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Ryan James Ford - Fish Flakes

Ryan James Ford

Fish Flakes

The return of Ryan James Ford to Clone Records once more. Four smart yet hard-hitting sick ass techno tracks.

12inch Clone Basement Series: CBS-Z € 11,99

Adam Pits - International Wafter

Adam Pits

International Wafter

Coastal Haze welcome the new decade with one of the most exciting artists to come out of the UK of recent in Adam Pits. Known for his intricate produc... more...

EP Coastal Haze: HAZE011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ekman - Kronkel



Ekman is no stranger to Shipwrec. With three EPs and an album, the dutchman's brand of fire and brimstone has seared a serious impression on the Nijme... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship066 € 9,99

Yak - Dire Hit EP


Dire Hit EP

Yak returns to 3024 for a widely varied EP of his signature percussive flavors. Kicking off the EP is the neo UKG flex of ''Dire Hit'', with its frant... more...

EP 3024: 3024-YAK1 € 10,49

DJ Slyngshot - They Still Can't Grasp It

DJ Slyngshot

They Still Can't Grasp It

Two sought after Slyngshot tracks finally getting reissued alongside another two yet unreleased jams on the latest YAPPIN 12".

12inch Yappin: Y-008 remind

VRIL - Bad Manners 4


Bad Manners 4

Elevating dubbed out Techno album, comes in gatefold cover. more...

2LP Bad Manners: BM004 (82666) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Die Gestalten - Widerstand

Die Gestalten


Heavy Detroit infected electro anthems! Die Gestalten! Made by a completely unknown source out of nowhere. Very limited copies, no repress, vinyl only... more...

12inch Die Gestalten: DieGestalten004 remind

Roy Of The Ravers - Acid Royale

Roy Of The Ravers

Acid Royale

Following the release of Roy's sold-out cassette album of the same name in 2018, Acid Waxa are thrilled to present 4 cuts from Acid Royale on vinyl fo... more...

12inch Acid Waxa: Aciwax021 remind

Various Artists - Exit Planet Earth: Carbon

Various Artists

Exit Planet Earth: Carbon

Exit planet earth by 20/20 Vision is a new series of various artist vinyl releases, selected and compiled by ralph lawson. There is a truly heavy weig... more...

12inch 20/20 Vision: EPE01 remind

Minor Science - Second Language

Minor Science

Second Language

Minor Science presents his debut album 'Second Language', out on the 3rd April 2020. The LP gives us a widescreen view of a musical world previousl... more...

LP Whities: WHYT028 remind

Exquisite Corpse Presents XqST - AE

Exquisite Corpse Presents XqST


AE presents two 12''s of rhythmic hypnosis from the eXquisite CORpsE related project, XqST (Robbert Heijnen and Debbie Jones). AE logic symbols that s... more...

2LP Isla: ISLA023 € 24,99

Various Artists - Nowhere02

Various Artists


Something Happening Somewhere returns with a new collection of stories unified under the brand new Nowhere compilation series. NOWHERE02 features Stij... more...

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo026 € 13,49

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Mr. Fingers  - Mr. Fingers EP

Mr. Fingers

Mr. Fingers EP

One of the biggest classics in housemusic history! Containing 4 masterpieces in the genre by one of its masterminds. It's about time that people becom... more...

12inch Alleviated: ML2206 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Calimex Mental Implant Corp. - El Saber Del Arpavor

Calimex Mental Implant Corp.

El Saber Del Arpavor

Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt with his latest project.... 13 summer cruising tracks very much in the style of Legowelts PPU release from last year. 2 x v... more...

2LP Nightwind Records: NW003LP remind

L-Vis 1990 - Circuits

L-Vis 1990


L-vis 1990 makes his debut on Clone Records!! Wild 4 track ep from mr 1990... Jack On!!!

12inch Clone Jack For Daze: CJFD17 € 8,99

Los Hermanos Rodriguez - Gymnasty

Los Hermanos Rodriguez


Electrobass from the city of The Hague (La Haia Bass) in effect. Ruff, nasty and punk.

12inch Bunker: B3020 € 10,99

Asquith - Temple Runner


Temple Runner

Monday morning in the rush, buzzing from turning a sprint into a jog. Quick stomps with heavy boots to spice up the season of endless beverages. Leave... more...

12inch Who's Susan: SUSAN009 € 9,99