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Eoism - Collapse Yourself


Collapse Yourself

Eoism return with their unique mix of driving rhythms, pounding baselines and thrilling harmonies. Electro for those who know! more...

12inch Pulse Drift Recordings: PDR007 € 9,99

DJ Krust - The Fundamentalist (Golden Picture Disc)

DJ Krust

The Fundamentalist (Golden Picture Disc)

Tempo Records present SPEED, a new Tempo Records sublabel & project released on a limited collectors handnumbered 180gram coloured picture disc vinyl... more...

12inch picture disc Tempo Records: TempoSpeed02 € 12,99

Mr. Ho + Mogwaa - Eui-Li EP

Mr. Ho + Mogwaa

Eui-Li EP

Klasse Wrecks co-boss and Hong Kong citizen Mr. Ho links up with South Korean and Seoul based producer Mogwaa over international waters for the 'Eui-L... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks030 remind

ReQuest - Inner City Force-field


Inner City Force-field

Some stellar electro techno from this Detroit producer on the third part of the ReQuest series. more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe313.29 € 11,99

Leo James - Big Pressure

Leo James

Big Pressure

Big Pressure - the fifth release for Body Language - sees Leo James combine elements of dub, ambient and industrial to create a record that is stark,... more...

12inch Body Language: BL005 € 10,99

Phul - Phul



OG Evil Rock and Post-Punk Experiments by Phul Recorded between 2018 - 2020 Satanic payment methods accepted more...

Cassette Tape Tax Free Records: HATE420 € 7,99

Omar S - Simply (Fuck Resident Advisor) LP

Omar S

Simply (Fuck Resident Advisor) LP

New Omar S album featuring John F.M. Rick Wilhilte Norm Talley and O B Ignitt. more...

2x12inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOS418 € 24,99

Full Circle - Shiver

Full Circle


Alexis Le Tan and Joakim team up again as Full Circle. „Shiver“ is their debut on Offen, sonic shrine to a better yesterday. Piecing together bits of... more...

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN014 € 13,99

Unpin - Soy Piccolo


Soy Piccolo

Fun and inventive club cuts that surf between breakbeats, Detroit style electro and UKG. more...

12inch Velodrome Recordings: VEL001 remind

Regis - Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss


Hidden In This Is The Light That You Miss

Finally, Regis lets his rhythmic noise opus out into the world, a bruising and hauntingly absorbing new album - his first since 2001 - recorded in Ber... more...

2LP Downwards: DNLP028 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Wave 4 Rave

Various Artists

Wave 4 Rave

999999999 open the doors to the new wave of techno talents. Dyen, Nico Moreno, Wndrlst and Kozlov contribute with 4 direct techno bangers.

12inch NineTimesNine: NTNVA001 remind

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Globex - Inversia 2
12inch Acting Press: PRESS010 € 9,99

Marcellus Pittman - Nyrobi Knight

Marcellus Pittman

Nyrobi Knight

First solo outing by Detroit house producer and Three Chairs member Marcellus Pittmann. Rough, moody, stripped down Detroit deephouse with three speci... more...

12inch Fxhe: FXHE-MPITTMAN € 13,49

rkss - Cutoff



The next Alien Jams 12'' is from rkss, entitled Cutoff EP. These four tracks were recorded in 2014 within a period of two weeks, using a Juno-60 and V... more...

12inch Alien Jams: AJ005 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dust-e-1 - The Cool Dust EP


The Cool Dust EP

Dust-e-boi gets all pastoral for DWLD003. Are you ready?

12inch Dust World: DWLD003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mark du Mosch - Magneto

Mark du Mosch


Mark du Mosch returns to Pinkman, after his debut EP The Red Hour back in 2016. Magneto takes you on a rollercoaster ride from an industrial factory w... more...

EP Pinkman: PNKMN037 € 10,99

Available for pre-order

CRISPR - Dyad Symmetry EP


Dyad Symmetry EP

CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) is a family of DNA sequences found in the genomes organisms such as bacteria and ar... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS015 € 10,99

Martin Matiske - Robotic Theatre

Martin Matiske

Robotic Theatre

We welcome to the Moustache Records family the oldskool electro legend Martin Matiske with his Electronic disco-ish 12 inch EP release "Robotic Theatr... more...

12inch Moustache: MST044 € 10,99

Detroit's Filthiest - Please Play Again

Detroit's Filthiest

Please Play Again

Detroit's Filthiest transports us to the secret levels of dance music, revealing the hidden keys that were there all along.

12inch Philthtrax: PHLTRXXL003 remind

Haron - Taxa



Haron's Taxa EP dips into a world of fizzing electronics and draws from it four potent club mutations. Having explored spacious ambient on 2018's well... more...

12inch Queeste: QUEESTE005 € 17,99

Carlota - The Bow


The Bow

After contributions to 2019's 'locus error' and 2018's 'happy new year! we wish you happiness!' Carlota presents her debut EP on trip. On 'the bow'... more...

EP Trip: TRP031 € 10,99

Valentino Mora pres. - Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Valentino Mora pres.

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1

Transcendental Movements Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a new full-length ambient series, curated by IDO founder Valentino Mora. Since the age of 14... more...

2x12inch IDO: IDO05 € 19,99




FJAAK proudly presents SYS01. A charity project in place in order to give back to some of the places that have supported us so much over the years, co... more...

EP Fjaak: SYS01 remind