17-12-2019: Debussy - La Mer - Edit.Futurum

Our forthcoming release La mer is an exceptionally picturesque composition, captures the shine of the midday sun on the sea surface, the breaking of waves, the splashing of foam and the sparkling of water drops. In the first part, De l’aube à midi sur la mer, one can hear the sun rise majestically to its highest point in the sky, a process that leads to an ecstatic climax. In the second part, Jeux de vagues, the sea shows its kindest, most playful face, and in the third part, Dialogue du vent et de la mer, the wind and the waves become entangled in an intoxicating dance.

This lucid performance of La mer, by Jun Märkl & the Orchestre National De Lyon, is of the very highest quality.

Comes with a download card, OBI strip, and is pressed on 180 grams vinyl.

We are now taking pre-orders.

Debussy - La Mer


La Mer

Meet the poetic sound patches of Claude Debussy (1862-1918), one of the greatest innovators of Western music. In an eventful period in his life, in wh... more...

LP + Download Edit.Futurum: OPUS2 € 29,99

The shortest and most personal of Brahms’ four symphonies, 3rd Symphony was written in less than four months. Conducted by Jaap van Zweden and performed by the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

3rd Symphony moves from Brahms’ expression of romantic desires for German pianist and composer Clara Schumann in melancholic ‘Poco Allegretto’, to the relaxed rhythms of ‘Adante’, before closing with the grand, operatic sounds of ‘Allegro’.

Comes with  a download card and OBI strip. Pressed on 180 grams vinyl.

Brahms - 3rd Symphony


3rd Symphony

Frei aber froh! This was the motto of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897): ''Free but happy!'' The Romantic composer formulated it in response to his friend J... more...

LP + Download Edit.Futurum: OPUS3 € 29,99

The ethereal three movements, ‘Nuages’ (Clouds), ‘Fêtes’ (Festivals), ‘Sirènes’ (Sirens), channel Debussy’s fascination with the night and mythological sirens.

Conducted by Jun Märkl and performed by the Orchestre National de Lyon.

Mentioned by The Vinyl Factory as one of their favourite re-issues of 2019!!!

"Music is a free, vibrant art which measures up to the elements, to the wind, the sky, the sea!” exclaimed Debussy. The Nocturnes reissue, and the label itself, is a beautiful encapsulation of this feeling, from an institution whose turn into classical realms is liberating in its unexpectedness."

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Debussy  - Nocturnes



Meet the intoxicating, meditative sounds of Claude Debussy (1862-1918), one of the greatest innovators of Western music. The impressionist composer wa... more...

LP + Download Edit.Futurum: OPUS1 € 29,99