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Ryan James Ford - Exshaw

Ryan James Ford


Exshaw… the haunted place where folks go missing in inexplicable ways, where ravers throw open air summer parties in the woods, where the raw nature s... more...

2LP Clone - Dub Recordings: C#DUB046LP € 24,49

Etch - Dodgy Acid Trax


Dodgy Acid Trax

New Tempo Records sublabel; TempOzone releases Brighton based producer Etch; who dives deep into the underworld of Breakbeat / Acid-Techno science wit... more...

12inch Tempo Records: TempOzone00 remind

Varuna - Genesis



Varuna return to amenthia recordings with a fresh batch of their trademark hypno trips. Slow paced syncopated techno energy entangled in their iconic... more...

12inch Amenthia Recordings: Amen010 € 9,99

Flord King  - Iris ep

Flord King

Iris ep

A Swedish affair on this new Boss Musik release by the Flord King. Three warm, rich, funky, modern house tracks on the 9th release on the lovely label... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS009 € 9,99

Gepy And Gepy - Body To Body

Gepy And Gepy

Body To Body

Giampiero Scalamogna best known as GEPY and GEPY was an Italian singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and for his powerful voice visually combined to... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X012 € 15,99

Posthuman - Pleasure Machine


Pleasure Machine

Posthuman need no introduction. The cousin duo of Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty released a string of IDM albums on labels like Seed, Skam and B12 before... more...

12inch Cyberdome: Cyberdome002 remind

Wachita China - D1E AND REPEAT
12inch WOMB: WOMB001 remind

Prince De Takicardie - 2

Prince De Takicardie


''''''2'''' is the second release of Prince de Takicardie triptych on Cartulis Music imprint. Rafael Beneluz keeps surprising with his micro intelige... more...

12inch Cartulis Music: CRTL011.2 € 13,49

Blake Baxter - Purple Planet EP

Blake Baxter

Purple Planet EP

Blake Baxter aka The Prince Of Techno returns to his roots with this six-track 12'' of raw Detroit minimalistic grooves. more...

12inch Suspected: SUSLTD019 remind

Relpek - Nova



Since launching in 2018, Constant Sound's electro-fired offshoot Inflitrate has put out some superb music from artists including such admired old hand... more...

12inch Infiltrate: INFILTRATE09 € 13,49

Appleblim / Deadbeat / Shackleton - Dub Conference Vol. 1

Appleblim / Deadbeat / Shackleton

Dub Conference Vol. 1

Appleblim. Deadbeat. Shackleton. For anyone with a penchant for dub wise low end sonics and bleeding edge beat science over the last 2 decades seeing... more...

2x12inch Blkrtz: BLKRTZ037 € 23,99

London Modular Alliance - Portable Sanctuary

London Modular Alliance

Portable Sanctuary

Distinctive blend of classic Electro and state-of-the-art modular synth techniques combine to create an innovative hybrid style all of their own. more...

2x12inch Applied Rhythmic Technology: ART-LMA1 € 39,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kangding Ray - 61 Mirrors - Music for SKALAR

Kangding Ray

61 Mirrors - Music for SKALAR

This music was composed for SKALAR, an audio-visual kinetic art installation by light artist Christopher Bauder & Kangding Ray. SKALAR is a large-scal... more...

2LP + Download ARA: ARA006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

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Larry Heard - Sceneries Not Songs, Volume 1

Larry Heard

Sceneries Not Songs, Volume 1

Alleviated Records presents the first-time vinyl reissue of Larry Heard's mid-90's gem ''Sceneries Not Songs, Volume 1''. The album stems from a time... more...

2LP Alleviated: ML9006 € 23,99

Pugilist - Blue Planet EP


Blue Planet EP

Melbourne producer Pugilist hitting hard with a four track EP for these dark days.. As you may be used to by now on 3024, the artist showcases his wid... more...

EP 3024: 3024-PUG1 € 10,49

Dollkraut - Vuile Leugenaar


Vuile Leugenaar

New Dollkraut 4-tracker on The Hague's mighty Viewlexx. This is galactic sleaze at its finest! ''Zijn jullie klaar..?!''

12inch Viewlexx: V031 remind

Forest Drive West - Dualism EP

Forest Drive West

Dualism EP

Forest Drive West returns to Livity Sound with the ''Dualism EP'', a tour de force of stripped dub aesthetics and swirling psychedelic rhythms.

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY046 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Monolake - Gobi - The Vinyl Edit 2021


Gobi - The Vinyl Edit 2021

Originally released on CD in 1999, Astral Industries present a first vinyl issue of Monolake’s much-loved ''Gobi'', licensed from Imbalance Computer M... more...

LP Astral Industries: AI23 remind

Various Artists - Ten Years Serendeepity (Part 2)

Various Artists

Ten Years Serendeepity (Part 2)

Second part of the compilation celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Milanese record shop, Serendeepity. Features new music from Egyptian Lover, Ne... more...

12inch Serendeepity: SER002-2 € 12,49

Available for pre-order

Cignol - Misaligned Logic


Misaligned Logic

Cosmic disturbances cause emotions to run free throughout the local system on Cignol's acid-laced Craigie Knowes debut. ''Misaligned Logic'' is shaped... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP32 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yarn Init - Ill Compound

Yarn Init

Ill Compound

Leipzig-based duo Yarn Init make their debut on Mind Controlled Rectifier with the label's first ever physical release, 'Ill Compound'. The 6 track re... more...

12inch Mind Controlled Rectifier: RECTIFIER001 remind

Dave Monolith   - Welcome

Dave Monolith


Welcome to the world of Dave Monolith! This is his 2011 debut album on Rephlex records, appearing on vinyl for the very first time! Smooth and funky m... more...

2LP WeMe Records: WeMe066 € 26,99

RTR - The Splash of a drop


The Splash of a drop

''We don't want to conquer space at all, we want to expand Earth endlessly. We don't want other worlds, we want a mirror'' these words uttered by Dr S... more...

EP WeMe Records: WeMe068 € 11,99