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Source Direct - Snake Style 2

Source Direct

Snake Style 2

**LIMITED EDITION PICTURE DISC / NO PICTURE DISC REPRESS** Legendary Source Direct returns to the Tempo's SPEED series. On this release you'll find T... more...

12inch picture disc Tempo Records: TempoSpeed05 € 14,99

Tim Reaper - Ryoko 05

Tim Reaper

Ryoko 05

Ragga jungle Vs. Rhythm & Sound inspired drum & bass, TIP!

10inch Ryoko: RYKO005 € 14,99

Henning Baer - Sui Generis

Henning Baer

Sui Generis

Henning Baer caught our attention after his first release on Adam X's Sonic Groove label. Nearly a decade after, Berlin's techno front-runner tweaked... more...

12inch Pinkman: PNKMN045 € 10,99

The Jaffa Kid - Polysynthesis

The Jaffa Kid


First one for 030303 by Daniel Pringle aka The Jaffa Kid. Over the course of six tracks, the Newcastle based producer smoothly blends Detroit and UK i... more...

EP 030303: 030EP023 remind

Shonky - On The Run


On The Run

Following his debut Third Ear release, the Shonky ep in 2018, Third Ear follow up with 8 more Shonky dance floor bombs. Shonky has a signature hypnoti... more...

2x12inch Third Ear: 3eepLP202101 € 16,99

Yuki Matsumura  - An

Yuki Matsumura


Delft-based label Omen Wapta's second release is An, an EP by Japanese producer Yuki Matsumura. Born and raised in Kochi, Yuki has previously release... more...

12inch Omen Wapta: OW2 € 12,99

Univac - Helicon



For the 2nd release of Pinkman's sublabel Mindri, the mad professor Univac arranged an excursion through a toxic wasteland. Stripping the sound to its... more...

12inch Mindri: MIN302 € 10,99

Various Artists - Molten Mirrors – A Decade of Livity Sound

Various Artists

Molten Mirrors – A Decade of Livity Sound

Limited 4x12'' hardcase box set! Molten Mirrors captures the dynamic energy of Livity Sound at 10, with 19 artists from the label’s roster coming toge... more...

4x12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY049 € 34,99

Exquisite Corpse - Integration

Exquisite Corpse


Signature hypnotic organic rhythms recorded in 1996 by Debbie Jones and Robbert Heijnen as an incarnation of eXquisite CORpsE. These tracks have exist... more...

12inch Transmigration: TM008 € 15,99

Olivia / Rapha - DDS06

Olivia / Rapha


Dalmata Daniel presents the sixth installment of their DDS split series, manifesting a relentless torrent of raw, bumping beats and electric thunderbo... more...

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DDS06 € 11,99

Ambra Orfei - Love Me Too / The Dream

Ambra Orfei

Love Me Too / The Dream

Swiss label Proxima is very pleased to present the reissue of italo disco classic ''Love Me Too / The Dream'' by Italian circus performer, singer and... more...

12inch Proxima: Proxima002 € 15,99

Kolter - Seducer



Kolter brings two tracks of juicy, cheeky breakbeat/two step action!

12inch Pilot: PILOT06 remind

Androo - South. body. girl / hubbadub exercice mix


South. body. girl / hubbadub exercice mix

A-side A dance piece for the knees, rather organic, quite pop on the chords…But who is the strange soloist? After investigation, the label declines al... more...

7inch Poly Dance: POL005 € 14,99

Jogada - Cavalo



Introducing Jogada, the group behind Puca001, a Berlin based trio made up by Joao Comazzi, Dave Murrin & Gavin Kenny. ‘Cavalo' is their debut release... more...

12inch Puca Sounds: Puca001 € 18,99

Infinity Plus One - Regeneration EP

Infinity Plus One

Regeneration EP

Infinity Plus One is neither a man of big words, nor a man of massive musical output, preferring to remain low-key. The tracks finally presented to... more...

12inch Molar: MOL004 remind

Annie Hall - Maruxaina

Annie Hall


Barcelona based Annie Hall drops her debut EP on 20/20 Vision 'Maruxaina', following releases on D1, Detroit Underground, Semantica, CPU and most rece... more...

