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STL - Night Grooves


Night Grooves

Stephan Laubner produced classic US house inspired tracks & 11 loops. grey marbled vinyl. TIP! more...

2x12inch Something: Something03(55252) remind

STL - 4 tracker


4 tracker

STL explores the deep dirty grooves as he did before... crazy drunken beats with addictive melodies and synth lines on top. Check!!

12inch Something: Something010 remind

Stl - Flying Saucer Attack


Flying Saucer Attack

STL is back on Smallville with a full EP. Three outstanding tracks that got everything we love about him!

12inch Smallville: Smallville032 remind

STL - Secret Weapons


Secret Weapons

This double 12 with fullside cover and unflinching madman beat arts, is another STL sure shot, taking you for a ride to the worlds of the always amazi... more...

2LP Something: Something20 remind

STL - Sensing Fly-by Chances


Sensing Fly-by Chances

STL on Smallville always means something special- fully-functional for the dancefloors worldwide but always poly-rhythmic, full of cryptic surprises a... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville051 remind

STL - If Time Would Move Backwards


If Time Would Move Backwards

Solar Phenomena welcomes singular rhythm master STL for a new EP that offers four fantastic tracks of dubby house. It is the label's fourth release an... more...

12inch Solar Phenomena: SOLAR04 € 10,49

STL - Patched Up Noise


Patched Up Noise

A freshly constructed Something analog disk has landed on planet earth in good faith and with the target to shift emotions, bones and your interiors. more...

12inch Something: Something030 € 10,99

STL - Check Mate


Check Mate

STL's productions are like fine wine. They develop, mature and get better with age. His past releases have gained support and charts from Detroit lum... more...

12inch Echospace: EchoSeq001 remind

STL - Mistakes Are Made For Everyone


Mistakes Are Made For Everyone

The Something Vinyl Series continues this time with seductive House tunes and deep moments for the dancefloor and places beyond. Five tracks and four... more...

12inch Something: Something014 remind

STL - Simply Positive


Simply Positive

Nice analog grooving tracks with the usual STL trademarks.

12inch Smallville: Smallville043 € 9,99

STL - Message Of Sound - Part 1


Message Of Sound - Part 1

2 original STL tracks and 2 loops. ''Inside out'' is a beautifull almost ambient like dubby tune, and ''Heavy Snow'' is powerful and dubby house track... more...

12inch Echocord: Echo066 remind

STL - Something 02


Something 02

Stunning oldschool house, 30 killer loops + droning field recordings - TIP! more...

12inch Something: Something02(53499) remind

STL - Things From the Basement


Things From the Basement

Great old schoolish tracks that reminds of early Roy Davis basement trax. Probably one of our favorite releases of STL (and he already did several whi... more...

12inch Something: Something011 remind

STL - Nocturnal Mixdowns


Nocturnal Mixdowns

Extended playing & long upbuilding raw & pure house groove by the hotly tipped STL. more...

2x12inch Something: Something08(57999) remind

STL - Me And The Machines


Me And The Machines

Dirty gritty house tracks that cross the gap between Theo Parrish and Berlin Techno. more...

12inch Something: Something017 remind

STL - At Disconnected Moments


At Disconnected Moments

New album from STL on Smallville Records, bringing a deep excursion into dubbed out science of sound. more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp08 remind

STL - Cosmic Fluke - Something Vinyl Series 22


Cosmic Fluke - Something Vinyl Series 22

The STL project continues on another dope Something Vinyl pressing that will take care for shaking bodies and overt minds in order to feed you with st... more...

12inch Something: Something022 remind

STL - On Another Frequency


On Another Frequency

The Myth, The Legend, STL aka Stephan Laubner joins the LMD family. 'On Another Frequency' showcases the STL signature sound to the fullest! This EP i... more...

12inch Unknown: LMD014 remind

STL - Listen Up!


Listen Up!

STLs signature rough and overdriven percussion.

