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V/A - Nummer een


Nummer een

collection of released and unreleased tracks of the DUB label. One of the better Cd'sin the field. 12 tracks of abstract modern music. TIP !! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd001 € 9,99

Various Artists - Nummer Drie

Various Artists

Nummer Drie

This just might one of the best IDM/electronica compilations of all-time. Released and un-released modern electronica from Funckarma, L'usine, Swap, Q... more...

CD Dub: DUBcd003 € 7,99

E.O.G. -


Advanced electronic trickery wich will challenge and satisfy your ears. 4 track release of advanced beat programming. Limited of 500 copies..

12inch Dub: DUB027 € 9,99

E.O.G. - EOG 2



One of the most obscure acts in the electronica scene... Experimental dark electronica with advanced beat programming.. MUST HAVE!!

12inch Dub: DUB019 € 7,99

Smith n Hack - Tribute

Smith n Hack


Cut-up disco / funk stuff on this cool dubble ep by the guys from Sounstream / Soundhack / MMM... more...

2x12inch Smith n Hack: Smith001 € 17,99

P.F.F.R. - Injustice Center


Injustice Center

Very few original copies back in.

LP Invasion Planete: IP015 € 21,99

Music For Speakers - Umma Gumma

Music For Speakers

Umma Gumma

CEM studio's Vynalogica label invites today's most innovative producers in a 45 year old electronica music studio full of vintage modular equipment..... more...

12inch Vynalogica: Cem008 € 5,99

Quench - A Journey Into Electonix


A Journey Into Electonix

Experimental modern electronica. Limited cd (555 copies).

CD U-cover: U-cover 002cd € 13,61

David Kristian - The City Without Windows/La Derniere Voix (Original Soundtrack Score)

David Kristian

The City Without Windows/La Derniere Voix (Original Soundtrack Score)

One of Montreal's most respected electronic musicians, David Kristian with a stunning motion picture soundtrack.. One day, all the windows in the City... more...

LP Creme: CRLP05 € 11,99

Loden - Valeen Hope


Valeen Hope

This album was produced over a period of 14 months between Brussels and Amsterdam. What we have is a collection of twelve songs with rays of early 90s... more...

CD Eat This Records: Etr014cd € 15,99

Bong-Ra - Colony Of Electric Machines


Colony Of Electric Machines

This time it's Dutch breakcore pioneer Bong Ra's turn do play in the CEM studio's with as result some nice industrial idm-core...

12inch Vynalogica: Cem010/Bongra010 € 6,99

Funckarma - Refurbished One


Refurbished One

Funckarma's ''Refurbished One'' is currently being manufactured. This time around n5MD is using recycled materials and vegetable based inks for someth... more...

CD n5MD: n5MD 130 € 23,49

Confutatis - Built In Anger


Built In Anger

Perheps one of the finest albums in the Ai records stable, this time by long standing producer Bernhard Purcher under his Confutatis alter ego. After... more...

2LP Ai: Ai014lp € 8,99

Colongib & Octopus Inc - Octogib ep

Colongib & Octopus Inc

Octogib ep

Strange but very nice experimental IDM. Marumari style!

12inch Kracfive: Kracfive012 € 7,50

Dijf Sanders - To Be A Bob

Dijf Sanders

To Be A Bob

We are proud to present this beautiful album of this young talented classical trained musician from Antwerp, Belgium. Dijf sings, plays the guitar, an... more...

CD Dub: DUBcd012 € 9,99

Dijf Sanders - To Be A Bob

Dijf Sanders

To Be A Bob

We are proud to present this beautiful album of this young talented classical trained musician from Antwerp, Belgium. Dijf sings, plays the guitar, an... more...

LP Dub: Dublp012 € 9,99

Shitcluster - Den Haag


Den Haag

An obscure experimental dirty lo-fi maximum result five track release straight from the centre of creativity in The Hague!! Warning!! These tracks may... more...

