Saab Knutson

Electronic Music From The Faroe Islands 1993

Saab Knutson - Electronic Music From The Faroe Islands 1993

The second tape on Legowelt's Nightwind Records Cassette series.
Through his remote viewing powers Danny Wolfers channeled the music of Saab Knutson of Faroe Islands circa 1993. 60 Minutes of Nordic Ambient with a disturbing undertone of dark melancholia with vague notions of distant happiness. Saab Knutson is a man with many issues, but on the Faroe Islands there is no time for issues. To stay of sound mind, Saab plays his synthesizers in the few spare hours he manages to find, unmistakenly influenced by Faroe's spellbinding landscapes and grim climate.

Though Danny has never been to the Islands he has a definite puzzling calling to them, a 'luring' force, so to speak. Hopefully he will sell enough Saab Knutson albums so he can fund an expedition and find out more about this mysterious destiny...

Played on Yamaha DX100, Roland JX3P, Alpha Juno 2, EMU 16 bit digital sampling keyboard. Ruby metallic cassette tape in luxurious faux plastic case

Cassette Tape Nightwind Records: NW005TAPE remind