unveils three other tracks recorded on videotape about 13 years ago.... more...

10inch Delirio: DLR006 € 12,49

Arandel - Turbatrix



'Turbatrix', the eighth release on Sheffield's Computer Club imprint, is provided by mysterious French artist Arandel. No newcomer to the musical spec... more...

12inch Computer Club: DISK09 € 9,49
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Zodiac Free Arts Club - Structures + Codes

Zodiac Free Arts Club

Structures + Codes

"Constantin Xenakis work possesses exactly what I really love about intelligent electronic music. It's stylishly repetitive, coded, mechanical but, at... more...

Mini-LP HVNX: HVNX-600 € 13,99

Alien - Unreleased 96-00


Unreleased 96-00

180gr Black vinyl, full colour sleeve. Our journey continues with an ep of pure ageless music for the dancing brain, four tracks dusted from the archi... more...

12inch Art-Aud: A-A03 € 11,99

Automat - The Invisible


The Invisible

For the second foray into past hidden gems by some of our favourite producers, brokntoys is pleased to welcome French producer Raphael Vendramini aka... more...

12inch Brokntoys: BT28CHR02 € 12,99

Junior Loves - Omnisystem

Junior Loves


Deep space ambient en electro by One half of the Kestrel Explorations unit with longtime collaborator Scientific Dreamz Of U, Junior Loves

EP Tabernacle records: Tabr041 € 12,99

Noord Halle - Jefre (Haron & Antenna Remix)

Noord Halle

Jefre (Haron & Antenna Remix)

Arising from the outskirts of Brussel is Noord Halle, a young and promising source of hard to beat fast paced electro tracks. Jefre EP might be his de... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK012 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Crotocosm - Setting The Scene For An Island Battle EP


Setting The Scene For An Island Battle EP

Crotocosm is an occasional collaboration between Jordan GCZ (Lushlyfe, Off Minor) and Willie Burns (Black Deer, WT Records). Tracks were recorded toge... more...

12inch RHD: RHD-034CROTO € 14,99

CRK - Bien Post Internet


Bien Post Internet

New CRK on La Chinerie's COMICSANS Imprint !! more Breakbeat & Jungle from those two Lyon's babies. We also step into a more serious design thanks to... more...

12inch Comic Sans: COMICSANS3 € 13,99

Elastic - Below Shadows


Below Shadows

We are excited to present Ahaad 004. The fourth release on the Berlin based label, a sub label of Wex. These four tracks are from the Greek artist, El... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD004 € 14,99

Akasha - Akasha Chronicles


Akasha Chronicles

AHAAD third outing! The mysterious Akasha Chronicles presents his debut EP, Akasha. Deep, heavy and moving, these tracks are for the mind. Huuuuge tip... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD003 € 14,99

Ben Galyas, Terre Thaemlitz and Robin Rimbaud - Ben loves Terre loves Robin

Ben Galyas, Terre Thaemlitz and Robin Rimbaud

Ben loves Terre loves Robin

Ben loves Terre loves Robin is the second EP off Premature. Featuring works by Terre Thaemlitz (aka DJ Sprinkles), Scanner, and a first from London ba... more...

12inch Premature Recordings: PRE002 € 18,99

154 - Wherever You Go, I Will Follow


Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

Jochem Peteri a.k.a. Newworldaquarium a.k.a. 154 blesses Boomkat with their 12x12 series (already home to releases by Kara-Lis Coverdale, Beatrice Dil... more...

12inch Boomkat Editions: BK12X1206 € 16,99

Daniel Fagerstrom - Synthesator Vol. 4: Beyond Interstitial Space

Daniel Fagerstrom

Synthesator Vol. 4: Beyond Interstitial Space

Börft's long run & superb sublabel Ufo Mongo presents the 4th Synthesator LP - this edition by Daniel Fagerström. With many years in between one can g... more...