12inch Shitcluster: Shit02 € 8,99

Propaganda - Valley of the Machine Gods


Valley of the Machine Gods

After more than 12-years Propaganda is back with a new vinyl release. The track ''Valley of the Machine Gods'' appears like the result of a lenghty st... more...

12inch Amontillado Music: AM007 € 6,99

Hu Vibrational - Beautiful - Boonghee Music 2

Hu Vibrational

Beautiful - Boonghee Music 2

The next level in modern dance music. Very, very nice...

2LP Soul Jazz: SJR88 lp € 20,99

Prefuse 73 - Security Screenings

Prefuse 73

Security Screenings

New Prefuse 73 album featuring Four Tet and Babatunde Adebimpe (from TV On The Radio). Hip hop beats meeting noise psychedelia, space rock and easy l... more...

LP Warp: Warp140LP € 12,90

Aphex Twin - Drukqs
2xCD Warp: Warp092CD € 23,99

Mr Projectile - Sinking Sampler

Mr Projectile

Sinking Sampler

In true 'better late than never' fashion, Merck is proud to finally present a sampler of tracks from the hit 2004 album 'Sinking', by Mr. Projectile.... more...

12inch Merck: Merck SG € 10,90

Kassen - Kassen ep


Kassen ep

Imagine a misty road leading to a mysterious deserted town. Strange haunting sounds echo in the distance. Every time you think you really hear somethi... more...

12inch Creme: Crec05 € 7,99

Messier / DJ Dulac - Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier / DJ Dulac

Ransack / Unlucky Numbers

Messier and DJ Dulac are two young producers who won first prize in the 3VOOR12 Robs Museums competition (3VOOR12 is a Dutch radio program promoting n... more...

12inch 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea: 3VOOR12 Plundert Musea 001 € 4,99

Ambit3 - Five Tales ep


Five Tales ep

The return of Ambit3! After their debut album on Nature the boys come with a cool follow up. Including 2 very strong house tracks in the style of Raid... more...

12inch Nature: NAT2133 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

V/A - Sacred Symbols Of Mu


Sacred Symbols Of Mu

In the past 3 years since their last compilation ''Children Of Mu'', Planet ยต has become one of the most forward looking, respected electronic labels... more...

CD Planet-mu: Planet-mu 100cd € 12,99

Teknospray - God In Land


God In Land

Der Klang Records is a new sub label from Disordine. Active on late 70s / early 80s Teknospray were formed by Andrea Costa, Mauro Tavella (who later... more...

LP Der Klang: Derklang01 € 9,99

Nobody - Porpoise Song ep


Porpoise Song ep

Laid back broken beats, a bit in the vein of Daedelus and the likes. Remixes by Prefuse 73 & Savath & Savalas. Sweet & sunny. more...

12inch Ubiquity: Ubiquity 12148 € 4,99

V/A - Squadron 2


Squadron 2

Limited (555 copies) 5 x 7'' boxset, hand-packaged and numbered by the Miami based Merck staff. Including material by Royal Foxbridge, Sumo Lounge, Ch... more...

7inch Merck: Merck SA2 € 27,90

Dijf Sanders - Swamp Boulevard remixed

Dijf Sanders

Swamp Boulevard remixed

Dijf Sanders' ''Swamp Boulevard'', which was released on his critically acclaimed ''To Be A Bob'' album, gets a remix treatment by Kettel and Marco Be... more...

12inch Dub: Dub033 € 7,99

Quench - Caipruss



The highly prolific Dutch duo of Don and Roel Funcken drop another album of all new material via their Quench moniker. Their 5th Quench album and seco... more...

CD n5MD: n5MD MD 139 € 12,99

Supersoul - Sound Clash (Champions)


Sound Clash (Champions)

Smoked-out downtempo dubby hiphop electronics featuring Push Button Objects with vocals by Dynas, Judah Manson & Skam2?. Good.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 3108 € 10,99

Supersoul - 45



Spaced-out quality hiphop featuring Judah Manson, Sess & Induce. Remix by Nick Fury.

