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Craic Memories EP

cover: Vertical67 - Craic Memories EP

German producer Vertical67 debuts on Lunar Disko Records, with a 10″ consisting of 3 deep & dreamy tracks, crafted somewhere in Berlin. The uplifting ‘In Space’ covers the A-side with bright and protruding soundscapes, glistening like stars in a far away galaxy. The B-side opens up with ‘Craic Memories’, portraying a house groove throughout, yet still retaining an electro mood amongst some delicate and twinkling melodies. Finishing up the EP is the affectionate ‘Mutuality’, displaying adept drum programming alongside a lush female voice which rises sporadically above dreamy melancholic sounds and a soft brooding vox…

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vinyl 10inch Lunar Disko Records LDR012 in stock bagged € 8.99
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