Albert van Abbe

Ostinati EP

Albert van Abbe - Ostinati EP

Shipwrec sister label Deep Sound Channel follows up Mike Parker's EP with a new one from Eindhoven's Albert van Abbe. Van Abbe recently started his own label, VANABBE, and also releases his otherworldly techno on labels like Curle and Trolldans. Here he offers up three new tracks that are richly analogue and hugely involving. The first is 'Ostinati09', a wonky house cut with kinked synth lines, raw drums and mechanical percussion that makes for a stark and industrial atmosphere. 'Ostinati08' is a prickly brew of weird synth sounds, incessant hi hats and drums that seem to rock on their heels: it's a tense cut that never lets up before the much more doleful and soulful closer 'Ostinati02'. This one has sombre synths, stiff percussion and icy hi hats and is like a whacked out electro shell filled with emotive chords. This is hard to categorise stuff that is dancey as well as heady.

12inch Deep Sound Channel: DSC006 remind