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 012 € 9,99

Supersoul - Backa Wall


Backa Wall

Wicked underground hip-hop featuring Judah Manson and a remix by Push Button Objects (Schematic). more...

12inch Metatronix: Metatronix 4108 € 9,99

Squarepusher - Ultravisitor



A weird blend of industrial, drill'n'bass, jazz, noise & warm electronics. Impressive.

CD Warp: Warp117CD € 22,49

Yellotone - Tar File Junction


Tar File Junction

Abstract & electronic future-jazz / downtempo experiments. A bit melancholic, Ai quality as always... more...

12inch Ai: Ai009lp € 4,99

Riow Arai - Mind Edit

Riow Arai

Mind Edit

Experimental hiphop/IDM beats with a dubby & funky atmosphere.

2x12inch Leaf: Leaf BAY 32 V € 15,99

Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Dens And Gods

Marcia Blaine School For Girls

Dens And Gods

Nice & original housey electronix. Limited to 300 copies!

12inch Dalriada.LTD: Dalriada BROCH05 € 8,99

V/A - Eurolectro.2nix



Part 2 of the series which caters to both the electro and electronica underground! with Rude 66, Electrovolt, Kassen and Mesak..

12inch Angelmaker: AMR017 € 8,00

Mike Ink - Rosengranz

Mike Ink


2007 re-issue of a Wolfgang Voigt production. Minimal blueprint techno - Must Have!

12inch Sahko: Sahko008(00266) € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Radicalfashion - Odori



Hefty album debut of Japan's Radicalfashion. Enter sophisticated piano compositions and highbrow experimentalism against uncommon scales that collides... more...

CD Hefty: Hefty 59 CD € 3,99

Kid 606 - Soccergirl ep

Kid 606

Soccergirl ep

With this recording, Mr. 606 makes a departure from many of his previous recordings. The Soccergirl EP offers six tracks of melody-suffused ambient el... more...

CD Carpark: Carpark 886 € 9,99

Ra-X - Re:mixed



This new CD offers 13 new remixes of the large RA-X backcatalogue, by some of his favorite producers and friends throughout the years: Kettel (Dub, P... more...

CD Angelmaker: AMRX020cd € 15,99

Marco Bernardi - Berlin Brothels (incl. Kettel remix)

Marco Bernardi

Berlin Brothels (incl. Kettel remix)

Hot electronix by Marco Bernardi and a super sweet remix by Kettel! Minimalistic electronix with a touch of cut-up 4 to the floor techno and wierd vo... more...

12inch Dub: DUB034 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

While - Even



Beautiful deep electronix. This album contains 10 tracks of lush digital paranoia in the light of Coil with a twist of Stravinsky and the moodiness of... more...

CD Chocolate ind.: Chocolate Industries CHLT 021 LP € 20,99

Shadow Huntaz - Corrupt Data

Shadow Huntaz

Corrupt Data

Funckarma's site project Shadow Huntaz.. experimental hip hop electronix.. on tha mighty Skam imprint.. Already a classic!!!

CD Skam: Skam 012 cd € 19,99

Dino Felipe - Flim Toby

Dino Felipe

Flim Toby

24 Digitized soundtrack-like pieces of sweet melancholic electronica... Amazing!

CD Schematic: Schematic 024 cd € 19,99

Herrmutt Lobby - No Bling, No Bitch

Herrmutt Lobby

No Bling, No Bitch

Supreme bass driven comedy by Verviers finest, the result of a production session at the Merlin HQ, Brussels. Influenced by hip hop and electronics th... more...

12inch Confined: Con001 € 5,99

Mystery Artist - Gwane Mone

Mystery Artist

Gwane Mone

The Mystery Artist or Cane is the dancefloor outlet of Funckarma aka Don & Roel Funcken. Music for the body but with an increase in cognitive focus, t... more...

12inch Confined: Con003 € 5,99