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Purgate is Frederic Arbour's latest project and although new to metaphysik, Purgate needs no introduction. Having previously released as one half of S... more...

10inch Metaphysik: MP313.3 € 13,99



Sturqen never disappoint with their raw electronic structures. Making Colapso the second part of the Trinitas split, it merges abstract hints of past... more...

10inch Metaphysik: MP313.2 € 13,99



After his debut EP, Surges, SKD is back on metaphysik as the first part of the Trinitas split, Kalve, relentlessly fleshing out an array of landscapes... more...

10inch Metaphysik: MP313.1 € 13,99



Abstract modern electronica release by Paka on the exciting Metaphysik label.

12inch Metaphysik: MP311 € 10,99



Industrial electronix on Metaphysik with a hint to industrial techno.

12inch Metaphysik: MP203 € 10,99



For the Dataphysix fans and trainspotters... here finally on vinyl... one of the tracks that has been played by Heinrich Mueller 2 years ago in a spec... more...

12inch Metaphysik: MP000 remind


Zebu EP

Sturqen transform a raw, layered sounds into pure energy, leaving sound trails that resonate and make you go further and explore dimensions. more...

12inch Metaphysik: MP102 remind

Theologian / Ancient Methods

Split ep

REPRESS: Dark & heavy EBM/techno. Metaphysik brings Ancient Methods and Theologian together into one sphere, with the intention to juxtapose their ene... more...

12inch Metaphysik: MP202 remind

SKD, Sturqen & Purgate

Trinitas : Kalve Colapso Haeresis

Trinitas unites three prominent artists in one flow of energy constructed from three strong sequences with no dissipation: Kalve, Colapso and Haeresis... more...

3x10inch Metaphysik: MP313 € 39,99

Paolo Mosca

Metaphysics EP

Inspired by the early club sound pushed by the pioneers from his home region Veneto, Paolo Mosca fuses house, trance and ambient - and moves forward.... more...

EP Altered Circuits: ALT008 € 17,49

Florian Meindl

Metaphysics EP (incl. Denise Rabe RMX)

The X Vinyl Series continues with label head Florian Meindl at the helm with the upcoming release Metaphysics. Synonymous with deep, dark techno, Flor... more...

12inch Flash Records: FLASH-X-005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Myles Serge


A voyage on the more experimental side of techno as Myles delivers the same ''RAW'' trademark sound we love but this time he digs deeper with moods an... more...

12inch Mentha: MTH001 € 7,99

Max Cooper

Metaphysical ep

Excellent melodic sounds ranging from pushing dancefloor music to very sensitive and fragile songs.

12inch Traum Schallplatten: Traum v136 remind