Various Artists


Various Artists - Orange

Orange is the fifth part of the Balkan Vinyl Colours series. Each record is limited to just 250 hand numbered & sealed copies. Every record comes with a CD sealed in the sleeve containing the vinyl tracks plus extra tracks and remixes. Orange kicks off with the old-skool breaks of AGT Rave Cru’s You Shop, We Drop, followed by mystery artist Washington with his hyper-fidget electro rinse Isometric World. On the flipside is another jagged dancefloor jump-off from Hrdvsion with Red Telephun Electro, with the vinyl rounded out with Kansas City Prophets electroid-dubstep combo Navigator. The CD features two more retro-hardcore jaunts from AGT, and Point B pulls out the funky with a gives a garage workout remix of Navigator.

12inch Balkan Vinyl: Bv05 remind