LP Ufo Mongo: Ufomongo025 € 12,99

Le Officine Di Efesto - The Elements EP

Le Officine Di Efesto

The Elements EP

Spazio Disponibile hits release number 13 in style with a collaborative effort between label co-founder Donato Dozzy and longtime friends I... more...

12inch Spazio Disponibile: Spazio013 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dual Action - Babe Beer Bar Car

Dual Action

Babe Beer Bar Car

Hospital Productions return with Dual Action's Industrial mutations of Techno, D&B and electronic variants smudged with clammy ambience, compiling the... more...

2LP Hospital Productions: HOS496LP € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Martsman - Kerner



Outstanding upfront Drum & Bass & developed Industrial Techno derived steppers - Highly Recommended! more...

2x12inch Hidden Hawaii: HH4444 (04444) € 24,49

Unknown Artist - DEL03

Unknown Artist


Music from a found tape, potentially recorded during the late 1980s and unedited. Unknown artist early sampling puzzle saved from oblivion. Music wit... more...

12inch Delodio: DEL03 € 26,99

Biosphere - The Hilvarenbeek Recordings


The Hilvarenbeek Recordings

The Hilvarenbeek Recordings are based on field recordings from the Dutch farm Biologische boerderij 't Schop in Hilvarenbeek. The work was commissione... more...

LP Biophon Records: BIO025LP € 16,99

OAKE - Live in Marseille


Live in Marseille

55 minutes of relentless power electronics coming via courtesy of OAKE, presented for the first time on vinyl.

2LP Vaagner: VAA01 € 23,49

Various Artists - Limits Of Existence Vol.2

Various Artists

Limits Of Existence Vol.2

Falling Ethics starts a new Various Artists series: Falling Ethics Eleven, with an open approach ranging from Ambient experimental to proper techno ad... more...

12inch Falling Ethics: FEXELVN002 € 10,49

Dino J.A. Deane - For Leena

Dino J.A. Deane

For Leena

Lullabies For Insomniacs presents ‘For Leena’, a collection of unreleased pieces composed between 1991 & 1998 by Dino J.A. Deane for the choreography... more...

2LP Lullabies For Insomniacs: LFI012 € 27,99

Mateis E. Aqir - Geography of Nowhere

Mateis E. Aqir

Geography of Nowhere

Mateis E. Aqir takes it all in in, going bravely into unexplored territory with some tropical heat on Jungle Gym Records. more...

12inch Jungle Gym: JG06 € 12,99

Rune Bagge - Pink Dreams

Rune Bagge

Pink Dreams

Marking his first appearance on Northern Electronics, Copenhagen's Rune Bagge delivers a debut album of capricious rhythms set against the thrilling g... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE49 € 15,99

Octachoron - Land of Meta


Land of Meta

Land Of Meta is at once an album concerned with outer space as much as the current terrestrial conditian. The eight songs were recorded in a few days... more...

LP De Re: Dere001 € 16,99

Velocette - Afterimage & Belle Du Jour


Afterimage & Belle Du Jour

Audiophile, compiled, definitive reissue of mid 1990s Ambient Techno trips

12inch Styrax: StyraxVelocette € 13,99

Lord Pusswhip  - The Hand Of Glory Ep

Lord Pusswhip

The Hand Of Glory Ep

Broken chopped up beat driven electronix. Murky atmospherics introduce ‘xmas jam creep’ before a cacophony of percussion ups the energy, setting the t... more...

EP Bbbbbb: bbb010 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yagya - Rigning (2018)


Rigning (2018)

Yagya's Rigning album from 2009 is the Icelandic producer's most acclaimed dub, techno and minimal masterpiece. Due to popular demand, Delsin are now... more...

3LP Delsin: DSR/X14 € 24,99

Tourist Kid - Crude Tracer

Tourist Kid

Crude Tracer

Tourist Kid's first release for Melody As Truth. Recorded in Perth and Melbourne between 2016 and 2017. Though the idea of movement between two places... more...