12inch 20/20 Vision: VIS330 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kim Cosmik - Drifting

Kim Cosmik


Kim's debut on 20/20 Vision is a mix of techno, electro, broken beats and industrial sounds, destined to destroy the long-anticipated dance floor revi... more...

12inch 20/20 Vision: VIS329 € 15,49

Unknown Artist - DJ Tranquilos

Unknown Artist

DJ Tranquilos

Another disastrous Poppers attempt at making people feel like dancing, this time featuring a promo release for DJ Tranquilos - a completely unknown ''... more...

12inch Poppers: Poppers003 € 14,99

Kafkactrl - ZMNT006



For Number 6 on his Label Kluentah recrutes this mysterious guy called Kafkactrl who released on Vortex Records before. Six brain-throttling cuts of p... more...

12inch Zement: ZMNT 006 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jungle - Keep Moving


Keep Moving

One of the most succesful songs from the London-based duo third album, 'Loving Stereo', now gets its official 12'' single release including amazing re... more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1290 remind

Shakeena - I Bet You


I Bet You

Exquisite lovers rock reggae bomb produced by Los Angeles based reggae master drummer, Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman. Lucid dream inducing lyrics over... more...

12inch Miss You: Missyou014 € 15,99

Whistle & Klont - Double Knee EP

Whistle & Klont

Double Knee EP

From the deep depths of Noord Brabant (NL), high school friends and long term collaborators Klont and Whistle aka Wessel and Luuk join forces once aga... more...

10inch ANUS Records: ANUS013 € 12,99

Katran - Decapitation EP (ANFS remix)


Decapitation EP (ANFS remix)

A metallic storm with electricity vibes, including a smashing remix by ANFS.

12inch Blame Rec: BLAME002 € 11,99

Back in stock

Clio - Faces



Worthy italo re-issue (in a newly mastered version) of this early Roberto Ferrante's project. Roberto started his career being part of various electro... more...

12inch Planet Records Classics: PLT677MIX € 17,99

Sindh - Kalahari



Kalahari is the first EP from producer Sindh, who, like many of the artists on Valentino Mora's IDO, expresses a wistful fondness for nature in its my... more...

12inch IDO: IDO06 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Androo - Sans-titre



For the third release of Poly Dance Theatre Androo comes back with a heavier sound. Get ready to dance, cause we have two slow mid tempo killers!?Uno.... more...

12inch Poly Dance: POL003 € 15,99


TAFKAMP / Alex Ranzino


The legacy continues - the return of the Paling Trax imprint! Labelhead TAFKAMP delivers the highly anticipated ''Darkness Calling'' and ''Shake & Bou... more...

12inch Paling Trax: PALING004 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sound Synthesis - Orbital 102

Sound Synthesis

Orbital 102

Sound Synthesis is back with another Orbital Mechanics! Here he continues on the acidic vocoder electro trip, all in all another super solid EP from t... more...

12inch Orbital Mechanics: Orbital102 remind

Ron Trent - Dance Floor Boogie Delites - Pop, Dip and Spin

Ron Trent

Dance Floor Boogie Delites - Pop, Dip and Spin

Classic Ron Trent Prescription release from 1995. Mr Trent Paving the way for all the current deep house records!

12inch Prescription Records Inc.: Only003 remind

Available for pre-order

DJ Stingray 313 - F.T.N.W.O.

DJ Stingray 313


DJ Stingray 313's highly-praised FTNWO LP returns to heed its sonic warnings and powerful messages on his own label, Micron Audio. Originally released... more...

2LP Micron Audio: MCR00004LP € 24,99

Mister Bellini - Club Tales Ooh WoOh Ooh!

Mister Bellini

Club Tales Ooh WoOh Ooh!

Getting ready, putting on your best gear, pre-playing with your crew to get a nice buzz before you hit the club. Dancing and watching people get dow... more...

12inch Yoshi: Yoshi008 € 10,99

Greazus - Phantasia EP


Phantasia EP

Rave material with hardcore DNA from Vancouver's most prolific bass music ambassadors.

12inch Defrostatica Records: DICA019 € 12,99

Hodge & Simo Cell - Drums From The West EP

Hodge & Simo Cell

Drums From The West EP

The first collaboration from long-time label mainstays Hodge and Simo Cell is true to the styles the artists have individually marked out since first... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY050 € 11,99