General terms and conditions Clone Music B.V.

General terms and conditions Clone Music B.V.

General definitions

A. "Clone" means Clone Music B.V., located at Raampoortstraat 12 3033 CK Rotterdam NL, operating through and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under 24440425.
B. “Customer” means anybody entering an agreement with Clone by either placing order(s) on or making purchases in the physical Clone store.
C. "Order" means any purchase made on or in the physical Clone store.

Applicability of the conditions

A. The conditions are applicable to any offering, advertisement, order of products offered by on or in the physical Clone store.
B. These terms and conditions apply unless Clone expressly declares other general terms and conditions applicable.
C. Deviating conditions or stipulations only form part of the agreement, insofar as these conditions or stipulations have been expressly agreed in writing.
D. Clone may alter these Conditions at any time.


A. All prices quoted are gross prices, including BTW (VAT), excluding delivery costs, service costs and other government charges and/or charges from third parties that apply to the sale and/or delivery.
B. All prices that Clone charges for its products are subject to change by Clone at any time necessary.
C. The customer has the right to dissolve a purchase as a result of a price change within 14 days, as referred to in paragraph B, unless the price change is the result of a statutory regulation.


A. All payments for online purchases are required to be made upon placement of the order.
B. Clone offers payments to be made through Paypal and Mollie, and accepts any payments that are at that moment technically allowed to be made as such.
C. Cash and / or delayed payments can be made or agreed upon in the physical Clone store only.

Order handling and delivery

A. Clone is processing orders on business days, upon placement and processing of the respective payment and with the exception of pre-orders.
B. Orders can be made for either pickup in the physical Clone Store or delivery by UPS or regular mail-order service (PostNL).
C. All orders are being processed and sent out within three business days of placement, with the exception of pre-orders. All pre-orders are being processed upon the release of the ordered products.
D. Delivery-times may vary upon shipping company and -rate chosen, delivery address and general logistical conditions. UPS packages are sent out/picked up daily, PostNL package are being sent out once every week.
E. Order processing- and delivery-times are indicative only, exceeding the specified delivery time does not entitle the customer to compensation, nor to the termination of the purchase agreement.
F. Indicative delivery times from the moment of placing the order:
UPS: 2 - 4 business days
PostNL: 4 - 8 business days

Return policy

A. Delivered products that are damaged or defective or become defective due to shipping within 14 days of receipt can be replaced or refunded, including the shipping/postage charged.
B. Clone reserves the right to assess any damages in order to determine the necessity of the return.
C. All damaged or defective products have to be reported as such within 14 days of receipt. All problems can be reported by e-mail to this address: [email protected]
D. If items are not delivered due to a mistake on Clone’s part the customer will be completely refunded, or sent the package again without extra charge.
E. If items are ordered in error, are not delivered because incorrect delivery information submitted, or because your post office was unable to deliver the package because there was no-one to receive it and/or no-one came to collect it from the sorting office, the customer will be refunded for the cost of the items upon return, but not for the postage and packing.

Further information

Any further information can be inquired for by either mail or e-mail, given the following contact-information:

Clone Records
Raampoortstraat 12
3032 AH Rotterdam - The Netherlands
e-mail: [email protected], telephone: +31104369506