Reload - Evolution

The restart of the legendary Evolution/Universal Language label! The first 3 mind blowing releases (re-mastered) and presented as a limited 3x12 package (The Reload ep, The Autoreload ep and the Biosphere ep). Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton released in the early 90's some highly limited records on their Evolution label which later became Universal Language. All records were groundbreaking releases and Tom and Mark continued to produce many great records as Reload, Global Communications, Jedi Knights, Harmonic 33 and several others projects. These 3 records represent the beginning of the electronica movement which they started with like minded artist such as Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, Autechre and some others. Deep raw and forward thinking techno in the same style as Aphex Twins early releases, As One or Balil. Mark and Tom were strongly influenced by Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kraftwerk, Mike Dunn and Richie Hawtin to name a few and they produced some amazing records which still are not outdated almost 15 years after their original release. Among their fans of their releases is a huge list of big names who all recognized the quality of the music made by these two guys. This is a great package with all three of the ultra rare original releases together. Must have!

3x12inch Evolution: Evo001-002-003 remind