12inch Melody As Truth: MAT011 € 21,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kilchhofer - The Book Room


The Book Room

Benjamin Kilchhofer is not new to the world of recorded music, yet he doesn’t seem to fit into a particular scene or group. As an outsider he is, howe... more...

2LP Marionette: Marionette07 € 19,99

David August - DCXXXIX A.C.

David August


A proudly nonconformist and multifaceted electronic artist, David August has been on hiatus for a year. Taking time to reflect and discover unknown pa... more...

2LP 99 Chants: 99CHANTS001LP € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik - 030-0351 EP

Milton Bradley vs. Lockertmatik

030-0351 EP

Advanced and fresh takes on techno by Milton Bradley and Lockertmatik. Both opening with a droning soundscape followed by essential techno cuts. Open... more...

12inch Lockertmatik: Lockertmatik009 € 9,49

Cyspe - After This World EP


After This World EP

Up next from the Rhythm Buro label is an EP from Cyspe, who might be better known as Robin Koek or for being one half of the almighty Dutch techno duo... more...

12inch Rhythm Buro: RB003 € 10,25

Various Artists - Uneven Paths

Various Artists

Uneven Paths

Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe, 1980-1991 is the second multiple artist compilation on Music From Memory and is compiled by record connoisseur... more...

2LP Music From Memory: MFM031 € 26,99

MJ Lallo - Star Child

MJ Lallo

Star Child

MJ Lallo sings to trees and distant planets. She plays drum machines, synthesizers and processes her voice to sound like percussion, space ships, trum... more...

12inch Seance Centre: 04SC € 24,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ziskakan - Pei Bato Fou


Pei Bato Fou

Rebirth On Wax are to present this official reissue of a hidden treasure of '' Spiritual Maloya '' from Reunion Island. Originally issued on a private... more...

2LP Rebirth On Wax: ROW002LP € 31,99

Kaoru Inoue - Em Paz

Kaoru Inoue

Em Paz

A celestial ambient collection that will drive you through a beautiful imaginary place where the quest for peace is central. In fact, all kinds of pea... more...

LP Groovement: GOS003LP € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Terekke - Improvisational Loops


Improvisational Loops

Terekke drifts gracefully onto Music From Memory with a long player of looping ambient pad pressure. Tip! more...

LP Music From Memory: MFM028 € 19,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

XOR Gate - Conic Sections

XOR Gate

Conic Sections

Gerald Donald frequently draws inspiration and references from wave theory and physics in his music. The former Drexciya member's latest alias, XOR Ga... more...

LP Tresor: Tresor299 € 17,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sordid Sound System - Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

Sordid Sound System

Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV

Having recently relocated to the remote redwood forests of Northern California in order to set up a satellite mixing studio for his old stomping groun... more...

12inch Invisible Inc: Invinc18 € 13,99

De Leon - De Leon

De Leon

De Leon

Gamelan and capoeira in dub. The collective behind this doesn’t like to talk much but their music is beautifully conversational. De Leon is the most o... more...

LP Mana: Mana004 € 19,49

Various artists - Covered in Gloria Sampler 2

Various artists

Covered in Gloria Sampler 2

Especial Specials and DEEK Recordings return with the second vinyl sampler of the Covered In Gloria album. Suzanne Kraft, Minor Science, Sultan Shakes... more...

EP Emotional Especial: Eess004 € 13,99

Sinfol - Pull Back


Pull Back

Amsterdam based label Anagram readies label co-founder Sinfol's first solo release in three years entitled 'Pull Back'. The release, which features fo... more...

12inch Anagram: Anagram012 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

C/Sphere - Texel / Ameland


Texel / Ameland

Warehouse find! 2 Beautiful spacey Techno pieces, edited in Vapourspace...

12inch Telepathic Recordings: PSI014 € 11,99

Andy Rantzen - O/P

Andy Rantzen


6th opus of the label. A super eclectic record, exploring diverses styles of electronic music spectrum such as IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Synth Pop ...... more...

LP Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC0843 € 23,99