12inch Mutual Friend Recordings: MFR2 € 10,99

STL  - Constructive: No Words Required
12inch Boogie Box: Boogie001 remind

STL - Musik 4 Life


Musik 4 Life

Very good 12'' with an amazing detroit-ish house track thats shakes and moves like crazy. rest of the tracks are deeper abstract tracks in the vein of... more...

12inch Something: Something05 remind

STL - When The Time Has Come


When The Time Has Come

Music is about passion, not competition. In this spirit the Something vinyl series continues again with another STL record in his diy do-what-you-wann... more...

12inch Something: Something018 remind

STL - Amplified Bleep Package EP


Amplified Bleep Package EP

Experimental machine House & Techno.

12inch Unknown: PhonicaWhite014 remind

STL - Akkretionsscheibe



Influenced by strong orbital gravity forces, STL aka Stephan Laubner transmits deep and moody generated soundwaves once again from his headquarter pla... more...

12inch Something: Something029 remind

STL - Om Transmission EP


Om Transmission EP

om:nia is a record label for artists we believe in to release a wide variety of music, everything from Psychedelic Jazz to Drum & Bass, threading a fl... more...

12inch Om/nia: Om/nia001 remind

STL - Untitled



STL machine groove strikes back including locked surprises. more...

12inch Blundar: BLUNDAR3.1 remind

STL - Lost In Musik


Lost In Musik

An album to blow your minds, shake your bodies and touch your souls. more...

2LP Something: Something031 € 31,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

STL - Rainwalker



A dubby electronic Basic Channel-like track with lots of rainy sounds, and some ambient scapes, loops & more raineffects. Very nice tool.

12inch Something: Something01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

STL - Flying Objects


Flying Objects

Once again two flying something objects are located in the orbit, waiting for permission to land on your turntables and in the lay-by of your recordba... more...

2x12inch Something: Something015 remind

STL - And His Quest for Sound


And His Quest for Sound

Something number 12 is a double Album from Stephan Laubner featuring nine Tracks and 4 bonus Loops, residing somewhere between deep cranky scientifics... more...

2LP Something: Something012 € 17,99

STL - Silent State


Silent State

STL know for his great records on the Something label with a three track ep with warm dusty house tracks as we are used to hear from him. Actally thes... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville012 € 13,99

STL - The Unseen Voyage


The Unseen Voyage

Killer abstract & deep house cuts + bonus locked grooves. Strong tracks with character that go somewhere inbetween Theo Parrish and Omar S... but actu... more...

12inch Something: Something09 remind

STL - 51 Degrees North


51 Degrees North

Killer abstract & deep house cuts + bonus locked grooves - Highly Recommended!

12inch Something: Something07 remind

STL - Klangbewegungen



Exceptional stripped down house production by Stephan Laubner + 4 loops. more...

2LP Something: Something06 remind

STL - Magic 23
12inch Something: Something023 remind

STL - Dubs Etched Into Relief


Dubs Etched Into Relief

STL (Something records) delivers a powerfull dubby house track, a floating upbuilding dubby ambient track, and a Grad-u remix.

12inch Echocord: Echo063 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

STL - Spice



Solar Phenomena are keeping up a busy and high quality release rate in 2018 with a fifth offering already. This one is a three tracker from STL, who a... more...

12inch Solar Phenomena: SOLAR09 remind

STL - Untitled



Blundar is a label shrouded in mystery, although it seems aligned with artists like Lowtec and those orbiting crews like Smallville. The latest transm... more...

12inch Blundar: BLUNDAR3 € 14,99

Synthonic Matter / Stl  - Homespun Remedies
12inch Something: Something016 remind

Stl, Julius Steinhoff - Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret..

Stl, Julius Steinhoff

Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret..

On the A-Side, STL brings back the magical moment to the dancefloor- contemporary sounddesign meets funkyness at its best. Smallville owner Julius Ste... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville017 remind