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M Jupiter - Tent Tidy

M Jupiter

Tent Tidy

Next up from Borft's hometown artist M Jupiter is this 12" which begins the A-side with a chord stabbin' dubby minimal workout "Over all rokky" follo... more...

12inch Borft: Borft169 remind

Anthony Rother - PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother

PSI49NET 103

Anthony Rother returns to his label PSI49NET with the first EP since 2003. The new four-tracker is another sonic exploration of a twisted electro tech... more...

12inch PSI49NET: PSI103 € 9,99

E-Saggila - My World My Way


My World My Way

The wicked intensity of Toronto's E-Saggila takes on novel limits for her new album for Northern Electronics. Constructed out of her live works, there... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE66 € 14,99

Avernian & Strick - Hairline Fracture EP

Avernian & Strick

Hairline Fracture EP

The 6th release on the Berlin / Leipzig based Row Records comes with 3 drum driven tunes by Manchester-based Avernian, Ottawa's finest Strick and a re... more...

12inch Row Records: Row006 € 10,99

Varg - Nordic Flora Series Pt. 5: Crush


Nordic Flora Series Pt. 5: Crush

Varg returns for the beginning of the end of his Nordic flora Series. An exhilarating maze of fainting beauty and breaks, with collaborators from past... more...

2LP Posh Isolation: PI209 € 31,99

Louh - Libertine Industries 02


Libertine Industries 02

The young and talented Louh debut on Libertine Industries, 4 outstanding acidic tracks for every dancefloor.

12inch Libertine: LBIN02 remind

Pax Kivi - Libertine Traditions 11

Pax Kivi

Libertine Traditions 11

Pax Kivi debut is pretty impressive, original acid music for classy dance floors. more...

12inch Libertine: TRAD011 remind

Martyn - Odds Against Us


Odds Against Us

On Odds Against Us, the producer projects the common denominator as a spirit of sampling innovated by drum 'n' bass, but which operates independent of... more...

12inch Ostgut Ton: O-Ton 121 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Angela - Fantasy EP


Fantasy EP

Angela was the studio project of husband/wife duo Angela and Ingo Werner formed in 1981 in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Ingo had classical training in bassoo... more...

LP Dark Entries: DE225 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

TV Victor - Back To The Moon

TV Victor

Back To The Moon

TV Victor was one of the first artists of Tresor Records where he became legendary with several of his ambient and trance productions including Trance... more...

LP Lullabies For Insomniacs: LFI015 € 26,49

Lewski - Mariachi Guadalajara


Mariachi Guadalajara

The first release on Or:la's newest imprint comes from Utrecht native Lewski. Broken up, meandering and heavy hitting percussion, spanned across four... more...

12inch Cead: CEAD001 remind

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Blotter Trax - Programmed Memories b/w Rhythm Device

Blotter Trax

Programmed Memories b/w Rhythm Device

Important Note: This unit features non-volatile memory which will retain the Data you have written (such as Track compositions) even when switched off... more...

12inch Frustrated Funk: FR048 € 9,99

Lewski - Gru



After ENNIO and De Sluwe Vos, it's time for Patron Record's third release. The Gru EP is coming from the hands of Lewski, a young Dutch producer/dj wh... more...

12inch Patron: Patron003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alphonse - Brainstorming EP


Brainstorming EP

Alphonse continues his 'chuck it all in the blender' approach to music making with the 'Brainstorming EP' on Klasse Wrecks. Imagine a world where the... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks023 € 9,99

S.A.M. - Prolific Trilogy 009.3


Prolific Trilogy 009.3

Final 12inch to complete the trilogy from the prolific S.A.M.

12inch Delaphine: Delaphine009.3 remind